Z Blog: Failure Analysis

Z Man looks at Charlottesville.

Understand that the vast majority who have heard of C’ville understand and accept the event exclusively through the Red narrative prism.

Despite this independent report.

A big freaking deal, this info ops stuff.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Alfred E. Neuman

    A friend of mine, Jacob Goodwin, at Charlottesville, was arrested and convicted for hittting an antifa person and received 10 years in prison. Completely railroaded. Antifa got away with NO convictions. Liberal town, liberal judge,liberal juries and liberal police force equals No JUSTICE for white conservatives….

    • “liberal” town?

      Jew mayor.

      nigger police chief.

      (((communist))) campus.

      the problem isn’t “liberalism”. It’s

      Red Jews. The alt-Rite idiots, led by

      one (((Kessler))),

      walked right into a trap.

    • Matt Bracken

      And this outcome was a surprise to you?
      C-vile was a classic buffalo jump.
      Be the Indian, not the buffalo.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Be the Indian, not the buffalo.”

        Historically speaking, don’t be either. Neither have been doing to well in the numbers department for the last century or so.

        • Matt Bracken

          In the narrow context of the Indian buffalo jump hunting context, which occurred for millennia before horses or white men arrived.

    • “A friend of mine, Jacob Goodwin, at Charlottesville, was arrested and convicted for hitting an antifa person and received 10 years in prison. Completely railroaded. ”

      Yet for some reason the jury didn’t see it that way.

      I will say that I am sorry that your friend Jacob Goodwin got sent to prison for ten years. After ten years he will be out when he is 33 (hopefully a year or two sooner) and with the conviction on his record but hopefully still alive and well and able to build up his life after prison.

      Having friends on the outside is important to him now, and some place to stay and get his life together after he gets out will be important then.

      • “Never trust your life to 12 people too stupid to get out of jury duty.”

        — NYPD proverb

        • Lol, Good one Pete..


        • ha ha


          i sent their jury duty form back all crumpled.

          it read:

          “i have no faith in the system, you, the sheriff, and all the politicians are crooked, rapists, and thieves” (all documented facts at the time).

          haven’t been called since 2002.

        • If ever picked for ‘jury duty’, when the ‘rules’ are being explained to prospective jurors, ask (because no one will bring this up), “…what about jury nullification?’. Vola! and you are out of the ‘pool’. Ask me how I know ….

    • FaCubeItches

      Home field advantage. If you’re going into the enemy’s lair to stir up a ruckus, don’t be surprised when the local apparatus under his control up and fucks you afterwards. Put another way,


  3. Lesson 1: Stop Playing In The Street.
    Nothing you want will be won there.

    Lesson 2: Stop Telegraphing Your Punches.
    The enemy always gets a vote.

    Lesson 3:
    Stop Expecting “Fairness” From TPTB.
    The Man is not your friend.
    Never has been. Never will be.

    Lesson 4:
    Have An Exit Strategy.
    Six ways in and twelve ways out.
    If you can’t get out of what you got into, because you ignored Rule 1, it’s going to cost you in ways you don’t want to pay.
    Because you were stupid.

  4. I’ve a different take on winning the hearts & minds of white normies. Until the white cosmics are decimated by white Trad/Patriots, the normies will continue to fence sit. Trad/Patriots must make clear in no uncertain terms that loyalty to globohomo will be punished. With extreme prejudice.

  5. Optics (how others will view it) matter.
    Pick your battles carefully (and with meaningful and achievable goals).
    Pick the location of your battles carefully (favorable terrain / friendly territory with local support is important).

  6. Grenadier1

    No use Z man. The idiots will never learn.
    The left will not stop. They will continue to paint the story for the normies. The Scooby gang will continue to provide them the materials to build the narrative out of and they will successfully turn the normies against the traditional America they grew up in.
    “You cant support those Nazis, you Boomer”
    “You are right, young Red Guardsperson. Look at all the anti-semetic words and phrases and horrible memes they use they MUST be Nazis!”
    “Kill the olds!”

    They will turn them, and they will kill us and our children just to be sure.
    And they will win.
    Because idiots insist on whipping out their own dicks and cutting them off on a daily basis.
    Because idiots insist on competing to be the most ineffective historical revisionist that they can be.
    Because that kind of bullshit just makes people want to go back to sleep and taste the steak again. Far more easy to just accept the inevitable and enjoy the robot holocaust.

