GoV: No Accident

France ist verloren.

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  1. Berglander

    Macron is ready for spitroasting.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      We volunteer! Or did we misread you on “spitroasting”?
      – Pete Buttigieg and Barney Frank

    • That look, what does it reveal? Is Macron going to be eaten? Is he hoping to eat something? Is it love? Is white meat sweeter than dark?

  2. Macron means cuck in french.

  3. No use crying over spilled gasoline. What comes to mind is this:
    r vs K theory does not predict for world class predators coming into the environment.
    “He who can destroy a thing controls a thing”
    “He, whom you may not speak of, is the one that controls you”

  4. RX for Europe–an ancient, holistic, gluten-free remedy. Find the enemy with no eyes and drink hearty! “SO THIRSTY!”:

  5. Western civilization governments are faced with two distasteful choices:
    1. Allowing Islam to destroy Western civilization
    2. Destroying Islam to save Western civilization

    That the great majority of governments find #1 less distasteful than #2 tells us everything we need to know.


    Yes, the pundits ask: How could this have happened? Got a flash for you folks at GoV: Who cares? A whole bunch of concerned citizens asked all kinds of thoughtful questions about Building 7 and other anomalies after 09/11. Were those questions ever answered to their satisfaction? The jury is still out of Billary’s Reichstag Fire(The Murrah Building). Do we know the truth? JFK? Pearl Harbor? Who gives a flying f**k?
    The citizens who do have made peace with themselves. They understand the true diabolical nature of a totally corrupt, syphilitic, criminal Amerikan government(at ALL LEVELS) which will stop at nothing to consolidate power and insulate itself from all scrutiny and accountability. The rest of the sheeple and normalcy bias idiots could care less as long as the debt bucks and entertainments keep flowing. Plan accordingly.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, pretty well sums up reality in this here USA.
      And getting flamed by the Greenwood cucks.