Earl Sends

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

What a time to be alive.

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  1. So the donkeys get the chinks and the Dead Elephants chose Ivan? GTMH i’m going w Ivan. Also I think Team Dead elephants has more shooters, despite the fact that most of them currently slumber murmuring MAGA MAGA like toucans on heroin.

  2. another Biden motive:

    keep remaining crony-crook son out of jail.

  3. Biden is the scariest son of a bitch in a room . He will look you in the eye while sliding a knife into your gut.
    Joe works the cupola at the foundry all day,every day. He goes to the local watering hole,has a Rolling Rock with his fellow iron workers,tells bad jokes and loves his country. A working mans pal.
    I rinsed the vomit from my mouth. Joe Biden hates your fucking guts. He has been on his knees gargling black cock for the past eight years .He arranges lucrative deals for his friends and family after lurking around laundromats sniffing dirty underwear. Biden is a minion of the Dark Lord. A truly evil motherfucker…with a smile.


    How old is this socialist reprobate? He ought to be doing MC duty at the annual Prune Juice Festival in Leisure World. Bought and paid for by the Chinamen to undo all of the anti-China tariffs, I’ll wager. The mere fact that he is outdistancing the rest of the American Communist Party Clowns in the polls shows just how utterly ridiculous and dysfunctional things have become in this country. H.L. Mencken was right.

    • Grey Ghost

      “H.L. Mencken was right.” Exactly right DTW. Now to go check the edge and tip on the fighting knife… again.

      Grey Ghost

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