Globohomo Tracking Devices

It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?

Totally legit.

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  1. Ersatz Naugahyde

    Welcome to the virtual box car.. No numbered tattoos or Verichip implants required.

  2. lon haney

    Try putting that phone down. For just one day.
    Send your kids to the quickie mart or school without that phone.
    Why not? Who do you (we) trust, who do you(we) love?
    Tell me that phone is not in a sense an idol. How do you feel when you have forgotten it, or lost it?
    Are you hooked? Can we not possibly survive without it? Has it become your security blanket to the world?

    • I got my first Cell Phone (brick) back around 1991. It was great for work and I instantly had more work over those who just had the simple pager.

      About 9 years ago I got so sick of always being in contact with everyone, I sold my I phone on Craigslist – and went 1 1/2 years without being tracked and prodded by whomever. It took 6 months to get used to not having it constantly like a big mole. After that is was bliss, real “freedom” like pre-1990’s.

      I have one again due to work and old sick parents – once they are gone or the SHTF, it goes right into the drink.

      I know some want to use them for Digital Comms because of portability – Not me, I wont trust what can still be tracked via that pocket slave chain.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        When asked for my cell phone number and I reply I don’t have one, folks give me this look of disbelief.
        I’ve had an old track phone for yrs, which just hangs on the wall charger, but I never carry it except on road trips and that’s rare, so being tracked and radiated isn’t on my list of worries.
        I can’t have a single face to face conversation with a friend without being interrupted by their incoming calls, and so I’ve reached the point of just staying away from rude and stupid people.
        Their brainwashing is complete.

  3. a follower

    “You mean ol putty cat.” chuckle!
    made me day.

  4. and the take-away from that article is that 95% of people will do nothing. too much like work to even think about it. nothing like acknowledging your concerns about privacy by live streaming your lamentations on facebook. “Qui desiderat pacem, praeparat bellum”, means you’ll have to put forth the effort. and that just might mean buying a manual typewriter. good ones in working shape can still be had. and you’ll need lots and lots of paper.

  5. Got one a iPhone 4, I carry it maybe once a week, ” if that” I’m not interested in having a leash. When this 4 quits, I’m done with cell phones.

    We choose to live simple lives. Not a lot of fancy electronics.


  6. Don’t have one. Won’t have one. If you watch any LE reality TV you’ll find personal phones tie into the majority of convictions.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      People should have learned from the FBI wiretaps of the Mafia in the 70s-90s: if you’re going to do flagrantly illegal shit *DON’T TALK ABOUT IT ON THE PHONE* Any phone, really, but especially not a cell.

  7. Matt Bracken

    I spend about ten bucks a month, all up, for a prepaid flip phone. It’s only used for road emergencies, updating grocery lists on the fly, etc. But I’m just an old boomercon, what do I know?

    • My BFF got into an arguement with her hubby. He has an iPhone, and uses it constantly. She said that she only wanted a “dumb phone”. She finally got her way-a flip phone that she can talk on and text. No camera, no apps, no hassles. Happy as a clam.

  8. I just upgraded (replaced an ancient Samsung) to the Verus phone produced by -K- (Combat Studies Group, he teaches the ‘GroundRod’ classes). Basically he has removed the G-beast elements producing an open source Android phone. Lots of great privacy apps and the ability to completely control what any apps are allowed to access.

    So far, so good. One could buy the hardware and spend COUNTLESS hours trying to clean up an Android install, research and install the >100 apps (either primarily security oriented apps OR other useful apps that happen to be very secure themselves), and seek to get everything running smoothly. My time is more valuable, which is why this phone as well as his Sepio laptop are both worthwhile investments.

    There are a couple of other open source secure phones being brought to market soon, but dealing with a man who is a known quantity and is of the same mindset as many of us makes the choice easy.

  9. Have a flip phone for 12 years now. The same one and the original battery.

    • Ditto here. I’ve finally noticed that the battery seems to need charging more often.

      About once a week. Used to be about every 3 weeks.

    • Grey Ghost

      OLD flip phone all the way. I tell people I’m still using the same battery from 14 years ago and they look at me like I’m crazy. I turned off texting and geoloc, and gps. Works great for voice comms which is what I want it for. THE operating system for the phone is so old even the hackers won’t bother. Nobody wants to steal it either since everyone wants the latest Iphone X.

      Grey Ghost

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Old Gray Wolf

    I have one. Guy in a self run contracting business just about has to. Working to not have to. However, I do not care if they watch me like a hamster on a wheel. In fact I want them good and used to my patterns. I want them so used to my patterns that the pattern is all they see, all they know. At the end of the day, they will be working with the profile I gave them….

  12. Why next you’ll be telling me that Jeff Bezo’s and his cum buckets will be listening to me pound one out with the missus through a microphone I voluntarily install in my living room?

  13. Matt Bracken

    Call it a TARD: Tracking And Recording Device.
    Make it as easy as possible for Big Brother.