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Campfire Chat (NB the first entry)

Raising Feral Children

Plus a new book announcement:

THIS IS A PRE-SALE. Expected ship date for pre-orders is 15JUNE19!!!

Guerrilla Gunfighter Volume Two: Combat Rifle and Carbine is intended to provide both general operating instructions, and training approaches to fighting with rifles and carbines. It covers selection and set-up of rifles and equipment, including the author’s preferences, and reasons for those preferences. It covers irons, red dot, and LVPO, and laser systems for sighting. It covers the use of both white light and IR with Night Vision for low-light/no-light shooting conditions. It covers field firing positions, considerations, and training.

Instead of focusing JUST on close-quarters battle (CQB) shooting, or “shooting rifles at pistol distances,” or just on “known distance marksmanship training,” John has taken all of his 3 decades of field rifle shooting experience, from hunting, farm protection, combat and combat training, and incorporated it all into developing a program for the 0-600 meter shooter (plus some notes on shooting at long range as well!).

Instead of relying just on the AR-15 family of weapons, John covers AR-15s, AK47s, and a host of other common semi-automatic, rifles and carbines, as well as utilizing the lever-action rifle, pump action rifles (and shotguns loaded with slugs as “big bore carbines”), and even military surplus bolt-action rifles.

(The working draft, which is going into final revisions shortly, currently stands at a little over 400 pages. If there has ever been a “one book for the rifle,” it seems like John has tried to write it in this one….)

THIS IS A PRE-SALE!!! Expected shipping date is 15JUN19.

Do NOT order from outside the US. For foreign orders, you’ll need to either contact me directly, or wait until it is available from DO NOT ORDER FROM OUTSIDE THE US!!!

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  1. Terry L Hansen

    Tried to order this and it required an account with login and password. Not clear how to get an account and password and so forth. I’d like to read the book, but the checkout process is not straight-forward. I know is SAYS you can check out without creating an account. But it won’t actually let you do that. Feel free to contact my email to show me how to do this correctly.

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