Buppert: Why Glock? Part I

Insights from over 170,000 rounds.

One other factor (albeit non-shooting): A standard Glock, 2 spare mags, a practical holster, and 100 rounds of good ammo is a store of value, due to its fungible nature, inherent utility, and (relative) scarcity.

Invest your Globohomo funbux accordingly.

40 responses to “Buppert: Why Glock? Part I

  1. This will open up a can of worms.
    Prepare for the 1911 45acp assault.
    This falls under the heading..
    “We can’t even agree on…….”

    • Grenadier1

      Didn’t take more than a couple of replies on the article to see mUh pIStoL BeTTuH thAN GlOcK!!!

      I don’t have that discussion with anyone anymore, I matured past that. I carry a Glock because I WANT to. I own specific rifles and train with them because I WANT to. That’s all the justification I need to provide. If you need the affirmations of others on your gear selections then you still have a lot to learn. Assuming you are not going full retard and making really bad decisions.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I use what I’m comfortable with, and what my own experience says works for me, not what the latest gun fad says I have to use. I’ve used everything from flintlocks to machineguns, tanks to .22’s, not much I can’t debate from personal experience.
        I have found so many people seek peer approval before they say something or make a decision, for fear of not looking cool. Being made fun of online is some serious shit to most of these mental midgets.
        I’ve noticed everything my 60 yr old sister does is in line with her high school friends, and not 2 brain cells between the 5 of them. Seems to be why there’s so many consultants in the world today, “help, I can’t think for myself”.

  2. Neither of my Glocks have failed, either. Still operating like they’re new, several thousand rounds and years later. They hit where you point them and I’ve experienced no malfunctions whatsoever.

  3. My gluk is almost 30 years old, has a 3 digit ser# I’ve changed out some parts, still hate the sights but it is what it is. It has never jammed, always goes bang…priceless

  4. Had several over the years. No bad experiences with these firearms. They all worked right, first time, every time, right out of the box. Mags are real good. Never a failure. Price not too bad, compared to some 1911’s.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    If Glocks are such POS, why did every single pistol mfg copy them?
    If you don’t like it, buy something else, but don’t knock the fact they do keep on shooting far longer than their competition. KISS works.
    Much of the Glock bashing I’ve heard comes from folks who’ve actually never even shot one before, that’s like hating big tits, even though you’ve never handled a pair yet.


    Before the cat fight starts, we would do well to remember a few things: The first rule of a gunfight is HAVE A GUN. Also, a handgun-any handgun-is something you use to fight your way to a rifle, carbine, or shotgun which you should have had close at hand in the first place.
    I have owned several Glocks along with two Springfield XDs. They have all been sold, mainly to acquire cash to buy something more needful at the time. Being a dinosaur, my preference is for wheel guns for daily carry and immediate home defense. I say immediate because if the barking Swiffer duster gives enough of an alert, I am grabbing the tricked-out shotgun, the SKS, or the Bushhamster carbine.
    I will not knock Glocks. I carried a Gen2 G19 the last ten years of my Peace Officer career. If worked just fine. But, I also had a S&W model 37 in my left front pants pocket. Based on all of the homicides and officer-involved shootings I investigated, I think mindset and tactics are the best and most reliable weapons one can have in his or her arsenal. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Glock = Block… too big for my hands, square, uncomfortable and awkward, The trigger sucks, even with “improvements,” sights likewise

    Yes, I know, function over form in weapons, but damn they’re fugly… no soul, no grace. And anyone who refuses to acknowledge the 100 years and counting stellar track record of the 1911 as a fighting pistol, is willfully biased. Simple to disassemble (if you’re not a doofus); parts availability to the moon, including abundant aftermarket parts that not only work but do provide improved performance; 100 years of R+D; adaptable to many purposes; shootable by form, function and design and suitable for adornment by virtue of elegance. Will “steel” be running when the plastic melts.

    I do not impugn anyone for choosing Glock, but I take exception to relegating all other guns and their owners to the dust bin.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I don’t understand why folks say a Glock is ugly, and rave over their AR15, huh? 2 peas in a pod.
      I even see beauty in a Lee Enfield or Mosin Nagant, weapons I thought I’d never own in my youth.
      Now a Carcano is another story.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “I even see beauty in a Lee Enfield or Mosin Nagant, weapons I thought I’d never own in my youth.
        Now a Carcano is another story.”

