Poor Man’s Sniper Rifle

H/t MB via Gab

See also AR Guerrilla Sniper Rifle

How are you in the 300-500 yard zone?

When was the last time you practiced?

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  1. That was painful to watch. His presentation was horrid.

    • Be fair now. What did you expect?
      He’s shilling to drum up business
      for his friend at ACC, same as whenever
      he connects his brand-name to something
      other than his novels.
      I though you knew………..nothing truly says ‘Freedom’ in our current clown-world like buying, selling, and helping your friends make money.

      • The Bracken tape is good. To be able to put faces to names is helpful. To hear the pearls of wisdom just reenforces what we think, what we know.

        I’m sorry I don’t know the other guy, read some of his stuff, decent. The terrain their in is nothing like here, theirs shit that will eat you, and squeeze you their. No thanks, I’ll stay on the mountain.

        Thanks I enjoyed the vid.

      • Matt Bracken

        Hey shit for brains, if you made videos worth sharing, I’d share them too.
        But all you do is bitch and moan in comments, so virtually nothing you put in the internet is worth sharing. I post maybe 50 videos a day on Gab and FZ. What do you do, other than whine like a 9 year old girl?

      • fonzi’s looking a bit rough.


        take a nap dude.

  2. robroysimmons

    Good info, thanks for posting it.

    But I’ll bet most everyone who watched first thought was how to make it more expensive, I did, tardation on my part.

    True story I was at the range on Thursday and a guy there shoots PRS gas tactical and his high dollar .308 was at best a 3/4 inch gun all for $5000 all inclusive, and he was not happy.

    And some guys were there doing some testing on muzzle brakes they make and sweet mother of god if brakes were not a real buddy fucker and if my wife would let me get a .308 AR it was a sweet shooter, I was floored at the lack of recoil.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      My friend’s muzzle break is phenomenal.

      You should wear goggles and muffs over plugs though.

      For real.

      • brake | brāk |
        a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels: he slammed on his brakes | [as modifier] : a brake pedal.
        • a thing that slows or hinders a process: managers have a duty to put the brakes on growth when it is unsustainable.

        hence, “muzzle brake,” not “muzzle break.”

        break | brāk |
        verb (past broke | brōk | ; past participle broken | ˈbrōkən | )
        1 separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain:…

        1 an interruption of continuity or uniformity: the magazine has been published without a break since 1950.…
        2 a pause in work or during an activity or event: I need a break from mental activity | those returning to work after a career break | they take long coffee breaks.…
        3 a gap or opening: …

  3. Bonaventure

    I don’t think that guy said anything worthwhile in the whole 20 mins. My eyes/ears hurt.

    Last time I was on the 300-yd line, was hitting an 8″ gong all day with a stock name-brand M4-gery that I paid $450 for…. with irons and regular surplus ammo. I take that back… rifle wasn’t completely stock; I swapped out the trigger for a Geissele G2S. Worth the money.

    Last time I was at the 500-yd line, was hitting a 6″ gong all day with a scoped bolt-action in .308. Fun!

  4. Old Gray Wolf

    If you need to work on your mid range skills, best get busy. 3-500 is nothing with modern calibers and weapons. If you don’t have that down already, you have not even begun to shoot your weapon enough. 500 and beyond is where things start to get interesting.

    Gonna be some pretty hungry folks out there who use to be F class and PRS shooters, or long range hunters. Think about a guy wih hungry kids and no way to feed them, who used to make a hobby of dropping mountain goats, elk and deer at 700 plus, who knows you have food. Or the guy who spent time ringing steel with his high dollar rifles all the way out to a mile. There are more of them than you think. And their rifles may well outlast their pantry. Best have a strategy for dealing with that..,

    • SWRichmond

      Well said.
      There have been many scathing indictments written of US military tactics, training, weapons and ammunition. Like this one: http://www.oss.net/dynamaster/file_archive/100404/ea0544566041c1efdfee9ce6333dba0b/2010-04-04%20%20Small%20Arms%20Lethality%20Paper.pdf

      It seems the current crop of military shooters were never taught to shoot distance, and think that 300-500 is long range. It isn’t. They were trained for urban combat to be door kickers. They were taught to believe this is all that is required, and that that doctrine is correct, and anyone who doubts it is wrong. Shooting distance is some kind of novelty.

