After The Boomers Are Gone, The Bloodshed Begins

Most interesting that the AmThink centrists are publishing doomporn.

The fact is that there will be plenty of ’45-’65 DOBs caught up in various swirls of The Coming Big Megillah.

Teach your grandchildren well.

42 responses to “After The Boomers Are Gone, The Bloodshed Begins

  1. Mic Drop. I’m a simple guy.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      At least some of the millenials can say they fought in the longest US war.

      I understand it wasn’t popular, but we did it. And we fought hard.

      At least we didn’t dye our hair purple, suck cock, do heroin, and die of AIDS.

      Which is not uncommon…

      Tell me our combat experience is worth some hard and soft pull.

      Plus it probably stoped the assualt weapons ban reenactment.

      And all this sick hardwar we have,

      How bad ass are firearms these days?

      Granted, there is some shit out there.

      But my ACOG, LED strobe light,mand AR-15 combo is worth it’s weight in gold.

      NFA be damned. There are great weapons systems out there.

      And the commies look retard.

      And Islam is retarded.

  2. Gunderson

    Best. Meme. Evah.
    Guess we’re the bridge across the River Kwai.
    Recruit who you can from both sides of the gap. Gen Z is gonna be a motherfucker.

  3. “he prefers to be labeled a realist at this time, mostly for lack of a better term, as too often conservatives have been little more than slow-motion liberals.”

  4. Oldtradesman


  5. Imaginary Combat/Dryfire Toy Soldier Info Bulletin #157 (reference is made to Bulletin #33, published @ WRS open thread, Sunday 5/5/19)

    Intel/Cointel (A): note gap in #’s. This is to fool OpFor in case of comm intercept. It’s like when ‘Murka invaded northern Burma with the 5961st Provisional Regiment in 1944: Jap Intel spent months wondering, “where the hell are the other 5,960 Provisional Regiments?”

    prelim remarks: Feldmarschal tfA-t, who led FreeFor patrol to a clear-cut victory over OpFor rabble last week, not available to command this op. Reason: attendance at medal-pinning ceremony involving 5 self-awarded gongs: Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds; CMOH; Croix-de-Guerre…+ Distinguished Flying Medal and Navy Cross. The latter self-awards aroused some derisive comment from the usual suspects – cooks and camp-followers, mainly – since no planes or ships were involved in the Great Victory, but, whatever/whichever. A happy commander is a good commander. Former Navy Seal Matt Bracken agreed to take a break from writing his latest novel and sub, provided ace Combat Correspondant Alex Jones tagged along. Other valuable additions to the combat team included Ann Elizabeth B. – High Priestess of the Roman Mystery Cult and Scourge of Prarie Dogs and Protestants Everywhere – as ammo carrier & Wendell/Wendy as ammo carrier #2. Ann Elizabeth also wanted to bring her pink AR, but neo-Waffen SS Stormtrooper Haxo (fearing assassination) said nuh…uhhh; instead she performed double duty as combat nurse, suitably equipped with some band-aids and small bottle of iodine. Other personnel: neo-Waffen SS Stormtroopers Al Liquori, Northgunner, Dweezle, Ought-6, Lugh, Hines…and a (probationary) 3-man hardRight Raindow Coalition combat team: Shooter, + 1 negro & 1 Jew.

    intel/cointel (B): FreeFor advanced scout Crazy Joe, suitably positioned on Brokeback Ridge (a.k.a. milk cartons atop kitchen counter dividing dining room/kitchen) radioed in a 39,000 word report, gist of which was: OpFor recon patrol on opposite plateau, range c. 230 yards. Composition similar to last week: the ever-treacherous Major L.F. Major in command, 2nd in C. the brutal enforcer Ensitue, both of whom erupted out of the breadbox (ref::CB #33); also 8-10 well-armed antifa…and the usual 3 red hat-wearing MAGA prisoners – Aesop, Dirk, & Euro-American – all evidently having been winkled out from behind the bottle of olive oil where they fled back when; prisoners wrists and ankles were bound, so they had to hop about in a rediculous manner, this a possible violation of the Geneva Convention. Across the double-ravine (kitchen sink), however, some added enemy overwatch: atop a small butte (Morton salt container) one SAW-gunner; and 20 scale yards to the right, on a hillock (toaster oven) two 60-mm. mortar teams and a boomer with a vintage bazooka. Also a jeep tow’d 37 mm. anti-tank gun, but since FreeFor has no tanks, it was considered not a threat. This time OpFor was, as Crazy Joe put it, “loaded for bear”.

