Embracing The Horror

Via Gab.

There is glory waiting in the ruins.

19 responses to “Embracing The Horror

  1. robroysimmons

    Conservatives the pooper scooper people of politics, always following along picking up other thing’s shit.

    As a former Connedservative I would pay gosh darn good money for a “long hot summer where our cities burn” but fuck no if we tell the little red commie shits to actually go ahead and shit themselves because we don’t give a fuck they just won’t do it.

  2. That’s my new desktop back ground. Thanks. Fucking killer.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    What an uncivilized thing to say.

    Also, What is with Alex Jones and that Spec Ops dude Alex doing defending Islam.

    Any idiot can see that Islam is a monolithic force.

    It obviously has it’s flaws.

    But they all name their kids Mohammed.

  4. “I can tell who’s a Republican these days by the carpet burns on their knees.”

    Hello, aesop. Yes, the lower case is intentional.


  5. Friggn’ Buppert… Classic and timely Victory Speech.

  6. You ain’t seen nothing yet is right. Just keep watching the Wheel of Misfortune.

  7. Fuck yeah!!!
    That’s what matters most.

  8. St.Maur1066


    • just add violence

      It certainly was. Too many patriotards don’t understand that yet.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        After reading the comments to Berglander’s recent post, I’m convinced most of these idiots grew up reading Argosy magazine for it’s historical content. Along with Hebrew Holohoax comic books. The one comment most missed was how they stuck bamboo slivers under their fingernails before throwing them in the ovens…..or maybe that was the Japs?
        Both my uncles were KIA in Moskau and Leningrad fighting Bolshies, had absolutely nothing to do with helping Spielberg make fake movies later on.

    • Berglander

      Hello, commie. Looks like you’ve got a date with the ovens!

  9. Grey Ghost

    THE only thing better than drinking bourbon is drinking bourbon from the skulls of commies.

    Grey Ghost

  10. Biggusdickus

    “First offense? You’ll probably get off with crucifixion.”

  11. “There is glory waiting in the ruins”,eh,as a carpenter I survive and see the ruins feel I am going to be busy for along time!Someone please save me a shot of that bourbon when I am done,served in skull is optional as at that point am pretty wiped from another day of the rebuild and really wouldn’t notice what the bourbon served in!