Herschel: Can The NRA Be Saved?

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The Lairds of Fairfax are Beltway critters, and have been behind every single major 2A infringement on the national level since NFA34.

Screw them all, then dump them into the Morbark.

Going forward, everybody here who isn’t a member of Gun Owners of America [ https://gunowners.org/join/ ] needs to fix that. Please.

Next, find and join the most effective state pro-gun lobby in your state. Help them grow.

Finally, your bi-partisan accountability files will not build themselves. When this thing goes sideways, the Bad People on those lists need feedback.

Long and hard.

35 responses to “Herschel: Can The NRA Be Saved?

  1. Negotiating Rights Away while lining their pockets with your dues.

  2. European American
  3. Long-term stay-behind operation, aided by trad Americans who unassed a dying empire prior to the Race Rectification Rasslin’.
    That sounds like too much work though CA and we can’t do anything more than bitch online…Sad That…

  4. The only reason to join the NRA is to get kindling.

    A single year membership generated (by actual, documented count) two large laundry hampers full of junk mail, weighing 37 pounds in total.

    Rolled up, that’s 8 fireplace logs. Maybe more.

    Which is about all the organization is good for anyways.

    But don’t just let it die.

    Stab it in the neck 200 times, and burn the corpse with gasoline, lest something else spawn from it.

    They’ve always been the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon of PACs: 50 years on, they’re living in mansions, haven’t done a damned thing about the original goal, the problems are still rampant, and they need even MOAR!!!!!! of your money to not do anything substantial about fixing.

    • Yes, the NRA is despicable, and the $900,000.00 per year salary (that amount was true 20 years ago, probably more now) Waynie receives, are eating the organization within. Yes, it’s been a “law abiding” anti-2nd Amendment organization for most of the 20th century and is unchanged for the 21st. I purchased a Life Membership about 20 years ago and haven’t given them a nickel since. That means that they’ve sent me their dead tree magazine for those years, cost free.

      The deal, for me, is to keep the NRA sending out emails to which I never respond.

      Sadly, the JPFO is the most aggressive pro-self defense organization today, with a couple of others in trail to that. GOA is better than the NRA, slightly.

      They all let Fudds join, which is a bad idea.

      The Fudds are attempting to take the NRA away from defending the right of self defense and gun ownership, and into setting up hunting camps and the like. Essentially, they’ll be the final death knell for the NRA. I won’t mourn that.

  5. CA Warrior

    Bigger question is: does anyone even care if the nra can be saved?

  6. “If you want to be a general, then learn to lead and learn to win.”
    And describing the NRA leadership as con artists milking the membership while surrendering as slowly as possible applies to quite a few other institutions.
    I dropped my membership in the late ‘90s, but credit where it’s due, it was Marion Hammer and her alliance that started the whole CCW wave that changed the map for the better. An exception to the orderly retreat program. Make her the new president, if the criterion of leading and winning matters.

  7. Detroit III

    NRA = GOP. The NRA got corrupted by its incestuous relationship with the corrupt GOP.

  8. Good piece and even better comments… I’ll probably get smoked for this, but at one time I was a Fud, concerned about primarily hunting firearms and bought into the “compromise” mentality.

    It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I read some of the great information that’s out there about our Rights (not just 2A) began to
    understand what was going on. There were folks that explained to me their points rather than bashing me. Now, I see that compromise with the grabbers or really any on the Left is just submitting to the death of a thousand cuts as they grind us down.

    We cannot compromise with these people and need to continue to spread the word and bring others into the fold. Believe me, it’s possible.

    Jeff B.

    • Commies gotta commie! That is what they do. It is a mental disorder. Commies like guns. If they are in their hands alone.
      The NRA never mattered. It is a lawyer construct piggy bank, dangling false promises in the noses of the feeble. You swim in a stool infested pool of scumbags,you become one. A product of your environment. The entire premise for their existence is based upon a steaming crock of shit. They are looking out for you. No one is coming to save you. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.
      If anyone has an over-powering urge to send money to someone;send it to me..

  9. GOA site doesn’t process correctly, rejected both CC for bogus reasons and Paypal…Sheer incompetence…

  10. I think this quote is accurate: “Gun Owners of America is the only no-compromise gun organization in Washington.” –Ron Paul

  11. Sinking like the Titanic?. GOOD! They have been the enemy of all human rights since FDR.

  12. the answer is…… it cannot and should not be saved. like everything else in this country, its a fucking lie. every american institution you can think of, all the way back, was and is a lie. apple pie sucks. baseball is overpaid and over priced bullshit, and mom was a whore.

    • ^this^

    • You’re telling us more about your own personal life than you are about America.
      And your nihilism is showing.

      Get off the shark, Fonzie.

      • actually no. my life is good. i just don’t feel the need to brag about it like tfat. just a generalized observation of american society. where are you a nurse at? UCI?

    • your right. except you left out religion and god..

      all a fucking lie.

      i know it’s hard, but let go of the stOOpit.

      use your fucking minds. think.

      there is NO god

      when you can understand this, you will be able to unfuck yourselves much quicker.

  13. Good riddance.

    OT, signing up your local marxists for the ‘murkan rifleman using the subscription cards thoughtfully provided by nra (local library?) might be a way to invest a rainy afternoon.

    two birds one stone

  14. The NRA is to gun owners what the establishment GOP is to republican voters.

    Same can be said for the NSSF.

  15. What, exactly has the NRA done for gun owners for the last 80 years?
    And maybe that’s why only 3 to 4 % of gun owners are NRA members?
    Fuckem. May they die a slow agonising death.

  16. I don’t know if Shipp is a Qtard himself, or if he is just beloved by Qtards because he says all the right stuff. So, to sum up the video posted by European American at the top of the thread:

    * What took place with the Deep State Coup attempt was a serious crime, ala sedition or treason.

    * All the information is out there, and the prosecutions will start soon. Lots of big name people, like Brennan are going to be indicted.

    But then he hedges his bet a little:

    * If there are not arrests and indictments then America is over.

    And, seeing as I’m a believer in the Former USA theory it’s easy for me to suggest that nothing is going to happen to any of these people. His hedge is the correct answer: America is over. Blatant in-your-face corruption not only goes unpunished, but is celebrated.

    No matter how much proof exists, no matter what Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse can put together with extensive cross referencing of the available documents, no matter how much the die-hard Trump supporters want to see the Obamunists prosecuted – I just don’t think it’s going to happen. If it was going to we’d have seen somthing by now.

    Mueller shows what an effective political prosecution looks like. There was Mueller news monthly for two years. This person was indicted, this person was arrested, these people were being investigated, here is the carging doc, here is the plea agreement, etc. etc.

    We’ve seen zero of anything like that from the Trump Counter-Coup forces, which suggests to me that they ain’t got any (prosecutions). John Huber was supposed to be the big savior, but not a peep from him, key witnesses to the various Clinton era crimes report not even being called by him, even those friendly to the prosecution. (Especially them, I’m sure).

    The Qtards go much further than Shipp and insist that the person or group posting on 8chan represents a super-top-secret team that is going to bring an even larger conspiracy (worldwide elite pedo stuff, aka “pizzagate”) down with a “day of reckoning” and 70,000 sealed warrants being unsealed, and everyone going to Gitmo to stand for military tribunals.

    In my opinion: THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, EITHER. (And, when you tell the Qtards this they get very mad at you and accuse you of all sorts of things.)

    So, not a huge Shipp fan. He’s the captain on the Shipp of Fools.

    • Is it up to 70k now? I remember when it was 50k. I wanted to think the Q thing was real but after a bit of following I realized it was never going to happen. Hillary and Obama getting arrested…. Hahahahaha! Hell they are walking around talking all kinds of shit like nothing happened. Even Hannity (you know..msm) is talking about Hillary and the emails again. Nothing happening still. You’re right though. Those Q believers get a wee bit testy when you question the narrative. All they really have though is Trust the plan. 4D chess. It’s coming. Pain!!! Lmao.

    • European American

      I don’t know, Jackson, I’m kind’a proud of being a Qtard. Been one since well before MSM turned on “the person or group” known as Q. Who ever gets MSM really, really nervous, verifies and validates I’m on the right track to the Truth.
      As for Shipp, what are your credentials? I tend to side with those who are willing to stick their neck out, for the betterment of the Republic, by blowing their whistles as loud as they can, even if it puts their lives in the crosshairs. That takes courage, something that seems to be missing with the vast array of comfortable couch potatoes, typing away in the safety of one’s home.
      Anyway, it will be interesting to hear, or probably not hear, from all the antiTrumpers, antiQ’ers, antiShippers, when the indictments of the satanic, Marxist, criminal vipers begins next month. I’m sure they will ALL get on the Trump bandwagon again (ad nauseam) and claim they never left.
      Imagine if Hillary would have won? No Q, No Trump. No Shipp, No WRSA.

  17. Jimmy the Saint

    “Finally, your bi-partisan accountability files will not build themselves.”

    Look… why take a chance? At least, that’s the way I feel about it.
    – Remo Gaggi from “Casino”

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Q is not coming to save you or anyone ever. Neither is Trumpty Dumpty.

  20. Johnny Paratrooper

    The NRA building is down the street from my second apartment.

    I assume my contributions go towards hiring black security guards and women from D.C. and VA to stand around all day.

    And for Lawyers to send emails to Democrats asking to butter them up before the next vote.

    It appears the democrats take turns rotating on the voting yay or nay.

    Just enough to mathematically kill a bill, or a pass whatever they want.


    As long as there are legions of Fudds and other clueless fools out there, the NRA will survive. Add to that, the monopoly they enjoy by “training” thousands every year to shoot. The sheriff in my former county of residence in The Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon would not issue a CCW to anyone who had not been trained by a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. None of those folks had a clue they were paying for The Peter’s alligator shoes.

  22. My Limey POV.

    NRA is a psyop.

    The 2A makes no mention of guns. And yet, the NRA has successfully moved the ‘Overton Window’ such that the whole debate concerns ‘GUN control’.

    And, whilst Americans have been arguing about guns, most of the really destructive ‘ARMS’ have been placed permanently out of reach.

    So, to a very great extent, the 2A has long been neutered.

  23. By wanting to destroy the NRA, you are helping the communists/socialists/libs jobs easier. Join the GOA but also keep the NRA and clean it up. Can’t you see the salivation of the left on this issue? In-fighting among us 2nd amendment supporters is only helping the left. They are loving this stupidity.

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