Heartiste: Why Mockery Trumps Rage (For Now)

Think baited ambush.

With imagery and words.

The opponent is distracted, disheartened, and dissolving into a pool of sputter.


Print HONK on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

Magnum edition has a graphic of a clown horn below the text.

Or Jonkler, if you want improvised explosive HONKpower.

Add the phone number of the local ACLU.

Photocopy fifty or a hundred of them.

Post and distribute as needed, preferably near a community college, modern church, or other Commie hangout.

Hijinks will ensue.

Other ideas in comments.

36 responses to “Heartiste: Why Mockery Trumps Rage (For Now)

  1. It’s OK to be HONK!

  2. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    We have found that applying Trump bumper stickers to the cars of local sh*t-libs is most efficacious… their unhinged, low self control fellow commies handle the rest.

  3. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    Republican campaign signs placed in the yards of progs in deep prog neighborhoods over night.

    Creating fliers accusing well placed commies of “liking” Count Dankula on social media and posting them about your local university.. I mean… sh*t-lib finishing school.

    “It’s OK to be White” printed on 8.5×11 is devastating.in prog-nazi locals.

    Infiltrate and encourage SJW groups on campus to be even more ridiculous and egregious in their demands. Help them out the way the FBI “helped out” the Bundys at the wildlife refuge – encourage the stupidest ideas and give them the gasoline and matches to carry them out. Be the nice person that records everything evil thing they say and do, and upload it to social media… to “help” them get their message out.

  4. Berglander

    WRSA led to to le Chateau. Le Chateau took me to Der Stprimer.

  5. I’ve been telling all my conservatard friends for years now – that if they really want to screw with the lefties ……. you’ve got to read some Alinsky and apply the lessons.

    I’m pretty sure the vast majority of them are too stoopid to ever get my point.

    Good to hear not everybody on our side of the fence is.

    Heartiste at least is paying attention.

  6. OK, entry level tradecraft time.

    When your local neo-bolsheviks are having any sort of ticketed event, get a large number of phony tickets to it printed (don’t do this on your home printer; pay cash for the printing services if you are using them if possible), and pass them out among the local homeless and/or illegal alien population.

    It wouldn’t hurt if the tickets promised $100 to each attendee, open bar, free food, laundry services, showers, etc. – promise lots of whatever is selling where you are.

    Works best of you have a legit ticket to work off of.

    Most venues have a capacity limit, BTW.

    • Disgusting, evil, barbaric. I love it.

    • I hear there’s a big party in Milwakee next summer that you weren’t invited to.
      Someting, something convention…

    • That’s brilliant Dorner Madness right there, without the need to fire a shot. Imagine AOC being unindated at her next Meet the Amazing Latina event with 500 homeless and drug influenced showing up. Chaos seems to be our new objective. Campus SJW’s trying to bullhorn several hundred hungry and angry ghetto folks into strident communist diatribes with no food or drugs being offered. SJW forget that most of them are white and privileged. This could be a fun summer project.

  7. Plankton67

    One tactic to use is merely verbal. It is called “Agree & Amplify”. You can get a standard issue progressive to go way past Mao in short order. It is easier if you provide adult beverages for the of legal age crowd. Don’t just shift their own Overton Window… get them to jump out of their Overton Window.
    The fun part is that they will all not want to be the centrist stick in the mud, they want to be the cool “Che”. Nudge them that way.


    They have gone insane in soiled jeans!!!

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. School clown?

    Clown school is a human thing? All satire seriously aside, or perhaps not? Welcome to the White Wing, which is mostly right and in some instances can write, has well to da maff and be still my heart, I do believe in GAD and off course the girt of guns, safety off.

    Being White is right, except when you are wong (R)? Interestingly, most Russians and a good many Chinese are of the lighter complexion, I might add. Or, perhaps it is all just colorful selection of terms (as Fred selection of terms for twits speak) twaddle for twats.

