Mosby: Campfire Chat

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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    There is A LOT of crap gear in the world.

    I buy a mix of both.

    Typically military Surplus.

    FYI, open carry holsters are good, but in the woods you want something that completely covers you pistol.

    The 60 dollar Bianchi Beretta holsters U.S. Military holsters are probably what you want in a grid down.

    Or use what ever the police use.

    Which is a huge mix of things.

    I admit, I never humped my condor plate carriers any real distance.

    Do the shoulder straps break? I am going to cut the handles off so nobody tries and dies using it.

    FYI, If you see someone get shot and go down, You really shouldn’t run over to their position.

    The two IDF frontier soldiers who were recently critically injured by a terrorist sniper are probably thinking that right now.

    • Charley Waite

      good call on the Bianchi. Particularly if you have a Beretta 92/M9 for SHTF

    • dmv gringo

      Medics have to make an attempt.
      You know what an Infranty company
      (worth a damn) will do to a line medic
      they believe to be worthless or untrustworthy.

  2. Calling Hexo,,,,,, just read your patrol report. Outstanding. I’m amused. I’m hoping the ” olive oils” not rancid.

    Other then your hating, you amuse me.


    • hate clouds clear thought.

      hating Jews/shabbatz goyim makes no more sense

      than hating scorpions and fleas.

      Haxo’s views, like Al Liquori’s and other race-realists who comment here, are based on overwhelming facticity

      and geometric logic.

      You, like you “anti-hate” SJW soulmates…are projecting.


    I still have my set of canvas TA-50 gear which was my door prize upon exit from active duty in 1971. Along with that, I appropriated a few other party favors such as the wooden-handled E-tool which I still use for gardening purposes, after which it is cleaned, sharpened, and oiled.
    Holsters are another matter. Since I still carry wheel guns, mine are leather with thumb snaps and are worn attached to the outside of the belt. The pocket .38 resides in a durable pocket holster. I do not do nylon or synthetics, if I can help it. I am a dinosaur.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Leather is great.

      In many respects, every textile has its pro’s and cons.

      Leather is easy to repair. IMHO. Or at too.

      Those synthetic impregnated leathers are also top gear.

      I’m 30 and I use leathers all the time.

  4. dmv gringo

  5. D the W I’m with you. If it ain’t leather it Ain’t shit. Own leather holsters 40 years old now, still in like new condition, as comfortable as a set of good leather boots. IWB /OWB.

    All high end stuff, for the day.

    not knocking kydex, just not for me. Nuts bolts come loose. Im pretty sure that’s what blue loctites for. Most don’t bother doing the preventative work.

    Kydex holsters are like Horus Scopes Never been to a class where one didn’t go tits up.

    Spoke with one of my old sniper instructors Friday. He’s telling me that at the last three advanced police sniper schools the Vorxex Gen II high end scopes are failing.

    I’d called him two years ago with a problem with one of mine. Couldn’t dial come ups, past 800y. Turrent would feel like it was dialing up, but for some reason was topped out at 800 ish Yards. Shot a box drill at 100y, tracked perfect.

    Took the scope apart re tightened everything etc etc. from 100 y 1/2 groups, to 800y and the fucker stopped again. Anyway Jeff and Kyle both had not heard of this issue. Nor had Vortex. At least they didn’t admit the issue then

    Friday Jeff calls me and told me three Vortex Scopes duplicated my problem in the middle of this high end sniper school. All had high bullet counts on the rifle/scope combo. Jeff asked how I fixed it, I said easy, I put a Schmidt and Bender PMII back on it.

    I’ve got a call into Vortex this morning trying to determine what the fix is. I’m thinking a rebuild or a new scope. Problem is mines rattle canned camo for my area. ” no paint didn’t get into shit” .

    Anybody else experiencing this issue with the Gen II high end vortex scopes?


