A Most Excellent Plan

Cory Booker: Gun Buyers Will Have to Sit and Chat With a Government Informant/Spy Before Buying Guns; Will Institute Mandatory “Buy-Back,” Won’t Say If People Will Be Jailed for Noncompliance


The best part?

The local Uniparty caucus members and other pawns of the apparat have no idea what is about to hit them.

What a time to be alive.

55 responses to “A Most Excellent Plan

  1. godhelpus

    Never in a million years. I don’t give a shit what law they pass.

    • Actually we need an aggressive approach to end the epidemic of negro violence in our country. There. Fixed it for ya.

      • Grenadier1


        • Unreal, huh? All the time, effort and money spent on 13% of the population just to keep them from burning down the hives. Seems to me it would be more cost effective to repatriate or neutralize the problem.

      • Seriously! Start talking about the enormous rates of “gun violence” among negroes. Propose banning gun ownership among negroes. See the left’s infatuation with gun control wane.

        • NorthGunner

          And who is standing behind Corey in the shadows
          tirelessly working decade after decade to disarm

          Could it be the same sort of people that recently made
          this statement about America?

          “”We are a Jewish nation that will stand tall. We will not let anyone or anything take us down. Terrorism like this will not take us down,”
          — Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, Congregation Chabad.

          “Jewish nation”??…fuck that shit – This is America, NOT israel!!

          Talk about that ‘shooting’ being damn convenient both politically
          and socially…smells like a fucking false flag op to me!

          And for the record it was communist jews that set up the
          NAACP to intentionally foster a sense of victimhood and
          hatred of American whites..and the ADL was created after
          a jewish factory manager was found guilty of raping and
          murdering an underage gentile girl and trying to fram the
          black factory janitor for his crimes….the ADL NEVER
          removed any word of unreservedly defending the convicted
          rapist and murderer…never forget that!

          Of course, those deep in the throws of indoctrination and
          propaganda will find it very difficult to break free of their
          cognitive dissonance to see and know the truth.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • In Chicago, nearly 95% of all shootings are committed by Blacks. I think the city is about 50% black.

      • His IQ is in the low double digits and how he ever made it to congress remains a mystery. Then again, there’s lot of really stupid people out there and if it wasn’t for voter fraud the democrats wouldn’t make it to the bus, much less the ball park.

      • Actually we need an aggressive approach to end the epidemic of nigger violence in ‘Murka. There. Fixed it for ya.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          You’d best hope that your future death squads never unionize, or the overtime they’re going to be required to put in will bankrupt the galaxy.

          • Not so much, Jimmy.
            Only if, like Chicongo voters, they still paid them after they’re dead.

            The life expectancy for anyone enforcing Fartacus’ fever-swamp dreams of ass-raping the Bill of Rights would be measured in seconds after the third or fourth outing.

            By Tuesday noon, they’d be out of not only cops, but troops too.

            And when the pendulum swings the other way, Madame Guillotine rules for the rest of that month. Then Fartacus would end up hanging on a crossbar just like his cinematic namesake. History and the survivors alike would laugh at the irony.

            This nonsense is just red meat for the 60-IQ base.
            While Fartacus would like to enact his moronic fantasy slate, there are still enough old pols in the DNC that remember the debacle of 1994, and what caused it, so it’s never going to happen again.

            The Uniparty in DC knows promises are for the idiots, never meant to be kept. Keeping them is what happens in Venezuela, and also why it is what it is today.

            But even making them should still be grounds for that final tumbrel cart ride for the perpetrators. The only good thing is that they’d dropped all pretense of “we’re not coming for your guns”, and are now enthusiastically stating that’s exacty what they’re about.

            Okay, Leftards.
            Call that toss in the air.

            • Aesop, they pay them after they’re dead, because they vote after they’re dead!

  2. An imagined Con-man Booker presidency has NO hope in hell of stopping face-to-face gun sales/trades amongst individuals. Period. With OVER 300 million weapons in circulation, he’s schitt outta luck with his scheme….

