Two From Mosby

Don’t Settle For The Minimum

The Shooting Drill You Aren’t Doing Enough


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  1. Interesting overview of life.

    John’s “snap drill” overview is pure gold. I’ve been thru many many many advanced schools. The golden rule for me was always.

    I don’t have to be the fastest,,,,,,,, I just need to be first!. First being hits on target. Foot, knee,pelvic girdle, guts chest head.

    One MUST own the psychological first shot advantage, at all costs.

    Where we differ is long range. Precision, is a whole different breed of shooting.

    CakeEater, the Hypocrite.

    Formally known as Dirk.

  2. I have a new steel plate and a new drill; I face away from the plate @20 yards, turn, fire 2X and then advance on the plate while firing till the mag runs dry. I also move diagonally avoiding obstacles, never taking my eyes off target, I’m getting pretty good

    • CA Warrior

      Good, but don’t stop there. Start with a short magazine, add a mag change, and maybe clearing a misfire or stovepipe while moving. Back in the day we had dummy rounds that the range staff would randomly ‘surprise’ load for us. Reality tidbits keep you focused on the what-ifs of street warfare.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. what are your thoughts on competing with pistol and carbine at ISSA steel target competitions? timers are used: carbines are held at low ready. pistols can be held at low ready or drawn from a holster. 5 targets, 5 strings per bay and usually 6 bays for a competition.

    • sounds like fun. I’m now including the 3X5 card @ 50 yards in my plate shoot. 2 into the 3X5 then engage the plate as before. I’m building a second plate/stand which will be @ 90 degrees to the other two targets

        • CA Warrior

          Indeed. Run, Walk, Crawl, Lying on stomach, Taking Cover. And all variations. Keep it real, avoid routines.

        • for ISSA competition, the shooter stands inside a 4 x 4 foot square, targets are arranged in different configurations for all 6 bays. there are 4 free targets and 1 that is a stop plate. the goal is to hit the 4 as fast as possible and then hit the stop plate, the digital timer stops timing when the last round is fired. plates can be as close as 10 feet and as far as 30 feet, most bays have a variety of distances, target sizes and lateral spread. I’ve seen some flat out amazingly fast times with handguns. we like to laugh about the PCC carbine guys that they are cheating… our times are insane fast. good fun and good people at these comps.

        • From what position?
          I don’t discuss my sex life on line

  5. A magazine-fed (20 12ga shells) pump-action shotgun would be useful for what? Inquiring minds would like to know….. for planning purposes…..

    • I’m not a shotgun expert but 20 rounds seems like it would be quite heavy

      • My first thoughts were as point defense. several spare magazines, not walking around so much. Point defense, volume of fire, minimum reloads due to larger magazine storage….. really trying to define a role and use, if there is one.

      • It ain’t that heavy.
        Here’s a throwback clip of a
        30 round prototype.

  6. Rain, indeed!