Aesop: WTFU Already And Stop The Lee Greenwood Delusionary Bullshit

FUSA is FUBAR in many ways.

Aesop hammers home reality in terms of US national defense and/or force projection:

Flag On The Play

I Don’t Do This By Throwing Darts At A Board While Blindfolded

Read each in full, including comments.

Then think deeply about the downstream effects of these facts.

Plus the fact that a large plurality of the government employees, appointees, and elected officials that you fund with your taxes would like to see you and your fam in a stockade, pending elimination.

You don’t have enough hard-hearted, trained, provisioned allies.

Work that issue.


35 responses to “Aesop: WTFU Already And Stop The Lee Greenwood Delusionary Bullshit

  1. Matt Bracken

    Meet your new Diversity And Social Justice Officers.

    • “What happened to Lt. Shaniqua?”
      “We wuz under attack sir, and when that grenade flew in, she jumped right on top of it. Bravest thing I ever saw…”

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      They will be put in charge of logistical units, nuclear (Both arsenal and engine) and Marine “Readiness” detachments.

      It’s all made up useless stuff. It’s “Front line” but not actually front line.

      They teach people to be bossy. Bossy Bossy Bossy.

      And if someones doesn’t listen to the overweight chick who is always pregnant and flirting with the Puerto Rican Gucci Gang, It must be rayyyyyyy-cism.

      This occurred on the regular in military units 13 years ago.

      I have no idea how bad it is now, or if trump changed anything.

      I took orders from illegal immigrants and overweight braindead idiots who starred at the ESPN app on their phone all day and cheated on their wives with mentally ill idiots who worship rock crystals.

      • Grenadier1

        General Mattis was asked to resign because he refused to implement Trumps anti-Trans instructions among other items.

    • I thought Planet of the Apes devolved after a nuclear holocaust?

  2. “It’s time to stop lipsticking that pig, come to Jesus, and face that fact.

    Until we do, we’re just whistling past the graveyard of the inevitable failures and casualties we will suffer, and quite possibly the demise of the entire nation… You cannot fix a problem until you acknowledge that you have one…”

    the problem is the murkins entire belief system is based on a magical fairy god. until they come to the rationalization everything they have been conditioned to believe in is a lie, they will not advance further and will in fact, continue to decline into nothingness.

    the god peepul will fail on a GRAND scale.

    so tfA-t has proclaimeth

  3. “It’s a dispassionate assessment of factual realities”.
    You hit it outta the park Aesop.

    • I hope Aesop is right about the current near-uselessness of the ZOG military. I really do. Because

      FreeFor needs Uncle Schmuel to lose a war ASAP. Which will likely collapse the Jewbuck, and spark CW2.

      we are rapidly running out of demographic time.

  4. I’ll take America for 2000, Alex.



    One of the comments to the second article was: “…we have farther to fall.” I would agree. The rusty Ferris Wheel is still turning. The Mango CIC still fawns all over .mil. Until we have a major replay of The Little Big Horn, or Manila Bay(with the USN being the Spanish), life will keep on keeping on.

    • Grey Ghost

      Agreed. Though some empires fall faster than others and once they fall they don’t usually get back up… if ever. There is no amount of money or technology that can fix what ails the us .mil.

      I’m with Pat Hines on this one… the weaker they are the better, especially if one thinks that 4GW will be the way through.

  6. Grenadier1

    I have not been in combat so I offer my commentary from a place of genuine curiosity and a desire to know the facts.
    Last night I watched this video.

