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Greetings AmRRON Corps!

The T-Rex 2018 Planning team is working on the scenario and is ready to begin accepting volunteer INITIATING STATIONS (stations to inject traffic into the scenario).

This year we will be issuing both scripted and unscripted traffic instructions.

SCRIPTED TFC: Traffic which is pre-written and very specific in content and date/time of injection into the scenario

UNSCRIPTED TFC: Traffic which you may inject at your discretion using guidelines and following parameters


– HF capability on at least 20, 40, and 80 meters (both voice and digital)
– or… VHF/UHF capability and can reach an HF-capable station which can relay your traffic outside your region (you should know through AmRRON training nets if other local stations you communicate with have HF capabilities)
– Positive attitude and willingness to train and have fun

To volunteer as an Initiating Station for T-Rex 2019:

1. Email me at johnjacob@radiofreeredoubt.com and type ‘T19’ in the subject line.

2. Deadline for accepting volunteers: MAY 24, midnight (Pacific)

3. I will hand you off to Papa Romeo Whiskey so he can give you further guidance and send you the operator capability survey. We will use the survey to learn more about how you could best fit in to the scenario. Operator Surveys are due by May 24th, so don’t delay.

4. As we get close to T-Rex 2019 (about two to three weeks out) you will be assigned and issued
radio traffic and/or instructions for when/how to inject your messages into the scenario during T-Rex 2019.

5. Simply follow the instructions and guidance you’re given and help us afterward by participating in the AAR (After Action Review) process so we can learn and grow.

Have a blessed week! Stay safe!



PS: SIGCEN volunteer invitation to follow in the coming week. If you and a few other AmRRON operators plan to ‘deploy’ together and establish a SIGCEN (Signals Center), we’ll be putting that information out so you can decide if that’s something you may be interested in. That will explain broadly what a SIGCEN is (and is not), and what the role of the SIGCEN is during T-Rex.

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