    Who wong? Deport the Dummy Crats, / DAMN Communists! BAN the party of foolish communist brain farts tard trads!!! Every time one of THEM open their intake hole, the UN ‘\-/’unanimous response shout be, wait for it,,, STFU!!! Otherwise, In the Future, like the day after tomorrow “GI” is government issue, not to be confused with the issue of government purpose (that is a completely different story), but rather the government will provide everything that you may need to live a substandard living, which will not be sustainable and less than productive while making faces and body gestures, as how high can you jump thru hoops while on medication for your brain deadedness. UN-less, you happen to believe that homeless is a standard of living or pandering to petty political propaganda is a career path, but has equality of no income to speak of. Of which, we can thank Berry Stiletto. Now! You may ask who might be BS?

    BS is the high priest of the Church of the settled science in fundamental Tranny, LBQW (hint here, pride is not about sex organ) = (A thru Q that omits the X-Y chromosomes theory of, as you may have guessed – boys and girls and yes in-fact tickle there is a difference (and a certain attraction) transformation in the Emasculated Deception Church with altered higher heels than Billary, girl Mooch Much the burning offering at the stake for the gods of opportunity in Climate Endangerment of a political nature, HOAX! Berry Stiletto, who is? (I feel a book deal coming on) although it may be just a headache, which I rarely get, one never knows these day of RAGE that is the minimum will cost you $15.00 bucks an hour. It is the price of poker. But living well is a couple a hundred grand, it would seem for a Mac and Don Mansion with a beamer? Butt wise otherwise clueless as to the nature of things only hopes it won’t end, some assurance is in order to support the cause. And, oh bye the way, nothing but the cancer need be cut away.

    Who knew? Energy comes from atomic particles; even you brain is molecular, if you have one and it too requires energy? Solar is wishful thinking, sunshine, at least for now. Who controls the sunshine, controls the controls of the universe is not human, a kind of likeness. Breaking wind, a millers tale of spinning windmills turn a hopeful fart into the wind powered profit margin of greed insult more cost for less energy. Perhaps to charge you cell phone, or AOD-YMH? As you may suddenly recall what is blowing in, the wind. You can smell it. Please explain to me the Philosophy and the Physics of the Greed big fuxking NEW DEAL? I mean other than recycled hash of trash dumpster diving eco-no-moeny the socialist theft by cream separator theory, that rises to the top because they are ruthless. You may use scientific notation if you know anything about ZEROS and perhaps significant numbers are most. Please disregard the use of constant due to the ass UMP sion, as they may make an ass out of such as the speed of light hit a stop sign, perhaps slowed down for a curve (like bending light), or a reflection. As for derangement of soulless bodies, the stars deserve psycho analysis in the astronomical, is the mind separate from the body and what of the politic body? Or, does the body not know it has a brain, I queery. The body of evidence suggests a mutant strain of stupid leans decidedly left of human comprehension, the brain malfunctions of another me too we to be to, to too because they be. You might say stuck on tard stupid? Have another one, somewhat like the other one. What does RNA do (you don’t know do you) I may question them? Please explain in detail and of course show your art work of the official party line, politically inept off course. Check you numbers, has well. And none of this universal basic pablum for pudding brains, what they deserve is incoming without a brain bucket. There was no evolution and CO2 is a gas, except when it is solid, or mixed with some other substance such as water, or air a different gas and of course the whole breathing thing. Climate Change my ass!

    You may feel offended now, it is your right to feel after I white get back in the closet, feel gay on your own time, not mine! Go ahead marry a lamppost its the same noose. And there is nothing worst then a lesbian preacher with a gospel betweet here legs, hows your sex life, I always wanted to ask. You misunderstand the fundamental transformation, the church is god, but there is no God in church these days. Only government.

    Fossil fools fueled by cow farts and sunshine. Oil and gas and coal too are GOD given gifts. Not fossils but FUEL!!! Greed Energy, with restrictions. Ruled by smokers of the weed see green back from wet backs and rag heads. NEVER trust Whitey! Where as past performance is indicative of future results, lefty loosely, Righty tighty wads, either way we are screwed. Energy is another matter. Tell me you don’t like carbon and I will ask you what would you do without it? You will find it is pretty darn difficult to grill your hamburgers, or fuel your rice grinder. And when is the last time you took a cold shower? provided the pump that often runs on electricity works and of course provided the vandal din not take the handle, as Bobby suggested needs a water heater.

