15 Fighters: Dogs

Pros, cons, training resources, needful gear, medical considerations, breed recommendations.

Detail is helpful.

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    King German Shepherd.
    Better than a Klingon disrupter set on kill.

    • I second the Shepherd. Loyal, smart and vicious when needed. Can be a little high strung when younger though.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        They need training.

        That’s all.

        Now a Blue Heeler.

        That’s a high strung dog.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Amen to that. Mine was 130 lbs at 18 months, and the best and most protective dog I ever had. The day I had to put him down was a hard one. A good shepherd is hard to beat when proper,y trained.

  2. Theirs a reason your overlords use Belgium shepherds. Nasty nasty nasty.

    Sadly I’ve put Pitt bulls down. They serve no man, they are their own shot caller. Their deceitful-ness is inbreed. Last one was attacking small children, this beast headed home and I followed, his nuts were dragging the ground “no wonder he had a bad attitude”

    Followed him around the corner into his owners yard, ” an old associate” I went to knock on the door to have Hector secure his dog. As I entered the yard I instantly recognized my mistake.

    The Pitt, charged and lunged,, I pulled my 1911 in a sort of speed rock put two .45 acps into his chest. Stopped the attack. This Pitt was literally inchs away from ravaging my junk.

    What a shitty day. I don’t like killing anything.

    The next week, I had to do another this one a hybred, Pitt and pincher. Had killed a calve maimed another, killed a goat and a pig, when I arrived it was going thru chicks quickly.

    I whistled and the dog charged. This dog was to my waist and a solid 140 pounds. No match for a 556. Another shitty day. I should have been shooting their owners.

    I’ve attended classes specific to pittbulls. Their a problem dog.

    Dogs reflect the attitude of their masters. A god dog trainer is tough to source. The beasts they put out trained are awesome animals. Switched on and look out. Switched off, and kid friendly.


    • Murkan Mike

      Your knowledge and understanding of dogs is as bad as your grammer. There are some people who simply shouldn’t be allowed to be near dogs.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I only fired two HEDP rounds from a Colt M203 40mm in Baghdad.

      One landed in the middle of some sleeping strays in the middle of the night.

      I reloaded without taking my eyes off the the pack, and hit them again square.

      They were fucking everywhere after that.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I jumped a fence into mohammed’s yard once and about 4 dogs were sleeping in a caved out wall they dug to get outta the wind.

        They didn’t show up on thermals or night vision obviously.

        My platoon sergeant saved my fucking ass.

        I had NO IDEA they were there.

        He used an M9 with 124 grain FMJ.


        One died right out, two were all fucked up, and one hide back in his hole.

        Someone shotgunned that one I think.

        I was curled up in a ball the whole time.

  3. I also have a king shepherd. Loyal beyond belief.
    130-140 lbs.
    I’ve had technically more intelligent dogs, but he’s bright.
    He is always on high alert.
    We live on 200 acres but he seldom travels more than 100 yards from home. (He’s fixed)
    Extremely cold tolerant.
    Heat tolerance is decent.
    Hates strangers.
    Coyote fighter.
    Picked up on sign language real easy. (Basic commands when we need to be quiet)
    Big boned, strong, not super fast, lots of endurance.
    Kings are a mixed breed. I think the breeders have made great strides in eliminating the hip problems common to regular shepherds.
    Right now there are 4 coons, 1 groundhog, a small coyote, and various cats stinking up the barnyard. He eats the rabbits.

  4. I love all dogs,even purse dogs,just feel bad for em!I look at dogs as a family member/a possible warning system but was being attacked and dog jumped into the mix would do me best to get said dog back and fight meself.The loyalty a dog gives one cannot be surpassed and thus they have done more then I ever deserved for me.

  5. As long as its an athletic / working breed; the type isn’t as important as number:
    1 Dog = early warning
    2 Dogs = threat
    3 Dogs = deterrent

    I’ve had many mid to large breeds, currently Pits, loved them all:

    • I have four dogs, all rescues, one Shibu Ainu, one pit cross, black lab and 30lb. mystery God only knows cross. They warn me of rattlesnakes, keep coyotes at bay, ditto strangers. The lab is getting up in years but he’s fearless.
      You can feed them on eggs, milk, bread, whatever if the SHTF. I keep them current on shots and if necessary I have a flea comb. Who knows what will happen, but for today and the immediate future I keep the dogs and they keep me.