      The guy in the video doesn’t know his subject. “I was gonna do this project and I finally got around to it.” It’s a novelty, he doesn’t understand it or take it seriously. He hesitates endlessly as a means of confirming this. Stop obsessively naming the equipment like the equipment name is all that matters.

      Have fun kicking doors, and being on the receiving end of what’s inside the door or around the block. You guys are training for the wrong mission. Urban combat in the coming festivities is a death trap. People who shoot USPSA as some kind of training are fools.

      If you practice all the time at 600 and beyond, the 300-500 yard shots are easy. EASY. Suppressive fire is for pitched battles. There will be no pitched battles. There will be targets, and the closer they get to you the more of a threat they are.

      How far is far enough? Further than anyone else in your AO.

      Navy submariners are fond of saying: “there are two types of ships; submarines, and targets.” Which are you?

      • Plankton67

        USMC still trains to 500 yards on iron sights. That is not long range, it is called “qualification”.

        • ‘zackly.
          Shooting at 600Y, you’re not “sniping”, no matter what the lamestream media buffoons call 100Y shots with a .22. If you aren’t training to do it now, you won’t magically acquire the skillset on the day, either.

          And the number of folks nationwide who make a “hobby” of hitting game animals (vs. paper bullseyes that don’t move), at 700 yards could hold their meetings in a small movie theatre, if not inside an RV.

          There are, to be sure, a lot of long-range shooters, and a lot of hunters, but not a lot of crossover where one becomes the other. And almost anyone making game shots at 700Y probably thinks their dick is 3 feet long too, because they can’t estimate distance for shit. At 700Y, a full-grown buffalo looks smaller than this “o” does on the tip of your front sight. At 500Y, the 20″ B Modified target is as wide as the entire front sight blade on a stock M-16.

          Most hunters (99%+) couldn’t see that, even with a scope, or hold on that, prone, let alone hit it, and forget even talking about consistently. Even in windless conditions.

          If you live in some parts of the country, 600Y shots may be possible, or even common.
          But for most of where people live, Especially in the South or East, you can’t even see 500Y from ground point to ground point, unless you look at water towers or mountains, or you’re in a building above 20′ off the ground.

          Practice to 500Y, minimum, and regularly? Hell yes.
          Learn to shoot farther? Yes, please.
          Imagine you’re going to be the next Chris Kyle, Carlos Hathcock, or Simho Häyhä, or going up against same? Probably not so much.
          If you’ve got a Distinguished Marksman (civilian or military) badge,

          that you earned (rather than bought from Ebay), or match points toward a National Trophy, we can talk.

          Less Quigley Down Under fapperbating, please.

          • Berglander

            Lots of folks here in Montana make those shots, both on paper and on flesh. Distance dictates it, out here.

          • Bonaventure

            If you’ve got a Distinguished Marksman (civilian or military) badge,that you earned (rather than bought from Ebay), or match points toward a National Trophy, we can talk.

            You’re such a tiresome windbag. So how many in the military achieve that that “distinguished” badge you highlight above? And those are the only one you’ll “talk” to? So I guess you just take a big brown dump on the remaining 95% of your troops, ’cause you’re special an all.

            And almost anyone making game shots at 700Y probably thinks their dick is 3 feet long too, because they can’t estimate distance for shit.

            So how long do you think your dick is?

            When it comes down to it, if most here were twice the men they could be, they still wouldn’t be half of what you think you are.

            Get over yourself.

          • SW Richmond

            Opportunities for long shots are abundant. Drive down the road and range stuff visually, then check yourself with your odometer. Make it a habit, and ranging accurately becomes something your brain just does.

