On Notre Dame

JJ washes away the sentimentality.


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  1. Bonaventure

    “None of us have known that level of brotherhood or national and religious identity.”

    Nor will wee with our present trajectory.

    However, it’s not too late. As that old Jim Beam ad from the 80’s used to say, it’s time to get back to the basics.

    And I mean the REAL basics.


  2. When I was a kid in the 60s the big deal was the space program. One of the biggest disappointments of my life is the way all that petered out. Space exploration vs welfare vote-buying or defense contract fakery to make the right people rich? Not a chance.
    Nothing else comes to my mind as any kind of equivalent.

    The gentleman’s point about unseriousness is true as well. As an example, sensible and respectable commenters here are generally drowned out by people who seem to have nothing better to do than post about yet another reason to hate the Jews, or why Christians are so stupid, or they get a thrill out of talking like a complete ass in public where nobody can slap their teeth in. Unserious.

    As someone getting close to retirement, I notice that most people who retire aren’t as worried about money as figuring out what to do with their time. We’re an entire nation without any purpose outside of economics and it shows.
    It’s why the commies keep winning – they’ve at least got a purpose, even if it’s to exalt mediocrity.

    • Kay_de_leon

      You can’t/won’t even name the people who have destroyed your society.

      And you say other people aren’t serious.

      Typical boomer.

      • Hey! Hey! Hey! Watch the Boomer down talk. We are all not the same. I am 73 and working full time starting a new business. And I am serious as death.

        • Kay_de_leon

          Not *all boomers, haha.

          I’ve learned a lot from certain men of that generation. Both how to be and how not to be. To be perfectly honest, I see a lot of the boomer generation as I see kids. Misguided and in need of protection. I can’t tell you how many friends’ fathers are hopelessly mired in their faith in institutions and throughly debunked ideals. Stand up guys in so many ways, honerable Americans in so many ways, but held back by decades of conditioning, and not enough time living in the new America they were a part of building.

          Very few individuals are responsible for much of it. I hardly even blame them for what went down on their watch, as so many of the true destroyers were decades entrenched. But things have changed. We have access to info outside of their direct control (stop getting your info from the television). The guys that still balk at the obvious truth are a little less innocent as the years go by.

    • keep on loving your Jew executioner, George. You

      “sensible and responsible commentator”.


      surely make (((them))) cease and desist.

      As to why the (((commies))) keep winning, just

      stand in front of a mirror. You

      rediculous boomercuck.

    • Chad Bigly

      You’re a cuck, George.

    • Berglander

      Take a helicopter ride cuck.

    • this cuck named george doesn’t even own a gun

      ok mebbe a fudd gun…

      oh. and get a vest…. you’re gonna need it

      • So you’re the fifth one to prove my point.
        If I’m not a Democrat, I’m a racist. If I’m not a Republican, I’m not a patriot.
        If I’m not a skinhead, I’m a “cuck”. Or maybe a “dorkmeister”.
        It’s like remedial eight grade study hall.

        • Kay_de_leon

          No, George, those are just crappy strawman arguments.

          Yes, basically like 8th grade.

    • NorthGunner

      “… commenters here are generally drowned out by people who seem to have nothing better to do than post about yet another reason to hate the Jews,…” — George


      As I’ve mentioned before here and elsewhere, BEFORE people can be
      free they have to know and understand not only that they’ve been enslaved
      to a debt/ponzi scheme but more importantly by WHOM and why that group of parasites does what it does to the complete detriment of folks like you, me and others here and elsewhere.

      Virtue signalling and pleading ignorance when I and others provide facts and truth that can be easily verified by a few moments of historical research ISN’T hate, it’s truth telling which is something that the jews do hate with a passion as they don’t like it one bit whenever a non-jew accurately points out their criminally destructive behavior and wanton hypocrisy of what they say about
      how they feel in public about non-jews and how they act toward them in reality.

      The moslems aren’t the only ones to practice taqiyya..their
      semitic brothers excell at it with equal practice.

      Hope this helps you to dispell the cognitive dissonance that you
      seem to be operating under where they and their willful agents are

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Appreciate your response, Northgunner.

        If I understand right, you’re arguing that the Jewish clan is strongly over represented in banking, law, and the media – the groups that largely control our society – and that they take care of themselves at everyone else’s expense. Kind of like social vampires. More, that they are actively hostile and that this is a long history.
        In Asia, it’s the Chinese.

        It seems like the climate change idea to me, I’m open to it and I think it’s partly true, but I doubt it’s the most significant thing out there.