  6. You have to feed it. It is one more thing you have to feed, doctor, stockpile stuff for. Being living things you cannot predict with any certainty how they will act under extreme stress or prolonged stress. They are pack hunters who have a built in primary directive to form a pack and follow the biggest dog. At some point you might not be that dog. Starving people will see them (and at some point your children) as food. They can be good night guards, but only so long as you can keep them contained, well fed, and protected from people who see them as food. They need regular yearly vaccination for more than a dozen different things. All of them can kill both of you. I like my hound. He makes a cute throw rug. He might act as an early warning system. He is a good hunter that with training and supervision will assist in gathering game. But dogs are a terrible emotional liability. That At some point you will be forced to put down. In a time of TEOTWAWKI they will act a comfort for your wife and kids. But just another burden for you, unless you have a heart of stone.

    • Agree with Ray.
      Also, dogs add another waste disposal problem.

    • super of a NYC apt bldg I once lived in had a problem with basement break-ins. So he got a German shep. Next break-in, niggers cleaned out the basement as usual and stole the dog.

      • Kay_de_leon

        I have all the love in the world for dogs until one wont do it’s job. A girlfriend I had once was watching her sister’s dog and some wild ass cat jumped on the dog while they were walking. She bent down to grab the cat and another wild cat jumped on her face. I guess they must have been rabid. Well, the dog hauls ass, both cats are at the girl while she is on the ground trying to process this predicament, and she fought with them until some guy stopped his truck and kicked them away. The moral of the story is that this fucking dog bitched out of a fight. With CATS. Owning a dog only to later find out that that’s what kind of a dog it is is one of my greatest fears.

        • NorthGunner

          Kay, this clip from the movie, “Patton” sums
          it up.

          Patton: Your name isn’t William, it’s Willy

          (even though it’s a fictional depiction the point is made)

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Kay_de_leon

            Look at this nasty faced son of a bitch… lol

            Patton should have rolled with an APBT.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Not a heart of stone, just a realistic view of what the dog is and where he fits in your world. If you can’t shoot your own dog when it is time, the emotional maturity level is well below where it needs to be for hard times.

      • NorthGunner

        Ideally one shouldn’t EVER have to shoot one’s own
        dog; it should be afforded the right to peacefully
        slip free in it’s sleep from well deserved old age after
        a life of beloved service.

        Shooting a family dog should be done ONLY as
        a last resort..not as a convenience.
        Same explains my absolute loathing for abortion
        and those who both provide and utilize it.

        The only time I had to put a dog down was when it came
        into the yard suffering horribly from parvo – that was a
        mercy on my part.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Amen and amen. I love the assholes commenting on using an animal until “they” decide it has no use. Then they can shoot it, because it is a hinderance of some sort. Yet, that same dog will willingly lay down its life to protect the asshole who assumes the position of “superior”. When we take on the care of an animal-especially a dog-we make a pact with God to honor his creation.

  7. NorthGunner

    Whatever working breed (NOT toy poodles or chihuahua’s or
    the like) that one chooses for both home/family security and
    defense, make certain that you lay in MORE than enough
    quality chow for them, the proper nutritional suppliments
    (minerals, vitamins, trace elements..they need them just
    as much as we humans do, especially during times of stress).

    Here’s a couple providers of such suppliments:



    A great number of diseases are in reality nutritional deficiencies;
    prevent them and along with exercise and proper food good
    health tends to follow along…same for us as well.

    Have the dogs vaccinated against the following:
    and any other disease that could threaten them.

    Have a way to prevent as well as kill all ticks and fleas,
    especially if you are in a locale known for deer ticks/Lyme disease.

    Have several books on the breed/s that you have with
    emphasis on their health and care, NOT ‘how to show them’.

