On Tourniquets

From a reader.

This material will be on the final exam.

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  1. Nice article,had some info. was not aware of or forgot,including the part about improvised tourniquets.Yes,have ifaks with multi cat 7’s and have made kits for friends/family,but,say you were at a concert in Vegas and some asshole goes nuts,having some improvise ideas and trying em out now may literally save someones life,rather the need was not there but if there rather I could do more to help others/meself.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Looks like it’s time for a new website host. See chateau heartiste, or try to. WordPress delenda est.

  4. Most recent ttp- any wound on extremities put tourniquet as high as possible then another one 3 fingers above or below the wound

  5. OT, but Jimmy-the-Saint’s comment on the “not ready for war” thread needs a reply. He states that the cut-off of “American oil”, which provoked the Jap attack on America, was itself a moral/reasonable response to Japan’s war in China.

    1) most of Japan’s oil was coming from the Dutch East Indies, NOT America; until FDR (and co-warmonger Churchill) strong-armed the Dutch government-in-exile to cease delivery. And that cut-off had little to do with events in China…

    2) …and everything to do with events in Russia: during the summer and fall of 1941, it looked to all concerned like the Germans were about to knock the Russians out of the war…1917 all over again. So Churchill was, just as before, desperate to get the Americans in ASAP…as were the Jewish communist cells @ State and Treasury. It’s these cells that hatched the oil plot, to provoke the Japs into attacking USA and – providing Hitler declared accordingly – thus open a backdoor into the European War. (((Diane West))) documented all this in her most recent book – to the dismay of her “ex”-Trotskyite communist neo-con ex-friends – and John Koster’s OPERATION SNOW does so in even more depth.

    3) and it gets worse, much worse. Brit Far East Intel had substantially cracked the IJN code by mid-1941; @ 9 AM on 26 November, FDR was wheelchaired down to the basement RT room to receive a (scrambled) call from WC which gave him details of the upcoming attack: place (Pearl Harbor and elsewhere) time, (8 Dec. Japanese time), & composition of the attacking force: 6 carriers. The two allied warmongers then decided how to play the situation in order to best manufacture an “infamy” and ensure a War Declaration from a ’til now recalcitrant Congress: just…let it happen. How do we know this? The Germans had an RT intercept/descramble station on the Dutch coast which, as early as mid-September ’41, was picking off the FDR/Churchill conversations.


      Thanks, Haxo. It has taken all of these years for the truth about Frank the Cripple’s treason and the cigar-smoking Masonic fraud’s involvement in it. I still remember as a young boy in the mid-50’s how at the local neighborhood barbeques my dad and other WWII vets would opine on how “limp legs” killed the military and civilian personnel at PH. Let’s hope the truth about Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11will not take as long.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Churchill and his cousin FDR orchestrated the Lusitania incident to get the US into WW1, they had previous experience at this sort of work.
      But no one wants to study real history, they prefer the mass media version for non thinking minds.

  6. “at a concert in Vegas and some asshole goes nuts”

    another kool-aid drinker i see..

    this guy proves there’s no hope for the masses

    • A kool aid drinker,I said some asshole,did not say if he was a govt. agent/foriegn agent/a set up ect.I used a example of even with a well stocked kit improvise may be necc.,could be a multi car pile up/a natural disaster/what have you,no matter what you may need to improvise beyond gear you have.

      Using me as proof for no hope for majority of people is just dumb,there may be no hope but I am not the proof of that.Why not contribute something to the discussion positive like a few first aid tips ect.

    • Tfat, Stop attacking potential allies.

  7. Virgil Kane

    Why not figure out how to EDC a TQ to a concert in Vegas? Somebody may have a leather belt, but how do you keep the belt from slipping when you tighten the windlass? What are you planning to use for a windlass? Can you get all of that figured out in 90 seconds?

    • Virgil,have 3 in me car along with a lot of other stuff,that said,I come upon say a major car crash ect. may need to start improvising I run out of supplies.As for a windlass have practiced with pens/screw drivers and other like items have in me caror truck anyhow,perfect,far from it but till better gear arrives(if it does)I am trying like hell to buy time for me or other folks and thus why I practice a bit with makeshift items.

  8. Not My Name

    If a leftist is bleeding, always apply the tourniquet to their neck.

  9. No One You Know

    A great many people seem to forget that if things get sufficiently spicy, there isn’t going to be a Level I Trauma Center staffed, ready and waiting for your business. With a tourniquet, you might not exsanguinate immediately, but the likelihood of gangrene, kitchen table amputation without anesthesia and lingering death from osteomyelitis markedly degrade a favorable prognosis.

    Carry your tourniquet, chest seals/dart and hemostatic gauze. Get some training so you know what to do with them.

    Then, don’t get shot.

    Consider that a corollary to “Avoid Crowds.”