Caption This

Via Gab.

Two extra beet rations to be awarded for best caption, as determined by popular acclaim.


107 responses to “Caption This

  1. RandomPoster

    “Good….Good ….let the hate flow through you young Joey”

  2. ‘It crawled out of my vagina after a great weekend at Jeffry Epsteins.”

  3. Mr. McShadow

    “I swear, I didn’t even know I was pregnant”

  4. My parents got me into college too and didn’t pay a penny. The school paid them!

  5. Jimmy Carter’s daughter captures a bat in her house. Now she’s off to find her canoe paddle.

  6. Angry American

    Beauty and The Beast.

  7. Caption?
    The paternity dna results are back. Congratulations!!

    CW Buff out…

  8. “Thank God it looks like its father!”

  9. And here I always thought it would be Reptilian…

  10. Not even VIAGRA could fix that

  11. “Your eyes will never be able to unsee this!”

  12. Webb Hubbell’s daughter Chelsea proudly displays Hillary’s latest grandson Damien Willie during Bill & Hill’s “We’re Still Not Listening Tour” stop in Cambridge, Mass.

  13. Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler present the next episode of The Most Dangerous Animals: The Hubbells, on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

    “Look out Jim!”


    “We cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum,” said ACLU lawyers María Martínez Sánchez and Kirsten Greer Love in the letter.”

    New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said in a statement “These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement.”

    MUH ATHORITA!! Miserable little peons…pukes…you disgusting civilians…DONT YOU DARE EXERCISE ATHORITA!!

  15. A pair of expert pocket pickers.

  16. Damn she’s hard on the eyes.

  17. Old Gray Wolf

    Who is the dumbass that put a ring on that heap of unsightly genetic material, the best part of which ran down the crack of Hillagula’s ass and left a crusty stain on a dirty couch?

  18. Iveabouthadit

    This is my aborted fetus. We are having it mounted.

  19. Charley Waite

    Goddamn she is ugly!
    Sorry not funny but true

  20. Oldy:
    Chels is so ugly, a blow job counts as anal.

  21. singlestack

    I’m not captioning the pic. I just want to say…
    She’s as pretty as her mama.

  22. The Webb Hubbell genes breed true.

  23. Especially when incest is best….

  24. Robert Diaz

    Not a caption. You can see the pained anxiety on her face, her eyes squinting in both sadness & deep psychosis as she realizes her womb is starting to shrivel up. She’s going insane.

  25. Lars Finklestein

    This is the future of Western Civilization.

  26. NightBreaker

    I think it just took a shit!

  27. Are you going to raise it gender-neutral or race-oblivious?


    Now I am going to go out to the garage and hang myself!

  29. Camacho2020

    Chelsea Mezvinsky auditions to be the symbiote host for Kuato in a remake of Total Recall

  30. just add violence

    OMG that woman is f’in ugly …

  31. Unreconstructed Fenian

    I got this for my mother. It was a good trade!

  32. Contrary to popular opinion, the transgen-operation on Webster Hubbell was a success.

  33. Chelsea & Webster Hubbell Mezvinsky

  34. Seconds before she sucks its brains out through its eye sockets and pukes the remains into her mothers open mouth…

  35. TheAlaskan

    Been downunder lately?

  36. “Child support for the next 18;years? Damn Judge, I’m only a kangaroo! I was really wasted…..”

  37. Grandparent cry ancestor sorrow

  38. Sgt.Schulz

    The dingo ate yo baby……..

  39. Grenadier1

    Dat remake of Rosmarys baby look WOKE!

  40. Call Mike Judge, Buttheads daughter and grandchild have been found. Somewhere, Beavis is cackling.

  41. Apparently the spell was broken. Succubus had aged ten fold since it’s last telescreen cameo. Succubus had progeny and meant business with an Arkancide smile, Joey bagobones in tow…

  42. Please adopt me before she eats me!

  43. Two marsupials and only one is cute.

  44. Jew faces are gross.

  45. Proof that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  46. When the sweet baby stays with granny hildabeast she can keep it warm in one of her many stomach pouches/folds. Of course mom is well on her way too.

  47. Oldltradesman

    “I love Mexican food!”
    – Chelsea, 2024

  48. NorthGunner

    “Nipsey Hussle endowed me with his diversity
    before he was called back to Heaven!”

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!