Aesop: Ebola Updates

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Yeah, and it’s all just another accident of nature.
    Interesting how many died, exactly 100 yrs ago.

    • NorthGunner

      “Interesting how many died, exactly 100 yrs ago.”

      Between the influenza epidemic or the manufactured terror/torture/starvation courtesy of the communist jews in addition to the best parts of European manhood being cast into the Mobark that was WW1 instigated by the globohomo internationalist jews and the subsequent intentional starvation of German civilians by British naval blockade AFTER the ‘end of hostilities’?…take your pic.

      As Mal said in “Serenity”, “I’ll go with WRATH!”
      A nice length of sharpened steel puncturing a internationalist’s well as his or her liver and lower intestines is a most reassuring vision imho….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner

        And note to the noobs regarding cadaver processing/removal where Ebola is the cause of death or suspected:

        Do NOT use a pressure washer to ‘decontaminate’ the site!

        Do NOT use a mobark to process the cadaver!

        Remember that a working flamenwerfer IS your friend; have plenty of fuel to keep your friend happy, Ja?

        Do not taunt the “Happy Fun Ball”;especially if it’s projectile vomiting!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • NorthGunner

            Yep, unless one lucks into a functional Vietnam era
            flammenwerfer, the XL18 is just the ticket (hope the
            good folks that created it are working on an ‘improved
            model’ with even greater range and extended fuel
            capacity/’burn time’).

            Coolest thing one can get for enjoyment without
            shelling out mega bucks for a NFA tax stamp!

            Btw, does anyone know if either Maxipad Waters, Cory
            Booker or Kamala Harris enjoy bushmeat?…..

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

            • DWEEZIL THE WEASEL

              NG: To answer your question, Maxine, Cory, and Kamala will be running for their lives. With all of those high-dollar Think Tanks and other Remoras who inhabit Mordor-On-The-Potomac, I do not doubt for a second that an outbreak scenario has already been gamed and planned for. The elite will be heading for their protected bolt-holes in remote areas of Amerika or abroad as soon as Ebola Patient Zero becomes Ebola Patient 100 at any major Blue Hive hospital. The culling will be horrific. Bleib ubrig.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                Yup, there’s a lot of those traitors with hideouts in Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, Whitefish, etc. Should be a target rich environment for those that can get past the contractors.

  2. Bonaventure

    I guess this could’ve gone under the recent ‘books to read’ post, but this appears to be more apropos here in order to understand what’s coming: The Stand (unabridged) by Stephen King.

    Unfortunately, based upon some of the commenters here over the past many moons, methinks there will be more than one ‘Walking Dude’ when Eeeeebohlah hits.

    • I recently came across a copy of The Stand, I’m rereading it. As to Ebola here, the southern border is non-existent, now Laredo, Texas has people from the Congo and other ebola zones in custody. They’ve been quarantined for now but who knows how many others made it across and into the cities? The autorities keep them for 21 days, but as Aesop states, the incubation can last for up to 40 days. Also, checking for fever isn’t reliable as some of the infected never had a fever until too late.

      If ebola gets into the homeless populations then kiss your ass goodbye, the do-gooder libs and dems will wring their hands about letting in the illegals, giving them sanctuary with no thought to disease transmission.

      Measles is now prevalent in the US and Europe, think it came from anti-vaccine folk? Nope, it came from the massive influx of third world unvetted illegals. I intend to top off the preps, just in case. Nothing may happen, but I prep for insurance, not certainty of event happenstance.

  3. kypartisan

    fun fact: The only known AIRBORNE Ebola outbreak was in Reston Virginia. killed all the monkeys at the research lab and infected a few scientists. luckily the Reston strain only infects humans as carriers. if it had be fully infectious though…..

