Top 5 Upgrades/Add-ons For Improved Functionality On Your AR Platform

It is easier to build skills when you aren’t fighting a suboptimal machine.

Without going full potato (see above and below), what/where/why/how much are the most important/most effective upgrades someone can throw into/onto their manufacturer’s stock AR platform while parts are still cheap/available?

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65 responses to “Top 5 Upgrades/Add-ons For Improved Functionality On Your AR Platform

  1. I hope the dude in the first pic never has a jam. strip down might be awhile.

  2. Red Dot Optic for us grey-beard loons. Many types, kinds, prices. Pick the best for yourself. Consider your needs/usage and ranges.

    I wuz EOTECH, but after their dust-up with temps/humidity, I swapped all out for Aimpoints–Patrol Rifle Optic for CQC. Battery life is phenomenal. Got ’em @ Academy for $350per delivered. Melikes the mount–slap it on–three clicks–gtg. Works on 5.56 and 7.62 no issues w/recoil.

    Longer range–take your pick of scopes.

    Always keep the irons on.


    • Grenadier1

      2nd the AimPoint PRO. Leupold has some good AR specific optics as well.
      Don’t skimp on the cost. These optics are all in the 400.00 range and they are hands down better than the ChiCom shit most cheap (notice I didn’t say budget) assholes run on their guns.
      Burris and Bushnell make great Budget optics but for my go to fighting gun..I want an AimPoint or a Trijicon. Spend the money once and stop worrying about it.
      Add a real fighting light, for me that’s a Surefire IR Scout.
      If you go full NVG’s then add a DBAL for IR designation.

      Now you are done.

  3. Berglander

    I really like my ACOG. No ragrets. Also like the KMR rail, PNT trigger, and gunfighter grip, all from BCM. And QD sling attachments-what a difference that makes right there!

  4. 1. Vtac or similar design weapon sling.

    2. $500 worth of ammo in conjunction with

    3. Funds for a reputable trainer to use the above, who will also teach you to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the weapon as part of the course work.

    4. 500 lumen or greater weapon light from a reliable manufacturer.

  5. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    Provided you start with a quality weapon, your AR doesn’t need anything, except training, and maybe a sling and a light. You don’t need fancy optics. Iron sights are good on a man-sized target out to 300yds. Learn how to use them. Everything else that bolts onto your weapon is gay-ass gimmicky garbage for fags who want to look cool but don’t want to put in the work to actually be cool.

    • mister-sigint

      Keep it as simple as possible for your intended usage, less added weight, less that can break. Maybe get a really good trigger if one was inclined to add just 1 thing.

      • Love that Burris 5x prism, fat view for ID, front end diffuser available, fast, simple.

    • If there’s one thing that laying behind an M1A going thru an Appleseed course during a hot summer day taught me – it’s that my old semi-tired eyes will start malfunctioning after taking a beating behind a few hundred rounds of 7.62 and with some dehydration mixed in.

      Late on the first day – I simply couldn’t focus any more on the target using iron sights. I had to just stop and close my eyes for 5 minutes or so before I could see straight again. Not exactly something you want to do in a firefight.

      The next time around – I used an LMT AR in 5.56 with an Aimpoint red dot – and had MUCH easier go of it – even after TWO days and 1000+ rounds in similar weather conditions.

      I wear glasses for distance and the red dots just make things a LOT easier.

      The iron sights are still on there – but I definitely consider them an emergency go-to only.

      • Have you considered putting a red dot on your M1a? They work pretty slick. It’s Kentucky windage at distances.

        I’m going to red dot a socom I have, somewhere around here. I get what your saying about the eyes and age. I’m 62, don’t look a day over 70.

        Seen em used on m-1s and M-14s.


  6. Their is sooooo much crap on the markets for the m4. My preference is the best internal gear you can afford. BCG trigger recoil system.

    Full auto BCG.

    Trigger, I prefer Grisselles, straight triggers, but find the new cartridge units work well. Drop in and pin.

