Meet The New ATF Boss Nominee

Same as the old boss.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius
    “Yo! Mang! We sho’ is glad you will be implementing all that GUN CONTROL sheet here in Shitcago. Mang–every 4 minutes–know what ‘am sayin–a dude gets ventilated here. And, dig: we’s got the STRICTEST GUN LAWS AROUND!

    Our Magical Lesbian Negro Mayor has done said: “This is unacceptable.”

    Here’s the Memorial Day Scorecard for 2019:

    For the month, 40 people have been shot and killed, 175 people shot and wounded, and a total of 43 homicides.

    Year to date, 174 people have been shot and killed, 720 people shot and wounded, and a total of 189 homicides.

    Every 3 minutes and 57 seconds, someone in Chicago is shot. A person is murdered about ever 18.5 hours.

    And it’s dat EVIL WHITENESS causing all dis…know what I is sayin’….

    So’s you betta take the guns from WHITEY!

    • Up to and including outright gun prohibition a man will always be able to purchase a firearm. As to Chicago and all other hives I view black on black violence as a win/win situation. As Kung Fu said: never interrupt your enemy…yadayadayada…….


      CC: A “Free Press” is equally free to print the truth or ignore it. The Cosmic White Marxists of the Fourth Estate have been sitting on this stuff for years. And, when the lid does blow off of the garbage can, they blame us white folks. As a former Peace Officer, I look at this situation in Chicongo as nothing more than a culling. Asshole versus asshole. No humans involved. I’m surprised the white exodus has not picked up steam.

      • jonny connor

        Peace officer my ass, your traitorous kind is part of the problem.
        Which laws did you enforce, the good or the bad?
        Go lick your badge elsewhere oathbreaker, swine one dot com is where you belong.
        All cops are enemy bastards who follow order like good Nazis.

        • Yeoow! Dweezils truth really hurts, doesn’t it!

        • DTW is a good man. Lighten up Francis.

          • 維尼熊同志

            So how many corrupt cops did he arrest?

            • DWEEZIL THE WEASEL

              None. That was my partner’s job. I arrested the school teachers who were molesting their students. My other partner concentrated on the Catholic Priests. I would urge you to get ahold of Richard Maybury’s book: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? He defines the difference between a Peace Officer and a Police Officer.
              I was fortunate to work for two agencies which insisted on public service, above all. When that changed, I was fortunate to have enough years in to take a retirement. Now I work as a substitute teacher, trying to keep impressionable high school students out of .mil and to understand the true definition of liberty. That is just as tough as putting together a child molest investigation. If you need any more info about me or my pedigree, get in touch via hushmail.

              • NorthGunner

                “I would urge you to get ahold of Richard Maybury’s book: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? He defines the difference between a Peace Officer and a Police Officer.”

                Dweezil, I’ve got that book as well as others; I’ve no argument
                with anyone who’s a genuine Peace Officer..they’re rarer than
                a virgin in a whorehouse (and about as much appreciated by
                the regular staff in either case, whores or leo’s)!

                If I ever manage to get up to Idaho again (visited the Salmon
                River area in 1996, very enjoyable trip!) it’d be my pleasure
                to spot you and your wife for dinner out.

                Feel free to ask CA for my contact info if you wish.

                Have a great weekend!

                NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

                • NorthGunner


                  This is where I first heard the term, Peace Officer; it was
                  from a movie that I saw as a kid (this was before I saw
                  either ‘Dragnet’ or ‘Adam 12’ later on).

                  Sterling Hayden played the role of the Peace Officer in 1954 btw.
                  Ten years later JFK would be successfully murdered…life mimic’s

                  I really enjoyed Hayden’s character to say the least.


                  NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • jonny, you’re painting with a real wide brush there fella.

          Having broken bread with DTW he’s the real deal. When things go sideways I’d trust him to have my six, just sayin.



            Thanks, Wes. If you are ever out my way again, breakfast is on me.

        • Blazing Apostle

          I apologize, apparently I missed the times you’ve been here over the years; like Dweeze; so we’re able to accurately gauge ‘who’ and ‘what’ the fuck you are, other than a troll. Yes, he is a retired peace officer. Other than that; your rant is what we’d read from a keyboard kunt.
          Stop by sometime when you have an original thought, and something to contribute in a positive way; “jonny connor”. (ain’t an Irish Connor, surely)
          By the way, your mom Sarah Connor is a fine piece

  2. That herpes chancre on the left cheek is nice.
    Looks like the man chowed down on some bad clams.

  3. Well, isn’t that just speshul.

  4. Mark Matis

    So how did the NRA grade him???

    • Winah Winah Chicken Dinah!

    • I bet they think he’s Great – They will be able to co-write some more anti-gun bills, While also thinking Moar Munny for Us.

    • Grenadier1

      There we have it!
      Does anyone really think that any President works through a giant list of people to nominate for positions? No, that’s what they have people for.
      Damning as it is, Trump still has a Whitehouse filled with statist Uniparty shit weasels. They put a list of names in front of him and said “these guys got good ratings from the NRA” and he picked one. Which is bullshit on a couple of levels but it is what it is…
      Guns really are not his issue so he does not truly care about them. He put someone up for nomination that he thinks the Dems will approve of.