    Make friends with your local Vet if you haven’t
    already done so.

    That’s all I have for the moment, hope that helps.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Agree about the diet. Typical DVM will tell you that 80% of health issues are food related. And by the way that applies to humans as well.

  8. ROL: Basenji + GSD mutt. Quiet, loyal, big enough.

    WROL: Recipe for roasted dog

  9. Creepy Joe

    Two trained Malinois. Tracking and attack. Outstanding dogs!

    All you need to do is search YouTube to learn how. Tremendous peace of mind.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      I am jealous.

      I wish I had myself a female border collie duo.

      Standard colors are fine. Nothing fancy.

      Good dogs and they breed with anything to make a great mix.

      You need to teach them about big animals though.

      Or be an active runner.

      Collies can haul some shit too.

  10. Hadn’t heard of King GSD until this. They are a relatively new breed from the 90’s.
    I suggest pure, Czech-line GSD. (at least 2).
    Wicked smart, loyal, fur missiles. No hip issues.
    I adopted one pre-rescue @ 8 mos and he was an anxious mess from being crated in a condo all the time.
    At 18 months he is amazing and progressing every day.
    Trained to follow hand signals.
    Good with kids, other dogs.
    Can also be trained to be pure monster.
    Super high maintenance (energy) when young, but worth it.

    This vid is pretty cool.

  11. Bonaventure

    Those are Dobermans Pinschers in the pics. Not sure how they survived with those masks on. Dobermans tend not to like the heat too much. IIRC, U.S. forces found this out the hard way when island hopping in the south Pacific. However, they are a wonderful breed, loyal to the bitter end.

    Not Doberman related, but here’s what proper training, which is key, can do:

  12. Dogs barking at things when you need stealth will draw things to your location. All dogs hate DA JOOOOOOOOOOOS !!!!!! Because on stormfront they said DA JOOOOOOOOOOOS are mean to all dogs. JOOOOOOOOOOOS hate everything, cause everyone harm, grief and problems daily. They have a special breed to hate all non-JOOOOOOOOOOOS, so no dog can be trusted really, unless your a JOOOOOOOOOOO. It has to be true, somebody in the internet said so and provided links from stormfront. Now back to our daily dose of selective, copy & paste, neo -Nazi, myopic , fusion center bait. Hi feds !!!!!

    • Waffle Haüs

      Tell yourself: It’s ok to be an ankle biter!
      Shut it down!

    • NorthGunner

      Your mama is looking for you..she said you wandered
      away from home without remembering to take your
      tourettes syndrome medication again..and you forgot
      your ‘high impact’ brain cushion helmet in case you
      fall on the sidewalk..and your drool bib.

      Honestly, when some special needs retards run amok
      they forget all their special needs survival shit strapped
      on them.

      At least when Al posts off topic he DOES have historically
      provable facts and information to impart.

      What’s your excuse little shooter?
      now run on back home to splc/adl land.
      your mama has a warm brisket sammich for you.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Someone circumcised his brain when he was a baby. All the talk about GERMAN Shepherds has triggered this Manchurian Candidate.

  13. Johnny Paratrooper

    I have never owned a dog.

    But let’s say I stored away some food just in case of apocalypse puppies.

    How much do I (We) need to raise two pups to adult.

    I assume I will have to put one down eventually and that neither dog lives past 2 years.

    This mostly for companionship.

    Keep the ladies entertained with a puppy or two during the shit.

    My family isn’t about dogs.

    But they will be…

    • lastmanstanding

      “We?” Did you finally find yourself a nice gal?

      Depends on the breed and size of the dog. Bigger dogs naturally need more food as dog working dogs.

      Cheap shit dog food does nothing for a dog just like all the processed cheap shit processed food in the grocery store does nothing for the obese murikans that T’ is always “discussing”.

  14. Johnny Paratrooper

    Hey CA,

    How’s life?

    You should ask for experience on what people have stored away for their dogs.

    What food, How much based on Breed Size.

    Nothing is stopping me from storing food to keep the neighbor’s dogs alive.

  15. My dog is a detection dog, so I use a very friendly Black Labrador with a big block head. Detection ability is in low parts per trillion (as measured with mass spectrometer using a cold finger.) When working overseas, especially in the third world, or traveling on an aircraft for 12 hours, I never have to worry about him biting anyone, especially a child. That could cause real problems in another country.

  16. Hounds.
    Harder to train, but once you get that right, you have a faithful companion that will warn of danger without shaking the snow off the roof.
    Mine huffs and puffs at the door or window when he sees anything, but won’t bark unless prompted.
    Hounds have a superior sense of smell; great to hunt with. Just train the noise out of them.
    I don’t need a dog that’ll rip the face off a stranger. They’re more of a liability, and generally not easily controlled once that switch is flipped. I just need an extra pair of eyes and one of the best noses nature can buy; I’ll deal with the threat myself, and quietly.

  17. Some say they are also a burden because you may run out of dogfood ( after all who stores a couple years worth of dog food right? and you cant feed ’em rice and beans)…
    But even so.. the key first couple months when things might be especially exciting.. in these first couple months while you can still feed him he might be very valuable… And the first couple months may be the key bottleneck..

    So I still say all things considered “pro” even with the increased logistics footprint.

    • Once things go sporty, I would figure there will be plenty of livers from all the perps. Not suggesting you go all donner party but your dog won’t know the difference. After that’s gone you might consider eating the dog.

      • Liver stores toxins, even worse on carnivores. Some people like liver from herbivores that have been raised in a clean USDA approved supply chain, but that’s a world away from where you’re talking about.

        Don’t eat livers, and don’t let anyone or anything you care about eat one after the SHTF.

  18. Boerboel if you can find one. Once you do you will pay dearly for it. Massive breed, high alert, protective. That said I prefer Coon or Bloodhound. More likely I will need to track the perps than prevent them. Their ability to assist in the hunt is a plus.

  19. Charley Waite

    I have a Corgi/Black Lab mix I picked up from the pound who is the freaking smartest dog I have ever owned. Very alert and loyal, and will go after whoever is a bad actor. She is smaller so she won’t last long but for now she is ok.

    I DID own a rat terrier that was also loyal, smart and the most vicious fucker on the face of the Earth.

  20. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay–if you like to have literally nitro-glycerin on a leash, this is the dog for you

  21. Jackalope in TN

    I’m using Great Pyrenees rescues. They’re highly intelligent and resourceful. Very good at guarding both stock and family. They’re very low maintenance, and don’t eat much either. They tolerate heat, but prefer cooler weather. Easy to train with hand signals. They can also easily interpret situations. Very loud barks and they can be intimidating to strangers. I’ve had German Shepherds, and other large breeds, but with the Great Pyrenees I can trust the dog to do the right thing if I’m not around.

  22. kypartisan

    I have always kept Australian Cattle Dogs. very loyal animals and very protective too. they let you know when there are things prowling about.

  23. Current batch of GSD , Great Pyrenees , and Tennessee Walker . Nothing sneaks up on us . Nothing ! Shepherd trained to hand signals and it took it seriously . Hardly ever barks . I’ve had 6 Shepherds , 3 Dobermans , 4 Coon Dogs , two Rotts , and a slew of various others . The only one I won’t have any longer is a Pitt or mix with Pitt . When that kill switch gets flipped , they kill . Be it a baby human , prize Fainting goat , or another dog . We have bunches of meat to feed them and shtf feeding will not be a problem . Hell I can take the Coon Girl out for one night and get a hundred coon in these parts since nobody hunts then anymore . Feed the dogs and my family .

  24. King Shepherd? Ive heard this term but thought it referred to king-sized, not a branch of shepherds. Clarification please and thank you?

    • Dm,
      I’m no expert but,
      Kings are a mix of US. shepherds, Euro shepherds, Malamute, great Pyrenees.
      I think the idea behind the breed was to make a larger shepherd and eliminate the hip problems.
      As far as I know, it worked.
      They are big and look just like a GS.
      The originators of the breed x Ray or MRI the hip joints of potential breeding stock and if they pass tolerance the dogs breed. If they don’t pass they are excluded from breeding.
      I really like mine.
      They’re spendy, though.

  25. Ignore Ray, seems a cat lady. All of the above others are on point. Kings are indeed highly rated. I have adapted, yes you must also do that tough guys, to that particular dog’s traits and personalities, all are different (like people, duh). I prefer the mostly full black mid sized Nazi sheperds. The ones with roman noses, smaller doberman sized but strong frames and no swept back hips. They pack plenty of gear but are not overpowering to handle especially if your other precious tribe members must leash control them. Don’t spend high dollars unless your a yuppie prepper with pet unicorns in the redoubt pastures. Go to a dog pound (those good breeds are there too) or negoitiate hard with breeders, they have to unload after all. Don’t go gear queer with dogs, they know when you’re full of shit, and yes, do know real reality better than you.

  26. oregon farmer

    Chow MIXES, not pure chows….Too stubborn.
    I have a chow-akita and a chow shephard. Ultra loyal, love the family, hate everyone else. Sleep w one eye open. Very cold tolerant, very good w kids.
    Chow mixes ARE the dog of choice (DOC) in some very sketchy neighborhoods in Mexico.

  27. Blazing Apostle

    Breed selection should be – in part – based on your AO. Then, working dog or sporting dog class; small dogs are good for alerting; but will not aid in home defense beyond that. Many breeds are intelligent, loyal, and protective; all will be more associative with the family if they are introduced into it as a pup.
    We’ve had Malamutes since forever. They are strong – muscular, as well as strong willed; but they are intelligent and train well. They are protective – large and fierce looking, a definite plus. They are easy going and patient with youngsters, and intuitive enough to pick up on ‘the vibe’ their family is sending out. Relaxed, they’re ok, but if the family gets nervous; they alert; and make their presence known.
    Dogs are a very personal choice, and they will be part of the family. Choose wisely…
    But get a dog…

  28. Caucasian shepherd outside (haven’t found a saddle that fits). Have to feed him regularly, or he eats the roosters eating his dog food. Doberman at my left hand, inside or out. Wife and kids are safe when I’m not home.

  29. Tree Top Flyer

    Airedale Terriers hands down… Ive had 5 in my lifetime, intelligent, loyal, odds in thier favor in a fight, they used them in WW I to run messages in the trenches and the lines. There are standard breeds and a hybrid called a Oorang caution here they they average 120 lbs
    One has been in the White House, others Indian Mascots of football teams when they wore leather helments … At my home its not the Dog you have to worry about…

  30. I am very fortunate. I have six MD’s and two vets in my immediate family. Catahoulas have been my dogs for many years. Smart,somewhat stubborn,fearless,love to work. I trained a 505 FT point national champion. German Shepherds were the dog of choice in the 60’s and early 70’s when I worked with them for police.military and private security. I trust canines with the well-being of my property and family when they are working. Any dog I am not very familiar with is treated as a threat until shown otherwise. Be smarter than the dog. Hard for some folks.

  31. Centurion_Cornelius

    Dogs=Part of Our Family For 70+ years. Dad had the German Shepherd.

    Me–It’s Beagles. Great hunters and tolerable watch dogs. Yeah–yeah–they’ll go chasing whatever, but I train ’em well to know where the home sits. They come back or I know where to find ’em.

    Long term self-care: stock up on the usual stuff: Pepto Bismol for belly aches, baby aspirin for aches/pains, Benadryl for bites, de-wormers, anti-fungals, anibiotics, triple antibiotic cream,prednisone, tramadol for pain. and plus–keep current with the heart-worm meds and vaccinations. Fleas, ticks, chiggers–go natural or conventional with the drops or collar.

    Ton of sources: online–just search “Vet Supplies” and get “Big Ds,” or “ValleyVet.com,” or “KV Supply,” or see your local Tractor Supply Store, Rural King, whatever. Heck, even Grainger has an Emergency Dog Kit.

    As mentioned, stock up on good (not cheap) dog food. Canned stuff will store well and I’ve “dry vacuum packed” a good deal of their dry food in wide-mouthed half-gallon Mason jars using the electric FoodSaver and the $20 brake bleeder method. (Go with the FoodSaver–trust me!)

    Like all critters, they may need specialized help at some time, which you can’t provide. Trust me. There’s stuff and ailments and conditions we know not of. Leave it to a pro.

    Solution: Partner up with a DAMN GOOD VET in your AO right NOW. We’ve been with our 40+ years. We swap out and trade for a lot for his services and he don’t mind it a bit. Cash or plastic means little to him anyways. Horse or dog near death 0300 at -20*F in a blizzard–he comes out. Priceless.

    Beagles–if they can’t eat it, piss on it, roll on it, screw it, or chase it–it ain’t worth bothering! Had one live to 20 Summers! Life-long companions.

    “The price for having a dog isn’t counted in vet bills and food; it’s a one-time fee, paid in tears. …Worth every drop.”

  32. Alfred E. Neuman

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  33. Name (required)

    Small dogs are easy to feed, and can alert you to intruders. I’m thinking little mutts, not high strung, pure bred yappers that bark at everything and nothing. A couple of small dogs inside a fenced yard which surrounds your house would let you sleep at night.

  34. Addendum:
    From the 15 angle, you better damn well supervise and socialize them with your team’s other K9’s, considering the breeds mentioned.

    Also, mostly/all grain free for them. Just like us. fats and protein are fuel and antithesis to dietary disease. See WRSA link to Denninger regarding Keto.

  35. OT:
    “When Commie season opens, do you have your targets selected?” — masthead

    I would hazard most Commies will self identify. Especially early in the season. But I do have a question. When season opens is a mannequin on a park bench wearing a MAGA hat considered ‘baiting’?

    Just a bit of humor.

    • “… When season opens is a mannequin on a park bench wearing a MAGA hat considered ‘baiting’?…”

      No, you’re describing ‘decoying’, and that’s perfectly legal.

  36. Dogs are amazing partners. Throughout life, as they come
    and go, they have distinct characteristics, and mostly loyal
    and loving.
    My 1st dog came from a male boxer and female doberman
    and got me going. Wonderful dog which climbed ladders, went
    through drainage sized pipes, and even jumped off
    cliffs along with me diving into water.
    As the years went by, had Sharpei, Boxer, Rottweiler,
    and now one which I tell people when they ask what he is
    I tell them a mix between a Dingo and Meerkat. Niece found him
    at about eight weeks old, running alone near an animal research experimental laboratory 🙂

  37. Some years ago I was downtown hanging out around this one street corner and all of a sudden like I hear all these horns blaring and some blind guy is being led across the street by his service dog. The blind guy safely got to the curb and he stopped, reached into his pocket and was offering his dog a treat.
    I ran over to him and said “Mister, don’t give that dog a treat, he just crossed you against a red light”.
    The blind guy told me. “Yeah, I know. I’m trying to find his mouth so I can kick his ass”.

  38. Bad_Brad

    Got a spooky Lab. I listen to him. Best alarm system ever. Saved us from a home invasion one night. Three other homes weren’t so lucky.

  39. TheAlaskan

    I was a caretaker at a lodge on the backside of Mt Redoubt Volcano in the Chigmit Range, winter ’86-’87. There was a dog named Buck, left there to keep me company for the eight months I would spend alone at this fly-in summer lodge. Buck was a large dog shepard lab mix. The owner said he would alert me to the many brown bears that come into camp before hibernating in mid-November.

    Alert me of the many bears…that he did. Problem was, he’d take off after a bear…usually I couldn’t even see it, but when reaching it, he’d worry it to the point of pissing it off, then come running back to me with an angry bear at his heels. Buck would be all happy about this and come right up to me all wagging and shit with that fucking bear, who is now confused and realizing a new problem is at hand. I learned real fast to grab my 12 gauge loaded with 600 gr brennake slugs as soon as Buck raced off at an unseen bear…three or four times a day.

    But there’s more. I got used to the drill and assumed the numerous bears on the lake, feeding on spawned out reds, were handled by my dog Buck, to alert me, albeit bringing some back to me for approval. The month and a half of this before the bruins went into hibernation…I can handle this. So I thought.

