Terribly Unhelpful Hatespeech

French Journalist: Two Churches in France Are Vandalized EVERY DAY and No One Gives a F*ck

Thank Marx this kind of Islamophobic anti-Semitic fake news hate will soon be suppressed all over the world.

May that day come ever closer.

Right, Mr. President?

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  1. Seems their’s a bit of psychological warefare in play. When they say church’s, what they mean is Catholic haters in France.

    Are the Muslims the only group whom benifit from this?

    Denying the enemy their place to worship their God, or ” goat head” in tfats church, can be a very powerful tool.

    When a people, especially a govt, deny an attack within an hour im amusing. Almost like a cover up.

    Cheese cake eater, and hypocrite.

  2. It’s DA JOOOOOOS! Every. Single. Time. There, I got out in front of the skinhead dumbfucks on this honey trap. Best case scenario, they are feds, worse case they are the real deal. Either way it’s like walking to your car and stepping in fresh cat shit, Every. Single. Time, daily here. Sad, interesting info, sprinkled with retards.

    • shooter’s pre-emptive strike has failed:

      1) one should not expect the French ZOG (Macron = Rothschild bankster) to tell the truth about anything, particularly Judeo-globalist imported Muslim terrorism. And it hasn’t, doesn’t, and won’t.
      2) one might expect still-vital Christian congregants to protect their own places of worship, and never mind the jew.gov. But they don’t. That’s because all of western Christianity is now a hollowed out, Jew’ized shell.

      try again, hasbara-boy

    • Berglander

      Odd-folks like you talk about how the MSM is the enemy, government is the enemy, universities are the enemy, the banking system is the enemy, Hollywood is the enemy…then when someone points out who-literally naming names-runs those institutions, they’re just a bunch of lunatic anti-Semites.
      Oh, the Director of my Social Networking Federal Law Enforcement Fusion Center have approval for this message.

      • Berglander


      • SemperFi, 0321

        Denial runs deep with these folks.
        They laugh at the Nazis and Soviets for allowing themselves to be brainwashed, and refuse to see the USA excels in that field. Exceptional arrogance somehow overrules brainwashing, how can I be brainwashed if I’m the best?

        • NorthGunner

          “Denial runs deep with these folks.
          They laugh at the Nazis and Soviets for allowing themselves to be brainwashed, and refuse to see the USA excels in that field.”

          Thank sigmund freud’s nephew edward bernays for that; he and his efforts were very useful to communists like fdr, truman, untermeyer, baruch, kaufman and henry morgenthau jr. in their contrived “Bad War”.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • lastmanstanding

        All you can do is present the facts.

        Some folks just aren’t as savvy as they think.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      You do understand that Jewish groups are open communist, and have huge international sway?

      More sway than your own nation.

      The only standing ovations in congress is when Israel is the topic.

  3. here’s some more unhelpful hatespeech from Michael Snyder… 🙂

    “If the U.S. economy is in good shape, why have retailers already shuttered more stores than they did in all of 2018? Not only that, we are also on pace to absolutely shatter the all-time record for store closures in a single year by more than 50 percent. ”





  4. It’s long past nut cuttin’ time. But as the saying goes, everybody wants to go to Heaven. It’s just that nobody wants to go today.

    • you are mistaken. No proactive behavior will have the slightest positive resonance until after the Jewbuck dies.

      and it will. But, in the meantime,

      no one is prevent Ulzana from reaching out and touching some of the Bad People.


  5. Bear well in mind this in in France, where <6% of the population identifies as Christian of any stripe.

    They didn't care before, and they only care now because of the loss of tourist revenue.

    Like Muzzie "no-go" zones in their own capital ten+ years ago should have made obvious.

    The made their bed. Let them lie in it.
    When the same thing happens to St. Paul's in London, the silence will be similarly deafening.
    Once an entire society cuts its own nuts off, what happens afterwards is fairly predictable.

    • Actual point of fact is that less and less people claim to have any religion or adhere to any belief system. Over here it’s the same. secular humanism reigns supreme as does acceptance of the unacceptable (child drag queens?) The moral compass has been lost, perversions and wickedness run rampant and are extolled, that which is valuable is debased and that which is corrupt and vile is held up to be admired.