        What we, lound-eye; chopped livel?
        – Arisaka rifles

      • Eye of the beholder insofar as appearances… utility of operation is another thing.

        I used to say I’d never own an AR, I now have several, but I never said they were beautiful… I build classic wood and steel bolt action hunting rifles because they require great skill and patience toward the goal of a beautiful and powerful instrument, in which a man can take great satisfaction, sacrificing nothing in utility.

        I build ARs for entirely different reasons and goals which need no explanation here. It’s fun as well and takes so little time… a gun a day as opposed to months, endless variety and configuration. Beautiful in terms of the very strictest of pragmatic utility.

  8. A standard Glock, 2 spare mags, a practical holster, and 100 rounds of good ammo is a store of value, due to its fungible nature, inherent utility, and (relative) scarcity.

    A man with a footlocker full of G19s and/or G21s will never lack for friends in the inevitable coming sportiness. Be That Guy.

  9. Grenadier1

    The measure of a good friend is when he picks you up at the Airport and when you get in his truck or car he hands you a Glock to carry while you are in town.

  10. Great guns, I also own three digit Glocks. Early 80s. No idea how many rounds.

    Don’t disagree with BB, just think a man should shoot and shoot well what he has in his hand at the time.

    I shared a story last week wherein I took a brand new Browning hi power to a qualification course, and missed the first six shots at 25y. Never exceptable.

    I’ve remedied that situation since then, removed the mag disconnect and stoned some important parts. Triggers gone from 10 pounds to,a reasonable 4 pounds.

    Spent some time on the range Monday, ran 1000 rounds thru a couple m4s amd 250 9mm thru this browning. Problem solved.


  11. Plankton67

    The crowd of people who will complain about this miss some important points…the Glock matters, because it is E V E R Y W H E R E. It is well past the point of market saturation, as indicated in the article regarding parts, accessories and the like.

    Is it ideal? No. Will it be so common that your family and friends will all have minimal training issues in moving between models? YES. The same holds for the M4 type personal defense weapon. The goal of eliminating the variations and equipment peculiarities is to ensure that the most utility is wrought from what you have. Example… there are ZERO training issues going between Glock 21, 26 and 19 (fill in whatever Glock model you want, the answer is the same). And as long as you stay pretty standard on an AR/M4, the same applies. All the controls are in the same place in each category.

    Each of these items is a tool, and only a tool. The anti-Glock bigots are a tool of another kind entirely.

    • Berglander

      Mobile Resupply Pods typically carry Glocks and have a shotty and AR in the car. Familiar weapons, extry mags…

  12. ghostsniper

    Presumably anyone that has fired 170,001 rounds from a gun has authority over the author. Arguing about guns is what sissies do. If you have guns and fire them regularly what is the problem? The guns I own were bought specifically for me by me and I don’t give a shit if anyone approves or not. Similarly, I don’t give a shit what anyone else has. Srsly, is this what grown men argue about? Drop it. And go do some shooting….

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    We run blocks and AR’s among other stuff here. We do that because they work for us. My wife can pick up my gun and run it as well as hers, without a second thought. Vice versa. Got the AR’s in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO, the Glocks in 9mm. Mine is an early 17 and has been on my hip every day since I got it 25 years ago. It hits what I am looking at, and quick. On its third set of Trijicons, and ready for another 3.5 lb. connector. Hers is a later 19, gen 2. We have other guns, of course, but those are the ones that get the most feed and most use. Others can use whatever they wish, only thing I ask if they are rolling with me that their choices are reliable and that the person is skilled with their weapon.

    I have been known to pack something that at least shares ammunition commonality if not magazine interchangeability when traveling with someone and I know ahead of time what they are carrying. Never know when you will need to share ammo or magazines. I have run a lot of handguns and most of the military rifles at one point or another, so I usually either have what the other person has, or something with some amount of interchangeability and normally have the skills to run both mine and their systems in a pinch. Never turned down a chance to use a new system in my life, and it has paid dividends in knowledge over time.

  14. Old Gray Wolf

    Frigging autospell, Glocks, not blocks…

  15. I prefer a manual safety on my pistol – it goes in and out of my OWB holster twice a day. That rules out Glock. I love my HK USPc – I carry it hammer down on a loaded chamber, safety on, and that works for me.