  3. “Not one, but thousands of men laboring on it and the untold billions of dollars in today’s capital that it would take to create such a thing…to glorify God. ‘

    big deal. the pyramids were an even greater feat and of course, to glorify another failed ‘god’.

    history is rife with temples and alters designed to honor ‘gods’.

    so many ‘gods’ you would have a hard time naming them all- if not impossible. everyday a new ‘god’ is created and worshiped.

    soon, very soon, tfA-t will be worshiped and temples will be built to honor his greatness.

    • Chad Bigly

      I seriously doubt that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” another failed ‘god’.”

      Failed by what metric? One of the main purposes of the pyramids was to keep the memory of the god-king alive. By that standard, the pharaohs with pyramids have done rather well. The pharaohs didn’t really promise a lot of services to the faithful once they became gods, so they didn’t really fail on that score, either.

  4. Yet another whining writer telling me about what a coward I am and that I should DO something, Please, enlighten me, give me specific targets, give me a plan. What, exactly, should I do? I’m not going to go out there and start shooting, Why doesn’t the brave author get out there and DO something himself?
    Also, I look around and realize there are very few people worth sacrificing myself over. Obese, braindead, over tatted and lazy slobs; drug addled facebook using, welfare drones do not inspire me. The SJW crowd, the indoctrinated and virtue signalling youth of today aren’t worth the trouble. They deserve what’s coming.

    • +57,004!

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Amen to that! All I want to do is be able to sit out the initial chimp out with some solid comrades and make something for ourselves from the ruins once the trash is all burned and buried. Lots of folks expecting to be able to direct others to risk their neck for what the director thinks is worthy. Whole lot fewer willing to risk their neck, especially for a set of ideals that will not work with the current population, nor likely any future one. This society is already gone, anyone thinking they are going to save it, or expecting anyone else to save it, is a fool. The best we can hope for is to build something good from the ruins, but we are stuck waiting for the fire to start and do it’s work. And we know that whoever strikes the match will probably lose more than their eyebrows. So we wait.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Not one of us here has a clue of what’s coming, prepare all you want with $5 million and you still won’t get it right. Life is full of unexpected surprises.
        And as I’ve said here for yrs now; ride out the first panic wave and die off the best you can, then try to build team from what comes up out of the ashes.
        Your platoon of multicam clad patch heavy 3%er’s may not be here in a week from now, then what?

  5. The never ending circle of the guy at the keyboard telling the other guy at the keyboard he isn’t doing enough.
    Some folks inherit star spangled eyes’
    Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord;
    And when you ask ’em “How much should we give?”
    Ooh, they only answer “More, more, more”.
    ….Fortunate Son, Credence Clearwater Revival

  6. 100% correct.

    My great-grandfather was a French stonemason, the last such in a line going back centuries. The custom was to work the farms in the summer and travel to the cities in winter to build. That was how all the great monuments and renovations of the mid-1800s were done, and also earlier great building projects. Having made his money, he came back to the countryside and built his house himself, using what he knew.

    I expect somewhere in my ancestry there’s people who worked on the cathedrals.

    A modern day equivalent would be terraforming Mars. A work of multiple centuries, premised on absolute faith in the future, carried out by a society on a stable and even keel. Technically, we have the knowledge. Nobody’s serious enough to imagine really doing it – and nobody could trust any level of our system of government to not repurpose the funding at the very next electoral cycle.

    Things must get worse before they get better.

    • Also, as Spandrell has repeately said:

      We need a new religion.

      For the Christians out there, if Christianity can be rejuvenated and re-inspire large numbers of people, fine, that’ll do. The problem is that Christianity has been losing its hold on the popular imagination for centuries. People simply don’t BELIEVE anymore – as the linked article touches on – and their actions reflect that. It’s not something to be reversed just by wanting it so. There’s underlying causes and they need to be addressed. If they’re not, Christianity as we have known it will be replaced by something new. Whatever it will be, we need that. We need the mass inspiration and motivation it will provide.

      Religion is an expression and incarnation of the overall psychosphere of the people – what they dream about, what they believe, what motivates them. It needs to take form. It needs to exist. Until it does, nothing will happen.

      • Your replacement for Christianity is Islam. Enjoy.

        • Islam is not a religion. it is a power structure,control mechanism disguised as religion; similar to the Catholics. Power and control never goes out of style.
          ‘Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

      • I’m not convinced that any religion will persist in the modern world. If you think religion is important, I recommend that you start trying to preserve it by rejecting the modern, industrialized world.

