Heartiste: “To disrupt an entrenched, corrupt establishment, you must first disrupt yourself.”

Another gem:

“…Perhaps more Heritage Americans need to understand that all this shit we think is so important – a career, a shitty condo, a car you make payments on are not things we should worry about losing, they are the yokes that keep us afraid to speak and live the truth…”


25 responses to “Heartiste: “To disrupt an entrenched, corrupt establishment, you must first disrupt yourself.”

  1. ” a wise man lives his life around “FUCK YOU”

    it’s your own damn faults you are slaves to your debt- you willingly signed on the line… instead of working thru the situation and coming out on the other end- loaded with ca$h.

    cucks are just cucks.

    Winners are, and will always be- Winners.

    tfA-t is all knowing

    • Thus Spanketh Lord Jergkens of Wank.

    • @tfA-t What the fuck would you know about being a man? Hasn’t it sunk in yet that EVERYONE has contempt or less for you. Cockroaches get more respect than you do. Now it is obvious that you have gone off your meds again. NO you are not “better”. Go be a good boy and take your meds. The Prozac will make you feel better, even if there isn’t any cure for your psychosis. Well there is actually one cure. Kill yourself. You may not feel any better but all of us will be over joyed with you dead and gone.

    • NewVegasBadger

      It really must suck to be you, tfA-t to be so fill with rage, hate, spite and contempt for others, along with delusions of grandeur. Truth is nobody cares in the slightest how much cash you, material things or what a legend in your own mind you are. Zero fucks, shits or damns given. What ever words of wisdom or practical advice you could give to others is totally lost due to your blind, insane rage to denigrate others. What you have become is this blogs class clown.

      I’m going to give you some free advice (which I know you are going to reject, and likely mock me for): If you want to be a happier, with a greater sense of peace in your soul, start by thinking about all the things you ought to be grateful for and how quickly it all could be gone in a moment. Try seeing what you can do to make the lives of other people better; give them a reason to glad that you were in their lives. Lastly lighten up! Having and keeping a sense of humor, is important when dealing with “slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes”. Been there, done that. tfA-t, I’m not your enemy. I’m just a guy telling you the Truth.

      • you obviously care or you wouldn’t be there stewing about what a worthless loser you are.

        ha ha

        get a job scumbag

        and pay your damn taxes retart

    • Grey Ghost

      Agreed. Debt slavery IS self induced, though central banks do play a role by controlling the money printing presses.

      But damnit tfA-t, I thought for sure you were gonna go off on the word “must” again. It’s right there in the headline and you got to post first. I guess not… wait the thread is not closed yet you still have time.

      Grey Ghost

      • i always get a rise when someone says you ‘must’

        first thing i think is FUCK YOU

        it’s instinctive

        i didn’t like it in the army and i don’t like now

        any asstard demands anything from me and he’s gonna get slugged, shot, or stabbed in the back when he turns around

  2. lastmanstanding

    Always best for one to operate in a manner that suits them best. Stick with those who have your best interest at heart and the rest…who cares.

    Selfish? Maybe. Works for us. Can’t be on the same page with everyone.

    hey T…thanks for the Sammy Hagar link down the page from yesterday.

    Momma came in from her workout this morn and made me play it again.

    Drives her truck like she stole it. 🙂

    • yeah. Hagar rocks.

      tfA-t has over 500 CD’s in his collection.

      i collect things. lots of things…

      and i live by my constitution, which consists of of two words.

      fuck. you.

      • I think you’ve nailed it.
        The Consteetution and BOR pocket version.
        1) Fuck You
        2) Leave me/us the fuck alone
        2.1) BFYTW

        Keep it in your console for when the rev gen orcs come for you.

  3. Grenadier1

    Read this book, this is an online version but you should do the author a solid and buy it from him directly. Some one copied it to a digital version and posted it online.


    You don’t owe them a debt. Either physically or spiritually.

    • NorthGunner

      Add these from M.S. King and one is pretty well
      set on the history and information base side where
      this (banking/finance) is concerned:

      Bancarotta – An Allegory About Central Banking – or – What
      Ron Paul Didn’t Say In “End the Fed”

      Planet Rothschild Vol 1 (1763 to 1939)

      Planet Rothschild Vol 2 (1939 to 2015)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner

        If you like them, please make sure to
        buy the physical copies of them and
        thank Mike for his work by purchasing them
        (he also does enjoy hearing from readers too).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • The metal Copper is necessary for industrialization. The metal Gold is necessary for electronics. Even today it is possible to store your wealth in these metals, rather than in extortion futures (Federal Reserve Notes backed by Treasury bonds, speculations about future tax collections).

      Let’s imagine a scenario where each and every single Jewish individual with a US passport voted for fiat money schemes. 2% of the vote wins nothing. The only way these frauds work is because middle class Wonder bread Whites voted to promote and obey these schemes. The problem is Whites. The problem has always been Whites.

      You’ll talk reality about which rifle cartridge will produce useful effects at 600 yards, but you won’t talk reality about who is actually keeping the credit rating up on the national debt.

  4. Dam, cockroach makes sense again. Love, live, breed, thrive is a natural as waking up. It’s the mechanics of us humans.

    I’m amused by how twisted these articles are. I do see the value in them, makes one think, I did for about three seconds.

    So my question is this, did the author shatter his family, move to a cave, and start stalking Wild aniimals with a fucking spear. Na he’s kicking back slinging shit.

    Here’s the thing, bloggers are just people who are venting, they crave the stardom, their ego’s are stoked, by like minded folk. They go from Joe common man to mini rock stars.

    I read blogs, helps me recognize bull shit much quicker then I use to. Every now and then a helpful nugget is discovered.

    So to the author, lead from the front pal, let us know in a month, six months a year how it’s working out for you.

    I’m pretty comfy sitting in my home in the middle of winter, when is sub zero out their. I already did the hard part, I intend to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and the hard life’s lessons learned.

    New rule for us.
    1. Avoid living in cave until we have to.
    2. Be willing to adapt, when we have to.
    3. Cheat.

    Herd mentalities are dangerous. Dare to be yourself, your own views and ideas. Love life your way.

    Lastly if you don’t like what the bankers are doing, DONT use their money.


  5. Flip over the table and say Fuck This Shit

  6. Considerable truth in the article. Brings to point that the yeoman farmers of yore, lacking debt, were free to ponder their conscience. That led to FU to the imperialists of the period.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. …”These are the things you’ll miss when your run has come to an end”….
    Amen to that. When forever starts gaining on you, you take the time, make the time to marvel at God’s artwork. And I talk to Him out loud while I’m doing it.

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  10. We are all dead. How you get there, what you leave behind, and how many you take out to blaze your path are the only things left that matter.

  11. I hear there’s a big party in Milwaukee next summer and you weren’t invited.
    Something something convention…

  12. A simple life is a happier life. I have experienced it first hand and will take another step very soon. Putting your hands in the soil, staring at a pure night sky and being at peace with yourself is worth more than any earthly treasure.