Us Vs. Them

No more high-trust society.

Plan accordingly.

Open thread for today.

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  1. rumor has it Bill Hicks is Alex Jones.

    it’s getting that you cannot even trust the CIA or Mossad anymore…

    Mossad Motto : By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War

    Murka Motto : Land of the fee and home of the Slave


    There is a LOT to think about here.

    The most immediate thing: that the insurgents fought in a stand-up force vs force battle and got totally crushed. Yes it took five months but what did they buy with those five months? What did it gain them?


    Don’t do that.

    If you’re going to set up Stalingrad Junior, make it be for a coherent strategic goal. “We’re going to give the enemy a chance to get a hold of us, and if he does get a hold of us, we’re fucked” is not good strategy. Pick fights you expect to win, not ones you expect to lose.

    Guerrilla force – light irregular infantry – is force to be applied under conditions of local superiority for clearly defined immediate goals, where the guerrilla force can then disperse and evade counterattack. Fixed-position combat is not what guerrilla insurgencies are about.

    A guerrilla insurgency needs to 1) motivate the people to support it, or to assist in repressing those elements of the population opposed to it, 2) engage in clearly delineated, clearly targeted strikes against specific identified enemy targets with clear strategic and propaganda benefits. The purpose is to build the guerrilla group’s legitimacy in the eyes of the population and decreasing the occupier’s.

    Your victory condition is when the general population operates in line with your goals and principles, and pays absolutely no attention to the countermanding orders from the occupation force. At that point the occupiers have to devote one soldier for each 5 or so civilians, which is 1) not practical, 2) turns everything into an open-air concentration camp and won’t last.

    If what you’re doing isn’t targeted towards that type of goal, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Standing and fighting in brutal urban warfare with no contingency plans for how this assists you after the enemy applies overwhelming industrial-backed force to retake the city doesn’t fit into that goal.

  3. Alfred Barnes

    TBP censors my posts because they can’t handle the truth, the truth of God’s word, that is. They’re all a bunch of hypocritical assholes breaking wind in an echo chamber.

    Jim Quinn is a never Trumper, and is only pissed off for the same reason he censors my posts. It’s absolutely uncanny how Trump has yet to make a wrong move in over 2 years under the most intense scrutiny. At the EOD, I believe God is using Trump to foil the plans of the enemy who seeks to destroy all of God’s creation, similar to the OT story of the tower of babel, a planetarium, which depicted the heavens. Nimrod being the architect and a hunter of men, sought to enslave the entire world. God saw there would be no end to the evil thereof, and confounded his plans. Nimrod, the grandson of Noah, is also the source of all of the paganism in world, setting himself up as God reborn, and his mother, the mother of God. It was these black arts that the templars brought back with them from Egypt, establishing the nation of Switzerland, from which they control all of the criminal client banks of the Rothschilds, royal families, bolsheviks, chicoms, the vatican, and the deep state. Dare I go on? Qui, but of course!

    BTW, it is a good post on TBP.

  4. Johnny Paratrooper

    The problem isn’t that we are “Declining”.

    I spend a lot of time with lots of different Americans.

    The problem is that some areas in our society have declined.

    These problematic areas (i.e. zero mental health treatment, or teaching women that abortion is a right, or enabling “blackness”) have infected the other areas by proxy. Like social media, the military or the colleges.

    When combined with foreign enemies and domestic traitors who are never brought to justice because of PC culture (i.e. South Africa being abandoned by the world) we lose the ability to respond and are castrated socially.

    Letting muslims teach “Islam” classes at universities after 9/11 was a mistake.

    We enable our destruction. And of course our enemies could care less.

    Not to mention the organic psychopaths and sociopaths AND/OR the new assumed identity of gang cultures or constant counter-culting.

    I thought the 82nd airborne was a great unit.

    I didn’t see anything too crazy except for the “post modern” decorations.

    Which is the problem to being with…

    You know?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      FYI, Whites have had lower birth rates in the past. Including other stats.

      It’s not a big deal we lost half of a few generations in what was 4th generation war.

      When we teach our future men and women what happened in the 1960’s to 2020ish, they will respond the same way the Greatest Generation did when they fought a big ass global war.

      “Ordo Ab Chaos” is literally their motto…

      “Listen to me American. The desert is dark at night. So you should listen. Always listen close”
      -Poorly translated Iraqi proverb by my old interpreter.

      We get to live through the Spanish Civil War/American Civil War.

