Herschel: Bugging Out?

Think hard through your options.

You don’t have enough friends who will kill when needed.

Work on that.

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  1. If your east of the Mississippi, your fucked as in really fucked. Within one year your a bone pile.

    Sorry, shoulda chose better.


    • Kay_de_leon

      Pretty sure my Appalachian people have been through more hard times than any region along the west coast.

      I thought you were a history buff?

      • Kay de, no worries I’m just fucking with you back East folks. You will be fine. Some tough determined folks back their.

        History, I’m amused,,,,,, who’s history real history or the made up history.

        Have a good day.


        • Kay_de_leon

          True, real history is hard to find.

          But I don’t think anyone questions that these mountain people have gone through SHTF scenarios many times.

          Our generation has been spoiled thus far, have we not?

    • Your two comments here are nothing but petulance.

      Does pissing on your keyboard amuse you, or are you drinking tonight?

      Do better. This site, and the ability to communicate like this are winding down quickly. Recognize it and cut this bullshit.

      There are many places ‘east of the Mississippi’ that are ‘not fucked.’

      We will remain. Help us in this effort, rather than rambling like a fool.

      • Well I admit I did have an ice cold IPA-after mowing the lawns. Hit the spot, then a glass of wine with my salad.

        This old fool, took the time to land in gods country late 80s, with zero research. Pure luck.

        Brother, after the party starts, their is nothing I can do to help you guys back their, my focus has always been local.

        Plan now, stock up now, you well be fine.


    • Some of us didn’t “choose” – we were born here.

      I read an awful lot of people saying ” you should bug out and get to someplace better when the balloon goes up” – as the guy in the linked-to video points out: That’s unlikely to happen.

      Somewhere back in the mists of time I remember reading another article that pointed out that there simply aren’t enough deer out there to support all the people who think they’re going to bug out to the wilderness when the SHTF.

      Now – I’d agree that the better bug out position is to just simply not be in a place that’s got a very low chance of survivability. That’s why starting at least 25 years ago – I just simply refused to move closer into the city or move into the city proper. Despite constant exhortations and whining by the wife.

      Which is my seque into pointing the practical reasons why many of us are “stuck” where we are , and in many cases we just have to make do with what we’ve got – as best we can. Because materially improving the situation – leads to some very immediate bad repercussions in the HERE AND NOW. Constant fights with the wife, loss of income, longer commutes, distance from family and friends, the move itself being a bad decision – etc.

      I have a friend that invested serious money into survival food back during the Obama administration and all of the “prepping” that was going on back then. I’d say he probably filled a good sized bedroom with all sorts of supplies. It’s been at least ten years now – and the shit has still not hit the fan. He moved into a much more rural area – and practically speaking removed himself from getting another higher paying job in the field he worked in (high tech electronics and development) – simply because his commute would be so long.

      I’ve been studying war since I was a child. War rolled all over Europe during WW2 – and plenty of civilians made their way thru. Being located in any major city in Germany was probably a VERY bad decision. But living out in the countryside – in some place that didn’t later become part of East Germany – was likely not too bad a place to be in the overall picture of things. Living in the countryside in England never came across as too bad either – as long as you could grow enough food – you escaped invasion and bombings for the most part.

      Will the ENTIRE East Coast become a shit show? I don’t know – but I doubt it. For example: I see far more Antifah retardation going on in places that I would have never expected to see it (Midwest and Southern states) – than I do out here in Assachusetts.

      My take on the situation is that SHTF time – is likely to be NOTHING like any of the prognosticators say it was going to be like

      • NightBreaker

        Carlsdad , I think you hit the nail on the Head there are a lot of rural coastal areas that are remote enough to be survivable. How people prepare for is more dependant on their AO. The blue hive areas are going to be virtual no go zones. Everyones Idea of SHTF is the Walking Dead , in reality is going to resemble the chaos of the Last days of the Third Reich. It would be to every ones benefit to read some of the individual accounts of survival from this time when a modern first world country collapsed. Keep working on your PT , useful field gear acquisition and gaining practical field living knowledge, you never know your life could depend on it.

        • Go watch the Band of Brothers series. If you’re living a city, we’ll then yeah – all sorts of different forces are going to show up and use your living space as a free fire zone.