  16. St.Maur1066

    Go buy a police trade in Glock 22 or 23, which are 40SW. Then buy 500 rounds and just put it away. But nobody shoots 40SW, all the tactical experts shoot 9mm. THATS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD BUY ONE! DURING THE LAST 10 YEARS, EVERY TIME THERE HAS BEEN A RUN ON AMMO, WALLY WORLD HAS BEEN SOLD OUT OF 9MM AND 40SW WAS HARDLY TOUCHED

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I got a G23 trade in almost 20 yrs ago, great buy and it’s what rides on my hip every day, when I’m not carrying my G20 for hiking.
      I cast and reload my own .40, can’t even begin to count the ammo cans I’ve filled with 175 gr TC hard cast. Storm Lake bbl and 20 lb recoil spring makes it a smooth shooter. Hot 155 gr. Gold Dot reload for social occasions.
      Still looking at getting a 9mm bbl and mags for swapping out, but I doubt I’ll run out of .40.
      After shooting hot 10mm, the .40 is my lite load.

      • Years ago I bought a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for my G23. Works fine with no other alterations. I later changed out the plastic guide rod (it was chipping) and spring with the Lone Wolf stainless steel setup. It works peachy. I also experimented loading and shooting 9mm thru the LW 9mm barrel using the .40SW mags. Worked fine as well. YMMV

  17. Fewer parts, more reliable generally. I’ve had G17s Gen 4 incurr stoppages, break slide lock springs and rust (I sweat like a horse). The first single stack .45 ACP model’s magazine springs were shit, the gun didn’t run as a result. G19s are notorious for limp-wrist malfunctioning.

    The articles’ general advice to Fix-On-Schedule of any machine is a great idea.

    I could personally give a flying shit what anyone chooses in a pistol, as long as they aren’t a hoodlum and can hit with it.

  18. Crusty Sock

    I have a pretty stupid reason to carry a Glock.

    I had a dream: I was in a movie theater and drew down on a mass shooter. In my dream, he entered via one of the exits and was armed to the teeth. I rose up out of my chair, cleared leather with my 25 year old Colt 1991-A1, one of several 1911 variants and slo-mo mode hit me severely.

    Everyone that’s ever had gun training has had the same dream, too slow reactions, gun jams, failures for whatever possible reason. Mine was round count, even with Colt 8 round mags and 230 grain JHP’s, still, no…(logic and reason pretty much end here)

    The next day, determined to find a double stack .45 cal, the para’s were just to pricey and adding in the cost of mags. That Glock looked so good. Gun and mags half the cost… More $$$ for training ammo. Glock 21 SF and 10 full cap mags. Trained like my life depended on it. A new set of muscle memories.

    Many years later, I still carry my favorite 1991-A1 on day to day business. But my go-to-war piece is the Glock.

    I’m an adherent of both

  19. I like the g17. It’s as if it was designed for my size medium German-Norwegian hands. No small accurate movements needed to fire, just aim and fire. Repeat a few thousand times, and it’s like pointing your finger.
    No hate on other lead projectors. Different engineering objectives make the world go around.

  20. Oh no! More insufferable glockoganda!
    The “my AK shoots after leaving it a mud puddle for 3 days” guys finally seem to have faded away and accepted that many still like the AR.

    But the glockaholics will never stop with their glockoganda.

  21. The case for Glocks
    I own many 1911’s. A bunch of wheel guns. I own one Glock. A G19. My EDC. Daily carry guns can take a beating. My job keeps me hopping through out the day. My carry gun gets sweated on, banged into etc. I really don’t want to beat up a $2,000.00 1911. Or rust one. The Glock never fails to go boom. Even if it’s dirty. Mag capacity is important. I run Dawson Precision sights and they turned the gun into a fairly accurate shooter. Glocks are so popular you can purchase airsoft training guns endorsed by Glock. They feel like the real deal. You slip it into your holster and go to work. Can’t make it to the range, no problem. No other gun has as many after market accessories available for it, except for maybe the 1911. For these reason you owe it to yourself to have one in your safe or on your hip.

  22. I carry my 26 in my front pocket

  23. Charley Waite

    Never could get beyond the “odd” feeling the Glock grip angle gives me. I know if I bought one and got used to it, it would become “normal” but I like my Walther PPQ and only the internet beckons me to switch. I’m tired of switching pistols due to too much time on the internet. I’m actually tired of the internet itself. I feel it subtracts more than it adds nowadays.