VDARE riffs on this NYT piece.


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  1. Berglander

    Welfare is reparations. One-way tickets to Apefrica would be a great cap to it.

    • NorthGunner

      Well, we can start with these three first, delivered at
      the end of the trip by helicopter sans parachute…

      Oh, and they want to know, “yo dawg, whe de wite wiman at?”

      Better yet, send them to israel!

      Good riddance!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. they getting nothin from me, just like Obamacare never got a cent from me.

    On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 6:55 AM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” VDARE riffs on this NYT piece. Fugwittery. ” >

    • dmv gringo

      You’re paying taxes, obamacare is getting
      lot’s of “cents” from you.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Some of you need to do your homework and find out where your tax dollars actually go.
        Your fake dollars are taken from you by the IRS, a collection agency of the Fed ResBank, who spend ‘their’ money on whatever they want, filling their own pockets, foreign nations, and including sharing large amounts with the IMF/World Bank. They have billions of dollars of free money to play with, just like bank robbers after a big heist.
        The US Treasury sees little of those tax dollars to use for what you think they’re used for, such as the general fund. The US Treasury has to borrow it’s annual funding from the FedResBank, hence the 20+ trillion national debt. US Treasury has to pay .07 to the Fed to have a nickle made, as well as all the other money. Why do you think they say Federal Reserve Notes? (FedRed notes are actually nothing more than monopoly money issued by them to pay your tax debt with) The US Treasury is being held hostage by the FedRes, and is now in a symbiotic relationship with the Fed as a blood donor for the parasites feeding off it.
        So no, ‘your’ tax dollars aren’t paying for Obamacare, it’s the national debt that is.

        • and the so-called “Federal Reserve” is in fact a private bank. it is, literally,

          the (((Rothschild))) Third National Bank of the Jew-SA.

          and the principal reason why the Jew-SA jumps through a hoop

          every time Israhell snaps its fingers.

        • Immigration Moratorium

          Yeah you’re paying for it buddy, taxes or not. We’re all paying for it.

  3. Yeah…Naw

  4. “who later served briefly as the Black Panther Party’s foreign minister……….” Uh, just asking, when did the Black Panthers become a country? Giving Oprah Winfrey slave repatriations? One of the richest women in the world? What kind of repartriations do the Southern plantation owners get, after losing acreage, houses, livestock, etc?? Not every one of them was a slave owner-but they were burned out, starved, and murdered just the same. This is hydrogenated canned horse shit right here. Written by Patricia Cohen. Maybe Haxo is right.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Now maybe you can understand how the Germans were treated. Vilified by the (((media))) since 1933, because Hitler stood up to the World Bankers and took control back of Germany’s money. They rose up out of the depression in a flash, as the rest of the western world still stood in soup lines. Long before WW2 even started the press made them out as evil, all because they stood up to the elites and believed in a love of their own Nordic culture. Ein Volk.
      And so it had been for every foreign ruler since that stands in the way of the (((banksters))). They get bumped off and called evil. Can’t let anyone show the world how to operate outside of (((their))) control.
      And yes, Haxo is correct. The debt buck rules.

      • the Jews, personified by this Jewess Cohen, want our money

        so (((they))) can give it to the ‘groids, and further format them

        as an anti-White Einsatzgruppe. Imagine, say, 300 niggers –

        some of them with military experience, well-armed, well led,

        showing up w/o warning in an unprepared White town of say, 3000 people;

        all those Whites would be dead w/in 24 hours. This is, in fact, the’s plan.

    • I would argue that most of us here are 100% in favor of repatriations, even if we had to fund it. “Reparations,” on the other hand, are the point of contention…

  5. If I have to Pay for Slaves, they Damn Well Better be Up and Out of their Shacks at Dawn, the Grass around the House and Yard perfectly Edged and Trimmed, and I don’t Want to see a Single Horse Turd anywhere on My 1200 Acres, except in the Manure Pile.