            For most people, “roads” = “lines of approach”.

            Who said anything about sniping? Not me.

            My entire purpose, to be clear, is to get people out of the mindset they were indoctrinated into, the doctrine they were taught by the US military: 500 yards is a long shot. It isn’t.

            So yes, please practice at 500 and beyond. Regularly. If your rifle and ammo wont get you there make some changes. The AR platform is perfectly capable of getting you there. And you dont have to be distinguished or P100 to prove anything to anyone.

          • Old Gray Wolf

            Aesop, no one hints they are “Quigley”. You can quit with the snide remarks. All we are saying is that 3-500 is good, practicing farther is advisable. In case. Like, if you run into a hungry long range shooter. It takes exactly one to be a problem for you. Not saying they are everywhere, nor that they are all a threat. Just one more variable to consider. And you may want to look around at the tools available to the distance shooter before assuming everyone is using sights comparable to the front post on a stock M16. Gonna be a lot of hurt coming to folks who didn’t know what they didn’t know.

            • Old Gray Wolf

              And, by the way, I KNOW there is a group of guys in my AO who are very well equipped and shoot distance regularly, who have stated their intent to use hose skills to acquire what they need when “TSHTF”. Also, a lot of these shooters inhabit California. Ignore that if you wish.

  5. Eating our own again. The gentleman did fine. The subject is pretty beat up, an oppertunity to learn is wasted on those who don’t learn.

    The m4 is perhaps the most diverse weapon platform ever Made. You can buy more poggy bait for these things. More shit equals more weight.

    I did purchase two Larry Vickers ” blue force” padded slings yesterday.
    49.00 apiece Amazon shipped to my door. Came recommended from one of my friends who’s an instructor over at Climt Smiths, Thunder Ranch.

    After he demo-ed all the practical applications of the slide sling. Pretty versatile unit.


  6. “Eating our own again” AMEN!!
    Ain’t the internet grand.

    • WORD! Jack.

      …who the hell ya gonna have in your AO bringing up ammo, grub, water….let alone being next to you as a decent shot with his stick?

      ya really think the Commies back-bite, snipe, and snark each other while they’re planing to liquidate you and your?

  7. Johnny Paratrooper

    I watched this earlier today.

    Not a terribly bad concept.

    Although, I don’t see what’s wrong with M-80 Ball.

    You can zero @ 25 meters and it comes back in @ 250 meters.

    I think it drops like 30 inches from 250 meters to 500 meters.

  8. 30 year old boomer in real life!!!! Sip – monster
    If you meme it it will come hail kek

  9. How about a Mauser with a Lothar Walther barrel ,set trigger , 3×9 Oregon built Redfield and a ’60’s style Montycarlo stock in Turkish walnut. The last time it went thru the system was 1967. Everybody keeps asking Where did you get the Weatherby? It is dead nuts too. I just zeroed it for 300 meters and the mean deviation was less than 1 with an almost perfect cloverleaf in the center of the X.. With Remington 165 core loked. Think I should wrap it in burlap?(enemy at the gates) I wonder how it will shoot with good ammo?

  10. In case none of you have noticed “Gunderson” is just another in a long line of federal agent/SPLC shit stirrers. We get a lot of that . AND: The first one of you that makes a boomer crack ,says HONK, or calls me cuck or fud in the real world. Will get shot in the dick. Not kidding I will shoot you in the dick. Things will get ugly soon, and many of us old men are tired of the rude bullshit. Walking around with your dick shot off may not improve your manners. But the example will go a long way to returning us to a polite society.

  11. 0321, just had lunch with the crew. I just had to read them your last ” Dirk” post, I must admit I was amused and all eight of them roared in laughter.

    The old guys suggested you not wear such tight underwear. The others thought you hat strap was to tight.

    When they asked what an 0321 was, I explain you were a E-2, clerk in the USMC air wing. Glad I could clear that up for the boys.

    Anyways your welcome here any time. Think you would like it here.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      What crew would that be, Weight Watchers?

