Das Reicht

Read it.

Think it.

Require it.

15 responses to “Das Reicht

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Cowardice, the new white cancer.
    We expect them to take up arms, and they can’t even speak up for themselves, or do the right thing.
    Die Weisse Welt ist voll mit Feiglinge.

  2. Take allies where you can get them. Sort it out after the “games”.

  3. “My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am the most lied-about, most censored man on the planet. ”


    That would be Andrew Anglin.

    • check. And, unlike “dangerous faggot” Milo,

      Anglin is not “married to a Black Man.”

      alt-Lite fags stink out the world.

      we don’t need “allies” who participate in the Kosher Culture of Death.

    • Berglander

      For sure. Anglin is fighting the good fight. And he’s a hell of a funny writer.

    • Andrew is doing fine. He is still up and running old school but he is different. He has given up. He’s pretty defeatist now. Trump broke Andrew hard. As he did a lot of us. Or maybe it was having to leave America for good possibly. He will bounce back and we will too. No way out but through right?. It was a sweet but short ride. We had the love of Jesus and the wind in our hair. We were going to build that wall and restore some shit to right. Pfft.

    • You’d be surprised how many NatSoc Nazis LARPstapo’s call Andrew Anglin a traitor to the cause…

      And then call you… {{{He’s a JEW}}}! {{{He’s a KIKE}}}! {{{He’s a Hymie}}}! {{{He’s a JDIF}}}! {{{He’s a HASBARA}}}! {{{He’s a JEW troll}}}! {{{You must be a JEW}}}! {{{He’s a HEEB}}}! {{{He’s an Edomite JEW}}}! {{{He’s a JEWboy}}}! For not flagellating in orgasmic adulation to Der Adolf.

  4. the Usual Suspect

    It’s stupid , like our stupid leaders !

  5. i was in murka yesterday.

    what a shithole.

    pulled into tractor supply after painfully negotiating traffic made up of absolute fucking idiots who have no business being alive or operating a vehicle- they give a license to the dumbest assholes.

    i park up front in the ‘Heroes” spot and get out. a loser murkin wearing a cheezy TS red vest and a name tag had the nerve to speak to me and say i was driving too fast in the lot.. immediately, he realized he committed an enormous fuck-up..

    i just gave him the look of utter contempt and disgust that he so richly deserved. i abstained from saying a word so as not to risk the fat little punk being triggered and calling the police. fuck those americunts

    kill ’em all

    Murka- a nation of completely useless shitstains that have other purpose other than to be used to practice head shots and critical wounding techniques..




  6. oregon farmer

    Milo has bigger balls than 98% of ‘leave me alone/go it alone’ white male hetero ‘conservatives’. He’s an ALLY. Let the concept of an ally sink in. Allies are needed to win wars.

  7. Could have done without all the I, I, I and Me, Me, Me at the beginning. Could also do without his persistent “I love black cock” schtick. (I don’t care if Milo loves him some black cock, but other than the presumably black men attached to those cocks, no one else needs to know about it.) And no serious person, gay or straight, addresses a major political party with “I had the best sex of my life in your capital city” because it’s irrelevant and sophomoric.

    A man should be more about his work, his cause, than about himself as the doer of that work. Milo may be useful (and good luck to him, because he discomfits my enemies) but he is not to be trusted.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. “It’s just another sign that we are governed by the mediocre, led by the corrupt, and told what to do by the arrogant and the evil.” That is the money shot right there. It is world wide BS, put forth from every corner. And people doubt me when I say that civil war in this country will be the least of it. It will be WW3. The speech was killer.