500 Years Ago

H/t Bracken for the meme above and this Vdare piece on Cortes, the peaceful Amerindians, and today.

Beaucoup badthink.

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  1. I’ve read parts of Diaz historical, direct observations of his time with Cortez. He’s quite graphic in his descriptions of how the Aztecs lived. Just about every bloody drop is detailed.

  2. And. let’s not forget the Aztec’s infamous celebratory “ball games,” where heavy rubber balls, which had human skulls therein, were batted about by two teams. And the “loosing team” for these Aztec ball games it is surmised that many times the members of the losing teams were sacrificed–but not always.

    …not always….



    • NorthGunner

      meso-american sportsball mixed with mixed martial arts…
      the more things change the more they stay the same…
      which reminds me that the local indian casino here
      (BlueWater Resort) will be having another MMA
      even onsite in May…gotta keep those bloodsports going
      to inflame the passions of the low IQ/low expectation proles
      with ‘entertainment’ so they don’t think too much about what’s
      going on around both within and outside the ‘rez’…..

      At least the Romans actually designed and built
      stuff that was important and lasted…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Bonaventure

      And to think, that’s what tFat is champing at the bit to return to. Such days of glory. No cops. No Church. Just fiendish savagery.

      • Grenadier1

        They had a Church…That’s their Priests digging the hearts out and cutting off the heads. They were also apparently fond of wearing the flayed skin of their enemies. That was their religion.
        This is what happens when you let religion run your society, its the other extreme from when you have no religion and only “Science” and the needs of the many lead to famine and genocide.

        • Bonaventure

          They had no Church. There is only one Church. What they suffered from was the delusion of paganism. Only after the arrival of the Spanish were they shown the one, true Church. And by the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, they converted. And just like that, gone were such ritual pagan sacrifices.

          • ‘They had no church. There is only one Church’. And then, ‘….were they shown the one, true Church’. More of the ‘we are the only ones’ syndrome. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Just as delusional as the pagans.

          • NorthGunner

            Just remember that some of us armed yet ‘friendly til we’re not’ types here happen to be Pagan too..as,we’ll as Hindu, Buddhist and other non-Christian faiths.

            My ‘sacrifice’ today was a plate of carnitas and tortillas taken with my indian Christian brother in honor of Cortez.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Grenadier1

            Sure…It was the apparition that did it and not the forced conversion at the point of Spanish steel.

          • a follower

            Is this “One church” also the one that combined many eastern pagan practices into their fold? Easter,(Ishtar) eggs, Christmas, santa, carnival, selling indulgences, etc. etc. etc.
            Is Santa the all knowing one?
            Is that really the “one true church?”
            Are we not also warned of a false church its many daughters complete with false miracles and paganism?
            How many times will we continue this destructive cycle?

        • NorthGunner

          “..That’s their Priests digging the hearts out and cutting off the heads. They were also apparently fond of wearing the flayed skin of their enemies. That was their religion..”

          They’re Reaver’s Mal!”
          — Wash, Pilot of Serenity

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • only the strong of mind, will, and body, can even fathom such goodness.

        i for one, welcome some realism.

        300 million +

        Let It Begin.

        meanwhile… tfA-t has electrifies his newest additions to the Game Room.

        Lunar Landing

        waiting for the arrival of

        Space Invaders

        is there no end to the goodness?

        • Bonaventure

          Oh wow… do we get to have licorice and maybe a soda pop as well? Golly gee, you sure are cool, Mr. tFat. What? You want me to go to your bicycle shop? Um…

          • relax

            this is the best period of the collapse.

            enjoy it.

            it’ll be as fun as you make it.

            clown world is awesome.

        • “….is there no end to the goodness?”

          Ohhh, there’ll be an end alright.

          You will die, alone and horribly, and all your toys will not console you.

          • old men are always so afraid of death.

            this is because they regret not living while young.

            must suck to be ewe huh?

            his most High tfA-t, predicts oldsux will “will die, alone and horribly” with not even any “toys to console you”.

            • I do not fear death, except that it be for nothing… as yours will most certainly be.

              Pac Man ain’t much of a living, Boy.

              Foot note: My “toys” are real, and not electronic didos for mental masturbation.

        • real joe biden

          These games are available for PS2, very cheaply. Most fun after some liquor or boxes of wine.