  6. Not Ny Name

    Reparations will not go to individuals. It will go to “communities”. This skips the ‘who’s ancestor was a slave’ and ‘my ancestors did not own slaves’ arguments. Blame will be at least partially shifted to white privilege. All taxpayers must pay, even successful minorities. Politicians and community activists will decide to which community and to what organizations the money will go. This keeps control in political hands allowing bribes and corruption. No money will go to minority anti-liberal organizations like black churches opposed to abortion. The money will flow until “equality” has been reached and that, of course, will never occur.

  7. ghostsniper

    The gov’t can give anything to anyone, anytime and it won’t bother me in the least. Unless they tie it into sales tax some how, I won’t pay for it. And if they do tie it in to the sales tax eventually I will find a way around that too. I’m not in the habit of paying for things other people buy.

    • dmv gringo

    • dmv gringo

      Cuck on whitey.
      Cuck on.
      “The event, which was originally billed as “The March For Equal Justice,” has now been changed to “The Equal Justice Tour” after organizers were informed by lawyers that they would need permits if they intended to hold any sort of rally or protest outside the Clintons’ home. In response, organizers are now billing the event as a “tour” since tours require no such permits, meaning that now it will merely consist of right-wing activists driving past the Clintons’ home and around Chappaqua demanding Hillary’s arrest.”


    Sigh. No more talk. I’m tired. Come and take it, if you think you can.

    • godhelpus

      I’m with you.
      P.S. Tell them me and the dog will be waiting on the porch. I’ll leave the gate unlocked.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    I’m all for reparations.
    Let’s pay off these cock-suckers once and for all.
    Give them a big fat check…
    With the following conditions:

    1) Immediate revocation of American citizenship.
    2) 90 days to wind up affairs in the USA or territories.
    3) Deportation to the shit-hole country of choice in the African continent.
    4) No right of return. No ability to immigrate back. No visits.

    • dmv gringo

      Right………..You fuckers can’t even deal with
      the entrenched hordes of illegal alien shitholers, nor the unending waves of them arriving.

      • ‘You fuckers…”
        Thanx for the compliment.

      • in general, dmv gringo is correct:

        90% of the White suckers who voted for Drumpf in 2016 will – despite his violently accelerating the open-borders destruction of White America – go out and vote for him again in 2020. And,

        unless the (((debtbuck))) collapses first, they’ll keep on voting until they vote themselves into a mass grave.

    • Berglander

      Just tell them ‘Rwanda’ is how wypipo spell ‘Wakanda.’ They b gone fo sho.

      • NorthGunner

        Accidentally drop them off in the Congo..and tell them
        they’re welcome to eat as much monkey as they can

        Ebola-Chan will be VERY happy!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. REPATRIATIONS! I’m so burned out on niggers I can’t breathe.
    Everywhere you turn it’s in your face. No logic. No reasoning.
    Just flat out fucking savagery. Subhuman pieces of shit. Fuck niggers.
    More importantly: Fuck the white scum that defend them.
    Gee… hope I didn’t offend anyone. You cocksucking white bitches.

  11. Desert Rat

    All for reparations with the single proviso that once paid ALL claims, past and present are declared PAID IN FULL and NO FUTURE CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED. This means all welfare, set asides, affirmative action, racial quotas and any other law, regulation or rule established to benefit blacks over any other citizens are ended/repealed/abolished upon payment of the reparation.

  12. I reject the premise of collective or post facto guilt out of hand. Das Reicht! (or something like that)

      • NorthGunner

        Uh oh ensitue,…looks like you tried to post a video
        that the jewtube faery didn’t like!!…naughty naughty badthink…
        remember, they wuvvvvvs their black and brown brutha’s ‘n sistaa’s,
        especially their rainbow brutha just smell-it!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Sections
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    Cure for hate: Former skinheads recall what turned them around
    Tim Zaal poses for a portrait at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Zaal, a former neo-Nazi skinhead, speaks regularly at the museum to battle white supremacist ideals.Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times
    White nationalist beliefs can be reversed, experts say, but it is not a fast or easy process.
    MAY 12, 2019
    5 AM
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    Tim Zaal was a scary guy.

