Struggle Sessions, American Style

The Race War The Left Wants

You will be made to care.

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  1. Not Race War but genocide; SA X Rwanda X Europa X Armenia

  2. arthurhsido

    We have been in a race war for decades. Most white people are just now figuring it out. It is probably too late.

  3. the race war that silly cucks like Rodney Dreher

    think they can prevent

    by whining about it: “the Dems are the real raycisss…”

    • Berglander

      This based black guy was wearing a MAGA hat! And based Abraham Lincoln…

      • a follower

        Are you quoting Yahusha? Of course i know the answer, and it enables me to offer this comment.
        This and garbage like it reveals exactly who you are and your little buddy also(your yesman) your tag along worshiper.

        • NorthGunner

          What’s the matter follower?….
          The truth that you took a taste of a little too spicy
          or full-bodied for your sensitive Tradcon cucked palate?….

          Reality having you reeeeeing for a ‘safe space’ because
          your eyeballs and the two to three brain cells you still
          possess are screaming that they’re being ‘triggered’?…..

          That’s why you’re ‘a follower’ and NOT a LEADER!

          Now go back to listening to ‘Ol Len G. on your 8 track
          and Mickey Mouse headphones while you channel QAnon!

          Oh, any your mummsey has your PB&J sammich
          and the sippy cup of moo-juice ready for you.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Great Read. Saul Alinksy 101: Create the Problem to Solve the Problem, Divide and Conquer, Etc., Etc..

    • Grenadier1

      Yes, and get the other side to continue punching itself in the face by creating a “Wokeness” test. If you don’t express the proper level of Wokeness you get labeled as some derogatory name and dismissed as not being part of the solution.
      Wokeness for the right is “race realism” and Scooby Jew denouncements.

      “jews are out to get us all” is the rightwing version of “Abortion is also a Trans issue”

      Next Level Honkness.

  5. Plankton67

    The device not named in the article is the “Kafkatrap”. Read here about that:
    For the TL;DR crowd…. “denial of X affirms guilt of X”.
    What a century to be alive!


    “…a progressive Baptist pastor at Baylor.” Are not these the same Baylor University “progressive Baptists” who, in 2014, were taking FEDGOV debt bucks to import disease-ridden wetback children from south of the border? This treasonous hump deserves a night letter, for starters.

  7. Bring it. The hives get it first and hardest. Soyboy progs pissing themselves, as they’re mau maued and wondering why. Hope there’s film at 11

  8. Northern Gunner

    I for one cannot fucking wait to get this party started.

    I am the token white privilege male. 6’2”, Blonde hair, Green eyes, highly intelligent and good looking. These feral negros and Somalias here in Minneapolis give me the death look every time I make eye contact with them. Just waiting for the day one of these sub 75 IQ heathens finally decides its his turn for Jihad on whitey.

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  9. I spent the better part of this afternoon in a government ‘ask for permission to do something’ office in urban Atlanta. It was a third world shithole* in there.

    I fought the traffic in and out of the third world shithole. The rage and aggression on the roads is ratcheting up, and the vast majority of the aggressors are the third world shitholers.

    I don’t think it will be much longer before sparks start sparking over the kindling.

    Summer heat, political bullshit, freaks being shoved in our faces, racial bullshit, foreign invaders unchecked and power brokers who want to tip over the economy spells menace brewing.

  10. What “they” “want”; and “what” “they” “get”; are likely to be similar only in the really loud and brutal aspects. I’ve wondered at times if part of their plan was to march along until many of us were “older”; with the misguided and erroneous thought, that it may be some advantage to them. Wrong-o. What has really happened, is they’ve angered some older white gentlemen, who own firearms and an increasingly bad disposition. All that needs to happen at this point is the patience that has been worn thin, finally reaches it’s inevitable conclusion. Then, boom boom, out go the lights.

    • Rlght-o. 7 decades under my belt, no unfinished business as regards future care of family and what could almost be characterized as an eagerness to right a shitload of wrongs. A geriatric nightmare for unsuspecting fools.

      • I could have written that, with one exception: family business is never finished for me till I depart this life.

        Which will likely occur as I participate in the cleansing.

