Guerrilla Gadgets

Food for thought and experimentation.

8 responses to “Guerrilla Gadgets

  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    If I give my little cousin an AR-15 and 200 rounds of ammo and he makes 50% of his hits, that is 100 casualties.

    That’s Navy SEAL and Ranger levels of punishment on thy enemy.

    Hell, If he lands 10% of rounds that’s 20 casualties.


    I only know Foxtrots, Flyboys, and Fisters with kill counts like that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      All you need is a briefcase full of Walther PPKs and you can kill *thousands* without breaking a sweat, comrade.
      – Zombie Vasily Blokhin

  2. If he’s shooting at unarmed idiots there may be a point in your ramblings. That said, even unarmed idiots aren’t likely to just stand around and let that happen.

  3. The aerial space is getting crowded. Case in point — — its an antiUAV UAV. The adrinioPilot with the addition of a contact lead could be used to develop a smart pop-up antipersonnel mine or intelligent claymore. Could also be the basis for a shoot and forget anti-tank weapon. Would require different sensors.

  4. Anonymous

    A rifle is like a fire extinguisher; it’s not to advance with, it’s to cover your retreat. Cheap drones will be used to advance.

  5. Anonymous has it.

    There is a slaughterbot factory somewhere in China producing millions of AI face, gait and voice-recognition, shaped-charge-loaded units programmed to everyone of significance on the Office of Personnel hack-derived list, NRA membership list, over-50 list, etc list.

    It lands on the eave of your dwelling like a moth, waiting for you to step outside. Then it’s splodeytime. Or maybe it’s an injection or misting of Ebola. That’s Ebola-Chan.

    The 12 Monkey’s t-fApist down your street is building one right now too.

  6. ghostsniper

    The site you were looking for couldn’t be found.

    Small single use UAV with a 100 rd .410 minigun for CQ aerial combat. Launch it and forget it.

  7. Bonaventure | May 13, 2019 at 09:15 |

    No it did not. It decisively won every battle it went in to. And that was with it fighting with essentially both hands tied behind its back.

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