    At 17, in boots studded with razors, he brutally beat a gay teenage runaway on the streets of Hollywood. By his 20s, he was a full-fledged acolyte of the white supremacist movement.

    He had a reputation to live up to. And he did.

    Throughout Southern California, he used violence to prove his devotion to saving the white race. In Normal Heights, he and fellow skinheads would target gay men. In Belmont Park in Mission Beach, they’d look for minorities to harass.

    He did jail time for assaulting an Iranian couple whom he mistook for Jews.

    An ocean away, TM Garret was another kind of menace.

    He spread white power propaganda in his native Germany through neo-Nazi bands with names like Wolfpack and Hounds of Hell. He started his own chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Poway shooting
    Complete coverage: Poway synagogue shooting
    April 28, 2019
    His allegiance to the cause was spelled out in tattoos — the word “skinhead,” a Celtic cross.

    To them, it was a raucous good time, built on a community, a cause, and an identity.

    Can hate that deep be reversed?

    “Unequivocally, yes,” said Pete Simi, an associate professor of sociology at Chapman University in Orange County who researches extremist movements.

    While the in-your-face skinhead movement that Zaal and Garret came up in is somewhat fading, it is being replaced with a new force that presents the same, hateful ideologies in softer tones and harnesses the power of social media to radicalize a new generation.

    “It’s old hate in new wrapping,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, founder of the Digital Terrorism and Hate Project at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

    The stakes have also gotten deadlier, with the shooting at a Poway synagogue this month the latest example of mass violence in the name of protecting the white race.

    But Zaal and Garret are testaments of something else — hope.

    “Sometimes there’s this tendency to think once you go down that road it’s a permanent deal, there’s no hope for redemption,” Simi said. “That’s an inaccurate and dangerous way of looking at it. It guarantees it will be much more difficult for people to change if it is viewed as a beyond-all-hope kind of thing.”

    But, Simi cautioned, “It’s not a clean or easy process.”

    Deciding to leave
    Extremists leave their groups for a variety of reasons. But it’s not usually because they’ve suddenly realized that what they are involved in is morally reprehensible.

    The impetus is usually more mundane — dissatisfaction with the direction of the group, infighting, personal drama or even parenthood.

    In many ways it’s like they’ve just burned out from the whole thing, Simi said.

    Even if they still cling to their old beliefs, disengagement from the group — either online or offline — is the first, most important step, Simi said. That alone typically makes for less violence.

    “What this can teach us is that trying to push counter-narratives meant to show them their beliefs are misguided, that’s not at all that effective,” Simi said.

    Instead, it’s more beneficial at this early stage to plant seeds. Things aren’t really what you think they are. This is not what you expected.

    The inner transformation comes later, and can take a long time.

    “For me, it was three- to five-year process,” said Zaal, 55.

    But in some ways, it’s never over.

    According to Simi’s research, which includes interviews with 90 former white supremacists, hate can be like an addiction, bringing with it unwelcome, involuntary thoughts and feelings that can resurface year later.

    One woman in recovery recounted to Simi an episode in which she got into an argument with a Latina fast-food worker, accusing her of messing up the order. Without realizing it, the former white supremacist reverted back to her old ways.

    “The next thing she knew she was hurtling slurs, did the Nazi salute and stormed out with a “Sieg Hiel!” Simi recalled. “By the time she got in the car she kind of came to, was completely ashamed and crying. It was this weird momentary relapse.”

    From punk to skinhead
    Zaal grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles. When he was about 11, his older brother was shot and wounded by a black man.

    “It was kind of a traumatic event, something that stuck with me many, many years,” Zaal said. “Ironically, my brother was able to forgive the person who shot him two or three years later. For me it was a different situation. I had the belief they were out to get me, so if they’re out to get me, I’m out to get them.”