        • kekistantrans

          I figure that past a certain point your best years are behind you (at least age and physical abilities and health wise) and if there are those who are still dependant on you and cannot do without you as you are past the half century mark, they will just have to wail and morn at your passing and do without . If their situation is all that bad they will be joining you shortly thereafter in the next world anyway.
          Same thing as if you went via heart attack or serious accident or some other sudden death tomorrow.
          Dying younger (well > 50 but < 100) is probably better than living a lot longer if that means sitting in a wheel chair wearing a diaper slowly dying of Alzheimer's.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What has really happened, is they’ve angered some older white gentlemen, who own firearms and an increasingly bad disposition. ”

      Kind of makes you wonder why Germany did lead its offensives in 1939-1943 with the Volkssturm, and instead used up all of their younger guys. Or why the Roman expression of “rem ad Triarios redisse” meant desperation more than joyful triumph.

      Should it ever actually assemble, the average age of FreeFor is going to be what – about 50, maybe 55? Those aren’t really peak ages for strenuous physical activity and enduring privation. Best hope that experience allows for a very quick win, because the longer things go….

    • Grenadier1

      You are ignoring the other option..

      Create so much conflict between the two side that one of them (it does not matter which one) goes off a starts the war that will thin out the population to the levels the cabal wants.

      And we are all playing right into it.

  11. johnnyreb

    “The race war the left only THINKS they want”.Fixed it for you. The problem is that only one side is fighting. When the other side finally says Fuck this shit and gets serious all Hell is gonna break loose. And anyone that really thinks white folks don’t know what’s what, You’re dead wrong.

    • I see an awful lot of whining and bitching on the “right” – that we’re not responding in kind to the lunacy and violence being spewed out by the left.

      Maybe this is just a mental excuse along the lines of all those Q readers who constantly talk about how Trump is engaging in 4D chess and all that shit, but I see things differently.

      I’ve thought for quite a long time – that the Revolution in this country was won in large part because when the militia finally stood up and said you shalt not pass – they had a good reason to. The redcoats then shot a number of them down. Once that happened – the militia then all the excuses they needed to shoot up those redcoats all the way back to Boston – and then some.

      If the militia had STARTED the war – then they might well have lost. All the rabble rousers wanted somebody to get the shit started – but I think the point a lot of people can’t seem to grasp is: You want the “correct” side to start the shit flowing. Because the reality is that you truly do want to have moral righteousness on your side. The left has been claiming that crown for a good long time. And they’re working hard now to spread around the crowns to all the feral negroes and all the POC that they’ve imported.

      I think the way we win – is the keep playing chicken with the left until they lose their shit and do something really really stupid. And given their track record I truly believe in them doing it sooner or later. Maybe it will be some young white mother and her 4 toddlers that gets raped and ripped apart by a gang of feral blacks – and the left wing will fall all over itself defending the gangsters – I don’t know. But it will be something – and I believe it will happen.

      After that – we’ll have quite a bit of support to say “fuck this shit” – and take out the trash.

      FDR did this when he enticed the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. Tonkin Gulf was yet another instance of sucking people in by giving them a casus belli. 9/11 was definitely another instance.

      We just need to keep doing nothing and the left will keep telling itself it can continue on it’s path. Sooner or later they’ll become convinced that they can literally get away with murder (they already do) .

      But there IS a limit to everything. The left will go over it. Of that I am sure.

      Just keep encouraging them.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The IQ of most of white America is about 2 pts above their darker brothers.
      The jokes on you for even believing in a great white uprising. They want to be on the same level as their idols.
      The dumbing down of America is right on time for the festivities.

      • Your IQ is your ‘uniform.’

        That’s alright with me… natural selection an’ all.

      • NorthGunner

        And their IQ drops another 8 to 12 points permanently
        if their wife/girlfriend is currently fucking Pooky, Rayray
        or any of their ‘brothas’ and he dips his dick in the ‘coal
        bucket’ after she comes home…if he KNOWS and
        approves of her ‘diversity visits’ it’s definitely a 20 pt loss!!

        Not to forget the additions she’ll bring home of either
        a crop of nigglets or any of the various ‘gifts that keep
        on giving’..or she’ll tell him to move out because “he’s
        not a REAL man” (unlike her mandingo sperminator)
        whom she’ll move in asap in his place!!

        One can thank ‘feminism/hollywood’ for both!

