Culper Sends

Read and heed.

There’s no way we go back to even a Billy Jeff Clinton Impeachment level of hostility.

There will be badness.

Much badness.

Better win.

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    “We could have two or three years before we see sustained political violence.” I believe it will come sooner. We have almost reached a crisis tipping point, vis-à-vis our economic situation, the lack of border security, the constant name-calling and agitating by Soros’ useful idiots in the MSM, and social media censorship.
    If you take into account the continued misdemeanors and felonies directed against those naïve enough to walk around with MAGA hats, bumper stickers and other chest-thumping expressions, We are headed towards citizens shooting citizens. Remember a free press is equally free to print the facts or ignore them.
    When you look back at the contrived False Flag shootings over the last several years, and how quickly these “incidents” were spun into information oblivion when they did not fit the MSM and Infanticide Party paradigm, you have your scaffolding, if you will, which is ready to prop up and sustain the one “incident” which will tip the agenda in favor of these domestic Reds. Read or re-read ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTC and the two sequels. Art will definitely imitate life in the very near future of this corrupt, syphilitic, Godless country.

  2. Gunderson

    Keep on keeping on with the information phase
    and quietly keep on keeping on with BLOAT, local “range maps” and training.
    “A Failure Of Civility “ is crystal at this point, no?

    “We support Israel.” (literally)
    “Back the badge /blue!” (red flag baby fragged dog dead swat nite Daniel Shaver)
    “My 3 year old boy says he isn’t!
    (Kindergarten gender porn and PUBLIC library stories for all!)
    “Babies are not human beings!” (wammins indoctrinated lock stock by (((Communist Manifesto)))

    Prove me wrong.
    Progeny awaits the outcome.

  3. another johnny come lately

    these things have all been foretold by his Highness- tfA-t years ago

  4. Keep in mind that the latest school shooters were stereotypical Antifa, the mask is dropping

  5. the Usual Suspect

    As Gomer would say ” Surprise, Surprise !”
    Everyday I wake up and find out there have been
    NO political assassinations the day before I am

  6. I hate it when I’m right because I never think pretty thoughts

  7. kekistantrans

    STEM School Shooting Suspects Appear In Court

    School Shooters On Anti-Christian Left

    Devon Erickson (male homosexual):

    From this -> to this ->

    to this ->

    Maya McKinney who goes by the name Alec McKinney (female to male transgender):

  8. Shoot the school shooters on TV. Pay per view proceeds to vics families. Or we can continue on this path til they get the fight they want. Based on the great work Q is doing we should all be fine. According to the Qtards meme 6D chess tweets will turn this ship around soon.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day but it sure burned faster than FUSA.

    This is a controlled implosion in slo mo. Allowing a fast collapse might allow sheep out of the pens eating the nice beaner manicured fenescue.

    • St.Maur1066

      You’ve been in a state of war for decades…………… it’s called “Soft Kill”

  9. Matt Bracken

    2-3 years is optimistic.

    • 3. It’s very likely to worsen. The tectonic shifts in American culture have caused periods of political violence before. The Civil Rights movement, the race riots and unrest between 1968 and the 1970s, and abortion clinic bombings are a few key examples, but even those ‘conflicts’ eventually died down. Oftentimes, conflict is generational. One generation goes away, and future generations develop their own problems.

      We of The Aged have seen this before including domestic assassinations, nationwide rioting, race violence and communist insurgency.

      Why two to three years now? How is today different?

      • Bracken’s probably right. Because this time there’s a convergence of multiple, widening crevasses:


        should all come together around the 2020 fake-election. One likely scenario would be the demoncrat candidate, whomever, winning the pop vote by c. 5 million…and Drumpf squeaking thru the EC by a vote or 3. Yeah, that should set it off.

  10. dmv gringo

    The first national rallying cry, post assassination of LaVoy Finicum: The Equal Justice Tour

    If you have a teflon lined stomach, you can listen to the organizers nauseatingly describe
    the flaccid, impotent, geriatric, boomer cuck GOP fest in the making.

    The take away quote (22:50), as to why a nationally organized geriatric cuck fest should converge at rodham’s home residence,
    “Let’s go find out why hillary clinton is free.” “can you help us?”

    • dmv gringo

      And remember, sports fans, in the words of the organizers for the (time critical) May 26th rally: Event Details – To Be Determined, come back soon.
      In the meantime, send us money:

      No torches, pitchforks, rope or violence allowed.

  11. “That may be because artificial intelligence has taken their jobs (or their parents’ jobs), or because they can’t afford higher levels of schooling (or because they lack an education altogether), or because unemployment is so high that there are just not enough jobs to go around. Maybe it will be all three.”

    At the point that AI prepares to create that much impact on the job market the need for education will cease. I am not saying that the individual does not need an education, but that the market has no need for the individual. You train one AI robotic device, perfect it, the heuristics of that excellence can then be just down loaded into AI frames of the original in seconds. That vs it taking up to years for a human. The shift in the training curve is so dramatic as to not even be a contest.