  6. Berglander

    The surplus stores in Alaska are fantastic-the infantry brigade up there apparently gets issued a bunch of stuff from Tactical Tailor-every time I’m up that way I come home with a couple hundred dollar’s worth of miscellaneous pouches from the $5 bins.
    I stick with ESSTAC, HSGI, Tactical Tailor, and Eagle for the most part. Also, watch the sales-I was able to pick up a TT Tahoma ruck in MC for $140 last Thanksgiving. Mated it to a 1606-AC frame and pad set from down east and all set. Later,, I replaced the waist belt on it and my MALICE ruck with the TT Ergo Super belt. I like that belt well above and beyond the original TT Super belt.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Have been collecting milsurp gear since the 1960’s, when shit was .25 to $1 ea! Kept my old 782 gear from the 1970’s also. And have added to that ever since. Blackhawk war belt with USMC mag pouches, Bianchi/G-Code holsters, BOK, RAT-3, and dump pouch.
      Can’t tell you how many folks I know who own shitloads of guns, including AR/AK’s, and they just refuse to stock up on belts and mag pouches. Owning 10 AR’s and AK’s is great, but accumulating more than a handful of mags and support gear evades them.
      They’ve never had to go out and live for weeks on end in the bush, so the designated purpose of that equipment is lost on them. Just stuff it in a range bag seems good enough. Same goes for cleaning equip’t too. Tried to explain why they need it, but it falls on deaf ears. Not high on list of priorities when you need new iphones or golf clubs.

      • Berglander

        Yeah, having to buy a bunch of new mag pouches is one of the major roadblocks that keeps me from venturing away from the AR platform. I wouldn’t be comfortable having a CETME without having a dedicated 7.62 rig for it.

    • Forestar

      Can you elaborate on the specific stores in Alaska? In Anchorage?

      Thank you.

      • Berglander

        907 Surplus. There’s one in Anchorage, one in Fairbanks, and one in Wasilla. There are bins of OD, BDU, DCU, ACU, and OCP/MC pouches; and they’re labeled “All OD pouches $7 this bin” and such. The one in Wasilla was where I really scored last time; Anchorage the time before that.

  7. Unreconstructed Fenian

    Arc’teryx has some pants for $600..That’s what I think of, when I read about brands and such. Sometimes cheap gear is better than no gear at all.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There comes a point where you have to draw the line on overpriced gear. None of us have an unlimited fedgov credit card to purchase with.
      Bought a new kayak last Sat in Jackson Hole at a swap sale, there were carbon fiber paddles for $475. The gear is worth it if you do it every day in whitewater, but for me $150 fiberglass paddle will work just fine.
      I own quality OR rain gear, along with a ton of milsurp stuff too. The OR is what I carry backpacking for it’s light weight, the milsurp gets used for other purposes like firewooding and work chores.
      You’re still better off with quality milsurp than Wallyworld Chinese shit.

    • Berglander

      I ain’t buyin’ no $600 pants.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      If you want to look like an FBI, DEA, or a USSS(Any federal triangle bro really)

      There is an Arc’terx store in DC right across the street.


      Plus don’t dress like an over paid Fed who think he works as a State Department big dick operator.

      Nobody who knows shit wears that stuff except the Granola munching limousine liberals in Utah and Colorado, and the Overpaid .gov clowns

      • Berglander

        No kidding-back in Kabul 2008 we were turning a source over to OGA. The guy we were going to give him to showed up in an orange North Face down jacket and looked like he was twelve. Like Marty McFly and his life preserver. Clown World even back them. Source refused to work with him, so we kept running him. Smart guy.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          I wouldn’t want to work with him either.

          An Orange Vest?

          For what? Duck Hunting?

    • FaCubeItches

      That’s the thing: “cheap” doesn’t always mean poor-quality. It usually means lower-quality, fewer bells and whistles, or a bit heavier/bulkier, but it doesn’t follow that it’s bad. Go with what works for you.

      • Grenadier1

        You are confusing “Cheap” for “Budget”.
        Budget is a lower cost, but of sufficient quality to get the job done.
        Cheap is shit, more than likely made in China.