    Recoil system upgrades. I like the vltor A5 its heavy, theirs a cost though, sometimes the rifle want go to slide lock on the last round. Ain’t no thing, recognize it, deal with it.

    Gotta have a brake that excepts my gem tech can

    I like the “HK hooded” Troy sights front back. Thought kit, can take a lot of abuse

    Think COLT. The m4, everybody wants to be. Many have achieved that standard of build.

    A friend dropped by earlier this week to demo a new sling. His m4 was a no shit 13 pounder with all the crap hanging off it. Hi end kit it just changes the balance of the rifle. Colt full auto lower, Noveske upper.

    Actually the weight was mostly in the can.


  7. Practical Man

    1. A good trigger. Geissle or their parent company ALG defense have good options for any budget.

    2. MPI bolt. Just the bolt. Most any decent carrier will work. All the stress is on the bolt.

    3. A good low power variable optic. Burris MTAC is a good starting point. Spend more, get more. Primary Arms has been hit or miss for me, but they have always made things right.

    4. Good magazines. A bunch of good magazines. Magpul or USGI (Brownells) have worked well for me. 15 mags per rifle is a good start. Magazines are expensive wear items.

    5. Replacement parts. Buffer spring (proper for carbine, rifle, or A5 as appropriate). Extractor springs. Mag springs and followers. Maybe a spare extractor. A spare hammer spring wouldn’t hurt either. And a couple carrier key cotter pins. If you run a short gas system definitely get a spare bolt and carrier key.

    6. A GOOD SLING. Vickers Blue force gear or Magpul are very good. Get an easily adjustable 2 point sling. Skip the cheap GI carrying strap or single point options.

    7. DIY gas seal on charging handle. Put some permatex gasket sealer between the charging handle and receiver. Degrease the charging handle. Put release agent on receiver. Add a thin bead of gasket sealer between the two. Let dry overnight. Trim excess. This will help keep gas out of your eyes in event of a primer blow out or if you find a suppressor at the end of your rifle. This mod is cheaper and better than an $80 gas buster charging handle.

    8. A quality PVS-14 or FLIR of your choice. An accessory that need not be mounted to rifle to be useful.

    9. A quality white weapon light. This might be the most important upgrade to make right after tuning up the trigger. Streamlight and surefire work fine. Insight Technology has an interesting set of options but I haven’t used them. Get a light that runs off 18650 rechargeable or 123 batteries. LED bulb. Good reflector. Simple on or off. Multiple power options are actually detrimental for a carbine light.

    Pick any 5 that appeal to you.

    • PM, I like your gas solution. Running a can, but I went a different route. I pinned a Noveske Gas buster on. Can shut gas down shot it off, or set it for a can.

      Schools out on this device, I have good experiences, and then not so good experiences.

      Think I’ll try your trick. Thanks.


    • Now that is interesting! ALG is the parent company of Geiselle. No kidding? ALG’s triggers are superb and almost as good as the Geiselle triggers at 1/4 to 1/3 the price.

      Prefer Lancer mags to Magpul mags, TAB Elite to Vickers sling, and L3 to FLIR.

      Add “can” to list, manufacturer and model depending upon mission and chambering.

      Otherwise spot on!

  8. Put a civilian IR laser on it, sight it in, and run it with NODs.
    A regular AR that you can shoot well only makes you a rifleman.

    A rifleman with a full nighttime gear set up is the Angel Of Death.

    A fair fight is clubbing baby harp seals.
    A night-capable AR is the club in that equation.
    Expensive, and worth every cent you’ll pay for it if you do it right.
    And the gain in capability dwarfs everything else you could do for the weapon, beyond loading it.

  9. If I was allowed only a single upgrade, this would be it hands down.

  10. TheAlaskan

    Better and lighter than Harris bi.

    Grip Pod

  11. lastmanstanding


    Couldn’t stop laughing at that pic! Lots of guys love it.