  3. another POS so common on the amerikan scene.

    i don’t want to live with them and they don’t want to live with me, so let’s divide this nation. get it over with. i am very tired of all the daily bullshit.

    • Fuck that. this is our country. they don’t like us or our freedom. they can get the fuck out! Africa is wide open.

  4. Tic Toc, Mother Fucker!


  5. My Cache isn’t about me…
    It’s for Future Americans.
    FU Booger!

  6. Berglander

    Clown lives r cheep.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s always good to see a politician openly campaign on a platform of sedition.

  8. We need some more thin blue line punisher window stickers for this one.

    CA – sent you comms

  9. Go fuck yourself, you ignorant low iq nigger!

  10. robroysimmons

    The Chins and cartels will fill in the supply chain, these guns will first go to outright outlaws and then filter down to their family and friends leaving Haxo’s Cosmics in the crosshairs.

    As our empire and power crumbles even foreign intel agencies will get involved as turnabout is unfair play.

  11. Come take my guns in person you black faggot.

  12. GUN violence is almost always nigga violence, because violent niggas.

  13. Apollyon

    “Booker’s proposal would, among other things, force Americans to have a sit-down interview with a federal government employee in order to purchase a firearm.”

    Federal Employee: “So dirt person, tell me why you would like to purchase a firearm. I mean, you know like, why does anyone need that?”

    Dirt Person: “You’re currently protected by one of those firearms. I would like to have such protection as well.”

    Fed: “Except it’s not me who owns that firearm, it is the security who does, and they are approved and have qualifications and licensing.”

    Dirt: “Yes, and I would like that for me as well.”

    Fed: “But you’re not security.”

    Dirt: “Yah you know what, you’re right. This is a pointless debate. I cannot actually “rationally” (Dirt person makes actual quotation marks in the air with his fingers, because this is the furthest thing from a rational debate) justify to your standards why I should have a firearm.”

    Fed: “OK Mr. Dirt, I am gla…”

    Dirt: “I want a firearm so that I can shoot you, and all of those like you. That’s the reason. I want to head shot you at 200 yards, and I want to execute you on your knees with a tap to the back of the head, and I want to shoot you center of mass as you run toward me, and I just basically want to kill you and all those like you and a firearm makes it both easy and fun.”

    Someone needs to remind these idiots…that American’s own firearms for one ultimate and fundamental reason only: so that they can kill politicians with them.

    Leftists seem to have some strange ideas about why American’s own firearms. Or perhaps they fully know why, and that’s a problem for them. In any case, let’s repeat:

    Americans own firearms so that they can kill politicians with them…and whoever is allied with said politicians of needed killing.

    The purpose of firearms is to kill politicians.

    Firearms are not for hunting game to eat as that’s not necessary anymore. Firearms are not simply for target practice at the range for sake of some tradition. The purpose of firearms is even hardly for self-defense against another citizen. Again:


    We should all really be quite up front about that.

  14. the Usual Suspect

    Another pole smoker trying to be a big man.

  15. St.Maur1066

    I’m sorta picturing a gallow and the lever that trips open the trap door, yeah, that lever has a horn on it………….. HONK HONK!

  16. “Let’s not exaggerate what this is,” Booker said. “This is actually really simple. We do it for passports, we do it for TSA pre-check, we do it for people that are driving cars.”

    As a measure of the dysfunction of the supremely dysfunctional FUSA, he’s NOT actually talking about Voter ID.

  17. Old Gray Wolf

    ANYBODY who feels groggy, just jump already. Come and get it. I love moving targets anyway. Quit the endless bloviating with fake statistics and outright lies, take off that mask that covers nothing to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and let’s get with it. Booger, grab a gun from one of those orcs and let’s sort this out. You and me. Fuck all you useful idiots in your suits and all your idiotic ideas. Start this shit, and expect it to come crashing through your own doors.

    There will be no immunity for the suits when we do an end run around the orcs and deal with the disease before the symptoms. You maniacs better hope to whatever you place faith in that you never get anything you want, because getting it will bring the whirlwind you will wish you never spawned. May it carry you, your supporters, and all your shitty ideas away to that unmarked grave so well deserved by traitorous scum like yourselves.

    The sight of yon scum swinging from lampposts as they twist in the wind and rot in the sun is the fondest of wishes and has me smiling whenever I think of it, and they are absolutely stupid enough to create conditions where such a fine thing could be achieved. How fortuitous.

    On second thought, Booger, carry on. Keep waking up more folks. Run your yap, spew your ideas, intensify the hate. Kill all hope of peace. Oh, please do. Poke the bear, stupid. One more time, as many times as it takes. Infuriate the awake, and jab the sleeping to consciousness in a way that I never could. The result will be impressive, count on it. Keep up the good work.

  18. johnnyreb

    I’ll take “Things that ain’t never fuking going to happen for $2000 Alex”

  19. All you guys daring Cory Booker to come get it on and take your guns, just remember: he’s never going to do it himself.

    He’s going to hire white men to do it. He will hire tatted, ripped white cops who are veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq to staff the gun confiscation SWAT teams, and pay them handsomely. And they will do it, too, because they get their rocks off fucking people up, they get their rocks off having a badge, and because “it’s the LAW.”

    All he has to do is call you a “domestic terrorist” for having an unregistered gun, and — BINGO! — you’ll see a thousand cop dicks get hard at the prospect of shooting you, shooting your dog, dragging your screaming, naked wife out of bed at gunpoint, and getting a commendation for it.

    Not to mention twenty-and-out with an obscene pension…

    • He’s right, you know

    • Yep – and that will last as long as said cops find out they have no family to go home to, or their dog has been shot while they were away kicking down doors, or when they find they can no longer safely go out for donuts, or grocery shopping or anywhere in public at all. Payback is a bitch and there are still more of us than them.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Bingo. And as I stated previously, all we gotta do is survive initial contact, and go to the source thereafter. Or in a perfect world, go to the top because someone else got hit, like it should be. Human nature being what it is, making sure they don’t get your stuff(or you) in the initial smash and grab should be the plan, as your neighbor or some dude you know over the internet are super likely to do less than nothing for you, especially if it has any risk at all to it. Make your list, prep for being off the rez, and have a plan for getting things done when it becomes appropriate. A few trusted friends well chosen aren’t a bad thing, but be prepared to work alone. At the end of the day, you will probably be all you got.

    • oughtsix

      Professor Raoul X,

      There are not now, nor will there ever be, enough “tatted, ripped white cops etc etc” to kick down enough doors to make a tiny dent in the total of guns and their owners… neither before, and certainly not after, there are not enough of them left to even contemplate continuing such a “mission.”

      Dead men collect no pensions, not that there will be money to pay them in twenty years.

      You cowardly fuckwads should stick your heads back up your nethers and stfu.

      Or go on to Africa with the Booker Brigade.

    • This.

      Yup. Most of the “muh constitoooooshun” crowd love the thin blue line so it’ll be pretty easy.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Wrong. Folks are learning, and there are enough who won’t sit still for it to put a stop to any confiscation program, pronto. And put a stop to the makers of same. There will be more, the longer this goes. Booger and those like him are already screwed, it’s just a matter of whether they become irrelevant before they become fertilizer. And that mostly depends on whether they get what they think they want.

        The idiots are sitting on a modern country with enough guns(at least) in private hands to outfit EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD with a firearm, and they think they will just have us turn them all in, even though such efforts already tried have shown zero success. We will simply say, “No. Your move.”, and wait to see what they do next. And then they will either tuck tail and go home, or we will kill them. Gonna be a long time yet before they have a population that is just going to do as they are told. We ain’t peasants. Or blind. If they get what they want, it will kill them. Pure and simple.

    • Yes, and what you’re describing IS THE TRAP…FOR THEM, not us.

      You get that, right?

      No, no you don’t.

  20. ChuckInBama

    But not all those tatted orcs are gonna make it to twenty-and -out. Some won’t make it to end of shift. Some won’t make it to end of raid. Then, those tatted, ‘roided-up dumbasses will decide that the politicians are the soft target, and turn that way. Who needs a pension when you can take all you want from those dead politicians?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This is the real argument.

      I only have lead and steel.

      The politicians have women, dope, gold, and silver.

      Kill them. Take their shit.

      They have much better guns too.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Don’t expect orcs to turn on the handlers. That where the feed comes from. And don’t plan for fighting the orcs at your door, that will just get you dead. There ain’t enough of us to be trading one for one, or even one for four or five. Keep nothing critical at home, have and execute a plan to be elsewhere when the orcs visit, and if that doesn’t work(it really needs to), play the cowering sheep until they leave with what they thought was your stuff. You gotta live past the initial assault, and run amuck in their rear if you want to be effective at all. Fight them at home, and if you are really effective(kill more than one) they will simply use a robot to blast you to hell or burn the house with you in it. Hard to do that to them if you are dead. We bad thinkers are going to have to “elevate” our thinking if we hope to be more than a footnote…

  21. AND I QUOTE,“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”
    And lemme tell ya, he had the list… he rattled off 25 or 30 names of well-known, prominent politicians, mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans, several members of the current Cabinet, a couple of Obama’s “czars”, a couple of figures from the Bush administration and the Republican establishment, several media company executives and on-camera newscasters, reporters, and pundits, a couple of people who are active in leftist politics but not in elected office… he had obviously thought about this to some degree already.”

  22. Boys and girls,

    Mercenaries always know two things, which for them, are the Prime Directives:
    You can’t collect if you’re dead.
    You can’t collect if the client is dead.

    The sort of gun control espoused by Fartacus and his minions violates both those core tenets, with rapidity and certainty, which is why the enthusiasm for such horseshit runs at a steady and exact 0%, even in Chicongo, NYFC, Bahstun, Detroitistan, and San Franshitsco, to this very day, and always will, especially amongst the JBTs voted Most Likely To Get Shot In The Face For Trying It.

    The thought of 20M Dorners would make runny shit run down half the trouser legs in police HQs from coast to coast.
    The other half would likely be on Team Dorner, especially the farther out in the countryside of flyover territory you got from libtard bastions.

    Never. Going. To. Happen.
    And if ever foolishly started, over in about an hour, due to lack of interest by the survivors.

    This is just Fartacus, setting himself on fire politically, to draw some pittance of a crowd, before he’s predictably primaryed out, along with 15 other politcal dwarf lackwits.
    He’s polling at what now, 3%? Less?


    There are only three actual contenders at this point.
    Commie Sanders.
    Gropey Joe.
    Shrillary Not-Running-Yet Cankles.
    (And one more gin-soaked face plant in public, and she’s done forever.)
    The rest are just there to fill out the diversity bean card.
    One, maybe two, of them may make it to the semi-finals.

    Stop worrying. It’s too early.
    Stock up on beverages, chips, and popcorn.

  23. Have to sit with a gov’t spy to obtain a gun? This is nothing new. I had to do this with the police chief of the town I applied to for a pistol permit. Not a CCW permit, just a plain old permit to purchase/possess a handgun. This was 1975 in the people’s republic of Massachusetts. After filing and submitting pics and prints I met with the chief in his office for our “talk” about why I wanted the permit. I gave the reason of wanting to go target shooting with the old man and such, never invoked the 2nd amendment or anything about “rights” because this would’ve killed it right there. The chief was nice enough and I left. Got the permit 30 days later. I self deported outta MA in 1990 for a southern location and am truly blessed to have a tight close circle of friends in our AO and the liberty to blaze away with my firearms in my backyard. BTW, fuck you Booker. Just fuck you.