Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control…

We regret to announce the resumption of the usual badthink, once I get out of the shape of a long-haul coach seat.

Anything happen while I was away?

Open thread.

Bonus question: Berry or Ronstadt, and why?

15 responses to “Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control…

  1. Donny Corleone

    With all due respect: Fuck Chuck Berry. A certified shit eating nigger. Look it up. Fuck Linda Ronstadt too. A certified commie loon who used to fuck governor moonbeam. You can look that up too.

  2. Donny Corleone

    My patience seems to be wearing thin.

  3. Donny:

    The bastards want us to die weeping.


    Enjoy life instead.

    Laugh heartily.

    And keep working on the local bi-partisan accountability files.

    • Exactly. Seen ’em both. Linda. Linda and Moonbeam, drunk in her 911 and flipping it on 1 North of Malibu; Linda in her Brownie outfit at the Universal Studios Amphitheater (she was hot). Linda and (((Karla Bonhoff))) in a little jazz club on Sunset, back when L.A. was still the City of Hope, City of Dreams…. I still prefer (((Karla’s)))) music over Linda. Have you heard this?

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Weird-assed weather here. Had a few twisters touch down yesterday here in Ohio–came on quick–lots of prop damage with one confirmed dead. Nat gas and water lines down in parts of Dayton, OH. Raining buckets here in Akron–like being in a car-wash–ground water-logged for past weeks. Corn farmers SOL for planting this season, maybe switch and go to plant beans a bit late–we’ll see. Bottom line–make sure you have enough food preps, as prices will escalate, might even soar with corn, wheat, and oats crops at risk here and in Midwest due to massive flooding. Double-check all your preps for nat disasters–I sure as hell did–ran the genny, candles, flashlights, batteries, etc.

  5. I was gonna say that neither appealed to me as I am neither an apartment dwelling, single mom roastie nor a porch dwelling, drank swilling criminal statistic.


      Word! Your metaphors made my afternoon. I’m still laughing. Bleib ubrig.

  6. Donny Corleone

    Perhaps you’re right, CA. Maybe I should lighten up……………

  7. mex chick’s band beats Chuck’s…but it’s still Chuck’s song, by a mile.

  8. Miles Long

    Chuck is good enough. He stopped paying taxes for a while, didn’t he?

    Ronstadt is a no go. There be moonbeam residue somewhere in those deep dark cavities.

  9. Ronstadt is a pretty driver, but Berry built the model-and he owns it.
    My BFF called me at midnight, Cali-time; she is in Dayton Ohio. The twister took their garage, trees, power, and water. Plus the garbage cans are in Pennsylvania by now. The one damned thing that she wanted gone was the truck, which is causing untold grief in repairs. Could’ve taken the insurance and purchased a new one. No such luck! Since she was driving around with the son, looking for water, it gave me a chance to yell at her about preps. A natural disaster IS an end of the world event!

  10. Oh good. I was getting a little bored there.

    Things are getting MOAR interesting

    Keep Pre-Paring

  11. Chuck Berry.
    Every. Day. Of. The. Week.

  12. Chuck because Ronstat’s band is a half a beat low and Ronstat is sucking the mic too hard.

    With apologies to Mr. Corleone, but without Chuck, politics or no, probably half the bands you do like would never exist. No comment on Ronstat as her stuff really didn’t move me.