    Me. Minimalist. Start with quality. Have a couple Larue triggers to install. Courtesy of the boss, Quietus and few others here. Mtn Forge has good insight as well. A good quality optic…Yes, I would like a ACOG but can’t justify the cost. Vortex and Burris has spiffy shit and not bank breakers.

    Lots of Magpul mags and furniture…lots of projectiles, etc.

    I’m good to go.

    • Berglander

      You CAN justify the cost of an ACOG, Elcan, Browe, Nightforce, etc. They’re worth every penny.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Agree. Aimpoints is the cheapest entry to the world of battle capable optics. ACOG is a beast, Elian is heavier than it needs to be, but stout. Nightforce is a good scope, but not the only one.

        Single point sling for those times when the rifle isn’t able to be where it needs to, which is in your hands. Aesop is spot on with the nighttime AR bit.

      • lastmanstanding

        I’ll let you convince me when we meet up. Have never even looked thru an ACOG. Love Nightforce for sure.

        I’m not cheap about anything except an optic that is 1500 large or more.

        IMO, lots of stuff 1000 or under that are da bomb.

        • Berglander

          Sure thing. I parted with the shekkkels for it about three years ago, right before a Mosby class in Idaho. Like many quality purchases, I wish that I had done it years ago.

  12. I’m not an expert by any means, but here’s a summary of what I’ve told a few buddies who recently bought their first fighting rifles.

    1. First, a sling. It’s a holster for your long gun. I prefer Viking Tactical’s padded sling, but the Vickers and Blue Force Gear slings are similarly solid too. But anything is better than nothing.

    2. Next, a light. So you can put holes in the right things during the dark half of the day. I like streamlight, surefire and fenix products.

    3. Better trigger.
    CMC makes a fantastic drop-in trigger…I have 3 rifles with them so far, and plans to upgrade the rest as funds allow. Crisp 3.5 lb break, smooth reset. Installs in 2-3 minutes, with 1.5 of those minutes spent finding the right allen wrench. Comes in flat and curved configurations. Primary Arms, PSA and Brownells carry them, PSA seems to have the best deal…$168, ships free.

    4. Improved aiming devices.
    >4A. For your iron sights, a silver sharpie, and an orange paint pen. For the “Askins H” described in section 3 of this article:
    I do this for all my rifles with sight posts, even if they are equipped with a red dot or scope.

    >4b. Optics…faster target acquisition, better view. Vortex, Sig, Aimpoint, Burris and Primary Arms all make affordable red dots and variable zoom scopes. Deals abound. PSA’s daily deals regularly feature these products at a discount, usually with free shipping. Burris’ PEPR mount is my preferred option for scopes.

    5. BCG upgrade, for increased reliability. Colt BCG recommended. Or get a restaking tool to make sure yours stays staked.

    6. Bonus: Shoot-through muzzle condoms. For when things get messy.

    • Sling-Vtac, Magpul, Vickers…..

      Low Power Variable Optic….Vortex Pst, Steiner Px 4

      Quality rail–The Usmc marksmanship team has DOCUMENTED poi shift with ARs with non free floated barrels-it’s not a frill

      Backup iron sights

      Light-Minimum 800 lumens

      That’s five. It assumes several things-don’t buy a pos rifle, buy spares, buy plenty of good mags and ammo. Get training.

      ‘Nuff said

  13. 1) The new LaRue trigger is easily the best trigger for the money right now. Under $100. I’ve tried a multitude of different triggers and it’s equivalent to Geissele at twice the price.

    2) Magpul BAD lever. The ability to manipulate the charging handle with one hand and bolt catch lever with the other, while holding the rifle correctly, is well worth it. Once you try it you will wonder why it’s not standard practice.

    3) Any quality (no Chinese junk) optic on a quality mount, red dot or magnified depending on your use. Iron sights were great in the Civil War, this is 2019.

