It Is An Invasion


FUSA is cooked.

2020 will prove it.

And then?

Welcome to the Howling Twenties.

40 responses to “It Is An Invasion

  1. Equilibrium tends to occur. Intention of man or not. I wonder how things will balance out?

    I have a few ideas. We may have to assist her pendulum in its swing back to civilized behavior.

  2. Bonaventure

    You know, the saying “Don’t count your eggs before they’re hatched” applies equally to each side.

  3. Johnny Paytoilet

    I prefer to call it the “Warring Twenties.” This time the war is going to be fought on the home turf, so be prepared accordingly. Make damn sure you’re on the right side, pun intended. To paraphrase WRSA, just remember no one is going to come to save you when the festivities begins.

    • “just remember no one is going to come to save you when the festivities begins”
      I’m depending on the above, it is a vital part of my 5 year plan!

  4. Detroit3%

    No, it won’t get any more violent than it is now.

    They won. No need for a fight. All they have to do is just let natural selection proceed and Blue team is gone in a generation. The women of Blue team are mentally infertile.

  5. The show ain’t over til’ T-Fat sings

  6. Hispanics are not unified. Mexicans are not Cubans. Puerto Ricans are not Hondurans. Most of them are not fond of blacks. When this goes tribal, there are going to be a lot more than three factions.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I have a Cuban friend, grew up under Castro, he hates Mexicans, to him they’re the same as blacks.
      When you take into consideration all the cultural, religious, ethnic, political, etc factions, you can shoot in any direction and make a good hit. There’s more enemy than allies.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      My Puerto Rican friends and I used to joke about invading Cuba in the early 2000’s.

      Operation Bootstrap brought hundreds of thousands of families into our country who served with distinction in WW2 and Korea.

      Puerto Ricans are fucking badass.

      And none of the ones I knew spoke a word of Spanish.

      They are also all avid hunters and are armed to the teeth in the middle of Baltimore City.

      The establishment is fucking with the wrong Federated Republican Empire.

      So many people have worked so hard to build a home here and abroad.

      We are not going to surrender it to transgendered homo-sexual heroin addicted islamic commies.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There was a study done some years ago where ethnic groups were asked who they would most like to live with. Every group chose its own as first choice. Every group except white chose white – by huge margins – as second choice (whites chose asians). Every group other than blacks chose blacks as the group they’d least like to live with. Honkies may be hated, but when push comes to shove, even those that hate us would rather live with us than with anyone else.

    • meh

      i have a Cuban neighbor/rancher who is married into the tribe

      my former Ranger buddy here on the island is a PR

      they get along fine

    • I have gotten along pretty good with many others.
      Where the buck stopped, and even fists flew was
      when pushing and shoving was forced upon me.
      Best was to disassociate ahead of time before it
      got hot, and stay aware.
      I believe that in this life we are living, it is good to
      draw a fine line in what is significant, and what is not.
      If have to be a nomad in a way, then so be it.

      Nature’s Law In Avoidance exists.

      Then there is preservation of what is good and sound,
      which flows into another arena.

      Hasta luego cabezones 🙂

    • No Kidding. The Brazilians took in refugees from Venezuela, but not willingly. The Argentinians feel superior to any other SA nation because they are mostly white Europeans. Ecuador, Guatemala, etc. are considered mostly mixed race Indians and therefore to be avoided. Peru has 2 cultures: the white ruling class, and the Aztec wannabe’s. This is a tempest in the making.

  7. Nothing will change until the economy tanks.
    There has never been a civil war in history, anywhere, that occurred during a good or even mediocre economy.
    As long as they can keep the can bouncing down the road, nothing will change.
    As long as Joe Sixpack gets a paycheck and gets drunk watching XFL, nothing will change.

    • ‘There has never been a civil war in history, anywhere, that occurred during a good or even mediocre economy.’

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “There has never been a civil war in history, anywhere, that occurred during a good or even mediocre economy.”

      Excluding dynastic succession types of civil wars – those are independent of economic issues.

  8. Give it 6 more months and allow that hot stew of 3rd world diseases to simmer. tfA-t may well get his wish.

    • NorthGunner

      It’s Ebola Chan & The SMOD for 2020!!
      Can ya smeeelll what the rock is cooking!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Take out the Ross Complex switching panel and the PGE switch panel and CA will be swimming in a river of raw sewage/LA will be sans drinking water. The only escape to safety will be out to sea as the airports will be non-operational after 72 hours.

  10. Successful strategy – winning against an adversary – is the art of disconnecting the adversary from as many of his centers of gravity as possible while connecting as many of your own as possible. This is John Boyd’s definition and, like Bill Lind who used this definition in Victoria, is the only definition which makes sense.

    The same author of the current piece, Bryce Sharper, published the same thing this last January:

    We can disconnect “American businessman,” and his spokesmouth the Chamber of Commies, from this particular center of gravity by identifying, shaming and eliminating their products from our purchases.

    Hi Acme Widgets and Beef Company, do you hire illegals? Use E-Verify? Yes? Then take your product and stow it. Click. Adds product to webpage of traitors. Done.

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  13. St.Maur1066

    what da……HOOOOONK!

  14. I’ve been waiting for the bottom to fall since the early 80s. I’m tired of waiting for it.

    I understand what’s coming. Ive been done waiting for a few years now.

    Call me when the party starts.

    Until then God Bless America.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      By all accounts, the monetary system should have collapsed back then, but they kept propping it up and going deeper in debt. The US has been in the red since 1972, the year I enlisted in the USMC, and it’s been a downward spiral to this day. You would think the explosion on Wall St. would make Hiroshima look like a small fart, but still nothing. How does this keep going on?
      I’m to the point where I really don’t give a fuck anymore, surprise me.

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