      I care because of the beauty and wonder of these structures. I care because they meant something great, something beyond mere simpering humanity and it’s mundane cares and existence. Imagine what it took to build these edifices without power tools, electricity or machinery of any kind. The carvings, the art, the sheer stunning beauty of the building, all now debased and trampled.
      I’m reminded of the lyrics of the “Sounds of Silence’: “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they’d made” Pop ‘culture’ has replaced true culture and any idiot can call itself an artist and be recognized while that which is truly artistic is debased, devalued and cast aside.
      There is a time when superior people are ascendant and a time when the inferior are in control. Guess where we’re at.

      • … well said…

      • I disagree. More adherents to Gaia, aka Greeness than the main line religions combined. Trust this, eco-yada,yada,yada IS a religion and Gore is their undeclared pontif.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Yeah, it just sucks to lose all the art, architecture and such that our history and culture produced. To illiterate savages, no less. Because of nutless wonders and liberated bitches.

    • Matt Bracken

      Predictable, but it still pays to pay attention to the canaries dying in the parallel mine tunnels.

    • “They didn’t care before, and they only care now because of the loss of tourist revenue.”

      This is absolutely false and it really takes an American to demonstrate such a total failure of understanding.

      That the French are not believers is irrelevant. That they don’t attend church is irrelevant. That they weren’t putting forth any great efforts before for maintenance is symptomatic of the real underlying attitude. Those churches are part of the French identity. They were part of the pattern of life growing up, and for their parents, and grandparents and great-grandparents, on and on in a network of roots and family histories that many families – even the descendants of the peasantry – can trace for centuries. It’s taken for granted that those churches have always been there and always will be – it’s as obvious and natural as breathing.

      In reality, of course, this is not true. Things can be lost. But until that fact is brought home to the average person in a direct and shocking manner, the possibility will be shrugged off in amused disbelief. Much like the dangers of immigration.

      Attending church, or not, and participating in the rituals performed there, or not, is part of the same pattern. People do it because it’s part of what it is to be French. They don’t do it when it’s not convenient or they don’t feel like it – same way you might not bother with the July 4th parade this year – but they know, instinctively, they can always go participate next time, if and when they want to. Believing anything has nothing to do with it: the form is what matters, because that’s part of what makes them a nation with a common history, a connection to their fellow people and to the land in which they live.

      Americans don’t understand this because Americans are rootless nomads (and Californians of any stripe are among the most extreme). It’s partly because of the speed with which the continent was settled and partly because of how all modern aspects of this society are designed around motor vehicles. Americans think nothing of transplanting themselves thousands of miles every now and then – some do it every few years. Americans have family here, there, everywhere, wherever. It doesn’t matter to them. Few families stay in one region for long. Social relationships are far worse: Americans move to a different state for a job; the friends in the previous state are out of sight, out of mind. Americans drop personal connections much, much faster than Europeans do, because Americans are used to it. It’s the way life is in North America. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts. Hardly anything is passed down from countless previous generations, as heritage and identity, with the knowledge that you are the latest in a family that had a part in making it what it is. (You can find SOME American military or farmer families with this sort of tradition, but that’s about it.) There’s no connection to anything in particular, no ties to a specific place, no deep roots, no cemeteries where your ancestors have been getting buried for 500 years, no little villages where everybody for a hundred miles around is a distant cousin of some sort. Americans don’t live that way.

      They don’t know what they’ve lost.

      The French care very deeply about their churches, even while not believing what is taught there. It just hasn’t occured to most that it would be seriously possible to lose them.

      • I see.

        Their national identity is wrapped up in buildings they don’t really want, whose memories and raison d’etre they reject, built by a religion they loathe, because reasons, and the silence over the 1000 other churches similarly burned and desecrated within just the last year is devastating.

        Notre Dame was produced by thousands of people of faith over nearly a century of time in the Middle Ages. None of that holds any meaning whatsoever to 94% of the French citizenry, and probably 25% of them were giving out candy to each other and laughing about the loss suffered. And the country’s hatred for religion is why Notre Dame cathedral now and for centuries before belongs to the nation, rather than to the church which built it.

