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  1. SemperFido

    Hail Hydra

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?

    Always has been.

    Which is why they built the Muslim Commie Faggot Satan Control Grid and put cameras everywhere.

    They don’t want us covertly taking them out while they steam roll over us overtly.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Sublime strategy of 4th G war hearts & Minds battlespace.

    This is a most very important development. It portends a substantial change, or should that be up-armoring, in thinking and action of the open source insurgency of the dirt people in this global war of 4th generation warfare by western Deplorable’s. If so it portends a maturation within the grass roots movement towards higher levels of resistance to tyranny. Think the pamphlet wars of the colonial Patriots against the British deep state, pamphlets being the alt-media technology of the day. So too in our time as 4 channel operations are representative of open source insurgency, simply using the media tech of our day.

    There is another aspect to what is going down, the curious absence of, or haitus per say.
    We are currently in a peculiar hiatus. Notice if you will the frequency of, the use extreme false constructed events, along with use and employment of crisis as a means, including false flag “nudging” events, in concert with the yellow media complex false narrative, has dropped off and changed in character.

    What may be involved is the palace coupe and nullification efforts to disenfranchise the withdrawal of consent of 64 million dirt people for the deep state, has sucked up the resources of control thus back burnering the usual social engineering efforts along traditional lines of violent mass murder and other false flag actions designed to set up the narratives of citizen disarmament, destroying the codes and precepts, history and culture of the great Christian West.
    It is vital to point out the populist nationalism and secession underway across the continent is most likely absorbed much resources of the Brussel’s banksters.

    It appears the vote rigging election of 2018 to stack the deck with deep state flunkies in the lower swamp has absorbed vast political resources in its intent to oust PDJT and rest political power back from the Deplorable’s. It is also become something of a clown show, a laughing stock of fools and usurpers, and for all the cost invested sure doesn’t appear on the surface to have made much of a return for its investment, if anything the clowns have exposed themselves in ways that create further political vulnerabilities and wasted much in the efforts to survive their own truly awful illegitimacy.

    Another aspect of this is MAGA as indictment. Which MAGA is. An indictment of the ruling elite. An indictment upon their feckless tyranny and their organized crime syndicate.
    All this and more has created a very dynamic situation, where there is no going back for any of us to the good old days of the last 5 plus decades. Those days in entirety are gone, for all the myriad reasons. The deep state does not deal well with change, what fossilized tyrants do? But it is the perfect seed bed for insurgency, and right now the 4th generation psyop warfare of the dirt people underground is beginning to bear fruit.
    Q and the Anon’s are a true thorn in the deep states arse. If for no other reason the whole strategy of using conspiracy theory to deprive the awoke and awakening their legitimacy of voice and freethought has backfired tremendously back on the deep state.

    President Trump has turned out to be a serious home wrecker. His media savvy and his twitter war is like Ali’s rope a dope, they bastards can’t catch any breathing room, they are always playing catchup, and every operative and flunky they have sick’d on him has almost without exception ended up politically, financially, and career wise destroyed.
    If nothing else Mr. Trump ripped off the fig leaf of legitimacy exposed the vast biblical scale corruption and criminality of the deep state and its allies, for all to see and make up their own damn minds as to what is there without the monopoly of illusions and agitprop of the yellow media complex tainting the truth.

    I’m not thinking deep state false flag terror operations are at an end, they probably got a few doozies saved back for particular circumstances, kind of like doomsday devices, like financial/economic ragnorak’s and huge mass murder events as depicted so well in the stadium massacre in Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foriegn and Domestic book trilogy.
    Who knows, it isn’t that difficult to fabricate or even disappear a couple nuclear warhead’s from the vast stockpile system, or at least some key components like triggers, boosters and tritium. The rest is basic physics and explosives technology. Talk about crisis as a means what you could accomplish with a couple or even one carefully positioned device. These fuckers are crazy enough to see wiping out the swamp along with President Trump is the most expedient course. Really kiils a lot of birds with one stone. And with the so called continuity of government and the hideous internal deep state life long operatives organization set up, whats not to like about cleaning up the unmitigated disaster called the swamp in one stroke, leaving a clean slate, a full military, the infrastructure of the rest of the country intact, just there for the taking.
    And who is to say who planted the total reset device?

