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NYT: Swiss Vote to Tighten Gun Laws to Align With E.U. Rules

Commies win.


Jack The Signal

ECM* are the future.


Your RF boffins should be thinking about how to jam or at least degrade every RF-using tool in your enemies’ arsenal.

From their Baofengs to their LMRs.

On Impeachment And Its Effects

Got Plan B?

The coming months and years will be challenging, to say the least.

Using a cancer-stage analogy, how serious is the situation in your area?

And even if the situation in your area is survivable at present, what metastases will be coming from other parts of the country and world to threaten you?

Uncle Sam is terminal.

Plan accordingly.

Aesop: WTFU Already And Stop The Lee Greenwood Delusionary Bullshit

FUSA is FUBAR in many ways.

Aesop hammers home reality in terms of US national defense and/or force projection:

Flag On The Play

I Don’t Do This By Throwing Darts At A Board While Blindfolded

Read each in full, including comments.

Then think deeply about the downstream effects of these facts.

Plus the fact that a large plurality of the government employees, appointees, and elected officials that you fund with your taxes would like to see you and your fam in a stockade, pending elimination.

You don’t have enough hard-hearted, trained, provisioned allies.

Work that issue.


Wretchard: Whoever Controls 5G Will Be Able to Surveil and Control the Planet


Now add AI, big data analytics, robotics, and autonomous production capabilities.

Pity that the weak point of all digital networks is power supply.

144:1 Sends

What good, indeed.

Struggle Sessions, American Style

The Race War The Left Wants

You will be made to care.



The snapback will be a bitch.

Brushbeater: Old School Is Still School

1967 RF Jungle Conditions Effects

Comms matter.

Even if all (!) you are doing is listening to the enemy give away his information.

Lost Trust

Ushanka returns, with observations on the current scene.

Consider a copy of his book.

Thought Exercise

Via Gab.

A Comprehensive Guide To Right-Wing Hand Gestures

Ackshually, if it were truly comprehensive, it would include the gesture shown above as well.

American Chernobyl

Money quote:

…Commoners, the comrade class in the USSR and the Deplorables of flyover country, are the ones who grease the wheels of civilization and keep it functioning. They are more than satisfactory as cannon fodder and as dependents of The State, but in the eyes of the ruling classes they are disposable. In the aftermath of the explosions at Chernobyl nearly three quarters of a million souls were used like donkeys to rid the world of the radioactive debris, to tunnel underneath the core itself to prevent further contamination of the water table and to relocate their fellow citizens, often against their will while the heads of state continued to spin their fantasies of a controlled situation.

And that is our present situation today in America, where our betters have sold us out to foreign interests, undermined our history and culture in order to usher in a utopian fantasy that they neither believe in, nor practice while we suffer in a simmering silence, filled with righteous indignation, on the verge of a meltdown of equal proportions to that of April 26th, 1986…


Don’t buy anything that the mass media and the USG is saying.

Think for yourself.

An Alternative Take

What if The Doom never comes?

Get and stay fit.

Be a Builder, not a Destroyer.

Laugh at the sons-of-bitches.

Enjoy the show.

Globohomo Tracking Devices

It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?

Totally legit.

This is ClownWorld.

Meet The New ATF Boss Nominee

Same as the old boss.

On QAnon

Can you handle reality?

Many can’t.

No one is coming to rescue you.

And the Bad People plan to (further) enslave you.

At best.

GoV: Samizdat In The Age Of Digital Totalitarianism

The PTB want to control everything meaningful that is thought and (especially) said.

Sod them right in the ear.

Be a badthinker.

Help spread badthink.

Help make other badthinkers.

Remember Solzhenitsyn’s advice in this article.

And whatever you do, do not underestimate the seriousness of your enemies.

They really do want to silence, disarm, disenfranchise, rob, and kill you and your family.

Buppert: Why Glock? Part I

Insights from over 170,000 rounds.

One other factor (albeit non-shooting): A standard Glock, 2 spare mags, a practical holster, and 100 rounds of good ammo is a store of value, due to its fungible nature, inherent utility, and (relative) scarcity.

Invest your Globohomo funbux accordingly.

Life Under Communism

For both lesser and greater mammals.



Secret cabals.


Right, Frank?