        Here’s a MM episode that covers it:

        They Sleep, We Live – Murdoch Murdoch

        (surprised that jewtube HASN’T nuked it!!)

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • “When the other side finally says Fuck this shit and gets serious all Hell is gonna break loose. ‘


      if the whites were going to fight, they would have already

      niggers riot and burn cities down for a pair of fucking sneakers…

      i double dog dare you to cross my new red line…

    • NorthGunner

      “..When the other side finally says Fuck this shit and
      gets serious all Hell is gonna break loose…”

      Johnnyreb you don’t know how right you are in that.

      There are just some people that it’s NOT worth it to
      piss off or throw down upon in the first place as they
      have nothing to lose and WILL put the asshole, male
      or female in their place asap with no polite warning

      This video of this out of control thot Emily Rand
      getting ‘street-schooled’ says it all (she had been
      physically hitting and punching other patrons in
      the bar before her ‘education’ here).

      Woman Suffers Fractured Skull After Getting KTFO By A Man!

      And no, the man who defended himself was NOT arrested
      by the police; they interviewed him and said it’s clearly
      self defense on his part.

      Stupid entitled thot…play stupid games…win stupid prizes!!

      Remember ‘moldylocks’ and her ‘street education’ at Berkeley?

      Nathan Damigo punches Antifa Louise Rosealma
      at Berkeley Protest FULL

      When things kick off just imagine this with the
      addition of ‘anything you bring to the fight’ in the
      minds of the commies and their street crawing supporters!

      Full Weimar indeed…except that those who WILL oppose
      them will have the commies all wishing that it was the original
      Friekorps dealing with them and NOT those who are
      trained and armed with today’s tools of freedom..many of
      whom ARE former military and trained in urban warfare.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner

        And yes if one pays attention, you can hear the
        totally cucked white-knight simps reeeeeing in
        the background after the crazy thot was properly
        and promptly awarded her complimentary floor nap.

        Simps, cucks and white-knight mangina’s…
        they’re the enemy too…never forget it!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • kekistantrans

        Having to deal with a woman who is attacking you and won’t quit and whom you can’t get away from, I would say that most American males are going to throw a punch. Because a boxing stance and left jab and a right cross are the tools are in the average male’s unarmed fighting tool box.

        Martial Arts trained persons who are trained to deal drunken angry aggressive persons will throw up a block, trap the arm and go for a joint lock and a take down.

        Taking the angry aggressive entitled (“you can’t hit me back because I’m a woman”) female to the ground to try to get her under control is the option most commonly taught.

        However, if she has friends on her side, or if a third party comes on the scene and it looks like you are attacking the poor girl for no reason you might get kicked in the face, hit over the head with a bottle, or worse.

        Probably delivering a low shin kick or a push / thrust kick would probably work well in that situation.

        Even a round house or side kick to the ribs would take someone out of the fight, with less chance of knocking them out or fracturing their skull and causing a closed head injury.

        Some Youtube videos on the subject:

  12. Hear the Cradle Song by O.T. Gunnarsson spelled this out in 1993.

    While out of print, digital copies are still out there. For now.

    We’re in a War and roughly .01% of Whites actually realize it.

  13. a follower

    Each individual has “been in war” since the day they were born.
    How are you holding up?
    Are you full of hate,anger and fear, overly anxious,full of crap?
    Is it possible that getting your heart and mind right means the opposite?

    • Bonaventure

      You’d make a good college professor. Waxing long with your meaningless, rhetorical questions, never having to make a definitive statement on anything. Always murky; shifting.

      “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.” Matthew 5:37

    • NorthGunner

      a follower,

      You also forgot to mention if Jordan Peterson helped
      you learn to properly wash your penis after schooling
      you about the importance of cleaning your room..did
      you also remember to buy one of his shitty rugs that
      he sells on Amazon?

      Since you’ve repeatedly outed yourself as a
      thoroughly cucked and simped Bonobo it’s only
      fair that we get a look at you….

      Now go back to the rest of your troop of Bonobo’s
      before the clan matriach’s notice you’re missing
      from the mandatory grooming orgy..if you piss
      them off they’ll hold you down and bite your
      penis off…but being a Bonobo, you already know that….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Matt Bracken

    It’s coming.