    Regardless it is thoroughly wonderful to watch the Chan’s make the yellow media dance to its tune, the hive mind loose its collective composure, see 4th G war in the making, understand the leaderless open source insurgency is indeed a most effective weapon against the globalists leaving them with few resources, or zero, to play counterinsurgency operations with.

    Think of it this way. If this collection of anonymous genius savants, autistic’s and other patriotic individuals can reek such havoc across the wholly masters of the universe controlled social media, just imagine what the potential 64 million Deplorable’s have when it comes down to nut cutting time.
    This is actually the very beginning of resistance. This whole clusterfuck has a long way to go. It is without question going to be by neccessity and circumstances, exactly because when you inhibit free though and free speech/petition, leaderless open source insurgency becomes a matter of course, a function of the practical, a result of the self reliant/self determining nature of the tens of millions of silent dirt people, who as a demographic have learned to live, and yes thrive, below the powers that be radar, to prepare for the worse and live the best ways, where sustainability and the holistic approach in every facet of living, is not so much a thing you do, but a way of thinking, where you build and help create tangible things you retain and deprive the slave masters their tribute, this all naturally dovetails with open source leaderless resistance and insurgency, remember, it is the holistic here that defines the anti-fragile demographic those outside it have about zero concept of what its like and what is coming.

    In many ways the whole leaderless resistance thing is most suitable to what our robust underground Christian Western Men of The West are about in our age. We really naturally, and by necessity, which being the mother of invention, have gravitated in this direction, we are Freemen who know very well what we are about, there are no delusions.

    In this respect, you can’t but if you are The Honorable Resistance admire and enjoy with great mirth the war of hearts and minds, the media insurgency the Anon’s are waging. Nothing is lost on us believe you me. This war encompasses a vast landscape. For longer than generational memory we have been more or less victims to the tides of real politik. This has changed. I predict before long, The Honorable Resistance realizes it’s insurgent nature thus becoming the new real politik, as in local local local. And that right there is about as existential as it gets to the deep state.
    And remember Andrew Breitbart’s prophecy, “we have guns, lots of guns”. Or as Ol’ Mao put it, “all political power grows from the barrel of the gun”
    Indeed. Is there any other way in the 20th century The State was able grew into the Leviathan and become the blood thirsty tyranny it is today?
    All things change.

    My hats off to them!

  5. Just a reminder. The US DOJ is the enforcement arm of the communist take over. Specifically, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. Hate crime laws and hate speech laws will be enforced. But only against us. Act accordingly.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Alexa and similar devices are your friend. Since they can’t record eyerolling and dismissive wanking gestures (unless you have a video model) periodically discussing your love for, and abiding faith in, the gummint, diversity and politically correct culture can plant some favorable disinformation with the folks that monitor those things.

      Bugs are only useful so long as the bug-ee doesn’t know it exists. Once it is discovered, it becomes a major liability.

  6. It’s a planetary white genocide but CONUS has millions upon millions of funz, enough to arm the US and Europe. The failure of the Globalists to disarm and subjugate America will make kinetic resolution a certainty. If we are lucky they will go full chimp-out by 2020 but if they decide to wait another ten years then all may be lost.

    • PS What was the purpose of the Mandalay Bay Attack beyond attempting to outlaw EBRs?

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    Hannity and the rest of the conservative talking heads on TV and radio keep hammering the point that “it’s only these top officials” who are guilty of this attempted coup.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    These unelected fools who seem to maintain power and positions no matter who is in power are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to guilty parties.. They are merely the paper shufflers in this scheme–and do you really think they actually broke a sweat or did any real leg-work when it they tried to take take down President Trump?

    Nooooooo. Not hardly.

    Under each of these fools are dozens and dozens of eager and willing government employees (rather parasites) who did all the dirty work. The numbers of of guilty possibly range in the hundreds.

  8. This is largely correct. They must gauge and identify those who will act come game time. Problematically, voicing one’s opinion on line self identifies you for a drone strike down the road. That’s fine, you’re already dead yes? Speak your mind.