15 Fighters: The .50 BMG & You

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The big stick.

Hard-target interdiction.

Your experiences with everything north of 8mm Mauser, with links where you can.


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  1. There was a lad down in county Armagh that made use of that round as I recall.

  2. Polumetis

    Care and feeding…
    The M8 API round – more accurate than ball, same cost, and comes with a built-in bonus

  3. I prefer it to the 338 L due to it’s lower cost and softer recoil, ammo availability and variety is higher as well

    • kypartisan

      .50 is cheaper than .338? just astounding.

    • No, and uh, no. Why did you even bother posting obviously incorrect and utterly stupid shit like that? Spend way more time shooting and less time typing things. Then, you won’t embarrass yourself.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Even though I have a lot of experience busting up hard targets with the M-2/M-85 .50 BMG machine guns, the biggest actual sniper rifle I’ve shot much was a Sako TRG-42 in .338 Lapua. Fantastic weapon but a bit outside my pay scale.
    However, for closer work, I have handloaded Hornady steel jacket FMJ in my .375 H&H (300 gr) and .416 Taylor (400 gr), just in case an engine won’t turn itself off or steel plates need holes drilled. Several companies make solids in every caliber for your sporting rifles, doesn’t hurt to load a few hundred for rhino protection. Think .300 WinMag or .338 WinMag, etc.
    The older Hornady bullets were steel jacket with a copper wash, then went to thick copper jacket, not sure if the newer ones still are. Check gun shows or dealer shelves, use magnet to verify. They don’t deform as easily as the heavy copper jacket FMJ’s.

    • Not on topic, 0321; but you had asked a question a bit ago that I hadn’t had a chance to answer. Yes, – 3rd Recon, early ’70 – early ’72.

    • Your mention of the .375 H&H makes me smile. Enjoyed my uncle’s Mod.70 ‘African’ as a youngster. A good shove on the back end, rather than a bite, in the recoil – not bad at all in a rifle of proper weight. And like it’s smaller brother that case feeds like butter.

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m thinking .300 Win Mag. Hunting elk in wide open country. 500+ yard shots are the norm.

      A possible discussion over a collection of fine porters and stouts that I’ve been assembling for the cookout?

      Hope you can make it.

  5. Johnny Paratrooper


    We used to call these “The THINGS”. $30 bucks a round is expensive.

    They also make a tracer. It’s red.

    Put one or ten on auto ship a month.

  6. robroysimmons

    I would recommend one of them fancy tripod thingies if one wanted to engage from some distance, but then again it would make it at least a two man probably three man team to effectively employ.

  7. I posted earlier about the hazards of firing a weapon indoors. With respect to the danger to one’s hearing. Some of you responded with your remedies. Mission accomplished.

  8. Are there thermal sights that can detect human heat signature through walls? A friend wants to know.

    • Thermal? Dunno. Would you settle for WiFi? http://people.csail.mit.edu/fadel/wivi/index.html

    • the other other Andrew

      Yes. Depending on the wall thickness. Capability of IR or FLIR goes up corresponding to the amount of money you can pay out. Some of the really nice IR systems are actually used in industrial situations for finding heat losses as it is much safer than the old way of finding a live steam leak (usually with a stick or broom, sometimes inadvertently with a body part…)

      FLIR and IR has advanced just like night vision. Again, the better it is, the pricier it gets.

      Hope your friend has deep pockets.

      • the other other Andrew

        And distance. Depends on wall thickness/roof thickness and Distance…

        Dang stupid mind, getting old and tired.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      Thermal Vision works the same in the movie “Predator”

      It can’t go through walls.

      Or even a piece of paper.

    • Anonymous


    • None that I’ve seen and I’ve seen every model the military places on small arms.

  9. re: .50 cal

    links on the best buy- both hardware and projectiles?

    • SemperFido

      I am half surprised that you don’t already have one T. Serbu firearms, right down the road a-ways from me in Florida sells several types with the 50RN being the cheapest at under $2000 ($1199 base price). It is not quick to reload, however, how many well placed .50 rounds do you need to put on the target?
      As for ammo, United Nations Ammo co has a good selection and reasonable prices. Have fun.

    • You don’t already have three of each? (One for each testicle). You’re back on your meds schedule at least, you’ve been acting like a fucking human being lately.