    I recognized as the video progressed that I was experiencing a rising level of frustration with the inability of this unit to carry out the instructions of the young man filming the video. He uses the call sign RCP 16 which is “Route Clearance Patrol” meaning he is in command of the vehicles and men responsible for clearing mines and IED’s from the paths of the other units. He repeatedly calls for the vehicles to advance and they sit an do nothing. He has to expose himself to enemy fire to verbally instruct his team leaders to begin moving. The entire operation comes to a screeching halt because of enemy fire coming from two directions and the response is to go to ground, fire off into the trees and call in Apache’s. All while having radio problems. (on a side note for anyone that thinks radios are the be all end all, well here is reality!)
    Now as I said I have not been in combat, and I realize there are often times constraints that we are unaware of in our positions that keep others form acting in a manner that we think is timely or with the correct sense of urgency. I AM however in management professionally so I can completely sympathize with this young man, because I have felt that frustration on a weekly basis for going on 16 years.
    All of that being said….WHAT THA FUCK?
    Why are the trucks sitting there doing nothing? Why are the teams not maneuvering against these enemies? Why are they expending ordnance into bushes and trees without clear presence of bad guys?
    So many mind numbingly stupid things going on here that I was taken aback. This does not seem normal, or consistent with other videos I have seen from earlier in the wars, or the personal accounts of men I know who were there. Some of the issues sure, but this video and a few others he has posted seem to lump a whole lot of goat fuck into one place and I cannot imagine having to go through all of that while farmers were shooting at me.

    Is this the practical application of the same string of thought that begins with the PC Corp and the elevation of mediocrity and Wahmen?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Saw that video a few months ago, it said everything I know to be wrong with our military today. Couldn’t believe the number of people sitting on their thumbs while bullets flew, and no one seemed eager to follow orders or engage the enemy in a proper manner. Wonder how many medals were awarded for that engagement?

      For those of you that claim the US will rise to the occasion when it’s young men are needed again, you live in a bubble. The men that joined in 1917 and 1941 were from a tougher cut of cloth than these weaklings we have today, boys that have no idea how to fix a flat tire or feed themselves, let alone carry a pocket knife without getting squeamish. This soyboy generation has the maturity level of adolescents, never done anything except copycat their elders and whine their way thru life. Even their music is from little girls mewling in the shower or porch monkey inspired. How would they even know how to man up when their parents are also handicapped in life achievements? You’re asking for impossible results from substandard materials.

      • Bonaventure

        0321, your theology is definitely FUBAR, but you’re nutz-on with this one.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          You can do anything you want, except impose your theology standards on me.
          I don’t live my life by other peoples mythology, mine works just fine for me.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Even their music is from little girls mewling in the shower or porch monkey inspired.”

        Like, say…Shirley Temple? Or jazz? ‘Cause the boys of ’17 and ’41 were kinda down with that, too.

        • here’s #1 on the Hit Parade at the time of Pearl Harbor:

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Why is it that white folks are so attracted by porch monkey music? First we teach them how to use white instruments, and then fawn all over them because they learned to actually play something with moving parts.
            I’ll stick to my Nordic metal. Doesn’t make my skin crawl.

      • likewise. Watched the whole thing maybe a year ago. Occured to me at the time: up against real soldiers – 3rd SS-Totenkopf Div., for instance – these gentlemen would have been overrun and killed in 5 minutes. With any who surrendered shot by their captors out of sheer contempt.

        good news for FreeFor, actually, since the ZOG military is clearly being re-configured for anti-White domestic employment.

    • That was actual troops?
      I was pretty convinced it was an Airsoft game.

      I’ve served on tougher and more aggressive paintball squads.
      In high school.

      If that was an actual ground combat element leader, someone needs to have the medics check to see if he even has a dick.
      Those guys made the Notional Guard look professional and squared away.
      The eight-man circle jerk in the ditch was impressive, as was the total absence of any NCO supervision.

      But those are ours?
      For realz??

      Like I said,
      The US military is broken.

    • kekistantrans

      Taking the fight to the enemy works better in my opinion.

  7. Our Betters know better.

    • Arguably the most honorable man America ever produced.
      Somehow fitting that he would be shit on by a culture such as this.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. William Williams

    And, while we’re at it, all those white crosses at Arlington National Cemetery clearly violate the separation of church and state. Rip ’em up, Amerika!

  10. The conclusion here is that, when internal disturbances start, the US military will be beatable. More easily beatable.

    They have good equipment. Some of the NCOs have good tactical knowledge. That can all be taken away from the official organizations and put to better use.

    • I’m betting that when internal disturbances start, TPTB have the sense to lock the base gates, and stand everyone down, until it’s over.
      The NG may not have a choice, but regular troops , at current competency levels, would be disasterpiece theater.

      Otherwise 90% of units will just become supply points for one side or the other.