  15. The evil ones know that by CON-tinuing to brainwash
    they can keep their high crimes and treason by and of
    their ratlines at conning and lying the delusions
    to hide their decades long mayhem and destruction and
    keep their “side” recruitment going:


  16. Sodom has arisen:

  17. Northern Gunner – The Uentermenschen obviously envy you. Revel in it. White is not just OK, it’s fucking awesome!
    Ulzana – When the feral hordes of Pan Urbanus go full-on chimp out they usually fuck up their own AO and then sing the blues about how nobody wants to invest in the “Black Community.” It doesn’t dawn on the SJWs that when you burn down the store that sells fresh produce (if that’s really an issue) it’s not conducive to inviting investment. So the market is replaced by a liquor store. I saw this in action twice in the DPRK in ’65 & ’92. This time it will probably get big enough that the Feral Hordes actually do threaten the Soibois. Then we break out the popcorn and do the Roof Korean thing. I am also a geriatric nightmare for the predatory subhumans who failed Victim Selection 101. As Seattle invites all the bums in North America to move in and shit in the street it overflows to the environs and the rot metastasizes.
    tfA-t – “niggers riot and burn cities down for a pair of fucking sneakers…”
    “if the whites were going to fight, they would have already”
    Yup. The feral Uentermenschen burned down their own AO. What are whites supposed to do? Gun up and proceed toward the disturbance? Why? If the Ghetto Chimps want to shit where they eat it’s not up to White Americans to get into it. OTOH, when the feral hordes attack “White America” a defensive response could be expected, and the moral imperative matters.

  18. Covington probably woke up a few more White folks in that area. Amazingly, there are people on this site that thought the Covington kids got what they deserved, because those kids were better off financially than the poster was. Good thing I wasn’t in the room with them when they posted it. There would not have been a debate.

  19. John Costello

    There’s not going to be a civil war, but this country could end up as another Brazil with dumb low IQ idiots living in favelas and the high IQ whites still running everything. Intelligence, not bullets, increasingly will determine our futures.

    • NorthGunner

      Please check out this two part show with TFM and Rott Dog:

      MGTOW: Collapse Chat With Rott Dogg: Part 1

      MGTOW: Collapse Chat With Rott Dogg: Part 2

      Whether one is MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or not,
      there’s definitely lots of good info/advice mentioned by both
      TFM and Rott Dog regarding a potential WROL collapse.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      “.. Intelligence, not bullets, increasingly will determine our futures..”

      From a long look at history and FAILED civilizations, this is
      patently false. When the chips are down, or still in free-fall
      as a nation/civilization falls, it’s violence and how its weilded
      and by whom that determines the future.


      Because ‘muh violence’ and the will and ability to project it
      will ALWAYS trump some potential peasant or serf’s intelligent
      debate or argument. This is sop with ANY potential warlord
      during and after a collapse.

      Call it the “Failure to Communicate” Rule..and don’t
      be ‘cool hand Luke’ if you can help it..

      Intelligence is fine in functioning ‘high-trust’ civilizations.
      In WROL collapses or failed nation states, violence IS
      what get’s things either prevents bad shit or
      punishes assholes doing bad shit…or if one’s disarmed,
      it means that one’s at the mercy of another’s whims and
      desires…a bad place to be…period!

      Reality is a bitch, eh?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s not going to be simply a question of intelligence OR violence. It will be finding the best combination of both – call it the violent application of intelligence, or the intelligent application of violence.

        Humans are the dominant species on the planet because not because we were the most violent, but because we were intelligent in our application of violence. In physical terms, humans aren’t much of a match for most other animals. We could, however, out-think them, and attack them in ways they couldn’t defend. Same with humans vs. humans. Look at the groups that conquered huge empires – from the Macedonians to the British, it wasn’t numbers that enable it. It was better systems, better organization, and better use of resources.

        As Carlo Gambino liked to say – Be the lion and the fox.

  20. Jimmy the Saint

    “We can control it.” – the mistake everyone makes with these sorts of militant ideas and ideologies. That Lenin guy and his cohorts? No problem, we can control them. That Austrian corporal? We can control him. Militant fundamentalist Islam? We can control it.

    The lesson of history is very simple – once those sorts of things are unleashed, they become uncontrollable very, very quickly.