Steyn: Taqiyya For Easter

Thank Gaia for journalists.

Their relentless advancement of The Narrative will advance all into the Green New Deal Ooh-topia.

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  1. i was talking to the old owner of the bar about marrying his 25 y.o. daughter and having kids. every single bitch there made it a point to walk over and try to get my attention…


    too easy.

    • Self-Appointed Scold & Laughing Stock

      Remember that this pos is Pete’s good buddy.

      Remember that the next time Pete.posts some bullshit about being a Christian.

      • in my experience-which is extreme, the white womyn have sold their race down the river. the white womyn don’t give a fuck about white men. they care only about $ sex and fun- they don’t give a shit about history, the future, or even their children. divorce has destroyed the white family and white civilization. most divorce is initiated by white womyn- case closed.

        so eat some shit and die idiot.

  2. The Left/allies are indeed targeting and attacking Christianity. The way Left pols described these attacks is all we need to know; cover for Islam and a refusal to name the victims (“Easter worshipers”).

    I hope that sends a clear message about solutions and rebuilding. But it won’t because so many know better.

  3. Those whom you cannot speak of are the ones that control you. BTW the KKK’s ‘Bible’ is called the Kloran and is based upon the Koran

  4. with the exception of Eastern Orthodoxy, the Christian sects are completely Jew’d. And so are the “Christians” who “worship” w/in the decay’d physical artifacts. So,

    continue to embrace the vibrant diversity, “Christians”, even as it

    slaughters you. Incidentally,

    that Danish billionare whose 3 kids were killed…just introduced an “Islamic clothing line” to the Euro market.

    • Bonaventure

      And by “Eastern Orthodoxy” you refer to the balkanized?

      Last I checked, the Easterners weren’t doing a very good job. See, e.g., Matthew 19:8, and the indissolubility of marriage, which is recognized by most Easterner. See also, e.g., Matthew 16:18, wherein Jesus speaks of His Church (singular) and not a plurality of individual national and/or balkanized churches, each independent of one another.

      Nice try, though.

      • Haxo has repeatedly opined, “with the exception of Eastern Orthodoxy, the Christian sects are completely Jew’d.”

        I suppose Haxo’s escape clause (the Talmud is also full of rabbinical escape clauses) depends on the word “completely,” but how “partially” Jew’d are the Eastern Orthodox? It’s like being “a little pregnant.” You can’t be a little pregnant without having been completely f’d and the Eastern Orthodox can’t be “a little” Jew’d without having been completely f’d. Even the tiniest submission to the Synagogue of Satan is anti-Christ—period.

        A few months ago MauricePinay* and HereIsJorge** were running a very detailed series on Eastern Orthodoxy’s problem with Judaizing. It isn’t a special interest of mine, so I haven’t archived the evidence for spoon-feeding here or elsewhere, but the topic may resonate with enough with the Jew-wise Eastern Orthodox here for them to drill deep into the MauricePinay and CallMeJorge Twitter feeds (linked on my Resources page) for the extensive evidence and research leads they provided (and continue to provide).

        The Eastern Orthodox are as “partially” Jew’d as the Novus Ordo.

        A recent example:

        *”MauricePInay” is a hat-tip to the Vatican Archivists who, during the so-called Vatican 2 council, penned detailed The Plot Against the Church under the pseudonym of Maurice Pinay.

        **”HereIsJorge” is a play on the current anti-Pope’s name, Jorge Bergoglio.

        • Bonaventure

          Maurice Pinay and The Plot Against the Church, a formidable tome to say the least. I’ve got a hard-copy of it. Just need to find the time to delve further into it.

      • Also… CONGRATULATIONS on your new blog!

        From Misadventure to Bonaventure

        A compendium for discovering Catholic tradition

        (just linked it on my Resources page)

        • Bonaventure

          Thanks, but it is a work-in-progress. Not really a blog, actually. Just a means of getting otherwise-unknown/inaccessible information out there.

    • The vast majority of Christians are of the secular variety these days. Most Europeans are agnostic and/or non-religious. To the Islamists it matters not what color blanket you wear, you are not them and therefore must die.

    • Re: “that Danish billionare whose 3 kids were killed…just introduced an “Islamic clothing line” to the Euro market.”

      The Danes are more-resistant than most Scandinavians to the rot of P.C., but they are not entirely immune, as you have noted. Being rich means never having to apologize for diversity, even if it costs you three children as it did this fool.

      The Danes may yet save themselves, but Sweden looks lost, and Norway isn’t far behind. The Finns, as ever, remain the wild card. Even the Muslims hesitate to tangle with the denizens of that frozen place.

      Stockholm Syndrome is named that way for a reason. Let’s just leave it at that.

  5. @CA
    Not sure what additional you are requesting:

    More official doctrine on the Social Reign of Christ the King? Or more history of Generalissimo Franco’s successes against the partisans of murder, lies, and moral breakdown?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. freeillinois 4-6 cst mon-fri

    gurly men, cucks and democrats need not listen,

  8. While Islam is the logical choice. I’m just not convinced it’s them, yet.

    So so many groups stand to benefit from the collapse of organized religion. Second crew to come to mind, is very own govt.

    Third, is the church themselves.


    • That meme is so glaringly honest and….depressing.

    • Someone should have just sent this bitch lasagna some pics of bobs and vegene before he converted

    • that’s because of your good friends the COPS.

      the COPS are the enemy of all mankind.

      the COPS will protect the muzzies, faggots, homos, and criminals because that’s what they are bribed, er, paid to do.

  9. That unnamed imam has taken the measure of his opposition, one has to give him that. I have my issues with Pat Buchanan, but he is absolutely 100% on the money when he talks about the need for the West to rediscover its “fighting faith,” the muscular Christianity which used to serve as the sword and shield of western civilization (Christendom).

    Islam is akin to an opportunistic pathogen taking hold in an HIV/AIDS patient. When the still-Christian West was at its peak, the Muslims seldom caused trouble and on those rare occasions when then ventured forth, they were totally and convincingly defeated at places like Omdurman in the Sudan.

    Today, however, absent the Christianity which has served as a sort of cultural immune system to determine who is self versus who is other, Islam has run riot and made significant inroads to European civilization. Lacking even this “immune system,” the secular parts of Old Europe have been invaded by the Saracens and their globalist enablers.

    The nations which have proven most-resistant to the encroachment of Islam are the Visegrad Four nations of eastern Europe – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. No surprisingly, these nations – along with Russia, which has rediscovered its Eastern Orthodox Christian roots – have provided the strongest bulwark against the invaders.

    • the whites can still win, but they won’t until the shed the parasites known as cops.

      the cops are what’s holding everyone back from doing what needs to done.

      the courts, politicians, niggers, muzzies, LGTB freaks, and commies will run for their lives the day the cops are chased away or killed.

      who could argue? besides a scumbag cop…