      Most people won’t see shit in CW2.

  5. The most recalcitrant tard I know insists “they are all the same” and “follow the money”. He reads the New York Times to stay informed. And, despite his “deep cynicism” always pulls the donkey lever at election time. He was a big Bernie guy, too, somehow because despite “they are all the same”, Bernie was different.

  6. Better to fall in the struggle for freedom than survive to see defeat.

  7. The deep state was born in violence.
    It has survived using violence.
    It will die in violence.
    Rightfully so it will end.

    This is what is the future will bring.

    It is a constant feature of tyrants to hold vast contempt for anyone who has a spirit of dignity, achieved actualization of self reliance, the dignity of Liberty and independence of self determination. They would not be tyrants and Freemen otherwise. Add an armed to the teeth citizenry who know what they are about, this defines the FUSA in spades

    Tyranny is only possible in America because we now have shit rolls down hill government.
    The usurpers at the top, and the badged armed leg breakers at the bottom of the deep state hierarchy.
    Their system of power depends on the only rule, there are no rules, but for us dirt people.
    In the larger scope, this is where the scalawags make their biggest mistake.
    When there are no rules the dirt people figure out then everything becomes legal.

    But what the deep state clowns don’t understand is Trump and a hard core of Americans are trying to dis-engage Main Street from the power elites unmitigated globalist disaster. It is a quiet under the radar effort. It is span of time where the working American for at least a spell in time, has enough buyoing power via thei fruits of their labor to manage self reliance and preparations the globalist’s had worked tirelessly to deny them, thus keeping as many as possible living hand to mouth. In effect it is building Anti-Fragile aspects into the “Deplorable’s” economic level, which is so far off the power elites radar, so disconnected from Wall Street and it’s casino, they hardly notice and could care less, they strip mined and stole everything worth their effort, and cast away the lees, thinking they left an empty run down boarded up provincial backwash living on chump change and their culture and virtues thus unfunded will wither on the vine and dry up to blow away on the winds of historical revisionism. aka the American Dream and all it entailed would be gone, bye bye.
    This is a measure of the utter contempt us dirt people are held in by these clowns. What they fail to understand is there are among us the fittist, the unique character as men of the west, a legion of citizen warriors, all the makings of a kick ass 4th Generation insurgency nobody has ever seen the likes before.

    Yeah you can pull all the white toxic crap you want. All your doing is reinforcing our resolve, our cold anger, qualifying our suspicions into certain truth, you don’t get to liquidate us from inner sanctums of converged IT departments and the lords of the universe tecj platforms running social media traps for the ignorant and all the uselkess dupes who will come when called. You ned a lot more firepower and hardened men than soy eating wheat grass juice sipping campus safe place eternally triggered faggots pulling the plug SJW NPC style on all who can fit under the umbrella of “hate speech” failing to grasp the profound nature that what you say is hate speech is the pressure vent on this pressure cooker dystopis you create. Block that pressure vent the top comes off. Not if, but when.

    Some people are born stupid can’t be fixed. There is no fixing it. It must run its course. It is the natural order underneath it all.
    How can be so many be so blind to the self extinction they race towards so willingly, is the great denominator here. How it can be so blind to the unintended consequences. Nothing so ignorant can survive.

    The next stages will be dicey. We are already seeing the forms of kill the kulak taking place. Rural white home invasions by brown illegal invaders are ramping up. The creation out of whole cloth of de-facto attainders of writ for just existing as White Christian Men of The West, shutting down voices who call for nationalism, White Pride, reverence and defense for the great 2000 year culture and 5000 year race of Men of The West.

    They are making a biblical grade mistake thinking us White Freemen of The West are going to lay down and die.

  8. Desert Rat

    Here is the money quote from this essay: “There are differences between the parties, but they are mainly centered around social issues and disputes with little or no consequence to the long-term path of the country.”

    The belief that it is taxes, policy, spending that are the central issues that determine the long-term path of the country is foolishness. It is precisely the assumptions and beliefs that drive “social issues” that drive everything else.

    Degenerates don’t vote for any future but that which directly effects them in the here and now. Degenerates vote for massive give-aways and “free stuff” because that is all they care about. Degenerates don’t have children because children cut into their “fun”. Degenerates don’t care about war because they will never allow themselves to actually take part in the fighting. So long as the war is “over there” and out of sight degenerates care not at all about anything done in their name by their rulers. Any effort to teach self-discipline or personal responsibility is hated by degenerates because degenerates believe they have a “right” to do anything they please and to have the consequences of their actions treated and paid for by others.