    “I based my beliefs on something that was not even a personal thing. It was a lot of hearsay.”

    As a young adult in the early 1980s, he immersed himself in the hardcore punk music scene, which introduced him to skinheads.

    He approached a few groups, interested in joining, but they were “very standoffish,” Zaal said. “I was looking for community.”

    He tried to join the military but when he was rejected there, he was more determined than ever to pursue his skinhead dreams.

    In San Diego on a job one day, Zaal decided to reach out to Tom Metzger, a rising figure in the U.S. white nationalist movement who happened to run his operations from his Fallbrook home. He looked up Metzger’s number in the phone book, dialed and Metzger picked up.

    “I told him I was interested in the movement, wanted to do something for my race. I ended up in his back room talking about politics and he gave me a card for a group in Orange County. I contacted them, and the rest is history.”

    Zaal joined the Western Hammerskins, an arm of one of the more organized neo-Nazi groups that operate across the country.

    “I had to prove myself. I was involved with a lot of violence,” Zaal admitted. He added, “I sought to live up to what was expected of me, I guess.”

    The skinhead community was fulfilling for a decade or so, then he began to question what he was doing with his life.

    When his young son called a black man the N-word in a supermarket one day, it was a wake-up call.

    “It was like being in a cult,” he said.

    He eventually decided to leave. He moved to the Ozarks — which happen to be heavy Ku Klux Klan territory.

    At one point, his job in the petrol chemical industry forced him to go on a road trip through the Deep South.

    “I had a preconceived notion of what it was going to be like. In Houston it would be a bunch of illegal aliens. In Lake Charles or New Orleans or Mobile, it would be a bunch podunk black folks with corncob pipes,” Zaal said. “It was the complete opposite.”

    “I was treated with compassion and respect by different people of ethnic backgrounds,” he recalled. “I got back home to Klan land and the contrast between the two was so great. It was so apparent that the real world was not the world I’d been living in for years and years and years.”

    It’s an experience he wants to give other recovering white supremacists — when they are ready. Because much of the white nationalist ideology is based on fear, and second-hand knowledge.

    “So let’s get first-hand knowledge … Get them out of their comfort zone,” Zaal said. “That’s how most of us got out of that mindset.”

    Common ground
    What doesn’t get white supremacists out of that mindset: yelling at them.

    “Yelling at someone never in history changes someone’s mind,” said Garret, 43. Instead, it circles the wagons and strengthens a bigot’s resolve: This society hates us for what we believe, therefore we must be right.

    Non-combative conversations searching for common ground can be hard to come by, especially in these polarizing political times and with the often eviscerating tone of social media.

    “The person who says ‘Eff Trump, all Trump supporters are racist,’ how is that any better?” Garret asked. “I’m not saying tolerate the ideology but we need to tolerate them as human beings.”

    An empathetic approach can also be an especially big ask for religious and ethnic groups who have been the target of such hate, including violence. But there are some who are passionate about having those uncomfortable encounters.

    Garret points to his friend, Maryland entertainer Daryl Davis, who is black and has befriended scores of Klansmen who subsequently left the group.

    “He’s like, ‘I want to know how those people tick. Why do you hate me if you don’t know me?’” Garret said.

    Matthew Boger, a gay man, left, and Tim Zaal, a former neo-Nazi who beat him years ago, strike up an odd friendship. They both work at the Museum of Tolerance now. They spoke there in 2006 about their experiences.Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times
    Zaal was forced to face his past in an uncomfortable encounter of his own — in a chance meeting with the gay victim he’d attacked as a teen. Their journey to healing is documented in a film, “Facing Fear.”

    Mere acknowledgment of one another’s fears can be a big step toward breaking down barriers, Garret said.

    Reflecting on his own time as a skinhead, he said: “My enemies felt real to me, even if it was stupid.”

    ‘Who wants a Nazi back?’
    Garret’s dad died when he was 8, and his mom was “fighting her own demons.”