    • Love the BAD lever! I’m a lefty and it really simplifies things. Slap the mag in and thumb down the lever that comes through the front, top of the trigger guard. The other thing I added was an ambidextrous safety.

      • Bads an effective tool. Had a rock star instructor tell me the ” bad” was bad.

        I told him he shouldn’t fucking run one then.

        He got pretty butt hurt. I was the hooch bitch the rest of the class.


  14. SW Richmond

    7- or 8-twist barrel, 18″ or 20″, rifle length gas action. Wylde chamber. Not a pencil profile.

    77 gr ammo, Magtech, IMI, Black hills etc. If your ammo sucks, your results will suck. M855 sucks.

    Chromed or nitrided bolt and carrier.

    Optics suitable for mission. Zeroes for each.

    Magpul UBR, add 3oz to a standard carbine buffer by adding tungsten weights. Or rifle buttstock with 3oz added to standard rifle buffer with rifle length spring. Check tune with all ammo you are likely to use.

  15. Johnny Paratrooper

    1) Quality Grips or Stocks that you can hold in your hands for hours with “de minimus” effect and strain.
    You carry your weapon more than you fire it. (About $200ish)

    2) A “hands free” hunting spot light or something similar ($200-$400), Tactical Light, and a red pen light or something similar($6-$100). You can use the red light on patrols. Like sneaking up to a house without blinding everyone and yourself. Getting around quietly and with little light.

    3) A $10,000 Thermal Scope by Trijicon or ATN

    4) The $225 GG&G 9.5 inch XTS bipod

    5) An Aimpoint, Eotech, or Trijicon. The model needs to, and should, fit your rifle, caliber, task, and purpose.

    Any and all practice.

    Shadow Drills and Dime Washers are free.

  16. Best thing I can do for a upgrade is more quality time using rifle in different conditions weather wise ect.

    Ammo and more ammo along with more spare parts kits would be another good upgrade that really no matter what you have can always be more and a good thing.

  17. Plankton67

    My .02 cents:
    You can find a “new in box” optic for a lot less than retail if it is “used”. I put a Primary Arms PAC5X on a quality AR (was about $165 shipped). It was in mint condition in the box. Logic for that choice is simplicity, lack of things that break. The one shipped to me was a Gen 1. The Gen 2 has a small picatinny rail atop it. I can discern no other changes of substance between v1 & v2.

    The only thing internal I would even consider upgrading is the trigger, and that is a “nice to have”, not a “must”. Just buy a quality AR to begin with and stop fussing over that which does not need fussing. takes you to Mr. Guns n Gear review of the PA 3x & 5x ACSS prism scopes.

    A sling. takes you to a Garand Thumb youtube on sling setup.

    A light. I have a surefire from last deployment, but would like something smaller form factor.

    A DBAL or PEQ equivalent may be in the future, not enough scratch right meow.

    Here is a catch all youtube on overall setup.

    A suppressor is on the list, but again, scratch quantity is not there for that.

    Go have fun, go to the range and make sure that you have enough magazines. I have (1) H&K steel mag, a slew of aluminum USGI with improved followers and some Magpul ones. The decade(+) old chest rig works just fine still.

    Bottom line- if it is bulky, you are going to have a bad time. Keep it minimal unless you have a real need for whatever you add to it. Keep the weight down. That also applies to the shooter. Hydration & fiber supplements, portion control and activity.

  18. #1 lantac bolt carrier group
    #2 bcm mod 4 charging handle
    Vtac 2 point sling unless your running a shorty in context of vehicle opps then a single point might be better .note only might be better
    Deffinely a set of iron sights
    A quality optic vortex ,Burris, trijicon, eotech

  19. Rule of Law ROE:
    Extra long two point sling, ammo on the gun, white light flashlight on the gun, laminated business card of your criminal defense attorney on the gun.

    Extra long two point sling, ammo on the gun, complete cleaning kit with CLP in buttstock, KNS non-rotating pin set installed, BCG parts, broken shell extractor in grip, camouflaged paintjob to blend with environment.

