You Go, Grrrrrrrrrl….

Herschel: First Woman Completes USMC Urban Leaders Course

CNN: West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women

78 responses to “You Go, Grrrrrrrrrl….

  1. Khrushchev wasn’t shitting when he said they’d bury us from within.

  2. Let’s hope those autonomous drones and combat robots can take up the slack because those losers will stumble over paperwork let alone anything actually warry.

  3. Designed to demoralize. Note the timing. Don’t let it get ya down.
    Besides more than a few of those ladies look like dudes. And most look like a disaster waiting to happen.
    See? I cheered you right up.

  4. Which one of those pouches on the BAM’s web gear is for Kotexes?

  5. At first I thought “OMG! We’re fucked!!” Then I thought “Relax. Most of them don’t look like they’re going to be combat infantry. They will be Diversity Officers or some other such useless position. Hmm. Yup – We’re fucked.
    I wonder which one(s) Maxine Waters sponsored.

  6. And VP Pence was bragging about it. Suicide of the West/Whites is a fact. It’s only a matter of time. BLOAT.

  7. Toxic femininity.

  8. Desert Rat

    Because “diversity” has been the key to winning wars throughout history.

  9. this demonstrates how FUBAR murka and it’s inhabitants really are…
    these fuckheads still think lincoln was a great man.

    i’m a northerner, and even i know he was a deformed scumbag tyrant.
    fuck lincoln and his mother in the ass.

  10. You do pay for reparations and everything else. If you use US currency. They don’t have to come and take it from you. The buying power of the dollar goes down every time they print “extra” money. There is no escaping that tax. And it is a tax. And when that dollar doesn’t buy anything, that’s the ultimate tax.

  11. SemperFido

    We are fucked

  12. In my time I’ve not found black female service members to be worth much of my time or to be trusted. Of course there’s exceptions as I remember a few that were decent. So my policy was to avoid all females especially the blacks. Sad way to go about ones duty.

    I will add that my later years I described myself as a “knuckle dragging crow-magnum man”. That’s what I was, compared to the young leaders coming up.

  13. Still think the (((USA))) Military won’t fully fall in line with gibs, communism and extermination of whitey?

  14. Multiculturalism is a mental disorder. The enemies we have created through our bankrupt foreign policy these past hundred plus years are laughing with delight.

  15. Would have zero problems fighting along side a competent woman. Face it there are jobs women are a natural selection for. Intel gathering, etc etc.

    The Jews, stopped allowing their women on the front lines. Had something to do with them getting shot, and the men loosing focus on the battle.

    advised against it for over 20 years now.


  16. One of the most disheartening things I’ve ever read:

    Story here:

  17. Well, Good luck to them all. I do wonder how several got past the excessive BMI limit of the physical.

  18. Standards no longer exist.

  19. In the second photo, I see a chip on every shoulder. Pity the white boy that runs afoul of one of those Shaniquas.

  20. Please check your email re Mike Adams 14 min. video…..

  21. I wonder what the inverse rate of desertion will be under with such leaders?

  22. It’s going to be a slaughter.

  23. thesouthwasrght

    There is another pic of the sheboons throwing up the black power fist. Superb battlefield talents to the last I’m sure.

    My statement to each and every white southern Male contemplating enlistment: dont. Simple as that. There is nothing to be gained and everything for you to lose. It’s quite simple really. America is due an epic ass whupping with a geo-political realignment coming shortly afterward. Raise a family. Live for your kind and community, if soldiering is your thing take some time to be a better man in your neighborhood. Have babies and raise them, and above all love and respect the Lord. This is all you can do at this point.

  24. About 10-12 years ago, the colored wymyn put up a huge fuss about not being able to pass the tape test because “dey carry dey weight differn.” (English: Their asses were so big you needed a seat rope to tape them.) A new tape test was developed to account for that. No idea if it was adopted but it appears so, given the size of that lot.

    Note the stripes designating leadership positions. Figure those odds. I’m going with 13/50.