          But there will be country and maybe even suburban locations where you’re going to go unscathed, and you’ll still be able to knock off any city that antifah members AND dispose of their bodies without anybody being the wiser.

          Even here in Assachusetts I’m pretty sure the white suburbs aren’t going to take too kindly to inner city gangs that start free ranging.

          The biggest threat us whatever commie cells might be in the area

          • Jimmy the Saint

            ” If you’re living a city, we’ll then yeah – all sorts of different forces are going to show up and use your living space as a free fire zone. ”

            No place, urban, suburban, or rural is guaranteed safe – lots of little towns get leveled in wartime, too. The really unlucky ones get Oradured/Lidiced.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          You are correct.

          People survive all over the world.

          Water is the primary deciding factor.

          Not food.

          Besides, most Americans are very young, or very orld, or 30ish.

          This wars isn’t a 350 million man hunger games like Tfat thinks.

          Its the same as its always been.

          I bet you 100 million that generals use the same routes and tactics during CW2 as CW1

          And key ports are the same.

          Also, FYI, the Battleships, Subs, and carriers can be plugged into the cities to provide electric to major structures.

          Those battle carrier groups would be recalled immediately, and require marshall control of the city to prevent sabotage or storming of the ships.

          Nuking or conventional hits on enemy ports as we pull out of The South China Sea or the Gulf of Mexico would be key.

          Cluster bombs on every enemy Airfield and Airstrips

          Its gonna be awesome.

          But for me, Ill be looking at a field 30 miles outside B-More.

    • kypartisan

      in the cities and suburban areas of the east certainly, but i live in rural mountain KY and will be bugging in. good land, one way in and out and abundant with wildlife.

      I think its safe to say that most people will be fucked when the “fun” starts.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      You are wrong.

      The East Coast has 100 million people.

      25 million are over 65 and probably overweight.

      25 million are under 25

      25 million are millenials

      25 million are foriegners

      When the lights go out. This will split into City/suburb Vs Rural.

      The country is 99.9% Rural.

      It only looks super dense.

      We own 90% of the Hardware And we are the good guys.

      You are Wrong Dirk.

      I promise you my squad of 8-16 can fight 10,000 American Ghetto savages, Mujahadin, and Aztecs

      It’ll look like Somalia. But no RPGs or Belt guns.

      • But no RPGs or Belt guns…Then you’re doing it wrong😉

      • pretty good comment. But:

        you might want to take the Aztecs more seriously:

      • You remind me of Aaron Lawless from several years ago. Full of shit superhero who impressed the impressionable and played a part from the start. You talk a good game occasionally, then your stupid comes out. Custer talked stupid just like you. But at least he did actually walk the walk, until his ego ended his breathing . I’d love to watch your CAG group take on 10,000 American ghetto savages,mujadin and aztecs. You made so many idiotic references there it shows you are a clever con anyways, unlike Lawless. Lead our future Spartacus!!!!!!! You bad mother fucker.

  2. O yea Tfat will have the life span of a tetsey fly. Like 96 seconds. Fucking injuns gonna scalp his ass. A fitting ending for the king of bling, the ayatollah of Rocken rolla, the man the myth, the lesbian.


    • You haven’t been paying attention. Tfat is Injun. Well, half.

    • I’ve seen tFart making claims he’s banged a lot of chicks in previous posts.

      I hope he doesn’t bring them home – because loose mouthed woman are security violation #1.

      If he’s even half as “successful” as he claims he is – then one of those loud mouthed women will inevitably be his undoing.

    • funny Dirt.

      one of the tribes elders is building me a Totem Pole to put out in front of my home.

      • that totem is awesome. Interesting, did not realize the Great Lakes tribes carved totem poles.

        I knew they invented the Buick, their in Detroit, not the totem pole.


    • tell us how you really feel

  3. bugging out as in emigrating is a option. a good option?… it depends on too many factors to be listed in a mere blog comment.

    However just remember, no matter where you go. in war or not. You gotta put your pants on and go to work every day. People are stupid everywhere. Politicians are corrupt everywhere. People are lazy and envious everywhere.