    In his small German town, he was the weird kid who finally got the attention he’d craved with racist jokes. So he ran with it.

    “At that point I was known as the Nazi kid. I didn’t like it because I didn’t feel like it,” he recalled. But the label had a self-fulfilling prophecy to it.

    “All of the sudden I’m not a nobody … It was better than the kid you could push around. I thought it was respect, but it was probably more like fear. I stuck with it.”

    Like many during the ‘80s and ‘90s, Garret was radicalized through the hardcore punk music scene, becoming a band leader himself.

    TM Garret is a former white nationalist from Germany who now speaks out against hate and helps others escape the movement.Courtesy photo
    His German nationalist pride morphed into all out white power. He joined the KKK — first brought to Germany by Americans post-World War I — but struggled with the contrast between the “Christian Identity” doctrine favored by Americans and the more pagan basis for European white nationalism.

    Asked to translate a booklet for a radical Scandinavian group into German, Garret was at first honored, then troubled by the violence and terror it called for.

    “Everybody has doubts,” Garret said of those in the movement.

    “You put them on the side, put the next doubt on the side, and that stack of doubts becomes a bump, then a little mountain, then a big mountain, until you can’t deal with it anymore.

    “But if you want to leave, you see society hates you back. Who wants a Nazi back?”

    When Garret could no longer bury the existential questions that had been mounting inside him, he fled. He and his family ended up in a small German town, on Christmas Eve, broke. The only apartment available to rent was owned by a Turkish Muslim man who lived in the unit downstairs.

    Garret had a history with Turkish Muslims.

    One night, Garret and his crew pulled a prank on a Turkish Muslim teen. The teen retaliated with his own crew in tow, and Garret ended up with a gunshot wound to his hip in a cornfield.

    But now, his family was desperate, and the man took them in.

    The landlord started to offer Garret money to fix computers, and a relationship began to form.

    When the landlord invited Garret to dinner one night, he uneasily accepted the invitation. He panicked when he saw what the landlord’s wife was serving — fish soup. “I didn’t like fish soup,” Garret said.

    He was afraid what would happen next. “I thought this is when he’s going to rip off his mask and show his horrible Muslim terrorist face,” Garret said. He finally got the guts to speak up, announcing he didn’t like fish soup.

    “What happened? Nothing. His wife brought over some chicken.”

    He added: “What racist hate was left there, he broke it down and he laid it down in front of me, crumbled.”

    Garret, who moved to the Memphis area and started businesses in the entertainment industry, is now an outspoken advocate against hate, giving presentations across the country. He works with other “formers” to transition people out of the hate movement and partners with tattoo shops so recovering extremists can cover up the markings of a past life.

    He was pained when a gunman killed 11 people in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in October. After that, he began working with the Jewish community and the Simon Wiesenthal Center fighting anti-Semitism. Zaal works with the center, too.

    “I celebrated more Jewish holidays in the last 12 months than Christian holidays,” Garret said.

    When a gunman — identified by authorities as 19-year-old John T. Earnest — killed one person and wounded three others inside the Chabad of Poway, it hit him even harder. “It didn’t feel that far away anymore. I felt so much more hurt than I was after Pittsburgh,” Garret said. “I felt more numb and helpless.”

    New recruits
    Researchers have learned a lot about treating former skinheads from Zaal’s and Garret’s day.

    But experts admit little is known about the new generation, or if old tricks will have the same effect.

    “I think as far as the generation now, we need to start figuring out what is driving some of these white adolescents moving in that direction,” said Simi, who says he has worked with some, but not many, of the younger members of the contemporary white nationalist movement. “Maybe there are still a lot of similarities.”

    At the most basic level, part of the solution calls for getting kids offline and into the real world — not just troubled youth, but all youth.

    “Young people have to have actual relationships outside virtual friendships,” Rabbi Cooper said.

    But anti-hate messaging also has to reach youth where they are.

