FUSA Cause Of Death

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  1. dmv gringo

    Leaked Letters Reveal Details of NRA Chief’s Alleged Spending


    Wayne LaPierre expensed $39,000 in clothes in one day, $18,300 for car and driver, ad agency says; NRA says board has ‘full confidence’ in him

    • For those who give a rip to view the scans of the aforementioned documents (the WSJ article is pay-walled), they can be found on a server hosted on the Comcast network somewhere around Denver here. Encountered no malware or other hiccups; they are .JPG scans of the docs. The largesse of the NRA Royalty & Board is there.

      • Thanks for the link Badger, just read every document…..holy shit!
        $24 million in legal fees in 13 months and no one at the NRA knows (or will admit) what they’re for???

      • dmv gringo

        It’s pay walled now, but not when I posted the link. How else do you think
        I read it (at wsj) and then bothered to
        link to it.

  2. Berglander

    Goyim Knowing Power Level:


  3. For once I agree with Greenwood: the NPCs are not being funny at all.

  4. GAB sucks. I just bailed for the last time. And I’ve been permanently banned from twatters two times. Apparently, if a Libtard threatens your life, and you try and arrange the meet, that is frowned upon. Try Streetloc. It’s brand new. They better pick there shit up.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The constant “Drone Striking” of social media, and the exhausted principles concerning “Sign up here” and “Sign Up Here” over and over again feels like we are just triple confirming out ID’s to literally anyone.

      What kind of website user remains completely anonymous but asks for all your information?

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