          • yes but, not the same as the actual commercial version that i used when a teenager hanging out at Game Rooms..

            it’s the nostalgia thing dude.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Mrs. Pac-Man was better

    • Now they go around calling themselves MS13

    • FaCubeItches

      Shocked! Shocked, we are at such wanton brutality! Well, shocked that we didn’t come up with it. And not really so much shocked as saddened.
      – The Romans

      • SemperFido

        The Romans were no slouches at torture and brutality. Thousands crucified, people burned alive on stakes in the coliseum. People fed alive to wild beasts. The fact is, no matter what their skin color, man is the nastiest animal on the planet.

        • and as the “profit” tfA-t has said, “man always reverts to the mean”.

          so it was, so it is, and so it shall be again.

          tfA-t has told the future, heed his wisdom.

          • You’re so busy prophesying the future for everyone else to void looking into your own future.

            Wisdom begins at home. But I can scarcely blame you for not looking in that mirror.

    • The Aztec were cannibals, and not just the ‘burn it over fire and eat’ kind. Nope. they had recipes and fresh ingredients to go along with the meat. Little Tacos de Carnitas, now made with pork used human flesh as the tasty ingredient. Squash flowers mixed with certain chilis made for a lovely long pig soup.

    • Sacrificing the losing teams?
      Hey, that at least gives the NBA something to which to aspire.

  3. Cannibals and slave traders that were horribly violent and we want an open door policy.

    What is wrong with the people of the USA. Have we lost our mind?

  4. The “Indian allies” who threw in with Cortez did so because they were sick of providing the Aztecs with slave labor and human sacrifice material. So much for the Rainbow Paradise that the greedy Gringos destroyed.

    • NorthGunner

      “…But contrary to what Neil Young sang, the Aztecs were ferocious imperialists, driven by a supremacist ideology. Their polytheistic religion told them they were the favored people of a war god, Huitzilopochtli. The empire was constantly expanding…”

      Hmmmm…not at all surprising….
      Except for the polytheism, where have we heard
      of folks (besides moslems) acting out in such a fashion…?

      It’s a Scooby Doo mystery alright….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • NorthGunner

      Tacos de carnitas…mmmmm sounds delish!
      Will have to go do a late celebration of the
      ‘Fall of ‘de Assticks’ later today at one of
      the local mex restaurants and raise a cerveza
      to the memory of Hernan Cortez and his brave

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • And when the allies caught an Aztec, they’d cut his heart and out and eat him too. New Age types were forced to acknowledge some of this and focused their worship on the Maya. But over time it became clear that they basically had the same religion and did a fair amount of human sacrifice as well. If there is any goodness to be found in all that, it was further back – maybe back to the Toltecs or Olmecs or the people overthrew.

      The Aztecs Priests were frightened that Cortez was Quetzlcoatl come again, this time to punish them for perverting his religion of love. Offering your heart up to the Sun (God) may once have been a very different thing than cutting someone else’s heart out and holding it up to the Sun. Maybe metaphorical? And in any case, your own not someone else’s. And it was said that He was White – that’s why they made the connection.

  5. Lord Haw Haw

    I would recommend Prescott’s “History of the Conquest of Mexico.” It was written in the mid-1800s so it’s freely available in multiple formats. The writing is detailed and vivid. I couldn’t put it down. I came away with a new appreciation for the Aztecs and awe for the Spaniards who conquered them. The Battle of Otumba is, in my opinion, the epitome of who we are as a people and what we must quickly become again.

  6. NorthGunner

    “One little, two little three little indians…
    Four little, Five little, Six little indians…
    Seven little, Eight little, Nine little, Ten little indians…Aaaarghhh!!
    drip, drip, drip….Nine little indian boys!”

    The ‘peaceful Maya’ were no better either!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!!

    • I lived in Montana for 4 years, and can take you to numerous “buffalo jumps”, that is cliffs which the kind, gentle indian ran dozens or hundreds of animals to their deaths or horrific injury. They then took their time to “harvest” what meat didn’t spoil and the hides for their teepees.

      • Berglander

        I know where a few dozen of those are myself out at Whitehall, Cardwell, and Three Forks. The whole lie of “They used every part of the Buffalo!” May be true, but they sure didn’t use every part of every buffalo. How many dried dick walking sticks and scapula bowels can a guy have?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        There are miles upon miles of bison drive lines and jumps within walking distance of my house, picking up skulls in the gullies is a perk to going on walks.
        I’ve spent years doing archaeology work right in my backyard, some of the specialists from Laramie are envious of my commute, not having to drive 8 hrs to work on a site.