    In March, Life After Hate, a nonprofit founded by “formers” that helps people leave hate groups, began partnering with Facebook to provide outreach to users searching for hate material. The pop-up messages provide a listening ear and way out.

    “Radicalization doesn’t begin with violence. It often begins with vulnerabilities and grievances,” the nonprofit’s announcement said. “And we want people to know that we are here to listen to them. That simple gesture can create change.”

    But it’s not yet clear how effective that effort is.

    People who work with extremists say it would be Pollyanna-ish to expect dramatic turnarounds. But if it reaches one person, they say.

    “If there are going to be any changes made, it’s not going to be from the top down,” Zaal said. “It’s going to be from the bottom up on a human level. It has to be.”

    • NorthGunner

      Not at all surprised that members of the ”rootless internationist
      clique” are involved with this latest mental fuckwhitery..nor am
      I at all surprised that it’s happening in the land of fruits, nuts,
      azatlan spouting beaners, niggers, triad chinks and cucked
      snowflake granola held together by the kikes in hollyweird
      and excarmento.

      They’re scared to death of resurgent white pride and white

      Good, let it continue to scare the bejesus piss out of them.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. I thought they got reperated via free abortions n’ sheeet

  15. Such a dimwitted idea.

  16. a follower

    Do you know there are people seeking reparations for all of us? All of us who are victims of the banking system, all of us who are victims of corrupt governments and religious heads, in essence victims of an unfair world.
    And they use the Bible to support this thinking.
    Would you agree and be for this? Many would.
    And i believe it is part of a very large trap.

  17. Dan Morgan

    Most white people who immigrated to the American British colonies between 1630 and 1776 were slaves or indentured slaves, who very often served beyond their terms.
    That would make most whites in this country descendants of slaves.
    Since the practice of black slavery in the American British colonies also began with the British, and was ended by white Americans, it would, if we are to follow the logic of the black reparations crowd, seem that our beef is with Great Britain.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Don’t forget all the white European slaves taken to Africa 1,000 yrs ago, the tables turned on them and suddenly now it is the evil whites who are to be punished, not the Moors.
      And who exactly keeps telling us these things? Follow the brainwashing trail of disinformation, it always leads back to the same point of origin.
      The media.

    • This is just a small sample of my ancestors in America pre-1700. None of them were slaves or indentured servants.

      Daniel Prewitt, Thomas Young, Walter Nugent, John Barron, Hannah Davis, John Champness Austin, Philip Jones, Benjamin Martin, Sarah Carter, Mary Goodwin, Charles Caffery, Mary Ward, Samual Davis, Hannah Honor Love, Benjamin Taylor, Walter Nugent, Jan Otto Van Tuyl, James Bly, Elizabeth Eaton, Charles Davis, Sarah Boynton, James Walker, Anthony Heilman, Sarah Folsom, Ephraim Tuttle, Sarah Elizabeth Harrison, Robert Stuart, Sarah Taylor, William Richardson, Roger Eastman, Joanna Hadly, Rachel Nichols, John Gibson, Anna Maria Holman, Isaac Bigelow, Hannah Pangborn, Samual Duvall, Willam P. Pendergrass, Mary Raleigh, Reuben Leete, Moses Ordway, Samuel Watson, Abigail Skinner, Lucy Bartlett, Hannah Hadley, Hannah Matson, Caleb Lindsay, Elizabeth Page, Martha Richardson, Subiah Hall, Abigail Curtis, John Henry Goetschius, Johann Heinrich Heiss, Alvin Willian Cope, Mary Travis, Clarinda Goble, Johan Peter Hauck, Anna Maria Schwedener, Maria Millison, Sarah Whitehurst, Thomas Asa Barnes, Rachel Barrett, Margaret Jones, Joseph Elias Barron, Reuban Cone, Abigail Gage, Phoebe Ellsworth, Sarah Daniels, Hannah Brittain, George Holland, John Cantrell, Lucy Claiborne, Annatge Cornelissee Van Voorst, Jemima Murray, Mary Sparks, Hugh Gilmore, Joseph Taber, Thomas Murray, Naomi Rowley, John Rolfe Jr. (Who married Matoaka Amonute Powhatan).