    Call cadence of trip, stumble and fall; Go Left—Go Left, go Left, Right—left. Marching orders, Perhaps? Is the Greed New Deal the Easter basket of Climate Change Marxist May day a cornucopia of fruits? The smell of ofal, edible organs from an animal carcass too educate PETA patty bofoonabugers, with a yuge helping of nothingness that tastes like shit. Not that I would know what shit tastes like of smells to high heaven of Damn Communists!!! Or, perhaps those prone to pig. As for me, I like bacon, liverwurst and of course the sausage making of law by cannibals, perhaps smote law for cannabis, roll me another one, just like the other one, you been hangin on to it and I sure would —- – — . Hit me with your best shot. Billions of dollars up in smoke, on Chech and Chong. If only Billy, Billary hillbillies had been removed form orifice way back when?

    “IF” I were to know no thing, then it would seem I know no thing, assume nothing, I know. AND, if iIl I were to assume I assume I know that you may also know no thing about nothing? And IF I were a son, what would a Retard say to said son, perhaps, it best the Billy did not have son or perhaps daughter, or perhaps Kipling says it best, my son?

    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    To them we will hand over the keys to the world. Will it be sunshine or cow farts? Or perhaps, Chelsea will be the queen bee? Perhaps Mooch Much offspring that had BS for a daddy may run
    If said formula, is assumed to be 80-20 the rule. Its a rule that 20 percent are the cause of all our ills. Ten percent on either end of the sociological spectrum! Remainder-eighty-%! Odds are, circle gets the square, or 4 to 1, odds are. Ten percent, what IF that cures all ills to disperse them and obviously should impose, rape, burn, pillage and plunder while redistributing some of their wealth, which were theirs ill gotten now seek refuge in pornoic pablum: Calculus Porno a Kiss sanctuary cities of da gods,,, San Fran,, LA, a cornucopia of award ceremony, good golly wood masters of collusion for the delusional not so well staged the climate change, the cloths hath no emperor. WE should ask them where the 22 TRILLION went, don’t you think? /0\/0\ Of porno a state of mindless bliss, in purple, pitch perfect, personality, the putrefaction of I AM possum US, mission import I retort, relieve them of air, 20 % the extremities of our collective personalities to a person a reason the greatest treason, ten on either end ought to do it?
    I think everyone knows what has to be done. Of course it will never be the right time or circumstances. Mass deportation is a possibility, perhaps exile the better term? As for the invasion force, back to Mexico. I got your ass land right here when you can’t get a job and no government handout!

    Joe X

    PS There is a new world oder, you can smell it. It stinks of DAMN COMMUNISTS!!! Interestingly, an oder is not a feeling, yet it may inspire an emotion.

    PS2, What the communists don’t understand is, his cross is my cross too. And, I have run out of cheeks! It is time for a little climate change. In the beginning there was the word. And, if I have offended any Christians, know this of persecution… I turn the other cheek and press it firmly on the butt stock. Want to organize something? How about anti-communist? And the only good red is a dead red! If you are pinko, wear a toto, kike be to. The Russians and Chinese are less of threat to our freedom than the Democratic Party.

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  12. As always,on a few bills in your wallet print a message of your choice,say,It’s OK To Be White,keep them circulating.

    As Gund mentions,also,BLOAT.Tis great to keep mental war up and have a few laughs but also be serious.

    With that said,”Let loose the frogs of war!”

  13. Red in OleVirginny

    Some folks in my AO get $5 dollar bills – put a bullet hole in lincolns head and write CSA on his forehead. They seem to be circulating these bills in the liberal area around William and Mary college (starbucks,hipster cafes,etc).
    It’s the small things that make a man happy.