        • You think like an infidel. You think modernity and technology will replace God? The communists tried that and failed, albeit they appeared to succeed on the surface, once the USSR collapsed the Christian faithful came out in force. China is working real hard to abolish any form of religion, the harder they push, ;the more entrenched the believers become. it’s similar to telling a teen age girl her boyfriend is a bum. the more you deride him the tighter she clings to him.

  7. Johnny Paratrooper

    I care because this is France’s 9/11.

    With no casualties other than nearly 150 years of “colonial” expansion into Islamic territory.

    Remember, There used to be much, much more Christians and Jews in the Middle East.

    I have stats, but it in the millions.

    Lots has changed in the world.

    We can nuke Baghdad and not even kill anyone worth crying over.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Never forget this one thing.

      Everyone I know from Baghdad knows what Islam is.

      If the French soldiers have 150 years of history fighting Islam, they should too.

      The French are notoriously stubborn.

      There will be a fight.

      Tick Honk.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Remember, There used to be much, much more Christians and Jews in the Middle East.”

      Ever since the Crusades, Christianity, as a whole, has not been very motivated to defend itself against much of anything. Christendom much prefers to attack itself, sect against sect.

      • Bonaventure

        You use that word “Christendom” but obviously do not know what it means. When there was a true Christendom, there were no other ‘sects’ as you call them. Martin Luther brought an end to that. Which was the beginning of the end of the ‘Christendom’ you refer to.

        • Exactly, and Martin Luther was an agent of the Venetian bankers used to sow chaos in the rear of the European powers who were ganging up on Venice. It worked just like Al-CIAda or ‘migrant’ invasions today for example.

  8. jeffronimo

    Yet again, JJ is walking around with that mouse in his pocket, talking about what “we” do or think, or should do or think. Having boiled the culture down to fit his limited prism, he’s ready to project that millennial expertise back on the rest of us. Uckfay atthay.

  9. Pessimism will get us only defeat.

    I say Fight Them! Fight the invasion of the West. Fight the Communists, for they are responsible for the invasion and the subversion of Western Christian Civilization, to the bitter end.

    The only way to defeat the Communists, is to kill them faster than they can reproduce (as my Godfather has said many times).

    The same goes for the Moose limbs. However, let us hold out hope that some Moose Limbs could be converted.

    • well there green booger

      lead the way bigshot




      • Who the hell are you talking’ to, Too Fat?

        Aren’t you ensconced in your lil hideaway waiting for the world to crash around you, so you won’t have to do any work? And when the fight is over and we establish Christian Principalities, you gonna roll out of your cave and come running, yelling “Me too!”?

        For now, just sit there strokin’ yourself. Apperantly that is all you’re good for, except for shitting in your hand a flinging dung.

        • no no no

          that’s not how it’s gonna play out

          you will exhaust yourselves fighting over which sky torturer is the best then, tfA-t’s mighty armies will swoop down into the wasteland and perform mop-up and take-over operations.

  10. JJ’s take is still sentimental. Yes, some of the workers perceived the construction as an act of worship. But the building was also government pork, and pyramid building. That construction wasn’t funded by donations, it was funded by taxes. Collecting that money prevented the middle class from spending it on something else, some part of which would make them richer and more independent from the elite. Having started a building, then there was a taxation of time to spend that time in and around the building doing more worship things. I hear Mormons today do the same thing, nobody has any free time, it’s church programs every evening. Busy busy busy busy marinating in the mainstream media. No time, money, or head space for anything else.

    • Good point leading to “The Way”

      “The Countess Godgifu, or Lady Godiva as we know of her today, was historically famous for a number of reasons. She is mentioned in the Stow charter, Spalding charter and the Domesday Book survey of 1085, ordered by William the Conqueror.[1]

      She was one of the few Anglo-Saxons to retain land after the Norman conquest, and the only woman mentioned as a landholder. She was known as a kind and beautiful woman. As a widow, and wealthy in her own right, she became the wife of a second husband, Leofric III who was Earl of Mercia and Lord of Coventry.

      Lady Godiva
      Leofric, Godiva’s Norman husband, was a man of authority and power. He “was regarded by contemporaries as an upright man…[and] maintained himself in power for more than twenty years without violence and aggression.”[2] “He was very wise in all matters, both religious and secular, that benefited all this nation.”[3]

      Leofric had been pressed by the king to burden the people with taxation to improve the lot of the whole community. His wife, the “pious Countess Godiva”[4] continually appealed to her husband to grant a relief and free the people from these rigorous and regulatory burdens. But she did not just talk about the needs of the people, she acted upon those needs.

