Z Blog: Too Dumb To Make It

Heckuva epitaph for the West.

Don’t miss the last graf.

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  1. John Wilder

    I hate to brag, but I like my review better. (Love the Z, but . . .)

    At Our Wits’ End

    • Don’t strain your arm patting yourself on the back you made need it to fire a MSR in the near future. In regards to your comments on IQ and IQ tests: I don’t think you understand IQ tests, I think you are confusing them with SATs as IQ tests are not written but visual intellect tests (despite what Blk Supremacists will say). As the test is visual and not written there is no way to train dumb children to score higher; a smart Mexican will score higher than a dumb wyte kid on the same test. The test has been used millions of times globally over the previous 100 years. The test accurately determines IQ and IQ, which is genetic and not a result of nurture, predicates one’s path through life

  2. Grenadier1

    It explains the oral tradition and the passing down of what is called hidden knowledge.
    One cannot depend on society to remain as it is in a steady state. Progress will take, and has taken in the past, a fall. When those falls occur the ability of the population to understand the higher order information is lost. It can take centuries to recover it. If your civilization has no means to convey that information with as little change as possible then that timeframe can be much longer. Thus the need to preserve a root of information in a manner that can be passed down from person to person with little change. Stressing the need to keep the story whole and reinforcing the story by the applications of allegory and metaphor, and relating the story to actual persons who lived maintains the information in a manner that allows for later decoding. When the society has once again reached a level by which it can understand the information it can decode that from the stories and return to a higher state and move forward again.

    Its a cycle, and its happening again.

    • No, the worst thing you can do is water down facts into fantasy and magical thinking which is so easy to destroy. Stand and fight or go home and wimper

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Dick Summers

    no linky

  5. St.Maur1066

    start at the 8:30 mark…………..They have plans for you white man………..

  6. St.Maur1066

  7. His examples don’t support his argument.

    The claim that “the West” or “the USA” or whatever grouping you choose is getting dumber – is true. The claim that middle-class American white kids are decreasing in intellectual ability – is false.

    “The West” is getting dumber because dumber is getting averaged into it. Restrict yourself to the original population and things are mostly still fine in terms of potential and raw ability. Much of that potential has been wasted due to education-related mental damage, but the basic biological organisms are still sound.

    The space program went nowhere because politics decided civil rights was more important, and because the bureaucracy that put men on the moon then turned to preserving its own jobs. There was no plan and no motivation to put space travel to any purpose. The one plan that had a chance – Orion, nuclear pulse propulsion – got deep-sixed due to Washington politics that make James Comey look honest and straightforward. While I’m no fan of NASA the claim that they can’t do much of anything is dishonestly false; there’s a half-dozen probes on or orbiting Mars that have way exceeded their expected performance, just for starters.

    Concorde did not lead to anything because every single governmental official there is knows perfectly well their voters don’t want to have sonic booms smashing their eardrums on a regular basis. Concorde was useful for crossing the Atlantic. It wasn’t implemented anywhere else, including Asia. If there had been a role and a market for it, it would have been. Decreasing average intelligence had nothing to do with it.

    And the Roman transition from republic to autocracy was hardly sudden. It took about as long as the USA has been in existence.

    This whole article comes across as trying to make facts fit the premise even though they don’t, quite.

    • Appreciate your contribution. Acknowledging Grenadier’s homage to oral tradition many do what they can do, in the sphere they do it in. I’ll concur with your point in para 2 on the misread of middle-class white kids’ intellectual ability. To not “get” that provides a convenient excuse for some to remain aloof from what they should’ve been doing for some time.

    • Correct, commies always use statistics in aid of their lies

  8. another red-herring from (((Z-Man)))

    2 generations of Europe’s best, brightest, and most courageous young White men were massacred in the 1914-1945 Zionist/Communist-induced World War….this includes the Judeo-communist massacre of tens of millions of Whites in the Red Empire.

    since then organized Jewry and its shabbatz goy White political class
    has killed the high IQ White birthrate by legalizing (and culturally legitimating via Jew MSM) abortion, porn, faggotry, miscegnation, and Judeo-feminism.

    followed by flinging open the borders to an avalanche of low-IQ shitskins.

    the terminal state of White Western Civ is was no macroscopic inevitability.

    it was consciously (((engineered))) from inside.

  9. Matt Bracken

    The final graf is terrific.
    “Finally, for dissidents, this book is a black pill. Most of us hang onto the hope that we can find a way to argue and organize our way out of this decline. The truth is, the West may simply lack the human capital to keep the plates spinning much longer. In other words, the die may have been cast a dozen generations ago when smart people started limiting their fertility and helping the poor make it too adulthood. The result being a steady decline in our IQ to the point where we are no longer fit to carry on as a civilization.”

    • You take too much pleasure in such pronouncements, typical Navy man

    • Matt, IIRC the word your searching for is graph, unless your talking about Zeplins.

    • I have been of the opinion for some time now, that War in general since about 1848 has been the greatest reason for the loss of the chromosomes we most would have liked to continue. We’re left with …. well, not 4F chromosomes exactly, but certainly not enough 1A material either……


    Just watch the You Tube video made by Paul Joseph Watson: THE COLLAPSE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. That pretty much sums up everything.

  11. POd American

    This result is precisely what you should expect when you encourage the population growth of the culls.

    At one time we used to let Mother Nature eliminate the inferior genetic strains…As the old Chiffon margarine commerical used to say, “it’s not nice to fool mother nature.”

  12. Such myopic visions only ensures my place at the top of the food chain. Enjoy your soy, crypto-vegans

  13. The average intelligence of Americans has been lowered mostly by the introduction of millions of low IQ immigrants over the last 5 decades. And the government schools desire to have them pass tests, which they are not capable of doing.

    • i whole-heartily disagree.

      it is the inferno electric jew that has defiled and corroded the murkin landscrape.

  14. Alternate title: “No one came to save them.

    And the hit sequel: “They didn’t understand the rules.””