      My pre-1700 ancestors were from England, Ireland, Wales, German/Bavaria/Prussia, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Scotland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland.

      Did White slavery and indentured servants happen? Yes. But to claim most people were is hogwash.

      Anyhow… hey, we are 22.3 Trillion in debt, excluding private debt. What’s a few BILLIONS more? Personally, I think they should offer a bonus to get on a plane to their ancestral home.

  18. Old Gray Wolf

    You people saying you are for reparations one last time remind me of the thinks trying to make a deal with the schoolyard bully. “Okay, I will give you my lunch money this one last time, but you have to agree not to bother me ever again. Okay?” They have stolen enough already. One does not reward thievery and abuse. You punish the thief and abuser. Christ, some people are dense.

  19. The comments section sure has changed here in the last 5 or 6 years. Imagine what we’ll be saying in another 5.

    Of course they’ll still be a few cucks around (with mulatto grandchildren) that will say “we all bleed red” while humming “God Bless the USA”.

    God damn, I love being White.

    • Berglander

      In another five years, I hope we’re too busy with the ovens to go online.

  20. O the nig’s will get paid, go to the bank on that. like the Indians, the Mexicans, the faggots the homo’s the fairies, etc etc.

    I don’t read about this stuff, don’t watch it on tv, and I don’t lose any sleep over this non sense.

    I can’t change what’s happening. I can change how my day looks. My quality of life, which is exactly what I’m going to do. Going fishing in the new boat.

    Don’t care if I catch a thing, me friends trolling the lake nice slow day. Life’s good. Be nice to hook a seven to ten pounder, who knows right place, right time.

    Boys no one here has the ability to change what’s going to happen, why worry about what you,can’t control. We’ll all know when the party starts.


    • NorthGunner


      After the indians go to the bank with their ‘per capita check’,
      the next place that over 90% of them go as fast as they can
      is right to the local indian casino..where they promptly LOSE
      every penny of it ‘trying to cash out’ (used to work security
      at the local indian casino here..saw it happen more than a
      few times!) then they scream and bitch that THEY were
      cheated by the house/machines as they’re being escorted out….

      The IQ/learning curve does NOT favor MOST indians or niggers
      not now…and probably not ever.

      There are a few that do cash their checks, pay their bills off and
      then go home and save what’s left; they’re called ‘apples’ by the
      rest here and then those dumbasses from the casino outing try
      to hit them up for money/loans…”because you’re my blood..we’re
      indians, right?..”

      When tshtf it WILL be interesting here in my AO in Western Az,
      much less than say Phoenix or Tucson, but there are underlying
      ‘volcanic activity’ below the surface..and when it blows, there aren’t
      enough cops or s. deputies to keep a lid on will blow the lid off.
      As to niggers here…not too many, although if they group together
      and get ‘motivated’ that could change things..especially if they call
      ‘friends and family in’…

      Definitely more emphasis on BLOAT!!

      My take on the main topic?
      NO reparations for anyone!!
      You don’t like the hand you were dealt?
      Too fucking bad!! – Shut your yap and get
      the fuck over it!!
      And no, I DON’T GAF who your daddy was
      or how he got here!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  21. lastmanstanding

    OT…Memorial day sale at

    25% off select firearms and packages. There are some screamers.

    10 magpul Gen 2 30 rd mags for $75…less 25%

    There are also some firearm deals that will never be matched…unless you happen to pick up one laying on the ground that someone just lost.

    • Berglander

      Lol no luck with that, though I did find a USN Kabar north of Butte years ago.