    approach march: uneventful, except when 2 OpFor attack helicopters were spotted @ medium range; one, bearing the hammer and sickle, easily ID’d as antifa, the other, isignia’d with a Hebrew Star superimposed on a swastika, probably Jewish Defense League. Entire FreeFor patrol immediately “got small” (so to speak)…except for combat correspondant Alex Jones who, producing an enormous bag of stuff, waddled up and down the crouched column, attempting to sell various health elixers, sex toys, and potted plants. Ann Elizabeth, meanwhile, crossed a couple sticks and said (her latest) “Malefactor Mass” for Haxo, even though he’s not dead yet.

    the battle: c/o Bracken cleverly divided FreeFor firepower, assigning Shooter and his Rainbow Coalition gunsels to take out the OpFor Overwatch, while the neo-Waffen SS Stormtroopers dealt with the active patrol. The SAW-gunner, nicked in the shoulder by Shooter himself, spun about crazily and fell off the Butte (saltbox) and lay perfectly still, probably dead. One of the 60 mm. mortar teams was also dropped quickly, but the other got off a round which exploded right behind CC Jones who, peppered with shrapnal in an ample but delicate region, fell face down and made feeble swimming motions while someone (as usual) screamed “medic! medic!” Ann Elizabeth responded, quickly pants’d AJ…but, when confronted with his tremendous rump, refused to tend any further aid. Meanwhile a desultory firefight developed between FreeFor’s neo-Waffen SS sharpshooters and the antifa terrorists. At one point, having learned nothing from their last beating, the MAGA POW’s began their usual, archaic chant: “BuildTheWall!DrainTheSwamp!BuildTheWall!DrainTheSwamp! Whereupon Ensitue, having had enough, administered a rifle butt to the heads of all 3, who collapsed and curled up like sowbugs on a cold day. Presently Major Major and his men began a stealthy outflanking movement, gained some high ground on the top of a mini-refrigerator, and began firing down upon us…at which point c/o Bracken decided to break off the action and return to base. Where all eagerly await the return of our – now suitably decorated – former commander.

      • NorthGunner

        “I vast in Aktion a-ghainst ze vile antifa bolshevist
        svinehunds!! Do I rate to be avarded ze Golden
        RR Aluminum Cross First Class viz Crossing Guard laurel?

        Vundebar!! Danke FeldMarschal Haxo!!

        Scnapps und Brandy on ze haus!!

        Lili Marleen ✠ [German soldier love song][English version]

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • It’s good you have a hobby that keeps you busy in the basement and out of jail, Haxo.
      I was seriously worried for awhile, until you re-surfaced after the last synagogue shooting, that there’d be a PayPal bail announcement for you on these pages.
      Most people’s efforts that are this detailed and involving that much self-time probably require more hand lotion, but about the same amount of effort at the keyboard.

      So, just out of curiosity, how many conservative judges do you figure Shrillary would have appointed to the Ninth Circus Court by this point in her term?

      Keep TDS alive, man.
      It’s doing such a great job for everyone else who’s tried it.

  6. So it’s whitey and gooks against the commies and niggers? What about the fuckingmexicans? Won’t niggers kill commie globohomo’s first? Where do hi-yellers fit in the scheme? Fucking Canadians can’t even get their civil war doomerporn straight.

    I am confused. Curiously though with my face permanently contorted per the picture.


    After us geezers are gone? I have a flash for you, Mr. Canadian Left Coaster, it started a long time ago. In 1965 during Watts #1 the Negroes were pulling the whites out their cars when they were stopped at the traffic lights on Imperial Highway and beating them half to death. White shit has been hitting the Black and Mexican fan long before I became a Peace Officer(1972). Always remember a “Free Press” is equally free to report the facts or ignore them.

  8. Fuck all boomers.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Boomers taught me that Islam is the religion of peace and that communism is dead.

      Socialism Works and Nationalism is always bloody.

      Also, Sucking Cock, importing 85 IQ Jamales, Jihads, and Joses, and Voting Democrat are the only moral imperatives in life.

      AHHHHHH! Sips a glass of iced tea with sweet and low.

      Welding and Mechanical work is Stupid.

      Gender Studies and Social Work

      #OMG HOORAY #Literally

    • Fuck ALL morons that practice collective guilt. Now show us on the doll where uncle boomer touched you and made you an imbecile.

  9. A Boomer — Millennial tirade in 3…2….1….

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The Boomer Millenial Tirade is on TV, FB, and the Radio.

      It’s called Suck Cock, Import Islam, Let your daughters get butt raped, and then fucking kill yourself of opium or die shutting in a diaper.

      My father doesn’t even believe me that they teach Islam is the religion of peace at my school.

      He literally won’t even call them or write them an email.

      Refuses to care.

  10. The people who ruined the world are the people who are in charge and running everything for the last forty years.

    Yeah, boomers.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      This is correct.

      I have voted in one senatorial and governor election and one presidential level.

      I have only cast votes twice in my entire fucking life.