      That’s assuming he has not made another play.
      We all thought Barr was an insider that would just quietly let things go, but he is at least for the sake of entertainment making it appear that he is going to dig into Comey and the FBI coup.
      Perhaps this guy looks on paper to be acceptable to the Dems and NRA and will go in and clean house at BATFAG?

  5. He’s perfect for the job!

  6. Freeillinois

    Trump made 500,000 Americans criminals with his bump-stock ban. Now he supports a man for ATF that supports gun bans and confiscation.

    Laws are nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms. Mon-fri 4=6 pm cst

  7. “•Expansion of background checks on firearm purchasers;
    • Reinvigoration of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATP) to ensure that it has the tools and resources necessary to its mission;
    • Improved law enforcement access to mental health records in the context of firearms acquisition”
    This appears to be an Ivanka/Jared recommend. What other idiots, besides Liberal New Yorkers, would assume that background checks, mental health records, and tools and resources would possibly apply to criminals? If you have ever had an up-close relative that worked the “unrestricted” side of the fence, you know that the last place they buy guns is a gun store. And they sure as shit aren’t going throught a Waiting Period!! The cuck looks like he dropped acid for 3 days and now can’t find his shoes.
    The only logical idea is to disappear the ATF.

    • But, but he’s second to no one in defense of the Second Amendment….

      We’re about to get Reconctructed again.

  8. The BATF (Bat Faggots) are the Military arm of the IRS, witch is the Debt collectors of the U.S. citizens (Slaves) for the Federal Reserve/IMF/Bank of International Settlements, for the bankruptcy of 1933.

    And their (IRS) Trust is based in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Trust 62 – – Meaning that they have ZERO FUCKING JURISDICTION in The United Sates of America – but only in the U.S. – (DC)

    By the way the U.S. / UNITED STATES is only confined to the District of Columbia – The Swamp.

    U.S citizen = Slave / You Claim it, you deserve what you get.

    Meaning they (BATF) should all be shot on site.

    • Grenadier1

      Try to float that defense in court and see how far they bury you under the jail.

      In other words its complete bullshit. Not worth the time you took to type it. What may be “truth” on paper is completely smoke in reality.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      They’re a private organization operating under the color of law as a legitimate Federal agency, and as such, don’t have any legal right to set up swat teams and possess Class 3 machinery. Every couple of yrs they wrap themselves in more Federal cloaks to legitimatize themselves, but you’re right, they don’t even live here. Hiding offshore is how you dodge prosecution for illegal activities.
      Folks still haven’t figured out Federal Income Tax is only for Federal employees, not civilians. They’ll argue to the death their right to continue paying illegal income taxes.

  9. Dude has gay face huh ?

    • NorthGunner

      Ya think?….

      Maybe he’s waiting to ‘climb on’ the Pete Buttigeig
      Prezzy Bandwagon and help Petey’s “hubby” Chasten
      Glezman get the children that they both want….$zoom_0.291%2C$multiply_1.51%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_44/t_crop_custom/w_1600/q_62%2Cf_auto/da6d3aa6c39dbde10fc39757c5b6c09cc88670d2

      “…The South Bend mayor, a Rhodes scholar and Afghanistan war veteran who has been exploring a White House run since January, has now joined a field of a dozen-plus rivals vying to take on US President Donald Trump…
      He has criticised Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”, saying the way to move the country forward is not to look backward or cling to an old way of life. There’s a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back,” he said. “It comes from people who think the only way to reach communities like ours is through resentment and nostalgia, selling an impossible promise of returning to a bygone era that was never as great as advertised to begin with.”

      He’s a ‘Rhodes Scholar’?….definitely ties to the Internationalist
      Globohomo Order/Rothschilds…wouldn’t be surprised if he and Chasten BOTH like pizza and aren’t concerned about HOW they get “their kids”
      especially if he quietly partook of the ‘Bacha Bazzi’ diversity while over
      in ‘Achinga-stan’. The last bit out of his mouth is a not so subtle verbal
      assault on us dirt people/deplorables/productive folk who ACTUALLY
      keep shit currently running in the fussa…so gratifying to know what
      such a parasitic faggot actually thinks about people he’s never met.

      The soon to be ‘Head BATFAG’ would be right at home with them..maybe
      they’ll all cohabitate and adopt a couple of congolese fag-twinks with Ebola Zaire…would be following Macron’s lead in preferring ‘Dark Meat’…

      I feel sorry for the dog though……

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  10. Illinois has FOID cards. These are necessary to purchase firearms and ammo. The new democrat governor is raising the price of the card to 50 bucks and shortening the time it is good for to 5 years from 10 years. Also requires fingerprints for the new card. Want to make some money? Get in the rental truck business in Illinois. Outbound.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Commented at the Captain’s blog;

    What does anyone expect? The ATF is an authoritarian bureaucracy. It is there to enforce existing laws and to make up new ones. Its sole reason for existing is to grow itself.

    It’s like when you build a new shed. It quickly fills up with stuff. The ATF is the shed and new ways to oppress the proles is the stuff.

    This new guy is the perfect fit. A duplicitous lying shit weasel. That right there is the reality, boys and girls.

    So, BLOAT. You’re going to need it.