Good Morning

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  1. Shit, spit my coffee up again. Don’t know where you find this stuff, but the jokes make my day.

    Orange scone eater.

  2. Won’t stop them from mutilating their genitals and wearing a dress. The psychiatry profession stalled, rolled backward in time and is stuck in the Dark Ages.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a shabbos goy and a jew made me write this.

  3. Encountered one a little over a year ago in a group setting. One of those militant, insistent types. Told him I refused to be held hostage to other people’s mental illness. One of the benefits of being retired is you’ve no career to be destroyed by the PC inquisitors.

  4. Orange man bad

  5. “all while a fellow customer filmed the scene, called the police and had the man arrested.”

    “Shoutout to the lady that recorded this, called the cops on this man and got him arrested.

    — mo (@mohamburger) April 17, 2019”

    these are your family members, neighbors, and countrymen…

    they will report you for anything they perceive as criminal, racist, or insensitive..

    they have been conditioned to be ‘good citizens’ by the endless cop/pig scum shows on the jewbox and written print.

    300 million isn’t just hyperbole.

    • Cucks RATING out ANYONE who goes against the grain. LOL TRUST NO ONE!

    • Know that many people (mostly progressive types) have been taught conflict intervention – if not getting involved to stand up for the person being victimized then recording and reporting to the police.
      Be forewarned.
      Don’t jump the gun and get taken down too soon. Save yourself for the big game to come.

    • disobeying police is a duty and an honor.

      obeying anyone is a disgrace and an admission of peonage.

      tfA-t the Great has spoken.

      • I like the Black Hand Society avatar.

        But I think you are due for an upgrade in your ‘tfA-t the Great’ persona.


        • Lord Jergkens of Wank.

          • real joe biden

            Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!

          • Hed. you are a LOSER

            you must fantasize about me. all of you who can’t get me out of your tiny minds are secretly jealous. jealous that your lives are worthless and pathetic. you have no control of your destiny or futures.

            i OTOH make my own reality because i am not caged into a self-imposed box of rules. tfA-t bends the iron bars of mental slavery and sets himself free. he defies all all so-called authority. you simply cannot keep a good man down.

            many have tried and failed.

            the church
            the schools
            the army
            the drug world
            the pooplice
            the courts
            the gubbermint
            the market place
            the cunts
            the world

            and still tfA-t STANDS TALL

            knock me down, and i get up and become stronger. kill me and i become an immortal force that lives on in infinity.

            that is called being a WINNER

            tfA-t has spoken.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          It’s a good thing you have a sense of humor Pete, or else you’d have gone nuts from the likes of us a decade ago.

        • it’s extremely hard to be humble when you know you are Great.

          i am now

          tfA-t Lord of the Northern World, Conqueror of Space and Time, King of Human Reality, Keeper of Facts and Truth, Destroyer of Cucks and Virgins, Emperor of the Sea, and Prince of all that is Good.

        • lastmanstanding

          Fuck me…quit egging him on.

          We can barely handle his ego as it is.

      • Tfat, Looting and attacking tourists by blacks is a good thing in your world? Beating and robbing old people of all races is good? You may have just jumped to the top of that 300 million list.

    • Donny Corleone

      Those darned teens! They sure are up to some hijinks! Just good clean fun and frolick! Oh to be young and carefree again!

    • That was the fourth or fifth time this month. The groups get larger each time. Those arrested usually have the charges dropped. Normally the police are ordered to just follow the groups and observe. It’s getting so bad that they actually have to try and arrest someone or the tourists and business owners will leave. Finally. Chicago is losing population every year. Lots of people leaving.

    • Historic Mural Removed From School Because it Only Features White Children

      Painting taken down because it doesn’t reflect modern day “diversity” of Chicago.
      on 18 April, 2019
      A historic mural dating from 1937 was removed from a middle school in Chicago because it only showed white children and failed to reflect the school’s modern day “diversity”.

      The mural was taken down at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park after the school’s “Social Justice Club” and “Diversity Committee” complained that it was upsetting to students of color.

      “I have had students approach me pointing out that this picture does not represent our student body or the diversity of Oak Park,” Principal Todd Fitzgerald wrote in an email to staff.

      The mural – entitled ‘Child and Sports–Winter’ was originally painted by Ethel Spears and was previously displayed in Lowell Elementary.

      “This mural made students feel invisible because it doesn’t reflect the current student body,” Brito Millan said. “How can a student learn in a healthy environment when they don’t feel they are being seen?”

      However, David Sokol, a retired professor of American art history at the University of Illinois at Chicago, described the removal of the painting as a “modern-day book burning.”

      “There is nothing offensive with the mural; it just shows all white kids playing,” said Sokol. “Just because it doesn’t have any black kids, doesn’t make it offensive. It doesn’t display any stereotypes at all. That’s how Oak Park looked back then. You can’t erase history.”

      Barbara Bernstein, a founder of the New Deal Art Registry, agreed, commenting, “I think it does a real disservice to remove a piece of historical work,” said Bernstein. “Not everything in your environment is going to be a perfect reflection of you.”

      TURBO FORCE: Your number one go-to source for quick,

      • Kate Smith’s version of God Bless America will no longer be broadcast during Yankee games’ 7th inning stretch. She’s been outed for recording “Pickaninny Heaven” in 1939. In it she urged little chillins to think of a magical place with giant watermelons.

      • NorthGunner

        “This mural made students feel invisible because it doesn’t reflect the current student body,” Brito Millan said. “How can a student learn in a healthy environment when they don’t feel they are being seen?”

        Awwwww…pequito Frito Brito got his mamacitas sarape all wadded up because there weren’t any wetbacks depicted…he called bernie’s whaaaambulance…lo siento nada tu pinche paisan..hay cagar en la leche de su madre!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. St.Maur1066

  7. Chicago is no longer Blue City tier, it is Tijuana tier

  8. Yes, this weekend is the annual teens day at the harbor in downtown B-town. Do not be caught down there this weekend. No matter what your race, age or gender. Dey go cra cra…..

  9. Apparently if you have enough money and connections in the entertainment world, you can be Glamour Women of the Year even if you haven’t even been a woman for a year.