What Went Up In Flames

H/t MB via Gab.

More will burn in the coming years.

Much more.

It is far easier to destroy than to build.

Never forget that the destruction of Western Civilization has been an intentional killing.

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  1. Berglander

    This is a real Holocaust.

  2. the simple and undeniable fact is religion has seen it’s best days pass.

    no one cares anymore other than those who refuse to accept change.

    history is full of failed theologies and christianity is not so special it is exempt…

    i’m over it like everything else that has worn out it’s usefulness.

    8 track and cassette tapes come to mind.

    • Bonaventure

      8 track and cassette tapes come to mind.

      As well as your legacy.

    • Never forget: This fucker is CA’s good friend.

    • Tell that to the musloids Spanky. Geeze you are thick.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Say what you will about their practices, at the very least, Islam is really committed to the lie, though.

    • So when did you stop talking about “Cock Belly” and start the whole nihilistic politico BS? It was exactly the same time as Soros changed his tactics was it not? Your no more than a shaved monkey in a cadge, not an attractive one at that. Imagine where you will be 5 years from now!

  3. Masthead, absolutely, two in four patriots here on wrsa will sell you down the road fast, if it’s you, or them.

    Everybody talks, when it’s their liberty on the line. ” that’s the power, of a free people”

    Consider this, do you all think the American people are going to give up their freedom remaining. I don’t, the model is simple, Pete posted on it yesterday.

    DC and states continue to make dumbass laws, not even the left is turning their gear in, much less the right. That’s the power of the constitution. Many here say it’s gone.

    I see it differently, the moral majority see our founding document as the law of the land, that’s the big FUCK YOU, to Govt.

    PS, Govt, absolutely hates it, you guys are right govt. is doing everything they can to degrade it.


  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Extension of my earlier comments on restoration work–and I was proved correct…

    ( “A French expert familiar with the restoration effort was quoted as saying, “I visited the framing of Notre Dame with architects of the “Bâtiments de France” (“Buildings of France”, the highest rank for an architect in France), some years ago. This 13th century timber frame was extremely protected. Each intervention is always accompanied by historians, architects, experts; no work is envisaged without extreme caution; no source of heat, no torch, no electrical apparatus is allowed; a high-performance alarm system is in place; and very strict supervision of all people allowed there. I think we will eventually learn that this was arson.” )


    People think of a construction crew as goof-balls swinging hammers and yielding breaker-bars… and nothing could be so further from the truth. Every nail is painstakingly extracted under the supervision of archaeological-preservationist, cataloge, photo graphed and carefully preserved. Every movement is supervised. Nothing is touched without careful supervision.

  5. It is far easier to destroy than to build.
    I’ve been thinking this way for decades a corollary of which is that , like Rome, the remaining stones will be repurposed to other ends. Societies are the same. Tearing down the present FUSA system and re-erecting the old USA of 130 years ago would be a liberation to all but the shiftless parasites but then there are stones to be moved so they will find gainful employment as well

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It is far easier to destroy than to build.”

      For most, it’s a lot more fun, too. Destroying is a party, building is work.

  6. a follower

    Yes, and while there are groups and splinter groups calling themselves Jews there are also other groups, other enemies to beaware of.
    any Americans would be surprised to learn that one of the greatest opponents of civil and religious liberty is the Roman Catholic Church.

    No one knows about the Roman Catholic hatred of liberty because history textbooks in public schools and colleges have been, for the most part, purged of nearly all things negative about papal Rome’s bloody history. Many Jesuits and other supporters of Catholicism have allegedly joined textbook selection committees in order to censor negative comments about the Roman Catholic Church. Encyclopedias in the USA have also been affected. History has been rewritten so that less and less people know about the true issues that faced the reformers and the true history of the Catholic Church.
    Evil is not choosey about groups it infiltrates.
    Is hatred and division easier to cultivate than unity & Love?

    • Bonaventure

      other enemies to beaware of.

      You, a follower (of Satan) being one of them.

      Americans would be surprised to learn that one of the greatest opponents of civil and religious liberty is the Roman Catholic Church.