    But you fops and dandies keep adding shit to your boom boom so my DM turns your head into a canoe and we appropriate that $4,000 Mittybait and part it out after a round of sportsball with your skull.

  20. Every rifle and shotgun must have a sling, padded if your rifle is heavy, say more than 9 pounds. I like the padded LaRue Tactical sling.

    A single point sling works well for a lightweight AR-15, I like the QD type that Troy Industries makes to take the place of the standard lower receiver end plate. It can take a single point or dual point QD swivel on either side. About $40.00.

    I like the Daniel Defense Omega rail systems, one for a carbine length gas system adds less than 2 ounces above the standard hand guard and is free floating via its mounting system.

    The Trijicon MRO red dot is one of the best out there, very light weight, takes a single wafer battery that lasts an estimated five years of normal use. Very rugged as are all Trijion optics.

    I think a high performance light is a valuable accessory that need not be mounted all the time, only from twilight to dawn.

    I’m not a fan of vertical fore grips, but don’t dislike them either.

  21. Darrell Cloud

    I spent yesterday afternoon zeroing three rifles. What I discovered in short order is that at 70 iron sights no longer work for me.

    • lastmanstanding

      Then there’s the fact that one needs to have magnified readers to make adjustments on your optics.

      Things wear out as we get older…oh well, we deal with it.

    • Veritas.

      Shotgun, cheekweld, overlay the target. Circulate closer to the house and let the young patrol. The hemorrhoids in your eyeballs called floaters, inflexible lenses and cataracts all take their toll but muscle memory and accuracy by volume at close range is a “thing.”

      You ain’t the only one aging out of town at High Noon.

      We make do.

  22. Len Savage

    Many great ideas out there….Many very mission specific.

    Basic recommendations would depend on the job at hand. Think of it like choosing a hammer. If you need to frame something up you “could” use a ball peen hammer but if you want the right tool for the job get a framing hammer…

    -Aesop is correct for night ops.

    -Tinvowoot is correct on the LaRue trigger (though I disagree with his view on BUIS).

    While I understand the need for ACOG, Red Dot, can be for mission reasons (close quarters, etc.) or simple getting old and cant focus on the irons without great care and not quickly….If you must go that route I suggest an “etched” type reticle optic meaning that if that your battery craps out on you or the electronics die you still have target acquisition ability.

    My go to utility pick for the money is Primary Arms 2.5 prism type. Take out mounting screws and Loctite them out of the box and puts up with punishment and keeps Zero….$200 delivered to your door. Reticle is intuitive “Put the helmet on the bad guy and squeeze trigger as needed”.
    Magnification eases old eyes and 2.5 power is low enough quick acquisition because of the large field of view. Etched reticle I use more off than on.

    Slings? Depends on the mission. Utility defense rifle? “KISS”. A sling is a must. It dramatically increases accuracy when used properly.

    A simple $5 PPsh 43 sling will work extremely well for shooting and woods walking with your AR slung over the shoulder. Used one in a pinch and have had one on one of my AR’s ever since.

    -Mags and ammo, you don’t have enough. Hard times are coming.

    One is none, two is one….good start.

    “PACE” or Primary, Alternate, Contingent, and Emergency….better.

    • Plus 100 on the Primary Arms 2.5 prism scope with the ACCS reticle. Inside 300 yds, its quick as hell and has ranging and elevation features to enhance hit probability to 600 yds. You have to see it to believe it. I also love it without illumination/etched reticle, very reassuring.

      Yes, $200, and comes with a very solid mount.

      The downside is the inability to co-witness irons. I have an Aimpoint MRO on another rifle and it is superb for hat reason, but even a 2 minute dot covers a lot of territory at 100 yds. The 2.5 ACCS is far more useable and the reticle is amazing without being cluttered.

      I have two 18″ barreled rifles with A2 stocks and v-power scopes for the longer reaches.