      Good to see you’re an expert on USMC MOS’s and rank structure too.

      Thanks for the offer, but I’m a bit too fond of my Wyoming high country.

      • 0321 Lol, good one. Now I gotta send that weight watchers to them. The boys are just some local farmers and ranchers. Beef and potatos folk. Which is what they grow.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Ya know Dirk, I’d like to meet you half way, but my gut feeling tells me not to buy into the Barney Fife act.
          You get on your high horse and when everyone else piles on you, you suddenly act like you’re wanting to be everyone’s best friend again. Good old loveable Dirk.
          I’ve gotten to know a lot of people’s personalities over the last decade here, you’re a bit too smarmy to believe. Or that’s the whole purpose.

          • 0321, I get it, I really do. I’m a lot of things. What I’m not is a liar. I’m here to have fun, have zero problems with getting dog piled for my views.

            Is that I still believe in this country, in good is greater then evil.. That history is repeating itself, and I’m laughing at it.

            Listen I don’t know if I have more guns food and ammo then you. I don’t care. I’m trying to,transition to the retired life. I don’t want a civil war, I don’t want a world war.

            Think of it this way, if we all agreed on everything what would the point of wrsa be. We see things differently from time to time. I don’t care if anybody likes me or not.

            I,do think their are some terrific folks here, and I think their are some really truly bad folks here. I also happen to think the Fed’s are here. So WHAT. I got nothing to hide, that we’re all concerned Americans is a responsible position to hold.

            I write on a ten or twelve yr old iPad, I spell check, quickly. I’m not writing a criminal report, in asking questions sharing observation comparing kit.

            I fuck with you cuz you fuck with me, it’s great sport. You may not like me, however I already know I’m gonna like you when we do meet. Your a standout here,

            Your measured your resourceful. You can be funny,,and you can be a fucking shit bag. I love it, welcome to the party.

            Was a time I was serious here. Suns shining I’m out hiking fishing, drinking a few beers time to time.i live in a very very special place. I suspect you do as well.

            Have a good evening.


  12. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  13. The options are truly wide open. Has there ever been a weapons system like the AR family?

    I was not satisfied with the accuracy I was getting. Time to change up. I went DYI on AR barrels.
    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel in NH are producing some fine barrels and barrel blanks at reasonable money.


    They also have finished AR barrels, AK platform barrels too.

    The accuracy I’m achieving with these Green Mountain Rifle Barrel chambered AR15 and AR10 blanks is like nothing I have experienced. And at a price that is a serious game changer.
    15 minutes of careful zeroing the barrel blank on the lathe, and a couple hours of lathe work, these barrels are producing accuracy I have never experienced. I never knew a rifle could shoot like this.

    The AR10 chambered blank linked above saved me around $200 bucks, over buying a top shelf accuracy drop in barrel.
    Machining accuracy I know is .ooo1″, a tenth of a thousandths of an inch, because I’m looking at the last word indicator dial as I tweak the lathe chuck to zero out concentricity. The results I’m getting speak for themselves.

    Been using the super enhanced ALG combat trigger. This has dramatically increased my real world shooting accuracy. Colonel Jeff Cooper in his book Art of The Rifle, stated a good trigger will contribute to real world accuracy of the shooter better than any other thing. Like almost everything he said the guy is right.

    Years back I listened to Max Velocity and John Mosby, if you have to sell a kidney, you put a true proven COMBAT optic on your rifle.
    They are right.

    I listened to those who know the proven combat failures in the AR system. Like Weapon’s Man, Max, and John again. Mostly it is the bolt that fails. The barrel second, but only under prolonged fire the rifle was not designed to handle, where the heat build up destroys the rifling and bursts the M4 type barrel, just behind the gas black. Oh, and the gas block, they need to be pinned. There is a reason Colt pins their gas blocks. I learned to get the highest grade, non destructive tested bolts. No matter how much they cost. And have spares on the rifle.