        Know the difference.
        There are some very good Budget alternatives to high dollar gear. Especially for your replacement.
        My operating principle is buy the budget first, so I have capability, but then save for the Quality more expensive version. When that’s purchased the budget gets relegated to the back up slot or alternatively passed on to another.

        • FaCubeItches

          Cheap/cheaper/cheapest – it’s a comparative word regarding price. Though there is often some overlap between price and quality, there is a tendency to conflate cheaper price with lower quality (hence the slang usage of “cheap quality”, which is really a non sequitur), and that does not always follow.

  8. anonymous

    Amen on the flap holster comment by Johnny Paratrooper above. When you are carrying a load on your back and a rifle in your hand(s), your sidearm will be exposed to all sorts of materials because of your focus on maintaining balance and silence. An open holster is going to allow damage to occur to the sidearm. The hip flap or ‘tanker’s holster’ when worn under a coat is a good solution to that problem. Unless water immersion is called for – then you have better be paying attention to cleaning it out. Removing it altogether and placing in a duct tape reinforced zip lock container is recommended – even more if you have a bag within a bag for all sensitive materials.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We used to keep our 1911A1’s in a PRC-25 radio battery plastic bag, wrapped with a rubber band, inside a soggy leather hip holster. Rusted the hell out of them.
      I too like the new Bianchi M12/UM84 flapped nylon hip holster, when weather turns to shit during hunting season and it’s snowing like crazy it works great to keep my S&W 1006 covered. They fit a multitude of pistols also. The hip extender is nice if you’re wearing a big parka/rain jacket. Rest of the time I’m using a G-Code kydex.
      Weapons are going to get wet no matter what you do, the key is to get on them and clean/dry ASAP.

  9. I find the enthusiasm about equipment interesting…and amusing.
    There is a complete cluelessness about the antecedents of quasi-military action, such as actually contacting, vetting, and organizing a fucking SQUAD size force, let alone taking any action to the putative ‘enemy’.

    Dude(s), I get it..we’re pissed; we’ve been shit on; ‘We’ (the royal ‘we’ used because of the intra-fighting here) see what is coming and we want to set things right…but…

    It’s not going to happen as y’all want it to…(grammatical error by design).

    Such a mix…the insecure loser Tfat who, with every written word, displays his insecurity…probably wasn’t shown enough affection as a child, and drives a Bro-dozer to compensate in other areas…

    The Jooooo haters…hey, I can dig it, but such monomaniacal enthusiasm displays an almost certain lack of introspection in the big picture….

    The former Corps, or ex Army dudes who think there are those that will rally to them…yeah, right.

    The hard corps, like the Mosby, who has God-only-knows long term strategic plan for himself and those he ‘trains’ (?), …to what end?

    The usual overweight, ensconced fellows over 55, who would never be the point of the spear, as they have much to lose, such as govt. retirement funds, SS, or anything else that might be jeopardized by violating the law…and probably have been in even a fistfight for decades.

    Shit, I’m in the age group from above and I cannot find men…MEN…with whom I share a common ground of political and intellectual agreement, and who aren’t scared of losing what little they have, as they would risk that worse than death: insolvency, or financial ruin.

    The fuck….this will not go down as you might expect..there will be no uprising of a thousand rifles behind each blade of grass. Post-modern American man is a product of his own imagination….and such virtues or vices he may well have had before—-which tempered and strengthened his character–have been lost in the drug, R&R, pussy-whipped, entertainment soaked world he chose in which to exist.

    Just like that essay that Jeff Cooper wrote about that Russian soldier in the prison camp: The question was how many GOOD men out of a thousand?
    Maybe ten, out of thirty thousand.

    • you’re a retart

      fuck off loser

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well said, and factual as fuck.
      I can’t count on even one hand how many I can trust to stand by, they are all gone in their own world’s of mental seclusion and self absorption. Egomaniacs of a 1 man corporation, so addicted to their cell phones and constantly checking messages, they are worthless to me as allies when things get rough. And scared shitless of gov’t reprisal.