  23. Don’t forget to include a functional dump pouch for magazines.

  24. Old Gray Wolf

    And I thought I was the only one with a broken shell extractor in the grip…

    BTW, shooting at your own guys is known as fratricide. Doing it on purpose gets you smoked, but quick. Anyone not shooting the same direction becomes the first threat dealt with. Best be checking your targets. Last I checked, we were after dirty soy boys with man buns and Che Guevara t-shirts, and women with large teeth and girlfriends. Not Walter and his Toys R Us space rifle…

    • If Walter were serious, I’d be tracking.

      Methinks he was goofing on the gearmania thing, not its victims.

      Besides, I didn’t want to use the tactical wheelbarrow pic yet again.


      • Who you calling Walter? I know my place in the food chain at The Sportin’ and it’s as valuable as $15 of fertilizer at Home Depot.

        No illusions.


    • I was “motivating” the gear queers to get off the gear bomb bubble and think about what they’re actually readying for.

      Anyone not minding his own business, and I mean demonstrably minding it come The Sportin gets a fusilade.

      Until then it’s Rule of Law ROE.

      For example, I got missle toned and locked just today on my little nonmilspec ruck-and-suffer. Pissed me off. I was not polite about two aholes in a van eyeballing me, turning around and doing it again.

      Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For mine gat and Thou art with me.

  25. pedrothemerciless

    If any upgrades include the barrel, BCG or handguard you shouldn’t have bought the rifle in the first place (unless you wanted a total rebuild). Assuming you didn’t make this rookie mistake… and we are talking about hardware upgrades to the rifle, not software upgrades (training, ammo, etc)…

    1. Sling. Any 2-point such as the Vickers mounted rear to your buttstock. $50
    2. Trigger. Larue MBT-S2 trigger. $90
    3. LPVO. Far superior in versatility than a RD and when your eyes get older, a must. So many here but from a budget perspective the Burris RT-6 1-6x mounted with Aero UL mount. $410
    4. Magazines. Should have at least 6 (180 round loadout). Magpul. $60
    5. Quality lube. Slip-200. Period. $13

    You’re all in for about $620 plus shipping/tax. Anything else (grip, stock, spare parts, (won’t need irons with LPVO), buffer, muzzle device, etc are bonus if you want them but will affect the platforms performance LESS than the above mentioned items.

  26. Bruno Pezzey

    In the interest of providing full disclosure, my list is not based on combat experience – as I have none. My list is based on lots of high-round count classes at places like Thunder Ranch, and lots of Not-Square-Range classes with Mosby and others. On top of this, my group took the advice from someone on WRSA in the old days (M. Bracken?) who suggested we ‘fight’ (lasers) in the dark around our A.O. – which we’ve done now for years.

    I assume a Very Good Rifle with iron sights and a chrome-lined barrel as a base: doesn’t have to be Noveske. Shouldn’t be a ‘hobby’ rifle like DPMS used to be. If I’ve got to make five upgrades, they are the following:

    1. 600 Lumen white light from SureFire (or your favorite brand). Identifying things on your property or in your house before you shoot those things is important

    2. 1-6 (or 1-8) scope. Lots of options. I’ve been impressed with the Vortex brand, but if I had unlimited budget I’d be on several copies of the Nightforce NX8 tomorrow. I’ve been around when Mosby is throwing his rifle around with the Burris MTAC on it. Super impressed – especially for the money.

    I live in a semi-rural locale. I can’t imagine being without a scope since I don’t know how iron sights help shooters find/identify targets that are: a) hidden, and b) further than 200 yards away. YMMV of course

    3. Visible + IR laser combo.

    4. NODS (I don’t know if this is an “AR-15 Upgrade”, but it sure makes the IR laser a game changer

    5. Silencer. If the fight is ‘on’, it seems like a silencer isn’t that useful – though our radio communication is better when cans are in use. If the fight is NOT on yet, it seems like it might be good to lessen one’s signature. My .22 AR conversion shot through the silencer is stupid quiet, and the can makes normal-power ammo sound very different than a typical gunshot/rifle shot.