      The cock sucking, opium, Jihad, communism, and purple hair is my generation falling for the Boomer’s “Do it, who cares, it’s all relative” lifestyle.

      50% of the boomers in my family don’t even work. And never have.

      Bouncing from husband to husband for the women.

      And one uncle is a dopehead.

      Grandma pays for everything.

      And the Government.

      The Answer…. Boomers. End of story.

      • “50% of the boomers in my family don’t even work. And never have.

        Bouncing from husband to husband for the women.

        And one uncle is a dopehead.

        Grandma pays for everything.

        And the Government.”

        Correlation is not causation. I guarantee you what you list above is not because of the time frame your seemingly lazy, entitled, and otherwise worthless relatives were born in. It’s the fault of whomever is enabling their behavior by giving them whatever they bitch about instead of throwing them out on their asses and taking away the safety net.

        Blaming their behavior on the generation they belong to is tantamount to saying YOUR generation is shit because of what you see today with the purple hair and metal face ornaments and the inability to do anything without a participation trophy.

        The people who were running the world 40 years ago were the ‘Greatest Generation’ of World War II. The Baby Boom generation didn’t start ‘running the world’ until they were in their mid 40’s, on average (public and private organization wise) and that was in the late 80’s and early 90’s give or take. The pattern had already been set – “War on Poverty” – LBJ, Vietnam – Nixon, US as a shitbird – James Earl Carter (WWII vet), US as World Power – Reagan (WWII ACTOR in uniform), The War for Kuwait Oil – HW Bush (WWII Vet), ‘Let’s Get GI’s Killed – Clinton (first real Baby Boom Socialist Educated president – HATED the military), ‘Let’s Make Money for Saudi Arabia’ GW Bush – Air National Guard pilot (2nd Baby Boom President – Corporatist).

        I’m at the tail end of the Baby Boom generation, never took a government or family ‘hand out’ and neither have my friends or relatives of my generation. Oh…and served on Active Duty over 20 (that and $2 gets me a cup of coffee), don’t use the VA, and pay my way.

        Might want to watch your ‘sparkling generalizations,’ son. There’s some of us getting really tired of this sophomoric blaming of their generation for all the ills of the country and world. You don’t like what’s going on? Man up and change it. Start with yourself. Otherwise, quit bitching.

        Have a great day!

        • Only a boomer defends his age group. Millennials trash theirs but boomers come to the defense. We get it you personally are not responsible neither are other individuals.

          • One who trashes his own peer group cannot be counted on for meaningful assistance in changing that group when asked. You don’t trash groups – you trash individuals for their actions, or lack thereof.

            One who recognizes the value of a peer group defends that peer group when it is erroneously attacked. Call behaviors what they are: Enabling behavior such as noted in JP’s original post reinforces ne’er do well malcontents to continue unacceptable parasitic behavior. Those people, not the generation they belong to, are to blame for what he sees. From the matriarch not cutting off their aid to the free loaders. Those people. Individually.

            Like I said in my original reply: Some of us are getting tired of the sophomoric blaming of our generation for all the ills of the country and world. I’d add this: Boomers share in the blame; sure. Total fault? Not hardly. Every single generation alive today shares in the failure. Those same generations bitching about the ‘Boomers’ are comprised of a good percentage of members not yet self-sufficient (still live in the parents home or rely on the parents or other entitlements (government) to provide their living) and spend a majority of bandwidth on sites like this bitching about others rather than changing their own circumstances (adult behavior). Taking the easy way out (blame an entire generation) might provide some cathartic “so there” moment but not much change. The hard way, (taking personal responsibility and changing oneself first while keeping one’s mouth shut and putting one foot in front of the other while achieving the change sought) might not be so cathartic, but it will provide results.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          It’s interesting how/why they changed the demographics of the baby boomers a few decades ago.
          The ‘original’ baby boom was 1945-54 (I’m a ’54 model) because of the returning WW2 vets starting post war families. Then somebody somewhere in some think tank had to come up with new numbers, maybe to pump up Social Security or whatever, and they tacked on another decade 1955-64 to include millions more people. Probably in the ’80’s I believe.
          A friend of mine was born in 1943, his kids are now baby boomers and he had nothing to do with being an adult during the WW2 era.

          It strikes me that this is just another means of dividing Americans into more splintered factions along the divide and conquer path. Dividing people into age groups, labeling and villainizing some of them to create infighting. Well thought out too.

        • Yawn. Same story I’ve been hearing from Boomers, Silents and WW2 gen in denial for the last 20 years since I was 18. Not all our fault, go along to get along, don’t rock the boat, work within the system even as the system bones you harder and harder. Buy a house now, or be priced out forever! 20 years later and my wise elders still treat me as the 18 year old kid who knows nothing despite 20 years of ever more obvious evidence that their ideals are a failure and they were weak.