      • i have a dozen good braves in my circle.

        all hunters, fishers, trackers, and warriors.

        the whites are useless other than to support my bar expenses and their wymin are good whores…

    • Berglander

      So…in all your years, you haven’t been able to build relationships with men that you’d trust to fight with you? What have you been doing with your time, snacky cakes and PornHub?
      Ever think that there are men in your circle who look at YOU and think “This boomer isn’t on the same level as me politically and intellectually, and I doubt he’d be willing to die for-much less risk financial ruin.”
      You’ve got to WORK with what you have. Heck, my neighborhood is made up of men mostly older than me, and I’m almost forty. And yet, one of them is a champion long-range shooter. Good guy to know. Another one has been involved in 4-H his whole life, with his daughters heavily involved. Another good guy to know. There’s a pastor who keeps a couple cows for slaughter and his wife has a GIANT garden that produces so many vegetables that she gives boxes of it away-great folks to know! There are several doctors-very useful folks to be friends with. One neighbor owns a pretty famous brewery-excellent guy to know! Etc, etc. They’re not a perfect squad of JSOC Jedi’s ready to conduct a raid after a 30-mile on-foot insertion, but they are fantastic people to know and build community with. They’re people that I’d not hesitate to help defend their homes, and who I know-after working to know them for years-that would help me defend mine. We’re not on the same page politically or intellectually (heh-if they only knew. However, I have a feeling that my constant eagerness to help with whatever needs helping would mitigate much of that)-however we’re all in acceptable parameters. We help each other out with projects, stop and chat over fences. Heck, a couple of the guys have even started coming to jiu jitsu with me. One of the old retirees across the road has even started rucking after seeing me do it all the time!
      Gnashing teeth about a lack of camaraderie with your peers doesn’t make this happen. Putting in the time and effort to build what you want, be a man and make your community.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      70,000 Antifa members die every 10 months from opiates.

      I believe I have won the day without firing a shot in anger.

      Why attack the cartel when the cartel is attacking itself?

      Exactly who is the establishment going to arm and motivate in CW2?

      I am no coward sir.

      Are cops they just spend ten years painting a bullseye target on going to take my guns?

      Don’t think so.

      The Dems fucked up.

      Most of what Dirk says is true. It is wildly optimistic, but he did 25 years.

      I only did seven.

      First standing order is to follow all legal and lawful orders.

      When Dirk says paint your targets; you paint targets.

      I elect Dirk and Bracken to be the Team Dad’s.

      SGM and Colonel respectively and respectfully

      The Joo haters can form up an SS Battalion and freeze to death in Russia.

      Rally on Fort McHenry.

      I’ll bring my All Weather Flag and Lighting kit.

    • Garry F. Owen, Trooper

      Abso-f’in-lutely. Those always whining about the Joooooos sound like the rest of the minorities whose ancestors were bound by a certain code and others were not, and took advantage of it. Tfat, ain’t quite sure what your problem is, but I’m thinking some on here wouldn’t mind sending you out a 3rd floor window in a wall locker.
      Yep, the early right side of the equation will probably be reminiscent of John Brown and his boys at Harpers Ferry. No. No one is coming to help you. I’m 62. I want to be as effective as possible. I’m learning new skills to be useful in a support role. While indulging in a little Walter Mitty fantasy may get you through the night, I’m hoping to be like the old dude at Concord who showed up and did what he could.

  10. Red in OleVirginny

    Late to this thread – sorry.
    Really good gear is sometimes necessary. Depends on your mission. Going to double tap a pol as he walks back to his car with a latte? All you need is a throwaway revolver and a potato.
    Some men I have known carried an AK and a spare mag or two in a cloth bag – that’s all they had. And they were tough as nails and you wouldn’t want them pissed off at you.
    Depends on the mission and the man.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny