American Chernobyl

Money quote:

…Commoners, the comrade class in the USSR and the Deplorables of flyover country, are the ones who grease the wheels of civilization and keep it functioning. They are more than satisfactory as cannon fodder and as dependents of The State, but in the eyes of the ruling classes they are disposable. In the aftermath of the explosions at Chernobyl nearly three quarters of a million souls were used like donkeys to rid the world of the radioactive debris, to tunnel underneath the core itself to prevent further contamination of the water table and to relocate their fellow citizens, often against their will while the heads of state continued to spin their fantasies of a controlled situation.

And that is our present situation today in America, where our betters have sold us out to foreign interests, undermined our history and culture in order to usher in a utopian fantasy that they neither believe in, nor practice while we suffer in a simmering silence, filled with righteous indignation, on the verge of a meltdown of equal proportions to that of April 26th, 1986…


Don’t buy anything that the mass media and the USG is saying.

Think for yourself.

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    After reading the entire article, my takeaway is: STOP GREASING THE WHEELS. To the extent which one can do that without being thrown in the local jail, foreclosed on, or exposed by the useful idiots of the MSM is a question of planning and tactics. We are still very far from the stage that Mother Russia was in during their meltdown.
    I have a very good friend who was living and working in Germany when the borscht hit the fan in the early 1990’s. He told me stories about Soviet soldiers selling their AK’s and cases of ammo just to buy food. They were out working on farms, because Moscow could not pay them.
    When US sailors mutiny and park the USS Nimitz in Hong Kong harbor with a “FOR SALE” banner strung along the scuppers, then I will believe Amerika is in a lot of trouble. Until then, the Leviathan’s creaking, rusty Ferris Wheel just keeps on turning. Bleib ubrig.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The best story out of the collapsing/post-collapse Soviet Union was the group of officers who sold an entire aviation regiment’s allotment of MiGs to a Western buyer. The government had to basically go to him, hat in hand, and point out that the MiGs were actually owned by the country, not the officers, and the country really, really needed them back.

  2. as it was in the beginning so it shall be in the end

    there is only tfA-t


  3. DTW, right on. We are STILL the greatest nation on the planet. There”s far more good stuff happening then bad. we’re blessed to be born and raised American.

    The United States are the people, not a place on a map. The People are the govt. history clearly shows we are a patient people. When we’ve had enough well flip the switch.

    All my farmer friends are busy loading Hay on trucks to send to their brother and sister farmers in the Midwest who have been knocked down by twisters and flooding.

    Potato hangers are being opened up and tons and tons of potatoes, onions and other foods, grown here, are being shipped at zero cost to those in need.

    This speaks to the TRUE American-ism we as a nation are. Giving to our fellow Americans in a time of need.

    How can an American not be proud to be apart of it all.


    • Good news, Dirk, and a fine comment!

      Good on ya and your American neighbors.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      I’m in flyover country now.

      The only problem I have right now is getting ready for DRS.

      The liberal cities are worthless lost causes.

      Everyone hates each other and pretends not too.

      Flyover country is just normal people…. and some meth heads….

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Look at how big corporate has poisoned the earth in the search for the absolute last buck it can steal.

    And food. Weaponize it.
    Weaponize everything.


    Weaponize it all. Eventually something is going to stick and you obtain all the raw naked power you need.
    If it means destroying the environment who cares, you got yours, you can run to NewZealand or other remote elitist redoubt when the getting out is right.