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  1. I lost my comment, not that it was in any way constructive, nor PC, nor informative, educational, entertaining, lascivious, lewd, uplifting. Just the usual observation one might find in a barracks after a particularly hubristic diatribe from a newly promoted E-6

    • well there you have it

      E-6 qualifies you for the ‘asshole” rank

      never met a E-6 and over worth a shit

      just parasites at that point and beyond

      coasting on their prior years of actual work


  2. dmv gringo

    Saudi Arabia: Oil pipeline attacked by drones

    • DMV, the locations of the alleged drone attacks are in the middle of the country not on the coasts. Odd. Minor damage. Odd. Alleged attacks on parked tankers. Minor damage. Odd. Iran provoking the world to wipe it off the face of the earth? Odd. Who benefits? Israel.

  3. Thank you Mr. Mosby. Love the campfire chats. Good shit.

  4. Interim Imaginary/Dryfire-Toy Soldier Combat Report #67.5

    intel/cointel (A): ref is made to previous reports (5/5/19, #33 & 5/12/19 , #157). Note both break and reversed # sequence; in case of intercept by OpFor intel, this will confuse them for at least a week. They count “1,2,3,4…”, etc.

    promotions/demotions: though results of last Sunday’s dining room/kitchen firefight were mixed at best, temp o/c Bracken has, by order of FreeFor GHQ (?? no one knows who/where this is. CA? VoxDay? Milo? Probably just as well…), been promoted from Ordinary Seaman/3c to Fleet Admiral. Nonetheless, he has for the time being returned to writing novels…Also there is continuing discussion about Bracken’s controversial battlefield decision to “ignore the OpFor 37 mm. anti-tank gun because we don’t have any tanks”. IOTW, what if they shot the thing at us instead? Antyways, they didn’t…so maybe he was right after all. Aussi, Feldmarschal tfA-t has not yet returned from last Sunday’s self-awarded medals presentation ceremonies. In addition to the CMOH, Croix de Guerre, and suitably garnished Iron Cross, + DFM and Navy Cross, it turns out he also expected the Bulgarian Order of St. George, but couldn’t find one, and so has retired to his private island for an extended sulk. Which left those of us @ Firebase Woodchuck w/o a Jefe for most of Monday. See, however, below, re “personnel”. Finally, Ann Elizabeth’s performance as ammo carrier/combat nurse was judged unsatisfactory. She’s been demoted to KP, has spent the AM peeling onions with a dull pocketknife and, this PM, will clean the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.

    intel/cointel (B): just received, by heliograph, advanced scout Crazy Joe’s latest report from Brokeback Ridge overlook. 42,000 words, so no idea what’s in it, but decode should be completed by late Friday.

    personnel: Ensitue, having deserted OpFor for reasons which remain unclear, arrived @ Camp Woodchuck late Monday with the 3, now liberated, MAGA POW’s – Aesop, Dirk, and Euro-American. He (having command experience with OpFor, + he beat the shit out of anyone who objected) will be our intrim c/o until Bracken finishes his novel or tfA-t stops sulking. Also, renowned cuckservative cartoonist Chris Muir has come in from the cold, and (assisted by Klein) will head OpFor’s Visual Propaganda & Philosophy Department; he also brought his personal bangstick, an Uzzi with sling, laser sight, silencer, and 6 rounds of ammo. All this created problems, because FreeFor’s cuckwing (Shooter, Muir, + the MAGA’s, et al.) and the neo-Waffen SS Sturmtruppen (Lugh, Dweezle, Northgunner, Al Liquori, Ought-6, Hines, Haxo, Rollory etc.) don’t get along too well. Ensitue, with his customary, brutal decisiveness, solved this problem: combat personnel @ FB Woodchuck are now divided into 2 discrete units. Team A (designated “Fire Team Invicta”) will comprise the hardRight Waffen-SS, already distinguished in combat, while Team B (Shooter, Muir, Aesop et al.) will be be known as “Fire Team LOLcucks”.

    morale: surpringly good, esp. since our diet consists mostly of roots, grubs, insects, and pebbles to digest them with. Ann Elizabeth, Wendell/Wendy, and the rest of the female component need to do something about this.

    • Trump,Trump, Trump, Trump, MAGA,MAGA, MAGA.