      That’s because they, civil and religious liberty, are each intrinsics acts of evil. There is only one Truth. Everything else is false, and as such, evil. The Roman Catholic Church, and more precisely its teachings, maintains the only deposit of Truth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people here on earth, yourself included, either refuse to recognize it, or more important, refuse to acknowledge it. Instead, you and many others come up with your own version(s), and then attempt to substantiate it under the falsities of “civil and religious liberty.’ There is no such thing, intrinsically; never has been. This is indeed all Masonic hogwash.

      Regarding the rewriting of history, if anyone has been maligned, it is the Roman Catholic Church. The United States is not, nor have ever been, a Catholic country, and the ‘history’ taught here reflects that. For a general overview of the Catholic faith, none of which you will find in any of your government-indoctrination centers (i.e., public schools), I would advise reading This is the Faith by Canon Francis Ripley. The preface to that wonderful book can be found here: http://latinmassdiscovery.blogspot.com/2019/03/on-basis-of-catholic-faith.html

      As for your false Masonic-inspired assertions regarding ‘civil and religious liberty,’ this post here is generally on topic: http://latinmassdiscovery.blogspot.com/2019/03/on-basis-of-state.html

      And remember, most of the problems we have today, especially the destruction of Christendom which was the entity to last hold back the Muslim hordes from Europe, can be tracked to a single arch-heretic: Martin Luther.


  7. Vendee 2.0


    Good video. Preaching to the choir. The Muzzies, wetbacks, porch monkeys and their Cosmic White Marxist handlers could care less. The all want us impoverished, disarmed, and dead. The militant few who live here in Rawles Land corroborate that conviction with their letters to the editor in The Daily Fish Wrap and their Face Book posts. Plan accordingly.

    • There is a war going on, a war of spirituality, of goodness vs.evil and it is being waged overtly but no one wants to acknowledge it. There are those who blame the Jews, the Jews are behind it all. That is a very simplistic idea. The Bolshevik jews wanted a revolution to take over and live like Tsars. They wanted that level of power and luxury and it didn’t matter who died for it to happen. They didn’t act alone, they had help.
      What we are living in now is far more sinister than the Bolshevik revolution, Communists, like Islamists and certain fundamentalist Christian sects all clamour for world domination. The Christians are losing that battle and the war will eventually be between Islam ;and Communism. For now they’ve joined forces against Christians and nationalist which is why the leftists support Islam even though it promotes death to homosexuals and suppression of women.
      There is another group over all of this, a very old group, a group that has hidden in the shadows for centuries a group that controls the banks, the politics, the governments, the media and all the institutions. Those are the controllers and they answer only to Satan. Look up Albert Pike for elucidation.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

  10. LeaderOfTheBanned

    Correction – we were a great people when we believed in God. “Believing in ourselves” is what got us into this mess.

    • you’re nuttier than a payday bar.

      believing in yourself will get you out of this mess.

      the entire religion shitshow has destroyed everything that was good in america.

    • >>>“Believing in ourselves” is what got us into this mess.

      Funny stuff. You got any more tips on how to lose?

  11. Taylor states “we were a great people when we believed in ourselves”. No sir. We were a great people when we believed in God which lifted us up. Today only a remnant remain. Question is, is that enough?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Question is, is that enough?”

      Large wager on “No,” please, croupier.

  12. Since you mentioned the burnings to come…

    A century of progressively more dire locutions and apparitions from Our Lady of La Salette through Our Lady of Fatima to Our Lady of Akita have warned that the the sinfulness of mankind has earned a global chastisement that could have been averted in the 19th. century by repentence, prayer, and fasting, but can no longer be avoided. There will be nowhere to hide.

    The description of the chastisement is chilling, fire from above that will destroy the greater part of humanity. Worse still, the living will envy the dead.

    “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.”
    Galatians 6:7

    Many skeptics who mocked God fell to their knee begging forgiveness during the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

  13. The sub-human scum have destroyed religious art, religious architecture, and secular art and architecture all over the world. Kinda of like how the Left has been destroying statues and monuments throughout America. Both groups of sub-humans want to erase truth, and re-write history to their own liking.

    Also, ever since they took over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the muslims have been excavating beneath it and in tunnels extending out from it for years, and all of the Hebrew history they discover in artifacts, writings – any objects at all – they have destroyed. They are attempting to claim that the Jews never had any connection to the Dome or anywhere near it at any time in history. Pretty f’n crazy for a cult whose leader only went to Jerusalem once – in a dream, _never_ in the flesh. But reality doesn’t count for much in islam.