  22. Think I’ll file my own claim. Where the hell’s that shoe polish?

    • The question is not how white peepo treat black peepo, all the stats point to extreme levels of tax dollar support from pre-natal care to free burials. The stats on white vs black crime are extremely low, white on black rape remains at one (1) a year if one excludes latinos as white people.
      The same cannot be said of Black on white crime which is roughly 10X higher in all categories except rape which is astoundingly higher. In fact there is no place on the planet where black on white crime is not astoundingly higher and this is the reason the concept of white genocide has become so accepted as fact.

  23. 1) Come on Ulzana – Don’t be cowed by political correctness. Why don’t you let us know how you really feel? You have just expressed what millions of Normies are thinking, but obviously will not say. It’s looking like the enemy just can’t help themselves and will engage in such egregious overreach that they will alienate a lot of people who simply know better than to express any anti-Agenda thoughts. One reason I don’t have any political signs on my vehicles or garments is that I don’t want to have to shoot some moron who assails me for my hat or bumper sticker.
    2) A piece of wisdom once imparted to me by a black man* I worked with, to wit: NAACP = Niggers Aren’t always Colored People
    * A very intelligent man, capital fellow and bon vivant, and smartass par excellence.
    In fact, Of the black people I have known none have been “Niggers.” I have known Euroids who qualified. You will meet people with the quality of character that you seek out. I don’t choose to hang out with “Niggers” of any color, therefore I don’t meet many. My impressions of black people formed by personal association are entirely favorable. I know that “Niggers” exist because there is observable evidence of such. Note that black people generally don’t think much of black subhumans either. It would be a big mistake to fail to recognize where we have commonality of interest with the honest people of every color. It’s stupid declare somebody an enemy on the basis of something that should be irrelevant.

    • I don’t “hate” anyone. But some people of necessity need to be gone. Skin pigmentation is not a determinant. But it can damn sure be a clue.

    • Immigration Moratorium

      “In fact, Of the black people I have known none have been “Niggers.””

      Stop lying.

      • I’ve met a few righteous Blacks…but that was mostly long ago. Now,

        the Jew (((wellfare/illfare state+drug culture+crime lobby legal system)))

        has purposefully destroyed Black commmunity/family/values. So

        99% are murderous, anti-White Trayvons and Latwanas. And

        the situation worsens by the hour.

  24. Donny Corleone

    Huh. Patricia Cohen.
    If only there was a common denominator which we could use in order to identify these people who are the enemies of Whitey. I’m going to wrack my feeble brain and come up with the answer one day. I promise that I will clue you in just as soon as I have one.
    This problem is really complicated as some of the greatest minds on this site (and by extension the world) have so far been unable to ascertain the answer.
    This is a tricky one. It will take a lot of time, but ol’ Donny won’t quit until he finds the answer!

  25. John Costello

    This has been bantied about for 40 years and nothing ever comes of it because it is political suicide an every politician knows it. Yawn, turn the page.

  26. Donny Corleone

    Oh, and revgen45, move to South Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi and get back to me with that.

  27. I thought the Freedmen’s Bureau was ‘reparations’ after the unCivil War??

  28. The greatest enemy of the American negro is the niggar. Whitey,in most cases,doesn’t have the time or energy to be fucking with the negro. We are out doing this thing called work. Between work and raising a family there isn’t a bunch of extra time to be fucking with the negro. Hang out at a Waffle House at two AM. Observe the behavior. Niggars and wiggars.
    Never underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of the human. Add some alcohol and asshole.

    • The negro isn’t the same species as whites. Being able to breed and generate offspring between a nigger and a white does not prove they’re the same species.

  29. When you pay these reparations don’t bitch too much whitey. After all you could have your personal property (i.e. home, car, camper, boat, etc) removed and handed to Shitavious and Shitnequia for your unforgivable sin of whiteness. Your money belongs to them now and there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you are willing to pull the “trigger on the nigger”. Hmm???

  30. We southern nationalists demand reparations for the losses incurred as a result of the illegal and unconstitutional invasion and occupation of our southern lands.

    The US government owes us billions of dollars and we want it now.