      Hexo, guess who I’m voting for. I’ll give you one tiny hint, he’s kicking ass, taking names.

      Love Dirt.


      Sigh. If you must incorporate me in your levity, Haxo, at least spell my screen name right. But seriously, I believe we will get very little warning about the festivities. There will be no time for a muster. And, it will probably revolve around a scenario very similar to the one portrayed in the Blogvel on John Galt Shenandoah: THE DAY THE DOLLAR DIED.
      The only other possible scenario would be a major hiccup along the Cascadia subduction zone and then dealing with an ant-army of Blue Hive refugees. In any case, I will have to rely on my own tribe, my gun-toting neighbors, and my two brothers-in-law, assuming they can make it out of Boise alive. And yes, Mr. Mosby, I’m f****d because I carry my model 65 S&W in a leather holster.

      • 65 in leather, awesome. D the W we did our six month re qual yesterday. I broke out a nib Browning high power. Never shot it before. The trigger absolutely sucks, with the mag disconnect still installed.

        Trigger felt like 10 pounds.

        It’s off to Novak tomorrow, for a much needed tune up. I missed the first steel at 25y six times. It was me horsing the trigger. The break was like pulling a trigger thru a sand filled lower.

        Old friend next to me was shooting a Smith Stubby, retard didn’t have any speed loaders. He actually kicked ass, even at the 25y. Other then having to reload every string I was impressed.

        As you know, we all need to learn to shoot what’s we have!.

        Have a look at “Exodus Leather” . He builds custom, any flavor, I prefer horse leather and exotic leather on mine these days. This HP holsters and two mag carriers Giraffe leather.

        Looks classy in a suit.” I still get subpoenaed to federal court on old old old cases. Comfortable in any clothing, including my standard summer uniform, shorts polo and crocs.

        Good on you for standing your ground. As Fred points out a lot of gear queers here, me included, no kydex, don’t work for me.



          Dirk: Thanks about the heads up with “Exodus Leather.” My next wheel gun purchase will be a Ruger LCRx with a 3″ bbl in .357(I’ll only shoot +P 38s in it). That model is hard to find holsters for. Bleib ubrig.

      • With you on the leather. OCONUS everybody with a M-9 carried it on a chest rig if they didn’t expect to use it – the Blackhawk SERPA was standard – or on a drop rig below the armor if they did expect to use it.
        We used some model of Bianchi on the leg holster, with a retention device that we disabled and went with the thumbbreak.
        But I never liked plastic on a personal pistol. Just got a a pancake holster from Simply Rugged for my 329. Since it’s open toe, I can put my 629 in it as well. Rob has a system to convert your holster to chest carry with three straps, I’ll get that for hunting with the 629. Make life easier going up and down trees.
        The 65 is great, wasn’t it FBI issue for a while?

    • NorthGunner

      Addendum to report:
      Following the evening meal after the group prayer, Obergefreiters
      Berglander and NorthGunner will provide ‘Entertainment & Morale’
      by showing several key Murdoch Murdoch episodes (we are still
      trying to get Nurse Ann B. to dress up as Murdoch Chan and
      sing Lili Marleen…no luck so far…).

      Also there is word about being reinforced by at least some Panzers
      and their attached infantry units..utter surprise is they’re supposedly an all
      female unit..will believe it when we see them arrive…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Berglander

      If you shoot an azimuth of 180 degrees from Brokeback Ridge, you’ll see that there’s big trouble deep in Mud Canyon.

      • Lol, lol, lol. Berg, good one.


        • so very vulgar. Inspired, though, and with this Berglander will likely be recruited by FireTeam Invicta.

          BTW, FreeFor advanced scout Crazy Joe lives the life of a hermit up there in the snowdrifts on Brokeback Ridge, and probably deserves a gong for his amazingly detailed – if lengthy – communiques. Not insults. But so far Feldmarschall tfA-t has hogged them all. Meanwhile acting c/o Ensitue is already planning the 5961st Provisional Regiment’s next action, code-named “Operation Bonterfest”. No one knows what this means, but he promises to clarify the situation at next Saturday’s Council of War

  5. anonymous

    Thanks to the writer for the feedback to comments made. Followup information on the WHY is as good as the intial HOW TO information. Many of us (including myself) haven’t been in the military or LEO services, so haven’t been trained in the field.