        Which means, in point of fact, and after all the maudlin sentimentality is put where it belongs, that they only care much at all because of the loss of tourist revenue.
        They may shed a tear for the artistry that’s been lost, but that’s just a rich kid momentarily sad because he totaled Daddy’s Ferrari.

        If I wake up tomorrow to 10,000 jihadists’ heads floating down the Seine in response, I will withdraw and revise my remarks.
        Not before. Nor would I hold my breath waiting for such a happy event.

        The nutless, gutless Frenchmen of today couldn’t cobble together a single spine between them.

        And you wouldn’t know what Californians are like, because you probably couldn’t name ten actual ones without much research. (You might want to Google Nancy Pelosi et al before you respond.)
        You conflate the locusts temporarily latched on here as if they were the genuine article, but it isn’t so, and never has been. That transient plague is exactly the “rootless nomads” of whom you speak, so secure as you are in that oblivious misapprehension, all that is derived from such is simple hogwash.

        Americans have no 800 year old man-made wonders, but we also don’t have an ingrained moral and physical cowardice that is the hallmark of most of Europe.
        Americans get that the French are pussies, and have been for a century.
        So do the jihadis.
        Hilarity ensues.

      • That which is not defended is not preserved. That which is not used is not defended. That which is not believed is not used. I would suggest that the itinerant preacher wandering the bible belt has more roots than some ancestral family who has not moved in 500 years.

      • I am Pennsylvania Deutch and Pennsylvania changed so much we could no longer live there. Even the Amish moved out. Laws and customs change without warning and someone else is always in charge.

        No wonder we sojourn about the country, we are looking for a neighborhood where we are welcome. The South comes to mind.

  6. I believe Grima Wormwood (TFAG) worships a mirror because only a chronic narcissist would invest such energy in an otherwise bankrupt pursuit here, but being a narcissist, he must get his hourly dose of Narcissistic Supply.

    • why does everyone worry so much over a nothing like him.(TFLOP) This is probably the only place that such a deformed and twisted creature can find anything but pity. To be his age and be so horrid that not even a drunken crack whore will touch you, is to sad to think about. TFAG, Do little children cry and run when they see you? Do whores vomit when you take off the mask that covers your face. Or do you only stalk the night in hopes of finding a passed out queer boy to rape. Can you rape? or did your mommy burn it off when you were little to protect the world from you passing on your deformed and twisted soul? What do you see in the mirror? The Elephant man? A former human so twisted with envy rage and hate that all that is left is the rotting shell of what was once a human?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        You guys all missed the lesson, went right over the top of your self righteous heads.
        Instead of paying attention to the mission briefing (various forms of information presented at WRSA), you’re distracted by the mosquito.

          • If Master Po-FAP were not such an assclown, we wouldn’t have so much fun smoking him to a cinder.

            Maybe if we smoked the real Agents of FUBAR, you know so they SHUT THE FUCK UP with the OCD spankathons, as much as we do him, we could get some positive filtering.

            DISCLAIMER: I am a shabbos goy and a jew made me type this.

        • some, not all, of us can walk and chew gum at the same time 0321

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    • They haven’t “found” pristine Muslim passports dropped accidentally where the fire began yet?

      Maybe this one is isn’t a false flag.

    • didn’t watch the whole thing, but, yeah,

      it’s sufficiently obvious an accelerant, likely Islamic, was used.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        As I mentioned in other posts–work on highly sensitive, historic building is controlled as one would work on work on the Sistine Chapel cieling, or on the Mona Lisa and so forth. It turns out there was monitoring and surveillance of the work crews. There was an elaborate fire detection system and so on down the line.

        There were two alarms–which most likely means there was two incendiary devices… one fizzled and set off the smoke alarms, the second device got the job done.

        As I mentioned before, there are no flammable substances, nor flammable processes allowed without incredible supervision and fire suppression on hand, at the read—not to mention prohibited substances, all which would not be on the site.

        Furthermore, this happened after the work crew had left the scene, which tells me that devices were set by a perp and set to go off after the work crew had cleared off for the day

        This was no work accident.