    Bonus I: spare parts as stated above: springs, extractors, bolt, etc.
    Bonus II: thermal – doesn’t have to be on the rifle. Game changer for finding bad guys hiding in the woods/grass/whatever when we’re out there finding/hunting people.
    Filed under ‘Don’t Need It’: 1. RDS, and 2. Fancy trigger. Rock River NM triggers used to come with their LPKs for a few extra bucks. Today they are $99.00. Shoot the rifle. Break in the trigger. I’ve got multiple Geissele’s, but it seems like $300 for a trigger would be better spent getting an IR laser or a solid low-power variables scope. And training….

  27. Just found on Gab, for any considering between M-LOK vs. Key-Mod for accessory attachments:

    M-LOK beats Key-Mod… EASY call, with lots of real test data to prove it. USSOCOM had the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane (NSWC-Crane) do a series of side-by-side tests of both systems, and M-LOK substantially beat Key-Mod in repeatability (i.e., “return to zero” when items detached and replaced) and in ruggedness.
    Key-Mod had nearly TWICE the point-of-aim shift when optics (laser) were reattached.
    M-LOK was roughly THREE TIMES better than Key-Mod in the in drop testing and failure loads.
    Story, with slides from NSWC-Crane’s briefing, is here:
    FULL NSWC-Crane study briefing is here:

  28. Primary Arms 3X Gen II is what I got and I’m well pleased. Constant hits on a 10″ steel at 3-500 yd. Takes out much of the think’en ’bout it, All lined out in the ACSS reticle.

  29. this ar stuff is all crap.. get yerselves a k frame model 15 in 38 spcl, a 1950s marlin 336rc 30-30, and a pre 64 model 70 in 270. thats all an old guy needs. most these kids aint gonna make it past the first mag change with this crap. prolly oughtta have a garand too. none of this new shit won any wars.

  30. 2 very simple and inexpensive upgrades that will vastly improve your AR performance:

    First, upgrade your buffer to minimum H. How to tell? Look at the nose. If it is blank, it is a standard weight.

    Buffer Weights

    Standard Rifle – 5.2oz

    Standard Carbine – 2.9 – 3.0oz (different sources)

    H – 3.8oz

    H2 – 4.6oz

    H3 – 5.4oz

    Second, upgrade your standard bolt extractor with the addition of the Viton extractor spring “o” ring. Also known as the “Crane” spring. Then change the extractor spring from 3 to 5 ring.

    Why these upgrades? It doesn’t matter how much hardware you hang on it if it won’t go bang.

    Where to find them:

  31. I don’t have an AR-15/M-4 or anything else stoner ever did. I don’t WANT one. I own no Barbie add on toys. I don’t want any. I have a good .30 cal. infantry rifle. I can hit anything I can see out to 600 yards with a bullet that carries more kinetic energy at 800 yards than the 5.56 does at the muzzle. I don’t need to spend several thousand dollars for “cool kid” add on’s to make me shoot better. About the only “upgrade” that I have ever considered is tritium night sights. But I’d really rather invest in a case of white parachute flares. I have to move my resupply in bulk anyway so adding munitions to ammo is only another 100lb or less. Once things go bad the OPFOR will be dropping “stadium flares” all night. Might as well take advantage of the enemy’s willingness to spend money. Have fun FAPPING with your AR. They don’t turn me on like that

  32. Second the ” crane springs and o rings, good shit.


  33. Walter Sobchak

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  34. lastmanstanding

    Could this thread get stuck into the 15 fighters section some how? Lots of great info/links in the comments for future use and reference.

    Also…how about a swap meet at the DSR barbeque. Hats, shirts, inexpensive stuff from everyone’s AO. JP’s solicitation for DW’s ammo cans gave me the idea.

    Everyone has a bit of cool shit laying around. I like to negotiate and barter, how about it?