    • that was SHF ( simian hemorrhagic fever ) and USAMRIID was eventually called in, and dispatched PFC-1’s to capture, euthanize, and hermetically seal the facility. Info to the peasants of Reston ? Z E R O

      the ‘airborne’ v droplet discussion is BS, dispensed by eejots like Lil’ Moishe Freiden when he was the inepticon director of CDC. Droplet vectors will infect and yes, after incubation period you will become symptomatic and likely die. And yes, PubHealth ranks are chock-full of retards. Here in NM, during the Dallas ShitShow, a woman presented at the local UNMHER ( University New Mexico) with symptoms and was allowed to walk freely about the facility … before she was released. Oh ! … BTW, she had just returned from an extended vacay in perpetual turd-circling-theBowl Afreaka. Apparently, the question “have you been to Africa ?” was Einstein-level intake protocol, especially after Ebola had kited in.

      Best advice ? … avoid crowds. Stay at home. Some Patient Zero, or multiples, will eventually arrive, unintentionally or intentionally. Hospitals are already supermarkets for disease agents, and more Vibrancy arrives daily to the clue-free shores of al-Amerikwa. That same UNM Hospital ? … tolerates “smoke ceremonies” in ICU for aboriginals, and long-sleeves for pislamic staff. Additional horror stories are too numerous.

      Prepare Accordingly.

  4. real glad i’m on an island and have NO close neighbors. gates, obstacles, natural boundaries, lots of ammo, easily a years worth of staples and supplies… all is well in tfA-t land.

    let the dying begin and wipe-out all worthless life. 🙂

    so says tfA-t

    • The reds will still get you. One will proclaim to
      Be more arrogant then you are and such a claim will smoke you out of your hole for the challenge.

    • kekistantrans

      You said you own a bar on the island.
      Who delivers your groceries and booze?
      Do the other persons on your island go to the mainland?
      Do any of the ladies you have spent time with been with other men who have gone off the island?
      Might want to check out the reach of the “Spanish Flu” pandemic that occurred 100 years ago, how it got to even remote places in Alaska, in a time before highways and mass automobiles and air travel..
      I myself would like something big to happen to shake up things and give a whole lot of people a reality check about how good we have had it and how bad it could really get.
      But I also also that once a fire (or pandemic) starts it doesn’t stop when and where you want it to, it keeps going until it runs out of fuel (or bodies).
      Be careful what you wish for and all that.

      • i own the place

        i don’t work there


      • Pure gold. Yea the supply line delivers everything.

        My money’s on tee buying bootlegged booze, from Canada, pays his crew cash.

        His last ten years of taxes show bigger losses the Trumps.



  5. Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:
    Disturbing Read, as well it should be…a Klaxon Alarm for all of us with ears to hear.

  6. lookit these stooppit Whites, trying

    to save niggers from Ebola-chan.

    stoppit, Aesop, lest Ebola-chan

    becomes angry with U and comes calling.

    time for Aesop to get back to his good old daze:


  7. Berglander

    Glad that ebola’s biggest reason for spreading is the idiotic burial practices of retarded Africans. Travel to the next village to kiss and hug your dead cousin who has blood leaking from all orifices. 21 days later…
    It’s transmission vectors are not problematic for people who understand germ theory and quarantine.

    • A.B Prosper

      You might ask the people in Dallas about that if you dared get close to them given they are still contagious and will be for life.

      These were trained medical personnel with an Ebola ready quarantine area who knew what they were doing.

      Ebola gets loose in clown world, we are done.

      And note it doesn’t have to infect very many people to end society. A few infections, people stop showing up to work and our bullshit just in time supply chains fall apart

      Given this is Ebola the military and police will not enforce “must show up laws” since they fear infection too.

      How many is too many case wise is not something I want to know.

      I’d listen to Aesop frankly and put in extra supplies as having a plan, even a half rate is better than nothing.

  8. This Ebola is something that needs everybodies attention. The hang time is spooky.

    Did I read this right, squirrels and other rodents within the US are natural carriers?

    Lucky for us no airports within a 100 miles. ” other then crop dusters” One leg of the triangle gone.

    Still spooky stuff.

    Aesop, could you consider doing a piece on prevention, what equipment can be used to isolate this killer. Masks, one piece hooded suits etc etc.


    • are rodents carriers ?

      NM State Epidemiologist got on air years back and stated that Ha’anta Virus ( nasty pulmonary hemorrhagic syndrome, hi lethality ) was not a problem for locales below 7000′, since the ‘nominal’ vector [deer mouse] was not found at altitudes lower. Folks including health long-distance runners had been getting sick and dropping dead 2 days later. Oops ! an outbuilding at the Albuquerque Petroglyph Center, run by fed forest service bureau, was contaminated by HV. It sits at 5600 and change. But ! How ?! The Epidemiologist Savant had said it’s unpossible ?

      I guess PubHealth dolts have never heard of hawks, roadrunners, or snakes … which might lunch on po wittle mousies. And then move about.

      BTW … the outbuilding still stands, and insects and other fauna can still access the building and its’ surrounds.

      When you hear PubHealth mouthpieces speak, think dum + Lies. Always. We’re from the CDC and we’re here to mismanage

      • OD, thank you, I’m aware of that mouse strain. Even recall a story many years ago about a young native american and his bride, he died, she made it. Was thinking that was AZ, NM works for me.

        Frankly this shit worries me. OIT on the ranch the well houses, and several of the hunting cabins have mouse droppings in them. We tried ” foaming all observed holes cracks, little fuckers still get in.

        In our cabin, I leave 2.1/2 gallons of bleach inside the front door with a mop. Sop equipment.


        • Mr. D …. use ‘Acidic Bleach’

          6Q water 1C bleach 1.5C white vinegar
          mix in non-metallic container, well ventilated site
          use in spray bottles to clean enviro surfaces, no residue, no smell
          makes an expedient / effective hand cleaner
          shallow trays at doors [mud rooms ?] to step in/clean footware

          acid destroys cell coat/mantle of even the most virulent sporulating bugs [anthrax as example], and allows the oxidizing agent to do it’s thing

          • OD, thank you. I’ll give it a try.


          • Pat Umaporn

            Well ventilated is an understatement. Mixing chlorine and vinegar (acetic acid) produce free chlorine gas, sodium acetate, and water. The cited proportions might be safe but gloves and mask might be a good idea.

        • NorthGunner

          Yep, Hantavirus is another nasty bitch to
          deal with…

          True story: When I was a prison guard back in the
          day in Northern Arizona, a good number of inmates
          thought it was cute to start having the mice come
          into their cells..they fed them and partially domesticated
          them (taught them how to take attached packets of
          ‘whatever’ from one cell to another..not thinking that we
          were watching them). Then a memo came out from
          the onsite Med. personel to them about the dangers
          of Hantavirus…should have seen the utter chaos on
          the cellblock floors as the inmates were madly trying to
          evict their former ‘little buddies’ asap and screaming
          for bleach, water and soap..over 50+ mice running
          around the floor trying to get back into the cells with
          the inmates trying to block their return and screaming
          to their neighbors not to kill them in their cells because
          “that could set the huntavirus free!”.

          They didn’t take them in as pets afterwards…..

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • HOST RANGE: Humans, various monkey species, chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, and duikers. The Ebola virus genome was recently discovered in two species of rodents and one species of shrew living in forest border areas, raising the possibility that these animals may be intermediary hosts. Other studies of the virus have been done using guinea pig models. A survey of small vertebrates captured during the 2001 and 2003 outbreaks in Gabon found evidence of asymptomatic infection in three species of fruit bat.

      IOW: Bats, rats, monkeys, small apes, and people.
      That we know of.

    • Prevention/Equipment:
      Long, boring version
      Donning Gear

      Removing Gear

      Short, simple version
      a) deploy concertina around entire perimeter
      “Trespass Here, Die Here” cardboard sign optional, but recommended
      b) explain politely to anyone attempting to cross concertina barrier that they will be shot in the face with buckshot if they try
      c) open fire, as necessary
      d) set remains, dead or alive, on fire
      e) lather, rinse, repeat

      Cost breakdown:
      Long Approach
      PPE: several hundred dollars of expendable gear, per use.
      Plus ability/facilities to destroy contaminated PPE after use.