    We are ruled by depraved degenerates because a majority of us cast votes for these people. These degenerates are reelected over and over because a majority of citizens are too busy indulging themselves while certain they are “moral” and “good” and “right”. The degeneracy of the rulers is more out in open today than ever and yet 90% or more are reelected because the “moral and “good” people simply don’t care.

    It is now at the point where a majority apparently aren’t even able to articulate the Christian principles that once governed the nation. They don’t know what these are and, when presented with them, reject them as impositions on their precious “liberty”.

    When “anything goes” is a ruling ethos then you get what we are getting right now. If there are no standards upon which people can or will agree then you get chaos. Profligacy, war and corruption will continue and increase and the only thing that will reign in the degeneracy is a firm belief that morals and standards of decency and self restraint are more important than tax cuts or entitlement reform or responsible and sensible foreign policy. All of these will follow if the people are themselves frugal, self controlled, honest and trying their best to provide, with a good will, for themselves, their progeny and their neighbors.

    A nation of self-indulgent, hedonistic pot-heads will not govern itself responsibly and to expect it to do so is lunacy.

  9. Do you have any handcuff keys? There are 2 basic sizes. Make hard plastic copies of both and keep them on your person. Practice getting the cuffs off. You never know.

  10. “He can blame establishment Republicans and left-wing Democrats, but he had both houses for two years and did not get money appropriated to build the wall.” Wrong-chalk this up to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Traitors who lined up traitors and made sure the outcome was more illegals.
    “…..shockingly is leading to a $1.2 trillion deficit this year.” Yes, Trump has to own this. It IS going to destroy whatever is left of the FUSA.
    “The unemployment numbers, CPI and GDP are now unquestioned.” All I can say, as a Deplorable, there are more “now hiring” signs in my AO in the past 12 months than I have seen in 12 years. Which means, if you aren’t hustling up some debtbux to turn into silver, you are wrong. The freight train is flying, but it will leave the track eventually.
    “Gas prices are up 25% this year and 25% since Trump took office. The price of beef and pork is up double digits.” We- in Kommiefornia know that the Dumocrats that the illegals and Progressive groups keep electing are responsible for gas prices. As of this morning, in Sacramento: $4.00 for regular per gallon and $4.25 for premium. Versus the cousin Florida who is paying $2.35 gallon for regular and the cousin in Indiana is paying $2.65 per gallon. Fuck Gavin Newsome and every other bastard under the dome. Pork is high because the Chinese cannot seem to grasp how to keep their piggies healthy and happy, and so everyone else on the planet is buying our pork. Supply and Demand. Beef fluctuates constantly, but if I dispute double digits. My grocery budget has actually become cheaper because I spend time shopping and configuring. Most men will not; they simply buy 8 steaks and scream about the grocery tab. Food prices are like the tide: ebb and flow.
    What has happened is that trust, in every sense of the word, is over. And it is true mostly, world over. Trust is a fragile thing-once destroyed in a relationship, it is almost impossible to get back. No one believes anything out of their government, neighbors distrust each other, and we know that every word out of the MSM is a GD lie. That breaking of a fragile thing is what has, and is, destroying our country.

  11. “Why do Americans, who are willing to go all over the world murdering peoples and destroying entire countries in order “to protect our freedom,” so completely unwilling to protect their freedom at home from a tiny minority of Fifth Columnists who are a million times greater threat to them than any country or people abroad?”

    Two parts gasoline, one part dish soap, and a small quantity of metal flakes/shavings as condensation nuclei. Shake well before use.

  12. Defeat the deep state? WTF are u smoking. If he went off script he’d be pink mist. See JFK for reference. Ergo he’s not off script. Full stop.

  13. You knuckle draggin mouth breathers don’t know what is good for you. Only the hoity toity elite know what is best. Give up all decision making to the elite. They really care about you and your well being.
    Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile!

  14. Grey Ghost

    distributed worldwide network of 3d printing anonymous gunsmiths. The globalists/statists are really gonna hate this.

  15. Good article, objective article.

    What’s important is not that we all see the world, it’s issues thru the SAME Eyes.

    But that we see those issues and are able to identify local solutions.

    My solutions are likely not going to solve your problems. Ever.


  16. Ca.. for your perusal. Use accordingly as you wish.

  17. Boss, please check the WRSA email for an incoming.