  35. NorthGunner

    First – optics, because as others here have mentioned, we DON’T
    have the same vision that we were blessed with in our 20’s.

    Primary Arms Optic rig for BOTH 5.56 and .308
    Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8x24mm FFP Rifle Scope – Illuminated ACSS Raptor M2 5.56
    (expensive, yes but what is worth getting a first shot down range
    hit at > 500 yards to you?)

    Jard AR adjustable and non-adjustable triggers
    (I’ve replaced both the stock triggers on my Fal and AR;
    MUCH smoother and more accurate operation to say the least!
    I’m not knocking the griselles trigger, they’re an excellent choice)

    VTack wide sling

    Harris or simiar quality installed bipod.

    LOTS of ammo, both for regular and enhanced training
    and ‘the rainy day’.

    Others here have covered the issue of weapon lights,
    lasers and such so I won’t mention them again.

    My local curmudgeon Vet friend absolutely dumps verbally
    on the AR as a choice and is a dyed in the wool .308 man,
    hence why he owns a Fal…unfortunately he DOESN’T go
    out to shoot it any where near enough imho…just my take.

    That being said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what
    JPT mentioned above in his choice; if a man is one with his
    specific weapon and gear then imho he’s good to go..only
    time it’s a problem in my eyes is if we’re fighting back to back
    and either of us have to reload and we don’t have a commonality
    of ammo to swap back and forth.

    Just my .02

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  36. Assuming you have a rifle that you know works already, and said rifle has a stock A2 height front sight block:

    1) Aimpoint T2 or Trijicon MRO
    2) Blue Force Gear or VTAC sling
    3) Weapon Light. I prefer Surefire P3X Fury in some sort of mount, VTAC makes one, Magpul makes an offset one.
    4) Troy BUIS rear iron sight
    5) LaRue PR4 sling mount for the buffer tube, and some sort of quick release on the rail, either integral or one that mounts to your rail.
    6) personal preference for some sort of hand location device out front. I prefer the Tango Down stubby VFG(you can put a spare bolt in it.)

    That’s it. Nothing else but rail covers or the like.

  37. Alfred E. Neuman

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  38. If it’s 12 pounds plus, FAL with scope rail and short Harris ‘pod. If we are keeping the weight near a stock A2 or a HB, you guys with goodtrigger goodplentymagazines whitelight luminoussights and the laminated card of defense lawyer on retainer have it goin’ on. Lots of inexpensive M855 for inside of 400M and everybodys standard weapon can use them. When I hit 70, maybe a 4x scope. If I’m just looking at stuff, binoculars are way better for avoiding eyestrain, 8×42 around $300 is 96% of the quality of cubic money models and you can hand them to trustworthy 19 year old with eagle eyes. Boxes of giveaway binoculars and frsgmrs radios for unarmed spotters who are not my team of 15.

    Nightvision, thermal, is allthebudgetforeverything combined. Trijicon iron sights for hunnert bux is possible.

  39. Iron sights! Why handicap yourself in this day and age. You should know how to use iron sights, they’re a valuable thing for understanding some of the fundamentals of ballistics, but inferior in any imaginable way to modern optics.
    The British Army no longer bothers to issue iron sights for its infantry weapons.

    • @ johnnypate: Why handicap yourself with equipment that unless you are playing for team fed. (1) Cannot be replaced when it breaks. (2) you cannot get batteries for when they run out. (3) makes you inferior to real men with real weapons. THE BRITISH ARMY???!!! What made you think that using those faggots, and there bad decisions, as an example ,sounded like a good idea? @Northgunner: The FAL is OK as a 30 cal. The M-14 and M-1 Garand are better. Than everything. No optics ,quad rails, chainsaw bayonets , deathrays, or fagoty dildo forgrips needed. Pick them up. Load them. Go and kill the enemy. I’m with the old Vet. AR-15 and the 5.56 suck. I will never carry one.