Jack The Signal

ECM* are the future.


Your RF boffins should be thinking about how to jam or at least degrade every RF-using tool in your enemies’ arsenal.

From their Baofengs to their LMRs.

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  1. Mark Matis

    Most RF equipment does not work very well without power. Same as the hives. Of course, they can use portable generators, but…

  2. IndispensableDestiny

    Any modulation with an “A” (amplitude) in it is eminently jammable.

  3. The problem with a signal loud enough to jam another signal is that it is loud enough to easily be DFed. There are other techniques to degrade reception that are worth consideration.

    One old time technique is pinning the coax. A bit more subtle one is injecting salt solutions (any of the chlorides) into the transmission line, or spraying exposed antenna elements with corrosives such as urine. Lye wreaks havoc on exposed aluminum over time, and gradual degradation is harder to diagnose than an abrupt change in either antenna or feedline.

    Using abrasive or table salt impregnated lubricants can degrade bearings in rotators and antenna steering equipment; service techs are often short of money…… Baluns and other feedpoint transformers are rarely bulletproof. Dropping aluminized plastic chaff, also known as Christmas tinsel, onto an antenna array can cause all sorts of havoc until it is cleared away.

    A judicious trimming of antenna elements can significantly alter the resonance or directional characteristics of an antenna. Turning a Yagi reflector into a director reduces the gain of an antenna very significantly and puts nulls where peaks used to be; this can be done mechanically, ballistically, or chemically. Same with removing half of a director element or three.

    • Grey Ghost

      Great monkey wrench list, especially with a man on the inside.

      You are correct in that a narrow band freq dependent jammer is EASILY and quickly DF’d, though you can use that to your advantage in creating a diversion. However, broadband jamming is more difficult to DF, not impossible, just more difficult and time consuming. Any comms using a dish (space/sat comms) can be semi-permanently jammed with a couple of well placed shots from a rifle/shotgun at whatever range you like or just kill power to the station. It goes without saying but be extremely careful around a transmitting dish or phased array even at low power levels and up. You really don’t want to microwave your ass.

      The 5G devices coming out now are in the EHF band. Most cell towers today have a mains feed and natural gas generator for emergency power if you’ve a mind to kill power.

      Grey Ghost

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Could also just shoot all their techies in the head… Just a thought…

  6. mistermisfit01

    Spark gap transmitter.