Trudeau Has ‘Secret Plan’ on ‘Sweeping Gun Ban,’ MP Clement Says


Any thoughts from our Canadian friends?

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  1. One can only hope that little commie shitstain would jump the shark.

  2. doubt it. But, since Trudeau is a White Communist working for the (((Rothschild))) central bankers and the (((Bronfman)))booze billionaires, anything is possible.


      Word. I quit buying Seagram’s products a long, long time ago. A shot of Makers Mark and a cold Bud Light does the trick for the arthritis.

  3. Donny Corleone

    I have heard rumors of an island fortress ruled by an ex U. S. warlord. This is certainly a threat to “public safety” in Canada! Get crackin’, Trudeau!

  4. robins111

    I believe the MP is likely on to something, as these flamboyant bullshit moves are typical of the idiot. He doesn’t have any sort of popular support for this nonsense, but thinks he can shove it through, during a virtue signally meeting with the anorexic communist cow, that’s PM of New Zealand.
    In my opinion one of the following will happen, 1) there will be vast congratulation from the Canadian media ( Which is a wholly owned and subsidized branch of the liberal party). They will use words like brave, dynamic, forward thinking, progressive etc. The gun community will respond by ignoring the directives and the turn-in will mirror the NZ case with 37 turned in. This will further polarize the Urban/Rural split in Canadian politics Trudeau will threaten to use the military to start collecting those evil guns, until someone points out that we basically have ‘No Combat Arms’ land forces to accomplish the task, and if there is any push back from the gun owners ( Shooting the gun grabbers) any combat arms will be immediately returned to the major cities to provide security for the politicians. If this happens, expect Trudeau and his liberals to be soundly defeated in the October elections.

    2). In this case, the lefties that Trudeau surrounds himself with, will convince him that a major use of force will cause the gun owners to come sniveling in to turn in their guns. In this event, there will be an incident, sure as heck, where a gun guy will be shot/burned out, and several family members with him. The shooting community will react by shooting back and ambushing the collection teams. The country will erupt into a long drawn out insurrection, which many in the shooting community have been expecting for years.

    I). the last event, the Canadian population will discover a) just how defenseless they are in a real fight, we have essentially 3 regular firce infantry regiments (under-strengthened) to cover the second largest country in the world. They are backed by equally understrengthed armored and artillery units. There are about 50 or so ‘reserve infantry units’ spread across the country, which are under equipped, and of no real strength. Trudeau and clan will attempt to use force with the various policing agencies, but they face several problems with that, the insurrection will quickly devolve into a 4 gen infantry operation, and the police are not trained for such functions, any infantry soldier who has seen the police doing an ‘Assault’ in a stack, will understand that comment. Further, their equipment is not designed for this function nor are they capable of rough terrain off road operations. I expect that the police will be quickly tasked with security in major urban centers and will never leave these areas for the duration.

    This will continue till the government dissolves or is internally overthrown, the country will balkanize into 3 possibly 4 entities with the mid west and northern Ontario resembling North Dakoda or Wyoming in government structure, sLSouthern Ontario is a go alone, Quebec a go alone, the Maritime provinces, amalgamating then attempting to join someone who can fund their social programs. BC will split into 2 with the southwest urban areas going alone and the north and east joining the mid west unit.

    During the insurrection there will be many political assassinations of politicians, senior bureaucrats, and media types. Families will not be excluded from the violence.

  5. Glenfilthie

    Recently the libs and their lickspittles in the RCMP tried to reclassify the Swiss combat rifle as a prohib. That’s a $3100.00 gun up here and everyone who owned one was ordered to either turn them in or register them. In all of Canada – only one person did. I strongly suspect this latest gun grab will go the same way.

    I am 75% certain that Turdo’s gun control will work out about as well as everything else he’s tried to do. It will probably be a shit show that nobody complies with.

    • Yeah, but he’s going to go after the stuff that’s already registered. He’ll confiscate registered handguns and ARs — which is ALL of them in Canada.

      Canadians are fucked. They don’t stand a chance to resist this. They’ll give in just like the British and the Australians did. Trudeau will graciously let you keep your bolt-action Fudd rifle so the government can make money selling caribou-hunting licenses.

      But that’s it.

  6. Johnny Paratrooper

    The Canadians I know sound like Faith Goldy and a Red Neck from Georgia.

    The foreigners are invading and the elections are rigged.


    England runs Canada.

    Which is why we get fucked by Canada too.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      What’s the difference between Canada’s government and Englands?

      There isn’t one. And has never been one.

      Canadians aren’t free anymore than South Africa, PRNK, or Venezuela is.