    • Search “Israelis tunnel under Dome Third Temple” and you will find numerous reports. Pick your favorite source.

      Defining others as “subhumans” is a characteristic of Master Race creeds.

      The oldest enduring Master Race creed is not Islam:

    • NorthGunner

      And the moslem still in charge of Turkey
      reiterated that ‘mo’ successfully visited
      the Moon without any life support by
      riding a magickal donkey with a woman’s
      head and that NASA should retract Neil
      Armstrong’s honor and make it right….funny
      can’t find that clip of him talking about it on youtube…

      moslems and the related savages…the stooopid hurts!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • complete inversion:

      99% of the biblical archeology in Zionist-occupied Palestine
      is done by the Ruling Jew. To get an idea of RegT’s functional IQ,

      click on RegT and examine his statement re WordPress. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can set up an effective WP site, and c. 60 million people have done so.

  14. Muslims, Negros and Jews, great contributors to Western Civilization, all.

    Then of course, there are their supporters. Purveyors of death.

  15. Your family members have already betrayed you by what they voted for. Or, are you one of those who think people should be able to act without consequence so long as they call it a “vote”?

  16. No. They. Won’t.

    We are in the New Enlightenment. And feelings Trump all else.

    Despite the multiple “Our Ladies of this and that”.

    For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

    Just imagine the rabid hate of the deceived upon the elect.

    The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing.

  17. Black Crime and Its Jewish Apologists
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.
    April 17, 2019


  18. Oldltradesman

    I’m an atheist who will surely burn in hell.

    The rapture bunnies of my acquaintance care nothing for the damage to Notre Dame. The structure is nothing more than “a building,” and its replacement/repair is an insurance matter.

    Thus Notre Dame = man-made building = rectangular shape = collection of lines and points without magnitude. This simplistic, linguistic reduction is justified by theology.

    I asked the bunnies, as a group, if they felt an ancestral connection to the builders, and if the loving labor, craftsmanship, and selfless devotion of those builders to a certain metaphysics – misplaced or not – wasn’t worthy of preservation and memory. They said, “Not really” and “No.” I asked them if they felt a connection to the Catholic Church. “No, we’re Christian.” Huh? Aren’t Catholics Christian? “Ahem, well, ahem (rambling nonsense ending with a quiet affirmation).”

    These bunnies consider themselves to be conservatives. To hear this is to laugh. To a man they are given to ideological constructs of left and right: equating tribal membership with collectivism, slavery to socialism, freedom to free-markets, etc. They shun the concept of blood and soil. Notre Dame demonstrates that they shun all that lies between.

    And I’m an atheist who, if there, would have protected that, uh, “building” and its, uh, “idols.”

    Thus the failure of rapture bunnies to conserve blood, soil, and all that lies between no longer surprises me. May they live long till raptured.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. oregon farmer

    Spengler got it right in “Decline of the West” back in the 1930’s. Should be required reading. In the West we are dismayed to learn about the 1000-year cycles from actual culture to depravity and decay. We have unfortunately been born into the very tail end of a cultural death cycle. What follows will be extreme by anyone’s reckoning, given the massive 8-billion plus global population overshoot. Tech will NOT save anyone or anything; it will just infinitely fuck things up more. No way out but through.

  21. Aesop writes: Because guns are portable, concealable, and difficult to find.

    Remember, the Connecticut gun registration law enforcement sent letters to suspected gun owners? Between 4473, carry permit, firearms id card, and credit card purchase records, the government already knows who most of the law-abiding gun owners are.

    Your house, car, and ass, OTOH, stick out like a sore thumb.

    Doesn’t matter, in the mass-confiscation scenario, if you have paperwork for having done a gun thing they will try to hurt you until they think you’ve given up your cache. The rest talks about enforcement results of one isolated individual disobeying, which wasn’t my question.

    Medical care is so expensive because if you pay for it, you’re covering the ten guys behind you with no job, no insurance, and who skip on their bills.

    All these wealth transfers are mandated by laws, which could be mass-disobeyed tomorrow.