    On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 9:07 AM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Think hard through your options. You don’t > have enough friends who will kill when needed. Work on that. ” >

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. You’ll do what you have to do, or are able to do. Conjecture is all well and good but until your’e well into it, you’re never going to have any absolute certainly about anything.

  6. European American

    Bugging Out is a romantic fantasy, very, very few are capable of the feat. If your not bugged out already, then it’s too late.
    “Right before it hits, I’ll head to my retreat!”
    Yeah, Right.

    The only reason to bug out is if Nature takes away your abode. Otherwise, stay put in familiar surroundings.

    And make sure your vehicle has a Bug-Home-Bag in it at all times. Now that is critical. Never leave home without it. The possibility of a 9.0 in my region could turn things downright medieval, in the streets, in a matter of hours.

    (Preaching to the choir, I suspect)

    • In a matter of MINUTES!

      Within minutes of the Loma Prieta, “urban youths” were robbing the dead on the collapsed section of freeway in West Oakland.

    • TheAlaskan

      Build for earthquakes and violent intrusions….both are violent.

      All the rest is training.

  7. robroysimmons

    I think the trick is to get your enemies to bug out. Sure maybe you find yourself in a Blue Hive Shitopia literally a shithole and you have to bug out but for the most of us we need to send the Prograts packing.

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    The plan to ride a tiger is not the same as riding a tiger.

    FYI, some people do have tigers as pets.

    Think about that.

  9. Darrell Cloud

    My bug out bag is designed to get me home. I would need a tractor trailer to haul all of my stuff some where else. My lathe weighs close to a ton.

  10. There is no running from what is coming.
    Meanwhile here in NY the county where I have a second place has 35,000 residents and 8500 pistol permits. Fertile land, plenty water and a lot more historical ballast than the western ‘redoubt’ states that are mostly fed owned and pledged as collateral for the great debtbux ponzi.

    • “ … collateral for the great debtbux ponzi.” I’ve considered that possibility as well, but hadn’t considered it in relation to the western Redoubt and what those implications could be. Interesting.

    • funny. The Caldera is someone’s collateral?

      come and get it, Chinks.

  11. The important thing is to not have just one plan, have many possible plans.


  12. At ages 71 & 69 and with bugging out not a viable option I guess we will have to make do with what we have where we are.
    Semi-rural 1/2 ac, on a cul-de-sac with area for a garden out in the county vs. leaving for somewhere else on roads that have become parking lots. Not rocket surgery for us. I can make a range card from the Zillow map.

  13. There is nowhere to run too. There is nowhere to hide. There is no hiding place. Chose your ground. Make your stand. Ignore the internet bullshit. If you plan to fight. Then scout your AO well and plan your movements, your defense positions. Your LP and OP’s. Sight in your ground as best you can. At the very least mark ranges on a range card to known landmarks. Find every place that can be used as an over watch. Both by you, and by those who would harm you. Stock up on raw material to make things that will deny ground to the ” bad guys”. If you can walk your AO both day and night, you might actually find you are not the only one with that idea. The Government people that will attack you ,will only have survey maps and drones (at first) You can use old tech to counter there moves. Field phones are so “old school” the modern systems cannot detect them. Burry your wire. (after you string it dummy)Use “coast watchers” to alert you to enemy movements. AMBUSH ,AMBUSH, AMBUSH. You do not need ten thousand men. Ten men with the guts to fight, and the will to win, have a price above gold. Lead the way. You will be amazed at how many good people are just waiting for someone with real training and leadership to show them the way. Never give up. Never give in. NEVER stop fighting. “DEAR LOARD! If I am to die fighting let me fall on a bed of brass with a broken bayonet and flat ammo pouches”.

  14. The moment you hit the road to “bug out” you are a refugee. History has never been kind to refugees.

    Harden your homes. Harden your neighbors. Harden your heart.

    Two schools of thought – Ferfal’s observations in Argentina were that rural homes were easier for gangs to take down because the neighbors were too far apart. South African farmers, anyone?

    Then there is Selco’s experiences with being trapped in a city.

    You have to figure out what will work for you. I believe rural is still the best way to go, but you’ll need to be able to have tribe because you have to sleep sometime.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Two schools of thought – Ferfal’s observations in Argentina were that rural homes were easier for gangs to take down because the neighbors were too far apart. South African farmers, anyone?