      Leofric III
      She was also famous for her building projects and is still considered the patron saint of engineers. What she often built were Churches, Monasteries, and Abbeys.[5] These buildings and institutions were not just centers of religious rituals and spiritual preaching. The Church was still the center of all social welfare. Its charitable administration to those in need, its educational centers, and its records, had maintained a free society for a thousand years. The daily ministration of widows, orphans, and the needy was conducted through a system of free will offerings and the service of that Church in remembrance in charity of our religious duty to God and our fellowman.”

      In its entirety here:

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Jeez, that article uses the royal “we” a lot, doesn’t it?

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Berglander

    The (((official explanation))) is like a bad State Farm commercial.

  14. No more brother wars. This is a fantastic time to become a better self. Start today. No one is coming to save us and I like that just fine.

  15. Grenadier1

    Okay this thread is about as good a place as any to inject this concept.
    Go watch this.

    Its a long one, but its worth it. Go back and watch part one as well.
    We will wait..

    Now why did I post this?
    Well a lot of reasons. First of all because its fucking brilliant. Its clear that this individual gets the source material. He understands not only the Star Wars universe, but the basic underlying themes and concepts that it utilized. The mythological underpinning of the original trilogy borrowed heavily from classical mythology both Eastern and Western.
    Why did it work so well?
    Why did it evoke so many deep connections for those of us who grew up with it and became serious fans?
    Because of those concepts and themes.
    They are old and successful for a reason. They compel us. They inspire us. They answer our internal questions and we relate to them.
    Pay attention to the parts where he talks about the Force and Luke’s journey into the cave. Those are elements that have been present in Spiritual practices going all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact there is evidence that many aspects of the pyramids represent this initiation ritual. A symbolic passing (death or washing or passing through a gateway) into the underworld, a confrontation of internal struggles and obstacles. A recognition that we are flawed and that we have continued work to do in order to better or complete ourselves. The Force is a distillation of the basic elements to all spiritual systems. That we are not only physical beings beholden to our emotional responses and conditions. We are Spiritual beings living in a physical universe and that requires balance. Watch the Peterson segment where he talks about how we must be fierce. We must be the monster, when it is time to be the monster, but the whole being, the complete warrior is in control. He can refrain from using a weapon, but he is not afraid to do so when needed.
    Now where am I going with this?
    Well I will piss off a lot of folks I am sure by saying that our current religious forerunners do NOT teach this in the west. They do not instill this balance, this recognition of the physical needs and desires and the control of those desires to foster spiritual growth.
    Our religions teach suppression of these physical aspects. isolation from temptation, not confrontation and conscious rejection of them. They reject the idea that we are physical beings because they seek to focus only on the spiritual life that awaits us when we cross over.
    Now there are a lot of reasons for this and I am not going to go into them here, its a more complex discussion than we need to dive into. Not to mention the contrast that Islam presents where it so rejects the physical world that it not only teaches but promotes animal barbarism and excuses it for its supposed spiritual rewards.
    Where I am going with this is that we are missing something vital in our culture.
    The warrior monk.
    There are a lot of models for this in history but I am using the Jedi because they have a couple of aspects that we also need that historical examples may have lacked. Primary is the preservation of knowledge along with their outward role in society. They fill the role of mediator, guardian, and dispenser of justice to individuals as well as to greater threats to society.
    The “Jedi” in our case would provide this spiritual journey for individuals, through Initiates, Adepts and Masters. They would teach the history, the skills and knowledge that gave us civilization while instilling a warrior ethos that embodies bravery, fierceness and that balance that is all important.
    Now I don’t know how we achieve this or even if we can complete it but I think it should be something that we look at as a model. Its something we should be exploring.

    The destruction of ND was emblematic of what is being done to our culture, you don’t need me to tell you that, but that destruction is not limited to physical objects. It began with our institutions (both religious as well as social) and it now even includes our symbols, mythologies and histories. This is why they destroyed Star Wars. They murdered it because of what it represents.

    • too much bullshit

      the real enemy is…. COPS

      yes COPS

      get rid of those parasites and the clean-up may begin.

      the only reason any of us haven’t acted on the current situation is because…COPS

      the standing army the founders warned us about.

      the 2nd A was supposed to rid the people of the need for COPS.

      the COPS protect the jews.

      the jews hide behind that blew wall and get away with everything they have done so far. the fucking kikes have created the problems we all face.