  7. here’s my thoughts on this

    everyone who turns their guns in were never people you would want to be around in a tight situation to begin with.

    this brings me to my thoughts on the mental retaarts called “normie”

    why would anyone waste one breath on these NPC morons?
    they’re called ‘normie’ because they are the average non-thinking dipshit idiots that infest the north murkin continent. they simply are not worth saving. if they were to be saved, they would only revert to the same behavior they now practice… and they would continue to worship their failed excuse of their useless god. they “MUST” be eliminated from the gene-pool forever. the world going forward, does not need or want fucking dumb ass ‘normies’ wasting precious resources or to give them the opportunity to fuck everything up as they bumble and stumble through their pathetic existences as they have already shown to be the case..

    so in closing, 300 million + worthless nothings must do their part and stop being…

    when in doubt, do what tfA-t would do. he is the truth, the way, the light.

  8. light29id

    They sent us booze during prohibition, we should more than return the favor if it happens


    Sigh. I wonder how their soy-boy leader will enforce this? I believe the Western Provinces are not particularly friendly towards the socialist deviates who run things out of Ottawa.

  10. Grenadier1

    Do you fight or die Canuck?

  11. Off topic and likely of interest only to “trads”

    It isn’t just the HoloHoaxers who fake photos.

    Background on the Sister Lucy imposter hoax:

    The official (faked) photos from Voz da Fátima magazine, May 13, 1967, including close-up of altered hands

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    More at Sister Lucy Truth

  12. Oy vey! Even the NRA finally noticed.

    In NRA’s Response to School Massacre: Dog-whistle anti-Semitism, a Star-spangled Protocols of Zion—NRA chief LaPierre identified the enemies of his organization, and of America, as Jews – from Karl Marx to Bernie Sanders

  13. Trudie is just another Globalist-MK Ultra puppet and Canada is a larger threat to the US than MX, there is virtually no physical border barrier and it’s a known conduit for weapons and explosives, all major cities on the west coast have been compromised via Canadian terrorists


      Word. When I worked in the Major Narcotics Unit, I prepped cases for trial where duffel bags full of dope were back-packed across the Canadian border with no problem. This is one reason the folks in Bonners Ferry have their phone tree system. They’re waiting for the Muzzie fatwah to take place.

  14. Well, at least now there won’t be a reason for the Leftist kooks to go to Canuckistan when Orange Man Bad clobbers their candidate next Fall.

    As bad as this country’s direction is, at least in most of it you can still buy whatever the fuck you want to, and ammo in large quantities. We have our problems, to be sure, but the realistic confiscation of 1/2 billion weapons is not one of them (and, of course, that’s no reason to sit on our asses because “it can’t happen here” – yes, it CAN, it’ll just take longer, if we allow it).

    • Berglander

      Oh, btw NSFW. There is a lot of Justin getting rawdogged by bucks. He’s coalburning like a slut in college.

  15. Plankton67

    The chance that a confiscation order puts the breakup & dissolution of Canada on the menu is not negligible. The “1st Nations People” will not go for that, their treaties with Canada allow them to pretty do much what they want, from huffing glue, to breaking into Canadian Tire and looting a 24 of Labatt Blue (think Natty Bo), to keeping firearms to deal with actual very large predatory mammals in the north. Think Oka crisis (circa 1990), but to the logical conclusion.

    The Francophone Canadiens will not likely go for it, but it will be a question if they prefer the massive gibs from Anglo Canada, or firearms… an existential choice to be sure. It looks like there will be no middle of the road from that commie bastard Trudeau.

    I have fond memories of Canada. Canada ist verloren, unfortunately. I will pour some out for you, Canada. Trudeau appears to have decided to mandate that Canada get in the gigantic exit bag that is socialism as he spins the helium valve and snaps it off in the full “on” position.

  16. They’ll never do that HERE! We live in ‘MURICA!!!!

    Read it and weep, kids… it’s coming, and your fellow morbidly obese ‘Muricans living in “freedom” aren’t exactly latter-day incarnations of colonial tough guys like Samuel Whittemore…

  17. Name (required)

    They’ll pass the law without any major news coverage. The “gun community” will piss and moan, but nobody will listen. They’ll do small, isolated commando raids against drug dealers, far-right “Nazis” and “mentally ill” individuals to warm up the population. The “gun community” will piss and moan, then be accused of supporting mentally ill, drug dealing Nazis. They’ll keep chipping away at the softest, most isolated targets and slowly expand to include more and more normies. They won’t target minorities or the first nations. Any White person that fires back will be described as a mentally disturbed criminal, if the media even reports on the incidents at all.

  18. “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – HL Mencken

    I think “two half wits does not a full wit make” is what he was getting at.

    I used to believe in Democracy, but now understand only a Franco or Pinochet style system can work. The original system was optimal for a “homogenous” society, but the 1965 Immigration suicide bill laid the sickly and aging constitution in a grave and quietly buried it, alive……

    If a married couple kept landing in jail for domestic violence, and I were a judge, I wouldn’t send them to marriage counseling, but to a divorce attorney. An amicable separation is the only peaceful solution for the country. But like all insufferable bitch’s, the left doesn’t want just half, they want it all.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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