      Then there is Selco’s experiences with being trapped in a city. ”

      It’s always going to be a trade-off. A major city likely has greater odds of violence, but most people in it will still survive, and may areas may be effectively as safe as rural areas. The riskiest areas will be the neighborhoods that border dissimilar neighborhoods – where rich are next to poor, antipathetic racial groups bordering each other, etc. Conversely, while a more rural area may be less likely to be hit by violence, the impact on the population could easily be worse Surrounding and reducing the greater Chicago area is exponentially harder than doing the same to West Pelzer, South Carolina.

      And it’s not like there won’t be plenty of score-settling and the like in rural areas, the same as in urban areas. In either location, your immediate neighbors are probably the biggest potential threat.

  15. I’m not going anywhere.

    I’ve been coming to this site for over a decade and the message has always been the same. It’s coming soon!!!! Get ready, the end of civilization is near. That may or may not be true. Who knows. It’s all got to end sometime.

    I’ve picked up a lot of good information along the way and I’m glad there are people here willing to share their knowledge and skills. I’m as ready for SHTF today as I will be tomorrow. I don’t lose sleep over it.

    When someone eventually kicks over the local blue hive I may or may not be over run with rats and they will be pretty easy to spot. The nearest city to me is 7 miles and I’m more than 20 miles from Cleveland or Akron.

    My Wife is retired and I’ve got a few more years to go. We have a small farm with animals and gardens. Solar Power. Well and septic system.

    I’ve got no plans to leave because this is where my friends and family are. They will all probably be at my place when shit gets bad.

    Who knows? I live for today, am prepared for tomorrow and worry about neither.

  16. This is funny. Strangers making serious judgements about other strangers, based on geographical location, internet posts and hypothetical situations. Wouldn’t the remaining time be better spent talking tactics of retreat security, proven gear for all seasons, nv, ir uses/limitations, suppressor preferences etc,etc ? At least we’re not blaming DA JOOOOOOOOOOOS yet. Every. Single. Time…..back to your daily dose of copy and paste stormfront propaganda.

  17. Good point and something that some of elders have known from some time:

    If you have, they will take. A visual aid: The Twilight Zone
    Plot: It is a typical evening in a typical suburban community. At the residence of physician Bill Stockton, he enjoys a birthday party being thrown for him by his wife Grace and their son Paul. Also at the party are Jerry Harlowe, Bill’s brother-in-law; Frank Henderson and Marty Weiss, Bill and Jerry’s former roommates; and the wives and children of Jerry, Frank, and Marty. Bill is well known and liked by this gathering; he attended the State University with Marty, Frank, and Jerry. Moreover, Bill has repeatedly administered to the health and well-being of each one of said guests and/or delivered their children. Everyone is especially friendly and jovial, even when mention is made of Bill’s late-night work on a fallout shelter which he has built in his basement. Suddenly, a Civil Defense (CONELRAD) announcement overheard by young Paul is made that unidentified objects have been detected heading for the United States. In these times, everybody knows what that means: nuclear attack. As panic ensues, the doctor locks himself and his family into his shelter. The same gathering of friends becomes hysterical and now wants to occupy the shelter. All of the previous cordiality is now replaced with soaring desperation; pent-up hostility, searing racism, nativism, and other suppressed emotions boil to the surface. Stockton offers his basement to the guests, but the shelter itself has sufficient air, provisions, and space for only three people (the Stocktons themselves). The once-friendly neighbors do not accept this; they break down the shelter door with an improvised battering ram. Just then, a final Civil Defense broadcast announces that the objects have been identified as harmless satellites and that no danger is present. The neighbors apologize for their behavior; yet Stockton wonders if they have destroyed each other without a bomb.

  18. Where I live, we have a mall. Every so often the “urban teens” show up to wreck the place. Then the police show up and guide them out. No arrests. They used to cross the main street into the next town and continue the mayhem. Not any more. The next town started lining the street with police and refused entry to the over zealous lads. Expect you might run into something like that if you need to bug out. Blockades.

  19. Bugging in to the death and defending everything we’ve built, tooth and nail.
    If we get overrun, I’ll open the front door.
    Right before I strike the match.