      Fuck your grandma, too.

      His Grace
      The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

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  11. Having shot the department fifty many times, I found it to be not so accurate. Was a Barrett, bolt gun. Bitchen rifle. Back then custom ammo wasn’t available. We were shooting SURPLUS m-2 ammo. Lots off it.

    Having launched thousands of rounds out of the 338 lm, I’m pretty comfortable shooting these old gentleman. Mines a GAP, with a Krieger #9, third barrel.

    Literally sent the Vortex Gen II glass back to Vortex yesterday. My glass quit dialing past 800y. Dialed down 1/2 3/4 groups at 100y, and box drilled perfect. Just would not dial past 800y.

    Vortex told me I’d have the fixed scope back or a new one in ten days or less.

    Vortex Corp, is a pleasure to work with. No questions, just fix it, or replace it.

    If I could only have one round for everything, it would be the 338 lm. It does everything with style!.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The U.S. Army Barrett M-107 .50 semi-automatic is a 3-4 MOA gun.

      Same as the M-4.

      I have heard you can polish up the barrel and hand load. Making a 2ish MOA gun possible.

      I have also heard this is a fleeting moment because the Barret’s do not have an unlimited receiver life.

    • Ronnie Barrett himself will tell you that the Barrett .50 autos are only 2.5 minute guns. They weren’t designed as precision rifles.

  12. Berglander

    Brian Williams was there when a .50 BMG caused the Roswell Incident.

  13. Bang for the buck. I have fine results with a Serbu.The BFG 50A does exactly what it is supposed to do .$2395.

  14. OT: Midland sale 20% off sitewide, free shipping over hunnert bux. Code “HONOR”. mxt400 vps bundle 10 bucks less than bare unit costs everyday.

  15. .50bmg makes a carrier even stronger than FAL! Distribute barrels and ammo across team to help them achieve strength also.
    Prepare to walk.

  16. The .50 does anything a small arm can do harder , as far as possible,deeper and with a wider variety of projos than any other caliber. It simply fucks shit up,.

  17. Shinmen Takezo

    Though I see a good place for the .50 cal in the coming festivities, I cannot see shooting something that costs 7 hondos a round.

  18. Shinmen Takezo

  19. A friend has a bolt Barrett with Nightforce glass,still looking for a place to stretch it’s legs distance wise but can say if watermelons/pumpkins with bad intent come into the 300 yard range(safest we have locally)they are done for!

    The birds and other critters do enjoy scavenging the carcasses of said fruit assault.

    In reference to earlier post am also a fan of Vortex,have had no problems with their products but the some ?’s which their folks were very helpful with.Given their warranty/service/price point for decent product I feel a great company.

  20. Grey Ghost

    Love the .50 but from a weight standpoint (both rifle and ammo) and having to carry that across hell’s half acre, sorry but I’m gonna go with the 338LM instead. As a 4GW sniper unit you might not have the luxury of a vehicle to get to a position for whatever the mission may be.

  21. OT but maybe of interest to CA: “Cambria Will not Yield”, also a WP site, has been axed by the (((PTB))).

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. my new M-12 holster and a couple M-1025 mag pouches arrived today.

    fits my S&W 5906 pretty well.

    i haven’t worn a pistol belt in a long time. it’s comfy.

  24. Hornady 750 grain Amax projectiles used with CCI primers, H50BMG powder, and weight sorted neck turned once fired surplus brass are proven to deliver sub-MOA performance out to 1200 yards with the Barrett M82a1. Factory Hornady ammo can deliver similar performance. Surplus Ball and API typically can deliver 1.5 to 2 MOA from the same rifle when properly loaded. Hand pulled Surplus AP loads can come close to the Amax, around 1 to 1.25 moa.

    Barnes solids are comparable to the Amax. The key with any of the .50 BMG rifles, but especially with the semis is to keep the axis of bore and axis of shooter as close to parallel and coincident as possible.

    Those interested in the 50 should check out http://www.1moa.org

  25. These will be essential to slow down/stop the gun confiscation squads when they enter your subdivision in APVs. These folks have already practiced their techniques in Boston following the marathon bombing there several years ago. Your AR just isn’t going to cut it to stop the APVs and send the confiscators packing.