      • TheAlaskan

        Buffalo hugger….

      • European American

        Before European settlement of the Great Plains, approximately 60 million bison existed in North America. The population plummeted to 1,100 as European settlers killed nearly every bison. Bison were shot for their valuable hides and for their meat which was a hot commodity for railroad workers.

  7. Today’s WRSA tagline is “people live and die in analog.”
    I thought it was ironic, because to live is to be “on”, and to be dead is to be “off”. A binary of either “0” (off, dead) or “1” (on, alive). Which is literally digital.
    But I get your point, tongue in cheek.

    • Grenadier1

      Not quite, there are multiple states. You can be “alive” and still be unconscious ie a vegetative state. Then there is the condition of being alive, being conscious but still being unaware or unenlightened. Often referred to as being asleep or “having no eyes to see”.
      We can speculate on the conditions of the other side as well.

  8. Darrell Cloud

    There were two purges criollos in Mexican history. The first came during the war for independence from Spain and the second came with the Mexican Revolution. Down From Colonialism by Jamie Rodriguez Chicano Studies UCLA alludes to the first purge. My family can attest to the second purge. They fled the Revolution and settled in Montana.

    • NorthGunner

      First rule Darrell is to look with EXTREME suspicion
      anything coming out of any current commitern that
      still pretends to be either a university or college,
      especially when it’s label includes “studies”.
      ucla is nothing more than a virulent hotbed for
      the mexican form of communism evidenced by
      groups like MEChA and La Raza and their

      Both have advanced the utterly false claim
      that the Aztec Empire existed all the way
      north into modern day California and Arizona
      and that their members desire to see a successful
      ‘Reconquista’ of Mexico’s ‘Lost Territory’

      That ISN’T happening any time soon — too
      bad about the popped pinata where that’s concerned.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Yep, Down from Colonialism. Good book. short Read.

      They had a big race war in Mexico in 1810ish

      El Salvador, Guatamala, And all those other central American countries were formed when the browns killed all the whites.

      In Nicauragua they killed all the whites, criollos, and indigenious.

      Which is why Nicauragua looks like Haiti.

      Modern Mexico was founded on killing all the whites.

      Literally. They think they can do it here.

      Great book. Even from a liberal raised on Zin

  9. Charley Waite

    Is that Captain America on the altar?

    • Berglander

      That’s too much knowing, goyim. Shut it down.

      • NorthGunner

        Courtesy of the amerindian defamation league.
        …’cuz we wuz here first and were prairie kangz
        in our buffalo teepee’s ‘n sheeit!…what do those
        smelly kvetching european small hats know!?!..
        they don’t even eat buffalo meat!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  10. Grenadier1

    I always take the historical accounts of the interactions between Europeans and natives with a grain of salt. Many times it has been proven that the recorder of these tales embellished them and added information that just was not accurate. The tendency was to inflate the level of savagery attributed to the natives to show how backwards and far form God that they were so that their conversion would be viewed with the greatest of impact.

    While there is considerable debate about the cannibalism of the Aztecs but if we even accept half of what they are accused of with regard to just the level of human sacrifice….well They were blood thirsty savages and deserved everything that they got.
    There is a reason that the other tribes of the area were so quick to join the sides of Cortez.

  11. i simply fail to see the problem with the natives and their customs.

    just be careful who you insult,

    Y-tee may not always be on top.. what goes up… must come down.

  12. elad sputnik

    I didn’t need another reason to hate Neil Young but will add it to the list to be chemically etched onto his gravestone.

  13. RegretLeft

    I just noticed the tag line: “people live and die in analog.” as well. I think it’s very apt: Analog is “lived experience” digital is “sampling” – the difference is immediately evident if you run a 100% tube analog audio system – even with the CDs going through a tube DAC.

    Ah – my approved play things! I live in 2A-Free New Jersey. I admire you guys!

  14. Who is coming to save us from this?

    Emperor Orange Mango the second?
    Creepy Uncle Joe Pedo?
    Pistol Pete Buggerfig?
    Burnie (I avoided Arkancide) Socialist Slanders?
    Andy “Cash Money Yang?