      • Sig Schulz

        I’m under the impression that’s exactly what they want you to think.
        And you guys know better than to look in that obvious direction, it’s a feint.
        How many times have you posted links and events from the 1930’s?

  8. Matt Bracken

    Our Civilisation Burns | Notre Dame Fire
    (More very frank wrongthink from Iconoclast.)

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Look at the bright side.

      If we start now, we can use frozen dead bodies as cover in 6 months.

  9. Plankton67

    Hmmm… my guess is the response will be uneven. Some churhes will move all items of importance and value into secure storage, or even hiding. They have to consider this, or else it will gradually erode until they have nothing.
    SECOND item… will “Church Protection Teams” (CPT) develop? Will they then try to entrap, film and use the next event as a propaganda victory?
    THIRD…. will the CPT dress in priestly garb, and either act as bait for a team of CPT pipe hitters to entice the evil? Will CPT take this “Q-Ship” idea to its logical conclusions?
    Now for something self-referential from this site…. https://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/2011/01/hard-things-part-i-counterforce-vs.html Will they go after the cultural poisoners? Or go after the edifices du gouvernment of same? As there is NO separation between mosque and government for muslims, will the argument of counter value v counterforce even matter?
    Take a look along the Paris Metro’s right of ways… there exist vast stretches of shanty towns made by the adherents of the poisoners. At some point, one group or another will sense that the Macron (ok, Maricon) govt will not help them, then all bets are truly off. The casual slanders that roll off tounges regarding the French are not appropriate for the men and families of the countryside.
    I suspect in history, the coming French excitement will be similar to the Spanish Civil War, in conduct as well as a harbinger of the next YUGE conflict… like what may happen here, or elsewhere.

    D E U S V U L T

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  11. the fire was a false flag used to dampen the support of the Yellow Vests, form national unity, and guide the population in the desired direction of ethnic inclusion.

    same as it ever was.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  13. There are many people that visit here, some post, others contribute articles. Our Host is a tremendous person, in my opinion, and patient, and more forgiving than I am. I read here, learn, look up to confirm or expand on knowledge gained here. If there was one thing I wish I could do to improve this website, it would be to add a Block/Mute/Ignore option. Some people posting here have worn out their welcome with their inane drivel. I KNOW this site is helping, and working, and succeeding, because the number of satanic attacks and lunatic mumblings have increased exponentially in the last few months. Evil always strikes back hardest where it is losing ground. Good people, take heart……

    • ewe can always just go away.

      no need to do anything more.

      or do ewe really believe anyone gives a rats ass about your opinion?

  14. NorthGunner

    “m reminded of the lyrics of the “Sounds of Silence’: “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they’d made” Pop ‘culture’ has replaced true culture and any idiot can call itself an artist and be recognized while that which is truly artistic is debased, devalued and cast aside.”

    Case in point; a gangbanging thug gets killed by another gangbanging thug and LA shuts down because tens of thousands of simp morons including white cosmic snowflakes ‘mourn nipsy’s loss to the world’ yet when a male shitholean in Somalisotta throws an innocent 5 yr old white child from a mall’s third floor landing, where’s the world wide coverage?…

    Crickets chirrrrping…..

    The response is nothing more than a deliberate attempted news blackout outside of the area to say the least…

    Absolutely in agreement about the deliberate push to normalize degeneracy and barbarity while ridiculing and mocking anything in America and elsewhere that is seen as decent and wholesome and that includes, the family, Christianity and love of one’s country.

    Ramzpaul covers it here:
    CBS and the Mall of America

    Brother Nathanael spoke out here about who is controlling America:
    Brother Nathanael – The Jew Who Rule America

    What we’re seeing in France and other areas is only the most obvious symptoms of the calculated destruction from within of Western Civilization and it’s white people.

    Remember the movie, “Django” or the interview with Oprah Windbag where she stated, “Old white people needed to die.”?
    She didn’t mean just old people who are white btw…
    The shitholean in Somalisotta was listening, and so were others…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. Shinmen Takezo

    And again, suspicious surveillance footage.
    Person firing flare into structure?!!