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  1. Mosby’s remarks about edible musrooms really hit home. Because last weekened @ Firebase Woodchuck, they literally

    saved Haxo’s life. Early AM on Sunday 5/19, Lt.-Kernal Ensitue was laying out his battle plan for Operation Bonterfest when Aesop remarked, “what if it doesn’t work? We’ll starve!” So Ensitue ordered Haxo and Ann Elizabeth to head out into the woods to look for – you guessed it – edible mushrooms, while he continued his interesting lecture. After a fruitless search that led us maybe 2-3 miles from Firebase Woodchuck onto some lowlands on the opposite side of Mt. Holyoke, we came upon a verdant glade, in the center of which stood a solid block of basalt embedded in which stood an ancient broadsword. Ann Elizabeth ( whose knowledge of medieval literature exceeded Haxo’s by quite a bit) rushed forward, seized the sword hilt and attempted to wrench it from the rock. Haxo stood bemused for awhile, watching her futile efforts…finally he walked over, shoved her aside and, with one hand, easily freed the gleaming blade from the rock’s embrace and held it aloft.

    at which the once-and-future St. Barnhardt of Lone Tree sunk slowly onto the grass, gazing at Haxo with awe and wonder. Haxo glanced about the glade…no one else seemed to be present…yes, why not…and spent the next 20 minutes perfecting his acquaintance with the stupified Ann Elizabeth.

    a couple hours later, a distant but loud explosion roused awoke Haxo from a deep, satisfied sleep. While Ann Elizabeth still slumbered, an enormous, dark mushroom-shaped cloud was rising above Mt. Holyoke, and from the direction of Firebase Woodchuck. Hefting the sword over his left shoulder, and whistling all 4 stanzas of Yankee Doodle, Haxo strode off into the forest.


  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    “Get your minds right. Harden your hearts. Toughen your bodies. Build your skills. Do the intel work you must to sort the kilometer radius from your residence into threats, neutrals, and allies. Act accordingly and unass if those numbers tell you bad things.”

    ISIS took over entire towns with hardly a shot fired.

    I have seen NYC, Atlanta, and LA attitudes do the same in America.

    This is important.

    You need a fall back family.

    If you read about instability in Europe during the past, massive population swings can occur.

    Paris… Rome… England…

    Universities were the cause.

    Same here…

    If you have a major school in your area, that could turn into a major problem.

    As in armed commie leave behinds. Some schools have 25,000 people.

    Not many like you. And they all think they are smarter than you and/or have been promised the moon and expect it.

    Army divisions have 25,000 people too.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    Campfire Chat

    Comms are gonna be tough…

    My worst prep outside food.

    Lucky for me, growing food in my area isn’t impossible.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I grew up in the middle of Baltimore.

      What has happened to the blacks in America is sad.

      But, they mostly did it to themselves.

      And, most importantly, It is happening all over the world, to every race.

      Which means I don’t feel guilty.

      The prisons all over the world are filling up with hip-hop wannabes.

  5. Ever fire a 5.56 inside your bedroom? Hallway? Do you use sign language now? I keep an eight shot .22 LR by my bed. And a 9mm back up.

    • I run a small can of my mk18. Plenty good enough. Problem solved, and actual power that solves other problems. Perfect platform for close out to 350. But I run mk262 ammo, that increases things significantly.

    • NorthGunner

      Can we say, “ear protection” children…
      Yep, thought we could…

      If there’s a reason to have a tactical light on the nightstand,
      or better yet, married to your primary pistol, there’s no
      reason NOT to have a quality set of hearing protection at
      hand that both allows for hearing protection and yet allows
      you to be able to hear when you’re not shooting (especially
      those odd ‘bump-in-the-night’ sounds or that your dog is
      trying to tell you).

      Definitely recommend these:

      Peltor™ Sport Tactical Sport Hearing Protector

      Hope that helps.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      Also, suppressors were created for a reason…
      and it’s not to ‘look tacticool’ or ‘enhance the phallic imagery’…

      Oh btw, no one with a lick of sense would trust EITHER
      set of gangbangers pictured above; the only saving grace
      to the bottom set is that the hoodrats wouldn’t ‘normally’
      make it their mission to seek one out unless one causes a
      problem/’disrespects’ them or their family. The top group –
      all bet’s are off where they’re concerned!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner

        “..the bottom set is that the hoodrats wouldn’t ‘normally’
        make it their mission to seek one out unless one causes a
        problem/’disrespects’ them or their family…”

        Of course that goes ‘out the window’ as soon as their
        immediately obtainable supply of food/water/entertainment
        disappears during a shtf situation..same for the ‘official gang-

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • First thing i do when i hear a bump is put on my electronic ear protection. Turn it up to max, the back down to no static noise.

  6. New high-end radio announced by Elecraft:

  7. Thomas Vit Jr.

    I’ve had some luck keeping bugs at bay with a spray bottle of vanilla/water mix. I need to ask the wife again what the mix is. There was some chatter about DEET wrecking equipment….so the vanilla mix Seems a lot less harsh than commercial sprays and might not work for everything but locally it has been of some use for me.

    I’m also working on coms. Currently just running a base station CB and I’m working the bugs out of it…only reaching out 8-10 miles. I’d like to get to 20 which seems doable. It is kind of fun learning more about these old technologies that many have forgotten about. I’d like to get into Ham but Hams are dependant on repeaters, some of which are privately owned and some of which are publicly owned. But both may not be working depending on the situation.