On Trump, Energy, & The Macroeconomy

Rather wonky, but factually supported, analyses/argumentation that Good Times are just around the corner.


Mebbe not.

7 responses to “On Trump, Energy, & The Macroeconomy

  1. Not a bad article. The facts that most working people do understand is that wages and jobs have stalled and disappeared from our landmass. They want to work and save for the future. The wonkiness of astrophysics, abiotic hydrocarbons, and resources on other planets beyond our own means fuck all to most of us.
    Can they run heavy equipment, tig/mig weld,drive a 18 wheeler? Likely not. Nuke those fuckers from orbit I say…

  2. St.Maur1066

  3. sure.

    markets are in a sea of red and futures are looking down as of this point.

    don’t count on anything but downhill from here.

    tfA-t sees all- knows all.

  4. robroysimmons

    Great economic progress BS which to me means the bankers replace us, been that way for decades.

    How about this we recycle the parasite coastal class and their allies?

    I like recycling it’s fucking green and shit.

  5. DrUMpF is definitely enriching the Zionist billionaires. And,

    by piling on debt/derivatives even faster than Obama did,

    upping GDP. Net: same old Ponzi. Just bigger.

    Speaking personally, the

    must-make-profit-to-survive cab co. I dispatched for,

    still struggling to survive the Ueber/Lyft-we-lose-100’s of millions-per-year-but-stay-in-business-thanks-to-Wall-$street assault, just cut my hours and pay by 40%…so I walked. So now unemployed, but no bennies,
    therefore not counted as unemployed…like about 50,000,000 others.

    there’s two entirely different economies now: the jew.gov economy, where

    unemployment is “3.4%”…and the actual economy where it’s 34%.

  6. desertoakie


  7. Published on May 7, 2019
    Logical positivism, invoked by Auguste Comte, and reworked to a poisonous degree by the Vienna School, has become the core philosophical and intellectual framework of Liberal methodology; and in its wreckage shall the West, and all things sacred, be ruined…
    Partial Source: https://blog.therightstuff.biz/2019/0