    Turns out….the bears were feeding on spawned out reds as stated. The lake is Crescent Lake, shaped like a crescent, twelve miles long. The bears would walk around the perimeter of the lake feeding on the gravel shores on washed up salmon. So they’d be back at the lodge more than once.

    As it turned out, Buck would ‘ignore’ the bears he’d already danced with, in fact, they both seemed to have formed a pact..like brothers.

    Because. This. Happened. My cabin had a privy about 25′ from the cabin with a trail to it. Any Alaskan knows that privy business is done quickly when the temps are low for obvious reasons…you’re not reading the sports page in early November. So, I wait until I have to go….me and Buck go down the trail to the privy and I’m stopped by a very…deep…growl. In the dark, I can make out a large bear not more than ten feet from me and Buck. It slowly turns and disappears into the forest. Buck, who never made a peep, is looking at me with a look that said; Dude, he’s cool, we’re brothers. Why did you shit your pants?

    Stupid dog.

  40. Thumbs up on the GSD. I have two both male and both rescues. Never thought I would be a GSD owner until I got one many years ago, now nothing but. More loyal than any 9 to 5ver. Easy to train, they are habitual animals and have great situational awareness. Expert at detecting changes in their territory/AO. I can sleep safely knowing that they are guarding me. Mine only bark when they are hunting prey, they use alternating flanking moves.
    Excellent deterrent, my big one just needs to smile to get strangers to back off. Alternatively, I can get them to play/relax in order to reassure strangers.
    Dogs in general can go 2 days without food. A bigger issue is water, I’m sure a vet can comment better but I budget at least 4 quarts of water per day and that would be on the low side in the heat. Hunkering down they are the best EMP proof sensor system but waste disposal will be an issue.

  41. What type of person are you?
    Some dogs are high maintainence: Pit Bull Terriors, Chows, Akitas, Neopolitan Matiffs, Perro de Presa Canario, etc. These dogs require constantly establishing a pack mentality otherwise things get out of control very quickly. And you’d better be numero uno in the pack. They are mostly not dog friendly, need established barriers around children, and love to chase and kill livestock. They are also extremely brave, loyal, and territorial. Every single day you need to reinforce the behavior that you want-no exceptions.
    If you are really into dog training, take on a Black Russian Terrier. A powerful, willful animal-BRT’s are dominating and will become pushy with anyone they can intimidate. The BRT is intelligent and learns quickly, but only if he is treated with kindness and respect.
    Some dogs are easily trained, and fit into most households with children but are still good guard dogs. German Shepherds, Dobermans, Boxers, Corgis, Boerboels,English Mastiffs, etc. You can be lazier with these dogs, a weekly drill is more than enough.
    Easy dogs: hounds, spaniels, retrievers, collies,etc. are pets that will bark and may bite, but mostly their talents lie in hunting or finding.
    Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds scare the crap out of people with their size. They are basically large couch potatoes. Sweet, friendly, loud barks, & they are incredible hunters.
    If you decide you want a dog, then take responsibility for it. Shots, food, plenty of fresh water, and daily walks are a must! A tired dog is a good dog. If you are too fat-put your GD shoes on & walk the dog! If you do not want to do this, put in an alarm system and save all of us-especially the dog-a lot of grief.

  42. PROs:
    Early Warning
    Potentially Ferocious

    Need training and upkeep
    Not bulletproof or poisonproof, and iffy for things higher in the food chain unless you have a pack of them
    Just let other folks know you have enough food to feed a dog (or dogs), too.
    From a long ways off.

    If you have the time, resources, and temperament, go ahead on.

  43. Saw a great demo once of Rotties who’d been trained as security for a prison. Guy wore a full suit w helmet and face shit. Pads on everything. Came down the lane and moved wrong toward the protected. Unreal. Dogs had been trained in German language commands lol. Today snowflakes everywhere would be “triggered” by that thought. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of those dogs.

  44. i hate dogs


    the muzzies have it right- dogs and wymin…