    No, no one is coming. Peak Kabuki theater is real.
    #failingnarrative #MountainDewCamacholand #Fuckemall

    Take the Glorious Pill.

  15. Caribe BBQ

  16. From the first appearance of the Asians that came across the land/ice bridge through Alaska, eventually over 9-10 centuries going south to Terra del Fuego, then coming back north again. They were murderous and brought diseases believed to have killed most of the whites that had been on the North American continent for over 10,000 years prior to the first Asian set foot here.

  17. no matter what anyone thinks or believes, mankind has reached the end of the road until the masses are liquidated. only then will humans advance towards the next level. it just has to be. there is no way we can go on further without shedding the dead weight of losers, morons, and imbeciles.

    tfA-t has spoken

    and the people shall know his word is true.

    • Spoken true, fat, but you didn’t invent the concept, it’s called the law of succession. A community cannot continue to expand infinitely, somewhere along the line a catastrophic event always occurs that returns it to pioneer status. Humankind is not above the law of nature. There will be a culling.

      I’m sure I will be corrected on some point of my hazy recollections of “publik skewel” science, but that does not change the fact that a great die off is coming. When? When it is time.

      Even a myopic one eyed moron can see it, except for democrats.

    • You should thoughtfully contemplate every possible meaning of “hoist by his own petard“.

      And pigs will sing.

  18. And a little later, another swell achievement.

    August 20, 1940, in Mexico. Leon Trotsky assassinated. “Trotsky’s house in Coyoacán was preserved in much the same condition as it was on the day of the assassination and is now the Leon Trotsky Museum, run by a board which includes his grandson Esteban Volkov. Trotsky’s grave is located in its grounds.”

    • NorthGunner

      Only because Leon axed for it….
      Bummp baadaa biiing!!

      jordan peterson to trotsky/bronstein’s ghost,
      “You need to clean up your room!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Commies and Socialists always have a civil war.

      And always split. And always stay split.

  19. Berglander


  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. Berglander

    Check out Allan Wall’s page.https://www.allanwall.info/

    Mexico-loving cuck race traitor. The phyzz doesn’t lie.

  22. Plankton67

    OT item, check out https://twitter.com/BaxtiyarGoran/status/1121519479672930309
    Looks like US forces are fighting with Iraqi Police at this moment in time. This is only a single source report, and I have not seen anything else on it at this time. Action is in Kirkuk. I cannot read Arabic, but that does appear as a local news station’s tweet in that other tweet.

    C L O W N W O R L D intensifies.

  23. I’m struggling to find the point. So people who were here before us were murderers and did some human sacrifice? I think the Euros did the same.

    Can someone clarify Mr. Bracken’s point for this simpleton?

  24. the Usual Suspect

    Ludicrous is not just a band.

  25. This is what has been taken from us: 1950s Los Angles

  26. thesouthwasrght

    Think about being that poor blue bastard in the background.

    Not that I’m some bad ass, or tfat, but damn being that guy. You at least gotta make em earn it.

    Now to Bracken’s meme, as a Heinz57 kinda guy with Scot/English/Cherokee roots (a couple of proto-thesouthwasrights fought in the Cherokee Legion CSA) I have to agree that without White Western European men America never gets much past mudhuts on the Mississippi. Say the obvious publicly and watch out people. The fact white people are a dwindling majority is an exact correlation with the steady decline of the nation. Said another way, Mexico ain’t a shithole because it’s called Mexico, it’s a shithole bc it’s full of Mexicans (and Fred). The same will occur here if currently predicted trends continue unabated.

  27. St.Maur1066


  28. a follower

    Everything was peace and love before. What?
    tfAt ? No
    Whites? No
    Blacks? No
    Muslims? No
    Jews? No
    Democrats? No
    Trump? No
    Obama? No
    “St.” Francis? No
    Any St. any Pope? No
    So what is the cause?

  29. Johnny Paratrooper

    The iconic character of “The Predator” is based on Aztec head hunters.

    The Aztecs had an incomplete swiss cheese empire.

    Only control of a few major cities.

    Hey CA!!!!!!

    Post a picture of the Mexican Flag and the story of the Aztec creation myth.

    Look at the Flag. Read the Myth.

    Send it back to Bracken. That Snake, Eagle and Cactus on the tri colorflag are importante.

    Muy, muy Importante.