    Contrary to convention, chrome lined barrels of high quality plating to proper specifications do not detract from accuracy. I know this first hand. Nothing can change this understanding. The positives can not be assailed of non corrosive lined barrels.

    After trying numerous buffer types, for my rifle length barrel, carbine gas port, weapons, the A1-A2 rifle buffer is the most reliable buffer, least abusive for the gas impingement design. The rifle stock provides excellent storage for spares and maintenance.

    Metal magazines are still the most reliable over the longer run. PMags are very nice. Superb product. But, it gets to zero degrees and below F at my altitude. Plastic is not metal at those temps. I know without doubt my metal AR mags are not effected by this temperature. Can I 100% trust plastic? Ain’t gonna find out the hard way. Sorry.

    I learned at live fire small unit infantry combat training, what firing 200-350 rounds in a 15-20 minute session does. Everything that will break will break and fail. There is a reason why .Mil specifications exist for the AR system.

    All my weapons have these features now. No exceptions. Even the hunting dedicated rifles.

    What I have personally constructed are superb accurate rugged combat rifles I can fire with total confidence at all practical ranges in my AO, and know if I am at my best, I can hit what I am aiming at without doubt.

    This to me is the Acme of what a great combat capable rifle is.
    I learned the hard way, and by doing it.
    As an individual, I have no massive materiel support or supply line behind me. I need the most reliable accurate weapon possible. What I got is what I have. It has to work. 100% every time. The only way I can achieve this is by what is described above.

    • Forge, have a look at the Lewis Tool & Machine enhanced BCGs complete. Not cheap, but hangs the dwell release up to bleed extra gas, before lug unlock and recoil.

      The Vltor A5 recoil system with the heavy buffer is magic.


      • Have to check that out, LT&M make top shelf products, thanks appreciate you.
        There are some fantastic products out there. It is a great time to build an AR.
        I’m real pleased with the mil spec rifle buffers. I did go with a better spring, the ones that are liquid nitrogen cryogenic treated. Can’t think of the brand at the moment.

        I think like you, a longer dwell time allowing chamber pressure and cartridge case grip on the chamber walls to diminish is easier on the bolt lugs.

  14. Plankton67

    Fratricide is a terrible thing. Let us lift each other… here is a vid on how to make an iPad teleprompter to make your own videos smoother. As they say, “put the V in smoove”. Don’t punch right.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HZhQ6x3Y-U (5 bux)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxIE-xBzbeA (0 bux)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU2rylS4PsI (??? bux)

    A Master Gunnery Sgt I had the good fortune to know professionally once told me one of the best bits of advice he ever heard was “be a mentor, not a tormentor”.

    Yes, the guy could use some help in presentation. Let us be the means that he gets that help. Script it, practice it, do it while sticking to the script. Consider post production. Your local Community college likely has courses to take to get better. Volunteer at a public access channel. I have no commercial interest in any of this. Go be decent to one another.

    Here is some extra content to help vloggers:

    This concerns scripting.

    Peace, out.

    • Matt Bracken

      I think this guy “Warrior Poet” has terrific production values, and as a result, he has a huge following. Here is a recent example.
      Palmetto State Armory ‘For When the Music Stops’
      He’s also talking about a PSA rifle, and he even used “When the Music Stops” in the title, but I’m not sure if he got that from me.

    • Matt Bracken

      This Warrior Poet Society video has 664K views since last September:
      “The WORST Shooting Tips I’ve Ever Heard”

  15. Plankton, Dirk et al: Thank you for reminding us that we are in this together as a community and that we need to support those of us who are your exposed activists (such as Matt and John in the clip or J.C. etc etc).
    Picking nits wont help anybody except our enemies.

    • Matt Bracken

      Amen. Please note that I never attack anybody with an opening shot. The only time I go after anybody is counter-punching when I’m attacked unprovoked by my real name by some anonymous keyboard coward.

  16. PSA’s current Daily Deals includes 30rd aluminum AR mags for 6.99, if you’re shopping.