      Simple Approach
      Buckshot rounds: $1@ at most sporting goods stores.
      Rem 870/Mossberg 500: +/- $400-500, once, NIB.
      Concertina: $60 per 50′ roll
      Gasoline: $2.50-$4/gallon

      The reader is encouraged to decide which approach is more sensible.

      This concludes your entire Ebola protection/prevention briefing.

      • Aesop, thank you. I’m at VA Reno for two days of testing. I’m going to ask for all this stuff. Their is an up side, going to Willy Nelson at GSR Friday night.

        Pete would you consider making this list a hard point in the left column?


    • NorthGunner

      “Did I read this right, squirrels and other rodents within the US are natural carriers?

      Lucky for us no airports within a 100 miles. ” other then crop dusters” One leg of the triangle gone.”

      Just think how overjoyed you’ll be when you see some local
      scumoli from Shitanistan or Shietriea walking down the street
      happily chewing on some squirrel or other local rodent with a IQ 70+/-
      dopey yet happy downie baby smile because he or she has it
      made by scoring some local ‘bushmeat’ and it reminds them
      of ‘home’..and they then glare at you with the ‘what are you
      looking at white devil that I will enjoy killing and eating’ stare.
      And then he or she shambles off with a gurgling cough and
      the shakes….

      Oh, and 3 new kebab shops just opened up downtown…..

      If such ‘enhancers of diversity’ are NOT yet in your AO never
      fear…HIAS will gift your ‘backwards community’ with such in
      due time.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NG, ain’t but 30 niggers here, maybe 12 sand niggers. All long term folk. Two gas stations, the rest are porch apes, living off the system.

        Sadly I’ve seen many a ” Urban Camper” eating skunk raccoon, carp, eagle Raven golden eagle etc etc, down at the hobo camps. Only time we see em in numbers is when their headed out to burning man.

        Their not on my list, but I’m betting their on someone’s list. Sorry to here your place is getting infected.

        Tic Toc.

        • NorthGunner

          No, thankfully my AO as of this point has NOT
          been ‘culturally enriched’ by HIAS or any other

          Still just the whites, indians, mexicans and
          mezstitsos here..getting along as well as
          can be expected. Throw in a batch of
          shitholeans from Shitcanistan..the locals
          would NOT be ‘ga-ga’….

          Not saying that it won’t happen but definitely
          keeping my ears and eyes alert where such
          is the case.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. kekistantrans

    Baltimore TV anchor ousted after backlash to question about ‘female, African American mayors’

    WJZ says anchorwoman Mary Bubala is out in wake of her question about race, gender of recent Baltimore mayors

    WJZ-TV anchor Mary Bubala got ousted for saying this.

    “We’ve had three female, African American mayors in a row,” Bubala said while speaking with Loyola University Maryland professor Karsonya Whitehead. “They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?”

    So you can’t even bring up certain subjects asking reasonable questions if your question concerns black persons.

    Maybe we need a good cleansing. Something that will kill a whole lot of stupid people and leave a relatively few smart, self-sufficient and isolated survivors to restart things properly.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Not maybe. It is probably our best option. Which tells one just how bad a spot we are in as a society.

    • kekistantrans


      Not out of hate, but out of a sense of justice.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Maybe we need a good cleansing.”

      There’s a huge difference between cleansing and slate-wiping, though. If 80% of your population suddenly dies, there isn’t going to be much left to “restart” anything. Also, something that lethal won’t really just take the stupid and leave the smart – it will take just about everyone, and leave the lucky.

      The survivors are going to understand what Long John Silver meant by “Them that die’ll be the lucky ones!” The second, third, fourth, etc. order aftereffects of a mass die-off would make pretty short work of the survivors.

      The Black Death nearly turned out the lights, and that only got between 33% and 50% of the population. Yeah, it *eventually* resulted in the Renaissance, but there’s no guarantee that the same thing results a second time around.

  10. jaquebauer

    EBOLA is the disease that nature created to depopulate an overpopulated shit hole of diseased human vermin. Planet Earth and the large brained humans would be a better place in every way if Africa was depopulated of all humans. It will take hard choices but to stem the world overpopulation, disease and famine Africa is the place to start.