    Take the Honk pill because this is clown world and we are rolling in rubber chickens and polka dots. Just waiting for the other big shoe to drop.

  7. The street carnival left town a while ago. Stay frosty and far away from crowds. It’s an awesome demonstration of the death of ROL. Celebrate that because it means you’re free.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Rule of Law has been replaced with Rule by Law. There is still a heavy price to be paid if you’re on the wrong side of it. Plan accordingly.

  8. Walter MItty

    The assumption was the Police both State and Local would honor their oath
    of office. Likewise the assumption was made the Governor of the State and Mayor, vice Mayor of the City would honor their oath of office. Something regarding free speech and the right to peacefully assemble as guaranteed by the Constitution. What Charlottesville showed is there can be no certainty of the rule of law.

    • Grenadier1

      Why in gods name would anyone assume that?

      • The stupid it burns doesn’t it…Sad That…

      • SemperFi, 0321

        All my normie friends walk the straight and narrow, never for a second do they believe their gov’t as being crooked. They’re the perfect proles, and what too many of us here keep assuming is that they will wake up one day and throw off their shackles of oppression.
        What a dumb fuk’n assumption on our part, they will continue to be the best little proles they know how to be. And die like the lemmings that they are, there’s not 2 brain cells in there firing in survival mode.
        Gonna be one hell of a movie to watch.

        • Grey Ghost


          Chances are not good anyone will break into the normie mindset, … short of the unpleasantness kicking off. The brainwashing of the normie mindset is deep… they still think they can vote their way out of this bullshit.

          Grey Ghost

  9. robroysimmons

    You know I was ready to comment that Z’s piece would be the usual conservative intellectual “i” dotting and “t” crossing bullshit that only serves to give the Left/Establishment the moral level of conflict, but damned if I weren’t pleasantly surprised.

    Of course the next big step is for the “conservative intellectuals” is to actually question the moral authority of the Left/Establishment.

    BUT I suppose the magic words “ad hominem” will scare them back into their approved roles as seating agents for the cattle car trains.

  10. Darrell Cloud

    While storming the barricades seems like a cool idea when you are in the moment, at the end of the day you will have second thoughts as you sit in jail nursing your injuries.
    The Soviet Union collapsed the moment the collective dream was realized. The government pretended to govern and the people pretended to be governed. The Soviet economy ground to a halt while the gray economy flourished. De facto secession is the way to survive this. Plant a victory garden and withdraw as much as you can from this fake reality.

  11. Matt Bracken

    I agree with Z-man.
    Next time, be the Indian, not the buffalo.

    • oh so now you want to be the Indian?

      how about FUCK YOU

      do yourselves a favor and just fade from history gracefully…

      nothing more pathetic than a desperate ‘superior’ white man

      • Matt Bracken

        He moron, the Indian “buffalo jump” hunting trick went on for thousands of years before the first white man or horse showed up.
        So, do you want to be the human smart enough to stampede the dumb beasts over a cliff?
        Or do you want to be the dumb beast so stupid you run straight over a cliff when humans wave blankets at you?
        Never mind. You are more stupid than a buffalo, which you prove with every 50-IQ comment you make here.

        • Matt Bracken

          “Hey” moron, he typo.

        • at least i’m not compared to fonzi the jew lover, er, um, shark jumper

          nobody who any sense takes you serious. if you cannot name the fucking JEW as the causation of the worlds woes, then you have no use in any movement besides- the bowel movement.

    • “Be the Indian, not the buffalo” is just a figure of speech tfA-t.
      No one really wants to be an indian…

      Like “Be the Hammer, Not the Nail.”
      No one really wants to be a hammer.

      Some people you can’t reason with, no matter how obvious the situation is…

  12. Lesson 5: Lace ’em up tight. You don’t wanna lose a shoe or two when things go sideways! 😀

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You mean saggy trousers and flip flops ain’t good combat gear?

  13. Camacho2020

    “Every war is a media war.”

    C’mon scrot that’s a GREAT subheader from the Z. Especially when you consider who owns/controls the media. And why they so desperately want to deplatform your voice from their googletwitterfacebookyoutube service.