          At least more boomers are waking up but the programming is hard to overcome. Getting to old age helps that yet others are now in eternal fear that their retirement plans go up in smoke. Even the smart ones who told me 20 years ago to expect to never see any social security when I hit retirement.

          Heard a news radio interview last weekend with some guy talking about reforming social security, that something does have to be done but you know those millenials are just going to have to clean up the mess and deal with it so they should stop complaining. More pass the buck nonsense. But you know, fight the man, fight the power and don’t trust anyone over 30.


        Have a day.

        And get a better schtick, toddler.

        That one-trick pony is dead, and you beating it isn’t going to get it going any faster.

        Someone rings the Boomer bell, and you and a few kindred souls are like Pavlov’s dogs running to the keyboard.
        It’s comical, but ultimately pathetic.
        If some of you can’t help yourselves, at least put a TQ on the cleat marks on your dicks, before you all bleed out.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I’m trying to figure out where this Boomer Derangement Syndrome started, had a radio guy here once who unloaded on me with his anti-boomer rant, most all of his students were boomers, yet he couldn’t stand them. How’s that for gratitude? Still pissing on the hand that feeds you.

  11. Surprising, indeed. Once, many years back, I was banned from commenting on AT for posting the following comment:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,”

    No other comment or commentary. Just that excerpt, and they banned me. You see, they had a policy of “no comments about revolt or revolution”.
    That was about a decade ago.

    I’d love to say “better late than never” …. but…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I was an early member of Oath Keepers, asked them what their backup plan was if parading around with placards doesn’t work, Bang, my page disappeared overnight. Nice guys.
      Just like with the NRA, ask a logical question they don’t want to answer, it’s like you don’t exist. There’s plenty more sheep to be fleeced.

  12. Fuck that, I was born In 1956. I’m good to go. Somebody say when.

  13. as a gen x-er, I sure wish every parent of a new meelianal baby had watched a reality vido of the results of liberalism to scare them straight enough to raise conservative millennials so we do not have to live thru “democratic” socialism

  14. Ruthless and corrupt. Does not play well with others. Communists.
    Global interests,along with home-grown cannon fodder are betting big. This push must work. Nancy Pelosi’s drool cup needs emptying.
    Americans. Mere mortals. You think you can do everything. Can’t have you uppity fucks thinking that way.
    It has always been about family,friends and community. The rest is noise and bullshit.


  15. there is nothing worse than old cucked white murkin soy-men

    what a pathetic lot

    those shitstains cheered for their niggerball heroes to win the Big Game while their wymin mated with them and murka burned to the ground

    fuck them

    they deserve to die painfully and with much humiliation

    no mercy on old whitey

  16. Darrell Cloud

    Boomers come in all stripes. A lot of us live in the red counties and we are Christian and conservative. We have a lot of practical skills that will be lost when we pass. My great grandson is only three. I do not know if I will live long enough to teach him how to wire a house, rebuild and engine, reload ammunition and plant a garden. The good news is I taught those skills to his dad.

  17. Charley Waite

    How are we ever going to fight the fight together when we are already at each others throats over stupid shit in here

    • Berglander

      Chill out, nigger-it’s just the internet!
      IDK about most folks, I like to troll and be trolled. I talk a lot of shit here, and I get a lot of it back at me.
      IRL, I’m easy to get along with, have good times, and be serious when I need to be. Among folks in meatspace, there’s a TON that I do in my community that I take much more seriously, because I live with these folks and I want them on my side. I don’t see the point in finding like-minded individuals who live six hours away from me, when I can much more easily put in facetime across the fence with a neighbor. There are a few of us that help the neighborhood with projects; we’ll learn that someone needs a shed removed so we find a free afternoon and 4-5 of us will make it happen. Someone’s got a few rails down on their fence; grab some from their extras pile and replace them. Shovel my part of the road and neighbor’s driveways with my tractor in the winter. Take a dozen eggs to the neighbor with cows down the road. Etc, etc.
      I’m less worried about fighting Reds or the Mutants than I am building a tight-knit neighborhood that looks out for one another, and our little corner is well on the way to that.

    • CW, exactly. Small minded people attacking potential allies.

  18. Walter Mitty

    The Anti White , Pro Illegal Alien , Pro POC, Pro Communist acceleration we see is the result of multitudes of White People waking up and the Elites panicking.We are facing an existential threat to our existence. Now is not the time to bite and devour one another.
    Those of us who are awake need to pull together. What is happening now
    started in the early 1900’s if not before. For good or ill , win or lose, the end game is upon us. The question is, are the awakened in each generation going to moan and complain and blame each other or are we going face what is coming together and maybe have a chance to save ourselves?